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0 Chapter Directory 293 Ascension And Finale (Postscript)
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After a few of the most important events are determined, everything else is no longer a problem.

In particular, after Liu Cun privately promised that Bianyuan and Zheng Xuan would retain the Confucian holy place Langya Academy and invest an additional 15 million in the planned funds for the reconstruction of the Taixue, the entire Confucian school would be grateful to the new emperor Liu Cun Not only did the emperor's ceremonies, funerals and burials and other tedious etiquettes be very grand and colorful, but he also proclaimed Liu Cun's martial arts martial arts, past morality and benevolence and took the initiative to direct the fire of public opinion to Liu Biao, who was silent in Jingzhou and strongly opposed it. Liu Cun ’s Yuan Shu, and even Yuan Shao, who fled nine lives and died in the Hetao region, were scolded by the Confucians who control the nearly half of the public opinion. The family gate valve had to shut up, a strategic withdrawal.

On the first day of March, all flags that mourned the young emperor were withdrawn inside and outside Luoyang City, and they were replaced uniformly | you | you | small | say | more | new | most | fast || Ten Thousand Soldiers tried their best to remove the onyx on his body, and replaced all the delicate silver helmets with red tassels like fire.

The three thousand imperial forests led by Wei Wei Rupei were all equipped with silver helmets and gold armor, standing in rows and rows majesticly standing inside and outside the palace gates.

Liu Cun ’s regular wife Sun Wan got his status as queen, and Mi Huan, Zhen Mi, and Cai Wenji, who suddenly appeared again in their true colors, also became Liu Cun ’s concubines, if not Liu Cun firmly opposed, plus the title of Tai Fu Gongsun Pei explained that I am afraid that Liu Cun's eldest son, Liu Ze, who is under ten years old, will also be added as a prince by the Minister of Culture and Martial Arts.

The throne ceremony was held in the majestic Temple of Heaven right in front of the palace.In addition to Zongzheng Liu Ye and Qin Tianjian government officials, the three officials, nine officials, and Chinese officials of the Chinese court, including the General of Chariots and Cavalry Cao Cao, who will soon lead the westward expedition, attended the ceremony. Make all the ceremonies after the prayer heaven and earth accompanied by the cheers of the mountains and the sea.

The much-anticipated enthronement ceremony came to an end at noon. Return to the first edict issued by Liu Cun, who officially returned to the throne in Deyang Temple. This was to waive the three-year agricultural tax for the common people of the Han Dynasty. Once the decree was promulgated, it not only caused cheers to the sky and tears of gratitude in the whole city of Luoyang, but also made it possible to change the will of Liu Cunyu repeatedly. The civil and military officials are inwardly sighed.

On the contrary, hundreds of schools including the Confucian School represented by Zheng Xuan and the Mo School represented by Court Architect Huo Jian strongly endorsed Liu Cun's merits while being full of confidence in the future of Han.

Liu Cun ’s second decree was already expected by the Chinese martial arts in the dynasty, that is, the General of Chariots and Cavalry, who led the 150,000 warriors to the west, gave Cao Mengde a sword of the emperor. Liang Ru, the most reliant and most cunning military teacher Li Ru, was led to Weitang by Wei Rupe. The civil and military officials still exclaimed.

After seeing Li Ru, who had put on the official robe of the Royal Army's military division Zhong Lang, bow down to Liu Cunxing, the civil and military officials responded successively, but no one knows when Emperor Liu Cun was when and by what means. Li Ru's.

The third decree issued by Liu Cun is also related to the military, that is, appointing General Qi Shi as the general, Wei Yan and Xu Huang as deputy generals, equipping 50,000 horses within three days, and conquering the Xiliang army general Zhang Ji, who is in Nanyang .After the exciting first meeting of the DPRK, Liu Cun hosted a banquet to entertain the Chinese Wu Bai officials, and after the banquet, he summoned all his generals. The magnificent honours and titles ceremony was held on the Dongcheng Daying University campus.

At this point, Liu Cun, the new emperor of the Han Dynasty who had won the world's support and won the support of all parties, truly considered the throne. What awaits him is to lead the entire Dahan to take an unprecedented and more difficult road of recovery.


