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0 Chapter Directory 1383 Feeling The End Of The Pastoral Datang
    Chinese Name: 田园大唐  Author: 田园如梦(Tiányuán rú mèng, Idyllic Dream)
    Original: | Translator:

() The book is over, it's been more than three years, I feel like raising a child(ren) slowly, not just me, everyone is helping.

     But child(ren) I don't want (he) to be old, so I haven't written anything for many years, many years later, etc. In my heart (he) has been young and beautiful.

     In the future, I will continue to write extra articles, that is, Fanwai, which can only be posted in the public chapter. It is estimated that the VIP chapter will be updated for the last time today.

     In response to the meaning of the two brothers and sisters in the group, I wrote the first words with each of them, and they were posted here together.

     Tianjingsha Blessing

     yù soaring by the Peng Falcon,

     Or chase the sun with Kuafu,

     I wish TOEFL a wish.

     Jin Yi looked back,

     Year-round chūn is full of flowers.

     Wish: The success of the TOEFL test in Wanqing!


     Nian Nujiao has been studying for ten years

     When he was young, Zheng Fenghua and Yong Rì were idle and uninteresting. I have forgotten the day when it was in the afternoon. Dreaming in the words, sharing the poems, ūn flowers are years old, do not feel ten years away.

     Mingyue is changing, but the heart is still difficult to change, especially in the book. After passing Qiu Shi Qing Midsummer, Yun Ying wandered in thought. People laughed at the article, as if it were winter charcoal, I said the pond was green. Now, looking back, I mention the harmony of the world.

     This word was invited and written by Magpie Bridge Fairy. (To be continued.)

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