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0 Chapter Directory 1152 Chapter 61: The Legend Of Not Losing Songs-Song People Will Kill People
    Chinese Name: 大宋的智慧  Author: 孑与2(Jié yǔ 2, Two Alone)
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Chapter 61st Undefeated Legend-Song People Also Kill

     "The scholars led by Gao Guanbo, the ladies with fragrant clothes, the prosperous cities, the hardworking and generous people...

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     Why did Song people who came from the heavenly blessed land like to kill people after they came to the Gobi desert?

     It is said that the people there are old and less caring. Every morning the bell rings, and there are no idlers in the world...

     The monks in the monasteries will give charity after chanting, and the experts in the Taoist temple will also help those in distress. It is said that the people there can't bear to climb the flowers and plants by the roadside, and even the stray dogs can have food.

     Why would scholars from such a kind country like to kill people?

     Is it true that the book says that oranges are grown in Huainan, but they are oranges, while those born in Huaibei are oranges. The leaves are similar, but they taste different. So what? Different water and soil? "

     After listening to Tie Xinyuan's long narrative, Master Compal, who hadn't spoken for a long time, said a long series of words with an unprecedented sigh. He was extremely touched by Tie Xinyuan's narration.

     Tie Xinyuan knew that Master Renbao was talking about killing prisoners, and he also knew that he was veilingly accusing himself of not being kind and charitable like other Song people.

     This naive practitioner of the priesthood has long seen the cruelty and vicissitudes of the world. In his heart, whatever the case, there will be a legendary pure land, the Song Dynasty is very far away. Therefore, he has perfected the legendary Song Dynasty completely. .

     Da Song killed no fewer people than Western Regions at all, but Da Song's murders were all hidden, unlike the Western Regions so harsh and straightforward. Tie Xinyuan has the most intuitive understanding of this.To a large extent, this is related to the prosperity of the economy and the popularization of culture. At least I know that killing is a shame.

     Unlike the people of the Western Regions, killing has already created a sense of accomplishment, and there is no need to cover up the killing here.

     As for the economy of the Western Regions, Tie Xinyuan has not discovered the so-called economy here, and some are only robbery.

     The robbery here is as frequent as Da Song's transaction, and it has the same effect.

     Da Song's transaction is through money to achieve the highest purpose of mutual exchange of assistance. The robbers of the Western Regions also achieved this goal through robbery.

     Here has its own weird philosophy of survival. And the utility is functioning well, at least, Tie Xinyuan currently does not see the possibility and danger of any collapse of the robbery economy here.

     The society of the Song Dynasty has developed to the peak of feudalism, and the Western Regions are still a half-slave and half-feudal social model.

     Tie Xinyuan can be affirmed, even if Bao Zheng’s moral philosopher came to the Western Regions, if there were thousands of people under his men who needed to eat, he would rush out to rob with a knife, and he would be more brutal and brave than other robbers.

     No one, because Bao Zheng understands responsibilities and obligations better than those brutal bandits.

     There is no need to say these words to Master Compo, a worshiper of the Song Dynasty. Facing the piercing gaze of his master, Tie Xinyuan could only touch his nose with a shameful smile and said, "I am a stranger among the Song people, so I can only go to the Western Regions to ask for a living."It is obvious that Guru Sakya is not as innocent and simple as Guru Renbao. He has a deeper understanding of human nature. He knows that Song people must not be as pure as Guru Compo said, and not all Western Regions people are extremely evil bandits.

     Tie Xinyuan is the strangest one among everyone he knows.

     As the leader, the low ranks of him and his slaves did not seem to be that harsh.

     Even in terms of personal enjoyment, the only thing he had more than those slaves was this jar of golden honey.

     He still does not know where Tie Xinyuan's nest is. However, he very much hopes to build a temple for himself and Guru Renbao in Tie Xinyuan's nest.

     Since the Bon religion master Xinrao Mibao founded the four disciplines of Bon religion, the Bon religion, who originally did not establish writings and no representations (Buddha statues), finally realized his own religion after failing in the struggle with Buddhism. The error of the law.

      The gods and buddhas at the spiritual level are too far away. Only when foolish people can see the real gods and buddhas, people will believe in them, even if it is just a shadow of a god and buddha projected on the world...

     Without the protection of the royal power, the development of Bon religion has become a big problem. The Sakya master believes that the soul must be entrusted to them to guide the people that the royal power controls.

     "For a long time, Compal and I have been eager to find a clean place to build a Mingtang dedicated to Samantabhadra and Vairocana. I wonder if the leader has there's nothing about it suggestion?"

     After Sakya Guru finished speaking, he looked at Tie Xinyuan's indeterminate face under the fire.The Bon Religion failed in the Luosei defense conference three hundred years ago. Since then, the places where they preached the scriptures have been occupied by Buddhism. Countless Bon Religious masters can only wander in the barren hills and wild rivers to spread their teachings. After three hundred years, the history of the fire has been passed down from generation to generation, and even after a thousand years, the Bon religion has not perished. Naturally, there is something extraordinary about it.

