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0 Chapter Directory 297 Empire Country Reborn (above)
    Author: 老猪(Lǎo zhū, Old Pig)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

After reciting the oaths such as Zichuanxiu, Minghui, Lin Bing and other ministers as the government and Military Representative stepped forward to offer the national seal and scepter to the chief. Then Xiao Ping loudly announced that Zi Chuanning had been appointed by Tian to have been officially appointed as the chief of the nine generations. The audience applauded the thunder ceremony. Many guests had already got up and prepared to attend the state banquet after the ceremony.

"Please wait." A crisp female voice echoed over the hall: "I have something to say to everyone."

The speaker was Zichuan Ning, the head of the family who had just assumed office. At the ceremony, the guests were stunned without the arrangement of this procedure. Fortunately, Chairman Xiao Ping Ji Ling immediately rounded up the court: "All of you please come back to your place and listen to His Royal Highness."

Zi Chuanning nodded to Xiao Ping and turned his head to the crowd: "All the guests and officials of the Zichuan family thank you for your appreciation to come here to witness my appointment as the family chief." I stepped down as the head of the family today. "

"Oh, all the guests on the side suck a mouthful of cold air. People stared wide-eyed, staring at the new chief of the Purple River family, the buzzing remarks sounded:" What did your Highness say just now? "

"She said she stepped down!"

"I heard it right? Your Highness said she would not be the leader!"

"Quiet! Quiet!" Speaker Xiao Ping coughed heavily with a few coughs. He was the one who had been greeted in advance and didn't seem to be surprised but just looked serious.

He whispered to Zi Chuanning: "Your Highness, think carefully again?"Zichuanxiu shook his head with a firm tone: "Everyone, Xiejue, but I have considered it carefully. You have carefully considered it. I think that my shallow virtue is really too weak for such an important position as the chief of the Zichuan family. Weak women I do n’t have the power to lead the country and I ca n’t gather people. It ’s hard to be a qualified leader.

"In order to continue the strength of the family, for the strength of the family, for the well-being of hundreds of millions of subjects, the family needs a firmer and more powerful leader. Now the family can find such a person!

"He was sincerely patriotic and tenacious, with noble feelings dedicated to the country, and saved the family several times in the midst of survival. The imperial city was defeated by the wind and the mountains. The Yangtze rebels were captured in the bloody night, and the rebels conquered the Far East rebels. The great defeat of the demon god emperor in the city conquered the demon kingdom beyond tens of thousands of miles, not to mention the great merits of pacifying the emperor's rebellion. Throughout the history books. There is nothing more great about the country's meritorious achievements than this, so the merits can shine brightly. .

"There is no world in the world. Those who have virtue have power, those who have power, and those who have both virtue and strength are destiny. Just today I volunteer to give the position of general manager to you, Xiuchuan, to invite you to witness."Among the high-ranking people here, Zi Chuaning was not half-minded. Everyone has guessed what she means. