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0 Chapter Directory 510 Locking Space-Time

In the palm of Nie Li, baseless appeared a Space-Time Demon Spirit Book.

     The Space-Time Demon Spirit Book suddenly burst into dazzling light, enveloping Nie Li and Goddess Yu Yan inside.

     "What kind of treasure is this Space-Time Demon Spirit Book?" Goddess Yu Yan asked suspiciously.

     "This is the most powerful treasure in the world!" Nie Li said with a slight smile.

     "The most powerful treasure in the world?" Goddess Yu Yan looked a little puzzled, "What kind of treasure can be worthy of such a title?"

     "The most powerful thing in this world is time and space. Time can make everything become ashes, and space can tear everything apart. With this Space-Time Demon Spirit Book, we have the capital to fight the Sage Emperor. "Nie Li smiled slightly and said, "I once owned the Space-Time Demon Spirit Book, but then I lost it and never found it. Now I finally lose sth and then regain it."

     "Then how should this Space-Time Demon Spirit Book be used?" Goddess Yu Yan asked.

     "You'll know later, let's find Ziyun and Ning'er first." Nie Li said with a smile, and jumped up.

     Swish swish, a flowing light across the sky, and finally everyone gathered in a jungle."Nie Li, I finally found you, can you see what I got?" Lu Piao said excitedly. He took out a long spear in his hand and waved it. A terrifying power swept out in an instant. I have a dragon spear, go up to heaven or down to Hades is omnipotent."

     "This is the Chaos Dragon Spear?" Nie Li said in surprise.

     "Do you know it?" Lu Piao said excitedly, "I seem to be attracted by it, and I found it in a volcanic crater. It possesses a steady flow of divine power, and it is very close to Aura on my body. I feel It's like it was born for me."

     "What about you?" Nie Li looked at the others.

     "I got a crystal bead, which seems to be able to arouse the cultivation level in my body." Du Ze said.

     "This is?" Nie Li looked at the plain-looking bead in Du Ze's palm and said with a slight movement in his heart, "This should be a blue gem, which can greatly increase your cultivation speed."

     "I got an inner armor." Xiao Ning'er said with a reddish cheek.

     "Neijia? I'll take a look at it for you tonight." Nie Li looked at Xiao Ning'er and thought for a while.

     Nie Li suddenly felt a pain in her ears, and she saw Ye Ziyun grabbing Nie Li's ears.

     "It hurts," Nie Li said anxiously."Huh, do you have any bad thoughts?" Ye Ziyun pouted and said.

     "I was wronged, I just want to help Ning'er take a look at her inner armor." Nie Li said aggrievedly.

     "Ziyun, what did you get?" Xiao Ning'er looked at Ye Ziyun and asked, hurriedly helping Nie Li to change the subject.

     "I found a necklace that contains strong Blizzard supernatural power. It seems to be something left by my ancestors." Ye Ziyun said, "This necklace can multiply all my secret techniques several times."

     "Nie Li, what about you, what baby did you find?" Lu Piao asked, looking at Nie Li. At this time, everyone looked at Nie Li.

     "Me?" Nie Li mysteriously smiled. He took out the Space-Time Demon Spirit Book and quickly sealed, and the ripples of the secret technique spread slowly. "The treasure I got is Space-Time Demon Spirit. Book!"

     As the ripples of the secret technique spread, everyone instantly entered a mysterious space.

     This is a huge room, in which there are countless bookshelves tens of meters high with densely packed books.

     "Where is this?" Everyone was amazed. They were still in the woods just now. Why did they suddenly come here?"This is an Endless Space-Time." Nie Li said with a smile, walking towards the front. "There are millions of books on secret techniques stored here. All the powerful secret techniques in this world are available here."

     "Endless Space-Time?" Du Ze and others were taken aback.

     "Millions of secret technique books?" Goddess Yu Yan was also shocked. She flew up and took out a secret technique, "Heavenly Fire God Flame? This is a secret technique that has long been lost. It is said that at the end of the practice, Can have the power to destroy the world."

     "Yes, many of the secret techniques here have been lost outside." Nie Li said.

     "Nie Li, your treasure is too strong. With so many secret techniques, can we all practice?" Lu Piao said in shock.

     "Bite off more than one can chew." Du Ze said, "The cultivation technique we practice is the God Level cultivation technique specially selected by Nie Li for us. It is enough for us to practice this secret technique for a lifetime."

     "This matter of bite off more than one can chew does not exist for my Space-Time Demon Spirit Book." Nie Li mysterious smiled and said, "This Space-Time Demon Spirit Book, there is also an extremely powerful The ability to lock in Space-Time."

     "Lock Space-Time, what is that?" Ye Ziyun asked suspiciously."We are cultivating in this Endless Space-Time. Decades have passed, which is equivalent to one or two hours outside." Nie Li smiled and said, "If you are interested, you can practice all secret techniques here. ."

     "What?" Everyone exclaimed almost different mouths, same voice, staring at Nie Li with wide eyes.

     "This Space-Time Demon Spirit Book is actually so powerful!" Du Ze was also shocked for a long time, and then slowly said in shock.

     "Yes, this Space-Time Demon Spirit Book is the most powerful treasure in the world. Unfortunately, the Space-Time Demon Spirit Book can only accommodate up to ten people, and it can only be activated every ten days. Otherwise, I will let them Everyone came in." Nie Li sighed.

     "Even so, it is already very powerful." Yu Yan said.

     "Yes, hurry up and practice, and do your best to break through the Dao of Dragon, Martial Ancestor Realm world!" Nie Li looked at everyone and smiled.

     "With this Space-Time Demon Spirit Book, aren't we invincible?" Lu Piao said excitedly.

     Hearing Lu Piao’s words, Nie Li’s expression slowly became solemn, and said: “Then you are gravely mistaken. Our greatest enemy is the Sage Emperor. Even if we have the Space-Time Demon Spirit Book, we want to defeat the Sage Emperor. It’s not easy either."

     "Sage Emperor is really that powerful?" Lu Piao asked Nie Li suspiciously."Yes, he is currently the most powerful person in the world." Nie Li said, "The strongest controller in the world, he also has a variety of powerful treasures in his hands. We try our best to become stronger, just to be able to He just fights."

     Hearing Nie Li's words, everyone's expression became solemn.

     "Nie Li, we will definitely become stronger. I believe that with the strength of all of us, we will be able to defeat him!" Du Ze said seriously.

     "Yes, I don't believe that we are such a person. Together, we can't beat him!" Lu Piao said solemnly.

     Nie Li's gaze swept over everyone, and everyone's eyes flashed with determination and confidence, and his heart seemed to have infinite power.

     "Yeah." Nie Li nodded solemnly, "We must be able to!"

     (End of this chapter)
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