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0 Chapter Directory 293 Ascension And Finale (Postscript)
    Chinese Name: 窃国贼  Author: 巨火(Jù huǒ, Gigantic Fire)
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After the most important events are confirmed, everything else is no longer a problem.

     Especially after Liu Cun privately promised Bing Yuan and Zheng Xuan to keep Langya College, the holy place of Confucianism, and to invest an additional 15 million yuan in the funds for the reconstruction of Taixue, the entire Confucian school was grateful to the new emperor Liu Cun who was about to enthrone the throne. The cumbersome rituals such as memorials, funerals and burials were extremely grand, and they also publicized Liu Cun’s political and military achievements, past morality and kindness, and took the initiative to direct the fire of public opinion to Liu Biaohe who remained silent in Jingzhou. Yuan Shu, who strongly opposed Liu Cun, even Yuan Shao, who fled to Hetao Region with nine deaths and still alive, was scolded by the world-renowned scholars who controlled nearly half of the public opinion position to pour dog's blood on, sharp words and grandeur like rainbow condemn in speech and in writing, scared those unwilling family members have to shut their mouths, to retreat three day's march.

     On the first day of March, all the flags and flags that mourned the young emperor were removed from inside and outside Luoyang City, and they were replaced in a unified manner | Excellent | Excellent | Small | Say | Update | New | Most | The generals removed all the elements on his body, and the exquisite silver helmets were replaced with red flames like raging fire.

     The three thousand imperial forest troops led by Wei Wei Lupe, all equipped with silver helmets and gold armor, stood in awe-inspiring presence in and out of the palace gates.

     Liu Cun’s wife, Sun Wan, obtained the status of queen as she wished. Mi Huan, Zhen Mi, and Cai Wenji, who suddenly appeared again in their true colors, also became Liu Cun’s concubines. If it weren’t for Liu Cun’s resolute opposition, plus the title of Tai Fu Gongsun Pei explained that Liu Ze, the eldest son of Liu Cun, who was under ten years old, would also be added as a prince by the minister of civil and military affairs.The enthronement ceremony was held in the majestic Temple of Heaven in front of the palace.

     In addition to Zongzheng Liu Ye, Qin Tianjian government officials, Three Lords and Nine Ministers, North Korea and China civil and military officials, including Chariot Riding General Cao Cao, who is about to lead the Western Expedition, attended the ceremony. The number of soldiers and civilians watching the ceremony was more than 200,000. . All the rituals after the prayer world are accompanied by the cheers of to topple the mountains and overturn the seas.

     The much-anticipated enthronement ceremony did not come to the end of a phase until the beginning of noon. The first edict issued by Liu Cun, who returned to Deyang Temple and officially ascended to the throne. It is the exemption of the three-year agricultural tax for the people of the Han Dynasty. Once this edict was promulgated, it not only caused Luoyang to cheer and rain like rain of gratitude, but also caused repeated bitter remonstrances in the DPRK but could not change Liu Cun’s will Civil and military officials inwardly sighed.

     Instead, it is the Confucian School represented by Zheng Xuan and the Mo School represented by Court Architect and Huo Jian. Hundred Schools of Thought strongly supported and praised Liu Cun's merits while being full of confidence in the future of Dahan.

     Liu Cun’s second edict had already been expected by the Chinese military of the DPRK, that is, the Chariot Riding General Cao Mengde, who led 150,000 soldiers to the west, was given a Sword of Emperor in court, but he was Dong Zhuo’s son-in-law and Xiliang army. When Li Ru, the most reliant and cunning military adviser, was led to the court by Wei Wei Lupei. Civil and military officials still exclaimed.

     After seeing Li Ru, who had changed into the official robe of General Zhonglang, the official of the Royal Army, bowed to Liu Cunxing, civil and military officials reacted one after another, but no one knew what time and what time the emperor Liu Cun was. Means to subdue Li Ru.The third edict issued by Liu Cun is also related to the military, that is, to appoint General who Rides White Horse Tai Shici as the main generals, Wei Yan and Xu Huang as lieutenants, order 50,000 horses in three days, and conquer the generals of the Xiliang Army who occupy Nanyang. Zhang Ji.

     After the first meeting that was so exciting that everyone was too much for the eye to take in, Liu Cun hosted a banquet for civil and military officials in the DPRK and China, and after the banquet, he called all the generals under his command. The honor and award ceremony with great fanfare was held at Dongcheng Daying University Campus.