Driven by the desire of the people and absolute strength, after the 25th emperor of the Han Dynasty, Liu Cun, embarked on the throne, he humbly adopted the opinions of Taifu Gongsun Pei, and at the same time announced that he would abide by the promises he made to the first emperor and continue to use the old system The Qingzhou New Deal, which has achieved glorious achievements for several years, is confined to Qingzhou, Xuzhou and Jizhou, and as far as possible, it will not touch the separatist kings and family members who still have strong power scattered in other states.

However, the powerful vitality and vitality demonstrated by the Qingzhou New Deal undoubtedly affected the world of the Han Dynasty, especially the 300,000 Qingzhou Army and the 300,000 local troops in Xuzhou, Jizhou and Youzhou allegiance to the emperor Liu Cun and were adapted After being reorganized into the four major fronts of the Han army, all the feudal remnants and resistance to reform collapsed under the pressure of the powerful national army.

The powerful centralization that has never been seen in the 380-year history of the Great Hans is finally controlled by Liu Cun, who is hailed as the pride of heaven by Wan Min.

Dahan 380 years, the fifth day of March.General of Chariots and Cavalry Cao Cao led a 150,000 army to march to Chang'an. In just 24 days, he defeated the Xiliang Allied Forces reorganized by Li Yong and Guo Mian, and achieved the elimination of more than 30,000 rebels and more than 70,000 prisoners The outstanding achievements of the public, and completely occupied the ancient capital Changan and all surrounding areas on the first day of April,

On the ninth day of March, General Qi Shi led the newly composed second and third troops of 60,000 soldiers to launch a south expedition, intimidating Nanyang. Under the persuasion of military commander Jia Xu, defender Zhang Ji opened the city and surrendered on March 15. The 50,000 troops of the Ministry accepted the adaptation as much as possible, and the famous celebrity Jia Xu rushed to Luoyang to take up his job at the invitation of Cui Yan, a military division officer.

In mid-April, Fu Han, the fourth army commander of the Han army, and Zhao Yun, the fifth army commander, led 50,000 soldiers and Cheng Bei, and joined the 80,000 troops led by Youzhou Mu Gong Sun Zan, and began to contend with the Liaodong and Wuhuan departments.

On the third day of May, Yuan Shu, the former general, refused to recognize the orthodoxy of the imperial court, established himself as the king, and founded the country to live in spring. With support, send troops to attack Jingzhou.

Emperor Liu Cun was furious, and appointed general Zhang Liao as the coach, appointed generals Le Jin and Zhai Yue as deputy coaches, led the new fifth, sixth, and seventh troops of a total of 90,000 soldiers to the south of Yangzhou, Jingzhou Mu Liubiao first rat At both ends, sit back and watch the changes.

In late May, the long-time emperor Yi Zi, former Yizhou Taishou Liu Zhen, suddenly led 50,000 sailors, riding hundreds of giant warships, crossing the strait and landing on the coast of Wuyue. With the support of the three great families of Soochow. In one fell swoop, Sun Quan's rebellious forces distributed in Wuyue were eliminated. It echoes the north and south of the 90,000 soldiers in Zhangliao, who is fighting in Yangzhou, Jiangbei.In early June, the West Road Army Cao Cao defeated Ma Chao and Han Sui 120,000 Allied Forces, won Liangzhou in one fell swoop, and drove the Ma Teng remnants to the remote Qiang area. Under violent attack, fled to the Western Regions.

In late July, Zhang Liao and Le Jin led the team to join Shouchun, and deputy general Zhai Chi led the seventh army of 30,000 soldiers. With a thundering momentum, he crossed Shouchun and captured the Xukou, completely cutting off the retreat of Yuan Shu's rebels.

On July 27 days at dusk, Yuan Shu died on the occasion of the city's destruction. His 100,000 surrendered to the public and surrendered. Yangzhou was then brought under the jurisdiction of the central government.

In mid-August, after losing 20,000 soldiers and more than one hundred warships, General Zhen Zhen of Zhenhai finally defeated the Soochow Union Army led by Sun Quan and Zhou Yu and occupied the most powerful city, Yuzhang, under the control of Soochow Union Army. Sun Quanhe Zhou Yu only led three thousand remnants to flee to Lingnan.

