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    Chinese Name: 重生之最强剑神  Author: 天运老猫
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Four and a half years after writing a book, from an ignorant newcomer to a rookie old man, as the time of writing the book becomes longer and longer, day and night reverses, and the mental state is getting worse day by day. In the past two months, he has been suffering from a fever, headache, and mental health. After continuing to write, I feel that my life is not guaranteed. I originally wanted to take a rest for two or three days to slow down, but it did not improve much, so please take a long vacation to adjust the physical and mental state.

     This book has been written to the fourth level. It can be said that the game has been written. After the fourth level, it is no longer just a game, it is also a summary. I am very sorry for this old cat, and thank you readers for such a long time of support and subscription Thanks.

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