     At this point, Liu Cuncai, the new emperor of the Han Dynasty, who has overwhelmed the world and won the support of all parties, has truly taken the throne. Waiting for him will be leading the entire man to take an unprecedented and more difficult road to revival.


     Driven by popular aspirations and absolute strength, Liu Cun, the 25th emperor of the Han Empire, humbly adopted Tai Fu Gong Sun Pei’s opinions after he became the throne. The Qingzhou New Deal, which has made brilliant achievements, is limited to Qingzhou, Xuzhou and Jizhou, and as far as possible is not to touch the powerful and powerful enfeoffment kings and family lords scattered in other states.

     However, the strong vitality and vitality displayed by the Qingzhou New Deal has unstoppably affected the Han world, especially the Qingzhou Army with a total of 300,000 and the 300,000 local troops in Xuzhou, Jizhou and Youzhou loyal to Emperor Liu Cun and were adapted. After reorganizing into the four major fronts of the Han army, all the remnants of feudalism and reform resistance collapsed under the crush of the powerful national army.

     The powerful centralized power never seen before in the 80-100 years of Dahansan's history was finally controlled by Liu Cun, who was praised as Heaven's Chosen Child by the people.Dahan 3 80-100 years, the fifth day of March.

      Chariot Riding General Cao Cao led an army of 150,000 to march west to Chang'an. In just 24 days, he defeated the Xiliang Allied Forces re-formed by Li Chang and Guo Bang, and obtained more than 30,000 rebels and more than 70,000 prisoners. A remarkable record, and on the first day of April completely occupied the old capital Chang'an and all surrounding areas,

     On the ninth day of March, General who Rides White Horse Tai Shici led the newly composed 2nd and 3rd army 60,000 soldiers to launch a southern expedition and threatened Nanyang. Defender Zhang Ji, persuaded by the military division Jia Xu, to surrender on March 15th. , All the 50,000 troops under the army accepted the adaptation, and the celebrity Jia Xu rushed to Luoyang to take office at the kind invitation of the military division Zhonglang Jiang Cui Yan.

     In mid-April, Fu Kai, the commander of the Fourth Army of the Han Army, and Zhao Yun, the commander of the Fifth Army, led 50,000 soldiers and marched northward. After meeting with the 80,000 troops led by Youzhou Mugongsun Zan, they began crusades against the Liaodong and Wuhuan tribes.

     On the third day of May, the former general Yuan Shu refused to recognize the orthodoxy of the imperial court. He established himself as a king, founded the country, and swept the north and south sides of the Yangtze River. Sun Ce, the son of the Wucheng Marquis Sun Jian, who occupied half of the Dongwu area, was attacked and killed. With the support of Yuan Shu and Sun Ce, his younger brother Sun Quan sent troops to attack Jingzhou.

     In the emperor Liu Cun's furious, he appointed General Zhang Liao as his coach, appointed General Lejin and Zhai Yue as deputy commanders, and led a total of 90,000 soldiers from the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Army to the south of Yangzhou. At both ends, sit and watch the changes.In late May, the emperor's righteous son and former prefect of Yizhou, Liu Zhen, suddenly led a fifty thousand navy division across the strait and landed along the coast of the states of south China in different historical periods on hundreds of giant warships. With the full support of three great aristocratic families in Soochow. Eliminate Sun Quan's rebel forces in states of south China in different historical periods. The 90,000 soldiers under Zhang Liao who are fighting fiercely in Yangzhou, Jiangbei echoed north and south.

     In early June, Cao Cao of the West Road Army defeated Ma Chao and Han Sui’s 120,000 coalition forces, and took Liangzhou in one fell swoop, and drove the remnant of Ma Teng to the remote Qiang area. The remnant of Yuan Shao, who occupied the Hetao Region, was surrendering to the black mountain army. Under violent attack, fled to the Western Regions.

     In late July, Zhang Liao and Le Jin led their troops to encircle Shouchun, and deputy general Zhai Xi led 30,000 soldiers in the Seventh Army. With the momentum of thunder, he crossed Shouchun and captured Ruxukou, completely cutting off the retreat of Yuan Shu's rebels.

     On the evening of July 27th, Yuan Shu killed himself when the city was broken. One hundred thousand under his command surrendered, and Yangzhou has since been brought under the jurisdiction of the central government.