     If Master Sakya build a Bon temple in Qingxiang Valley, it will undoubtedly make Tie Xinyuan sharp ears and keen eyes. At least, whole world Bon believers will become their own eyes and ears.

      What is more important, in the Western Regions, if you don’t believe in something, you are almost unable to move a single step.

     In my own valley, there are now many people worshiping all the messy gods, and even a group of people who worship the five-body worship on the fire. If they can't unify their beliefs sooner, there will be a big mess sooner or later.

     Bon Religion is actually a very trustworthy religion. This religion has a long history. It is said that it started 18,000 years ago. At that time, the Tubo people probably lived in caves.

     With Guru Sakya and Guru Rinpo, they will take the residents of the valley to the sacred mountain, worship the holy lake, kowtow, salonda, hang colorful prayer flags, pile stone offerings, fire offerings, and water. Offering, meeting offerings, simmering mulberry, torma, butter flower, rubbing, vajra knot; as well as learning Chinese, playing dzi, sky iron, dancing pot village, xuan dance, painting, life will never be boring anymore, as for Tibetan Don't study the text.

     Tie Xinyuan is very confident in the Chinese characters created by the ancestors of the Han nationality. As long as you start to learn difficult Chinese characters, there is no time to learn other characters.But there are also troublesome places. These people of the Bon religion most like to burn something for the gods and Buddhas. It is said that in a certain year when the Bon religion was the newest year, they burned a million catties of barley, 6,000 yaks, and 4,000 for the gods and Buddhas. Horses, ten thousand sheep, five hundred slaves, fifty courtiers of Zampo, and countless furs and cloths, plus firewood, piled up a large fire with a radius of two miles. The fire burned for three full months, and the rain in the sky could not make the fire go out...

     If it’s just burning paper money and pig heads, Tie Xinyuan is very willing. If the grains grown by the folks painstakingly in Qingxiang Valley, the cattle and sheep raised by the cattle and sheep are not left to burn, Tie Xinyuan feels that he will immediately. Lifting the knife and hacking these two old guys to death.

     Tie Xinyuan jokingly said: "My house is very big. Building a temple is completely no problem. It's just that my house is very poor now. I'm afraid there's nothing about it. Good things are offered to Samantabhadra and Vairocana."

     Sakya Guru smiled and said, "Two cups of ghee and one heart scent are enough to enshrine my Buddha."

     Tie Xinyuan looked at Master Sakya suspiciously: "I heard..."

     Uncle Sakya's own puffy sleeve impatient said: "Rumor is not enough."

     "Well, there are wood and stones in the valley. If you need bricks and tiles, people from my place can also burn them. Recently, two people who can burn porcelain have come here. If you need them, you can send them to you.But, said in advance, you need to raise the cost of building the temple yourself. If you don’t have a way to get the money, there is a piece of land belonging to the devil in the Gobi, where there are a lot of agates. If you can pick up some agates , I can send someone to sell it for you so that I have money to build the temple. "

     Tie Xinyuan thought very clearly, from the very beginning, he would block these paths for Cleric to reach out to him for money.

     I don’t give it now, and I don’t plan to give it in the future, regeneration through one's own effort, having ample food and clothing is the most correct way.

     Sakya Guru smiled and said: "We still don't lack gold jewels. As long as the leader gives a place where the gods can live, we will be grateful and disrespectful.

     Until now, still does not know the name of the leader. After Mingtang is completed in the future, a butter lamp must be lit for the leader on the Changsheng Tablet. "

     Unexpectedly, these two poor old monks with only clothes left were also two wealthy men. The words that are not lacking in the gold master's treasure are so talkative and light, full of Sage Master's contempt for copper smell.

     Communicating with two fan monks in Song dialect, which made Tie Xinyuan feel heart untroubled, spirit pleased. Although the fantastic oddities of every description of these two Song dialects are very difficult to understand, in terms of their words and sentences, these two Song dialects The words are very rigorous.

     "I have seen two masters in Xia Tie Xinyuan!"

     With a smile, Tie Xinyuan met with Sakya and Renbao again.

     After the three of them laughed, they each got into the sheepskin sleeping bag. The three of them had their own gains that night, and Master Compal's thoughts that even the Song people also killed people were forgotten.

     How can Song people not kill?Civilized people are the most efficient to kill people. After all, these barbarians in the Western Regions only know how to use knives.

     The cold air penetrated into the nasal cavity, making people have to wake up. Tie Xinyuan didn't intend to continue thinking about things. He retracted his head into the sheepskin tube with a faint smell, and then fell asleep.

     The wind from the Tianshan Mountains blew across the top of the mountain and brought up large swaths of snowflakes. The snowflakes turned into fine mist before they reached the bottom of the mountain. The rain and mist fell and re-condensed into fine water droplets outside of the bare sheepskin tube. Tie Xinyuan's undulating chest fell to the ground.

     This is a cycle that will last forever.

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