At the end of the same month, YouZan Mu Gong Sun Zan completely wiped out Liaodong's local influence. Make persistent efforts with Lieutenant General Zhao Yun, and command 100,000 soldiers to win the North and attack Wuwuhuan. Lieutenant General Fu Kai led the Headquarters of 30,000 elite riding around and attacking South Korea.

In 1981, the first day of the first month of the first month of the Han Dynasty, the court of the Han Dynasty sacrificed the heaven and earth in Luoyang.

Cao Cao, the General of Chariots and Cavalry who returned from the victory in Liangzhou, was promoted to the prime minister. The unprecedented political reforms of the Han Dynasty began.

On the fifth day of March, under the pressure of the 200,000 army in the court, Jingzhou Mu Liubiao announced that he would resign from the post of state herder, and his family went to Luoyang to accept the seal of the emperor Liu Cun. Within the municipality.In mid-April, the victorious Yizhou Taishou and Zhenhai general Liu Zhen were officially promoted to the prince, and the feudal state was changed to Luzon Island in the south of Yizhou. With the cooperation of the 80,000 soldiers of the Han Dynasty, Fu Han, the general of Sanhan, was wiped out. Granted the title of General Zhengdong, Sanhan changed its name to Dongzhou, and officially became the 14th state of the Han Empire.

In the year 1982 and the first month of the Han Dynasty, the two-year national counterinsurgency war ended, and the Han Empire was included in the jurisdiction of the central government except the Western Regions.

On the ninth day of the first month of the first month of the month, the Han Dynasty embarked on an important political system reform. The original system of three officials and nine officials was replaced by the Ninth Division of the Five Courts. In addition to controlling the entire ** team in accordance with the Constitution of the Han Dynasty, Liu Cun Within it, the state ’s administrative power was gradually handed over to the central government with the cabinet as the core. In addition to the power of review and appointment of cabinet ministers and heads of departments, successive emperors no longer have the administrative power to intervene in the cabinet and the central parliament.

The Fifth House of Representatives are the Government House of Administrative Duties, the Supervisory House for Supervision, the Privy Council for National Defense and Military Affairs, the Legislative Court for Constitutional Government and Law, and the Dali House for Judicial Trial. The five houses are separated from each other in their duties and responsibilities. The chiefs of the court are appointed as cabinet ministers.

Cao Cao, who serves as the first and second minister of the Cabinet, also serves as the Minister of the Government Administration Department. The nine departments under the Executive Yuan are the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Transportation.Among them, the newly established central bank is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance. It has the same currency issuance rights as the royal proprietary bank that was renamed Royal Bank after the integration of Langya Bank. In addition to the Royal Bank and the exclusive territory of Zhushan County, the Royal Han Dynasty has all The mountains, forests and rivers, mining estates, etc. have all been converted into state-owned properties.

In the Great Han Dynasty in 1995, Tai Shici, who was promoted to the first marshal of the Royal Han Army, led 300,000 soldiers to calm down the Western Regions. The territory of the Han Dynasty was restored to its heyday and the seven princes including Lu Song and Lan Fang were added. On the occasion of the dynasty, the emperor Liu Cunzhao told the world to officially hand over the highest executive power to the cabinet and the central parliament.

In the 4th and 3rd years of the Han Dynasty, the nearly 70-year-old emperor Liu Cun officially abdicated, and the crown prince Liu Ze succeeded. At this time, the population of the Han Empire increased to 450 million, and the territory reached Dongzhou in the east, Congling in the west, and the North Sea in the north , South to the Xingzhou Strait.

On February 2nd of the Great Han Dynasty, the great Han Jianwen Emperor Liu Cun and the six-year-old Emperor Tai Sun Liu Yue attended the launching ceremony of the large steam sea-ship at the Zhushan Shipyard. Only stupid people would cheer for the backward steam engine. "Liu Cun suddenly fell ill in consternation, and said to Tai Shici, who was around him, that he was about to come to the limit.

At midnight that night, in the crying voices of more than a hundred descendants and four life-long empresses and concubines, the elderly Han Jianwen raised his hand and wiped away the tears of the empressed grandson Liu Yue, who passed away with a smile. (To be continued ...)

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