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0 Chapter Directory 503 Who Is He?
    Author: 发飙的蜗牛(Fābiāo de wōniú, Lashing Out Snail)
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A secret room in the main palace of the shining city.

At the entrance of the Chamber of Secrets, Ye Ziyun, Ye Mo and others waited anxiously. Nie Li said that he could resurrect Ye Zong with the fountain of life.

How many days and nights they wash their faces with tears, how much they look forward to, Ye Zong can come back to life.

Inside the secret room, there are stone walls all around. The stone wall is filled with mysterious inscriptions of various sorts and varieties by Nie Li. These inscriptions emit a dazzling light and illuminate the entire secret room.

Nie Li held the soul mirror. The halo inside the mirror was constantly flowing, and there was a trace of soul flowed out inside.

Spear flashed hazel, so familiar and kind.

Nie Li stared at the Soul Mirror, faintly, he seemed to see Ye Zong. Although Ye Zong is very harsh on the surface, his heart is soft. Nie Li also accepted this father-in-law slowly psychologically.

Nie Liqiang endured the surging mood in his heart. He kept sealing, and the soul power gathered into the soul mirror, and the soul mirror suddenly radiated a dazzling light.

He quickly took out the fountains of life, and those fountains kept spinning, then slowly rose into the air, and then quickly condensed.

Ye Zong's soul flew out of the soul mirror and quickly merged into the fountain of life.

The fountain of life is constantly condensing, slowly transforming into the shape of a person, as if a life is slowly being conceived.

Time passed day after day, for five full days.

The door of the secret room was tightly closed, and Ye Ziyun and Ye Mo were still outside, and they looked at the door anxiously."Why haven't Nie Li's ceremony been completed yet? It's been the past five days." Ye Mo said anxiously.

"Grandpa, Nie Li said that the resurrection ceremony will take five or six days." Ye Ziyun said firmly, "Nie Li can do it, I believe him!"

"I don't believe him, it's really maddening." Ye Mo said restlessly, his son has the opportunity to be reborn, his mood is of course very excited, but this time has passed too slowly.

In the secret room, Nie Li's spell-casting ceremony was finally completed, and the surrounding light slowly dimmed.

A child about three or four years old stood in the center of the chamber. He slowly opened his eyes and looked around in doubt, saying, "Where am I? I wasn't already dead?"

His eyes slowly focused on Nie Li in front of him, and Nie Li had collapsed to the ground, gasping for exhaustion.

"Nie Li, what ’s going on?" The child asked suspiciously.

Looking at the three- or four-year-old child in front of him, Nie Li couldn't help but feel a weird feeling. After thinking about it, he couldn't help but say: "Master Father-in-law, in order to resurrect you, my soul power is hollowed out Now. "

This child is Ye Zong. Although he has a soul of several decades, he has only the body of a three-year-old child. Because this body has just been recondensed.

"Resurrection? Is there really such a thing as resurrection in this world?" Ye Zong looked at his own hand. He found that his own hand had become the size of a child. He couldn't help but explode, "Nie Li, what did you do? ""My father-in-law, this can't blame me. This is the rebirth of the flesh. Your flesh is condensed with the spring of life. There are only so many springs of life on hand that can help you reunite a child. The flesh is already spare no effort. You will just have a look! "Nie Li said bitterly.

"You ... you ... you ..." Ye Zong pointed to Nie Li, trembling with rage, and he was in his tens of years, and was reborn into a three-year-old child, which made him feel so sorry!

"My father-in-law, I don't want to. You look at me, I have to call your father-in-law, how wronged I am!" Nie Li said with a bitter smile.

Ye Zong was so mad that he was fainting: "When exactly do I need to get back to it?"

"But your father-in-law, you can take advantage of the greatness of the heavens. Your body is condensed with the fountain of life. Except for Rejuvenation, you now are Pure Yang Physique, you can make rapid advances in any practice." Nie Said with a smile.

"I don't want this Pure Yang Physique, you have to tell me, when can I get back to it!" Ye Zong's voice shivered with anger.

"This, it should be almost the same as practicing Wu Zongjing. After Wu Zongjing, you can change your appearance at will." Nie Li said with a smile.

"Wu Zongjing? What is this state? Cultivation is the highest, isn't it Legendary Realm?" Ye Zong froze.

"Legend, that's just the beginning of cultivation. The legend has Destiny, Star, Heaven Turning, Dragon Path. On top is Wu Zong!" Nie Li said with a smile, "Relax, soon!"Ye Zong almost spouted out a mouthful of blood: "It took me decades to practice to the level of black gold. I haven't entered Legendary Realm until now. Doesn't it take a few hundred years to reach the state of Wuzong? Nie Li, I don't care , You must restore me to its original state! "

"I can't do this, I can only rely on yourself. In fact, soon, my father-in-law does not have to be discouraged!" Nie Li said with a smile.

"You ..." Ye Zong was almost going crazy, although he slowly realized that there was really no way. Although he was resurrected, he became a three-year-old child after the resurrection. Acceptable, how to deal with yourself?

Ye Ziyun and Ye Mo were waiting outside, only to see that the door of the Chamber of Secrets slowly opened, and they suddenly stood up and looked inside, only to see one person came out slowly, it was Nie Li, except Nie Li nobody else.

Ye Ziyun and Ye Mo suddenly froze in place.

"Nie Li, your ritual failed?" Ye Mo's eyes turned dark.

"The ceremony was successful." Nie Li shook his head bitterly.

"Why are you the only one?" Ye Mo asked for a moment.

"Yeah Nie Li, what about my father?" Ye Ziyun asked.

"My father-in-law, he is resurrected, but he doesn't feel like seeing you!" Nie Li said bitterly.

"Meet us without a face? Why is this?" Ye Mo asked suspiciously.At this moment, a three-year-old child hesitated to come out of the chamber and saw Ye Ziyun and Ye Mo. Ye Zong's heart was very excited, but when he thought about his body, he had a desire The urge to find a seam drill. Can this put his old face on it?

"Who is he? How could he be in there?" Ye Mo asked suspiciously. Nie Liming entered the secret room alone. Why did he come out of a three or four year old child?