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0 Chapter Directory 1383 Feeling The End Of The Pastoral Datang
    Chinese Name: 田园大唐  Author: 田园如梦(Tiányuán rú mèng, Idyllic Dream)
    Original: | Translation:

The book is over. It has been more than three years, and I feel like raising a child(ren) slowly. Not only I raise it, but everyone is helping raise it.

     But the child(ren) I don’t want (he) to be old, so I didn’t write anything in the back for many years and so on. In my in the heart (he) has always been young and beautiful.

     In the future, I will continue to write extra chapters, that is, extra chapters, which can only be posted in the public chapter. It is estimated that this is the last time the VIP chapter is updated.

     According to the meaning of the two brothers and sisters in the group, I wrote the first words with each of them, and they happened to be posted here together.

     Tianjingsha blessing

     To fly by Peng Falcon,

     Or follow Kuafu to chase the sun,

     I wish the TOEFL come true.

     Jin Yi looked back,

     The fragrance is full of flowers throughout the spring.

     Wish: Wanqing has a successful TOEFL test!


     Nian Nujiao has been studying for ten years

     When I was young, I was boring forever. I have forgotten which day will be the afternoon, I will add thread. Dreamland in the words, sharing of poems and poems, Chunhua has years of age, and I don’t realize it will go for ten years.

     The bright moon is always changing, but the heart is still hard to change, especially the middle tune of the book. After the autumn is full of midsummer, clouds and shadows are wandering and thinking. People laugh at the article, it's better than winter charcoal, I say the pond is green. Now I look back and talk about the harmony of the world.

     This word was invited, written by Magpie Bridge Fairy. (To be continued.)