《Purple River》brief introduction

Purple River

author: 老猪

Two hundred years ago on the battlefield of the Blue River, the last legion of the light empire collapsed in the clamor of the demons, and the last marshal of the empire and the emperor died in battle. There is no common monarch on the chaotic Xichuan mainland, and the heroes fought together. Armed force is the only cost of survival. Dominating the world is the dream of powerful generations. In the southeast of the mainland, there is a powerful force of more than two hundred years-the Zichuan family. He attacked the Liufeng family in the west, the Devil in the east, and the Lin family in the south. For a powerful dream, and for the spread of family ancestry, countless Zichuan Junjie's servants have written an epic and magnificent history. This article, "Purple River", tells the story of the centenary tragedy of such a family. If you think "Zichuan" is good, please don't forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ group and Weibo!

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