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0 Chapter Directory 1337 Secretly 1 Tail
    Author: Unknown
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When I was in the hot pot restaurant, because Sun Dazhuo had a lot of people there, the people I brought with him were not Sun Daqiu's opponents at all, so they were beaten so seriously.

Zhu Shenbing grew up, what happened?

Therefore, he has never been afraid of anyone.

However, under the circumstances at that time, when he was seriously injured, he would definitely be killed if Sun Dagong was angry at the time if he didn't know him and bowed his head.

In order to save life, Zhu Shenbing asked Qiuquan to express his persuasion.

However, after leaving the door of the hot pot restaurant, Zhu Shenbing already had a strong idea of revenge in his mind.

He would never let go like that, just be shit on his head!

Anyway, it can be regarded as one of the best characters in Qingshu County, let alone Zhu Shenbing could not swallow this tone in his own heart, even if he swallowed it, his own brothers would secretly make fun of his cowardly, who will follow his officer in the future?

Therefore, after seeing Sun Dabao and Li Zeyu in the hospital, Zhu Shenbing was particularly jealous.

Now is an excellent opportunity. He will take advantage of this opportunity to pay for his teeth, not to kill Sun Cannon, but also to let him spend the rest of his life in bed!

Zhu Shenyou frowned, looked around, and shook his head unpleasantly.

"You can understand your feelings, but this is a hospital, and you have to pick a place for revenge? Right now, it is night, but there are doctors and nurses on duty, and patients in hospital, you see ..."Zhu Shenyou pointed to the two round things above the wall not far away, "did you see that? There is also monitoring! If you do it here, let alone doctors and nurses, the monitoring will find out at the first time, when the time comes Not to mention the security guard. In case someone calls the police, the police will be in trouble. "

Zhu Shenbing looked in the direction of Zhu Shenyou's fingers. Sure enough, two monitors were installed not far above his head, maybe the security guard was watching them now.

"Grandma, brother, I can't hold my breath!"

Zhu Shenbing sighed at once, and said with some helplessness.

"If you want to get into the game, let's do it now. I have no opinion, but don't beg me to fish for you at that time!"

Seeing that Zhu Shenbing was still a little unwilling, Zhu Shenyou suddenly lowered his face and sighed coldly.


Zhu Shenbing looked at Zhu Shenyou ice-cold face for a moment, and finally nodded.

"The impulse is the devil, and it depends on the situation to get revenge? As long as you leave the hospital, there are opportunities!"

After watching his brain-sucking cousin calm down a little, Zhu Shenyou relaxed, and after a moment of thinking, he said leisurely.

"Brother, what do you mean?"

Zhu Shenbing was annoyed. When he heard Zhu Shenyou's words, his eyes lit up, and he stared at Zhu Shenyou.

Zhu Shenyou poked her head towards the study room, "Are Sun Dagong still not dripping now? Is there always time to go home after playing?""Yes, I understand, this is good, this is good!" Zhu Shenbing blinked, then suddenly realized, patted his head, "Brother, why didn't I think of this, or are you wise!"

Watching Zhu Shenbing give a thumbs-up towards himself, Zhu Shenyou did not have a trace of complacency, but instead persuaded with a long heart. Tofu, it will be self-defeating! "

"Brother, I remember your words, you also know my character ..." Zhu Shenbing sorry for the inconvenience scratching his head, "That's the way to beat the mother, but you can rest assured, I will slowly change."

"All right I believe others' words. I dare not believe your words. How many times have I said to you? Which one have you changed before? Which one has heard me?"

Zhu Shenyou impatient replied, "Everything is more brainy, so big, so it should be mature and mature."

Zhu Shenyou's words just fell, and the short man ran over anxiously just now.

"Less soldiers, Yushao, it's not good ..." said the short man in a hurry.

Zhu Shenyou frowned, "What's the matter? Sun Cannon they left?"

The short men shook their heads again and again, "No, they are here again."

"What? Are you coming again?" Zhu Shenbing froze, staring at the short man. "Is their helper?"

Zhu Shenbing knew that Sun Daqiu and Li Zeyu were hanging up in the water, and they were chatting hotly, and they didn't even realize that they were these people. Moreover, they were only being secretly tracked on their side, and did not alarm them.

Could it be that they found Sun Daguan also in the hospital?"It's a few people under Sun Cannon. It seems that they just came back from the outside with a lunch box in their hands. It should be for Sun Cannon to send them meals."

After hearing the short explanation, Zhu Shenbing froze, then nodded and stopped talking.

"Okay, get it, go ahead and keep staring at them."

After Zhu Shenyou waved his hand to signal the departure, he turned his head to look at Zhu Shenbing, and smiled slightly, "Have you heard? Sun Dagong is fine, even when he comes to the hospital to see a doctor, he will also bring a few men. Fortunately, you haven't done it. The few of them came, and whoever loses or wins may not. "

What can Zhu Shenbing do except silence? It seems that we can only continue to wait for the opportunity, but Zhu Shenbing frowned and quickly raised his head.

"Brother, what I listen to you is, but Sun Daqiu they always have to go home? I can wait for the opportunity to beat them on their way home, and I will let the brothers go back and drive the car now."

"It's okay. When he spear Yiguan is almost midnight, he should be able to take a taxi back. You must let the beards drive the two vans. And, just in case, call some more brothers."

Sun Daqiang is very capable, and his cousin was beaten badly this time. It seems that he can't breathe, and his cousin can't sleep at night.

Zhu Shenyou was afraid that Zhu Shenbing would suffer a loss, so he called more people and felt at ease.

"" Ok, brother, otherwise you go back first, I've settled this matter myself. "

"Can you do it yourself?"

Zhu Shenyou yawned in his speech, looking sleepy.I found a pretty girl last night and tossed all night. I haven't been relieved yet.

"Why doesn't it? I remember what you said, don't you act at the chance? Also, I'll call more people and run after the beating, rest assured."

Zhu Shenbing looked confident.

"That's all right. I'll go back first. What's the matter, call me. Oh, I can't hold it anymore."

Feeling that there was no arrangement for what's the problem, Zhu Shenyou followed a few more yawns, and then turned away.

Zhu Shenbing didn't wait for Zhu Shenyou to go far, so he let the small beard and Huang Mao go back to drive. Instead, he pulled out the phone, called several of his buddies, and hurried them to the hospital door.

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