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0 Chapter Directory 1337 Secretly 1 Tail
    Chinese Name: 重生似水青春  Author:
    Original: 鱼人二代(Yú rén èr dài, Murloc II) | Translator:

When I was in the hot pot restaurant, because there were so many people on Sun Dapao, the people I brought with him were not Sun Dapao's opponents at all, so I was beaten so badly.

     Zhu Shenbing through childhood, whats the matter?

     Therefore, he has never been afraid of anyone.

     But under the circumstances at the time, when he was seriously injured, if he didn't know the face and didn't bow his head, he would definitely be killed in the face of Sun Dapao's anger at the time.

     In order to save his life, Zhu Shenbing was only willing to compromise.

     However, after leaving the door of the hot pot restaurant, Zhu Shenbing had a strong idea of revenge in his heart.

     He would never let go just like this, just being pooped on his head!

     At any rate, he is a character in Qingshu County reckoned to be first or second best. Not to mention that Zhu Shenbing couldn't swallow this breath in his heart. Even if he swallowed it, his brothers would secretly make fun of his cowardly. Who else will Follow yourself?

     So, after seeing Sun Dapao and Li Zeyu in the hospital, Zhu Shenbing their eyes blaze with hate.

     Now is an excellent opportunity. He wants to take this opportunity, tit for tat, not to kill Sun Da Pao, but also to let him spend the rest of his life in bed!

     Zhu Shenyou frowned, looked around, shook the head unhappy.

     "Brother can understand your feelings, but this is a hospital, and you have to choose a place for revenge? It's night, but there are doctors and nurses on duty, as well as hospitalized patients. Look..."Zhu Shenyou pointed to two round objects on the wall not far away, "did you see that? And monitoring! If you do it here, let alone doctors and nurses, monitoring will immediately be able to find out, and then security will be brought in. Not to mention, in case someone calls the police, it will be troublesome if the police arrive."

     Zhu Shenbing looked in the direction of Zhu Shenyou's fingers. Sure enough, there were two monitors installed not far from his head. Maybe the security guard was watching them now.

     "Grandma's, brother, I can't hold back this breath in my heart!"

     Zhu Shenbing suddenly sighed saying, some helplessly said.

     "If you want to enter the game, do it now, I have no opinion, but don't beg me to fish you at that time!"

     Seeing that Zhu Shenbing was still a little unwilling, Zhu Shenyou immediately lowered his face and shouted coldly.


     Zhu Shenbing was taken aback, looked at Zhu Shenyou ice-cold face, and finally nodded.

     "Impulse is the devil, and revenge depends on the situation, right? As long as you get out of the hospital, there are opportunities!"

     Seeing that his brain-caught cousin calmed down a bit, Zhu Shenyou only relaxed a little, and said leisurely after pondered.

     "Brother, what do you mean?"

     Zhu Shenbing was upset in his heart. Hearing Zhu Shenyou's words, he suddenly eyes shined and stared at Zhu Shenyou.

     Zhu Shenyou puffed his lips toward the observation room, "Aren't Sun Dapao still taking some drips now? It's always time to go home after the fight?""Yes, yes, I understand, this is good, this is good!" Zhu Shenbing blinked his eyes, then realisation, patted his head, "Brother, how can I haven't thought this, you are still wise!"

     Seeing Zhu Shenbing giving a thumbs up towards him, Zhu Shenyou didn’t have a look of self-satisfaction, but persuaded by meaningful and heartfelt words, “It’s still the same sentence. , Hasty men don't get to eat hot tofu, but will overreach oneself!"

     "Brother, I remember what you said, and you also know my character..." Zhu Shenbing scratched his head embarrassedly, "That's it in the womb, but don't worry, I will slowly change it."

      "All right, I believe what others say, I can't believe what you say, how many times have I told you, and when did you change when things come to a head? When did you hear what I said?"

     Zhu Shenyou impatient replied, “If you use your brains in everything, you are so big and mature.”

     As soon as Zhu Shenyou's words fell, the short man ran over anxiously just now.

     "Young Soldier, Young Master You, it's not good..." the short said hurriedly.

     Zhu Shenyou frowned, "What happened? Sun Dapao and they left?"

     The shorter one shook his head repeatedly, "No no, they are here again."

     "Huh? Someone here again?" Zhu Shenbing was taken aback, staring at the short man, "Is it their helper?"

     Zhu Shenbing knew that Sun Dapao and Li Zeyu were hanging out, and they were chatting enthusiastically. They didn't notice them at all. Besides, they were just being watched secretly on their own side, and they were not disturbed.

     Is it possible that Sun Dapao and the others found themselves in the hospital?"It's a few people under Sun Dapao. It looks like they just came back from the outside, with lunch boxes in their hands. It should be Sun Dapao and the others."

     After hearing the short explanation, Zhu Shenbing was taken aback, then nodded and stopped talking.

     "Okay, got it, you go and keep staring at them."

     After Zhu Shenyou waved his hand to signal the short one to leave, he turned his head and looked at Zhu Shenbing, lightly smiled, "Have you heard? Sun Dapao is very good, even when he comes to the hospital to see a doctor, he will also take a few of his men. Fortunately, you didn't do it, otherwise, wait until The few of their men rushed over, maybe whoever loses or wins."

     How is it? It seems that Zhu Shenbing can only wait for the opportunity, but Zhu Shenbing frowned and raise head up soon.

     "Brother, I listen to you, but Sun Dapao will always go home, right? I can wait for the opportunity to beat them on their way home, and I will let the brothers go back and drive the car over now."

     "It's okay. When they finish hanging up, it's almost midnight, and they should take a taxi back. You ask Little Beard and them to drive the two vans over, and, in order to guard against the unexpected, call more brothers over."

     Sun Dapao is very skilled. His cousin was beaten miserably this time. It seemed that he couldn't breathe, and his cousin couldn't sleep at night.

     Zhu Shenyou was afraid that Zhu Shenbing would suffer again, so he called more people to feel at ease.

     "Okay, I understand, brother, otherwise you go back first, I will settle this matter myself."

     "Can you do it yourself?"

     Zhu Shenyou yawned as he spoke, looking sleepy.I found a pretty girl last night and tossed it all night, but I haven't gotten back up yet.

     "Why not? I remember what you said, see the opportunity and act, don't you? Also, I will call more people, and I will run away after the beat. Don't worry."

     Zhu Shenbing looked confident.

     "Well, I'll go back first, call me what's the matter, oops, I can't hold it anymore."

     Feeling that there was no what's the problem arranged, Zhu Shenyou followed and yawned a few times before turning around and leaving.

     Before Zhu Shenyou could go far, Zhu Shenbing asked Xiaobeard and Huangmao to drive back. Instead, he took out the phone and called several of his buddies to get them to the hospital door.

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