     In mid-August, General who Guards the Sea Liu Zhen finally defeated the Soochow Allied Forces led by Sun Quan and Zhou Yu after losing 20,000 soldiers and more than 100 warships. He occupied the most powerful city under the control of Soochow Allied forces, Yuzhang. , Sun Quan and Zhou Yu fled to Lingnan with only three thousand remnants.

     In the second half of the same month, Youzhou Mugongsun Zan completely wiped out the local influence in eastern Liaoning. Continue the struggle with the deputy general Zhao Yun and command one hundred thousand soldiers to attack Wuhuan by victory in the north. Lieutenant Fu Kai led his headquarters with 30,000 elite troopers and turned south to attack Sanhan.

     In the 38th year of the Han Dynasty, on the first day of the first lunar month, the Han court made sacrifices to the heaven and earth in Luoyang.The Chariot Riding General Cao Cao, who returned from victory in Liangzhou, was completely restored, and he was promoted to the prime minister. The unprecedented in history political reform of the Han Empire began.

     On the fifth day of March, under the pressure of 200,000 troops of the imperial court, Liu Biao, Mu Liubiao of Jingzhou, announced his resignation from the post of state animal husbandry. The family went to Luoyang to accept the emperor Liu Cun’s edict, and quietly withdrew from the political arena as a prince. Within the municipality.

     In mid-April, the prefect of Yizhou and General who Guards the Sea Liu Zhen, who had returned to the dynasty, were officially promoted to the prince, and the country was changed to the island of Luzon to the south of Yizhou. With the cooperation of the 80,000 soldiers of the Dahan Navy, the general who swept the three Koreas Fu Kai was awarded the title of General Who Attacks the East, and Sanhan was renamed Dongzhou, officially becoming the 14th Zhou of the Han Empire.

     In the January of Han Dynasty 382, the two-year national counterinsurgency war ended, and the Han Empire was under the jurisdiction of the central government, except for the Western Regions.

     On the ninth day of the first lunar month, the Great Han Empire began an important political reform. The original Three Lords and Nine Ministers system was replaced by the five houses and nine ministries. The Great Han Emperor Liu Cun will not only control the entire army in accordance with the Constitution of the Great Han, but also In the next ten years, the state's administrative power will be gradually transferred to the central government with the cabinet as the core. In addition to the review and appointment of cabinet ministers and heads of various ministries, successive emperors no longer have the executive power to interfere with the cabinet and the central parliament.

     The five houses are the Government Office, which assumes administrative duties, the Metropolitan Procuratorate in charge of supervision, the Privy Council in charge of national defense and military affairs, the Legislative Yuan in charge of constitutional government and the law, and the Dali Yuan in charge of judicial trials. The chairmen of the court were appointed as cabinet ministers.Cao Cao, the first and second minister of the cabinet, also serves as the minister of the Council of State. The nine ministries directly under the Executive Yuan are the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Transport.

     Among them, the newly established central bank is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance, and has the same currency issuance rights as the Royal Bank, which was renamed Royal Bank after the integration of Langya Bank. The Dahan Royal Family has the same rights as the Royal Bank and Zhushan County, the exclusive royal territory. The mountains, forests and rivers, mining manor, etc. are all converted to state-owned property.

     In 1985, Tai Shici, who was promoted to the first marshal of the Han imperial army, led 300,000 soldiers to pacify the Western Regions. The territory of the Han Dynasty was restored to the size of its heyday, and seven princes including Luzon and Lanfang were added. When he came to the dynasty, Emperor Liu Cun was forming the world and formally handed over the highest administrative power to the cabinet and the central parliament.

     The Great Han Emperor Liu Cun, who was nearly 70 years old, formally abdicated the throne in the four or thirty-five years of the Han Dynasty, and the crown prince Liu Ze succeeded. At this time, the population of the Great Han Empire increased to 450 million. To Sin Chew Strait.

     On the second day of February 1940, Emperor Jianwen of the Han Dynasty, Liu Cun and his six-year-old grandson Liu Yue attended the launching ceremony of a large steam ship at the Zhushan Shipyard. The emperor's grandson cursed in disdain in the cheers. A fool would cheer for a backward steam engine." Liu Cun suddenly fell ill in amazement, and bluntly said to the more than ten confidantes like Tai Shici that he was approaching.At midnight that night, amidst the cries of more than a hundred descendants and four queens and concubines who depended on each other for life, the elderly Emperor Jianwen raised his hand with difficulty to wipe away the tears of the muddled and completely collapsing emperor grandson Liu Yue, and died with a smile. (To be continued...)

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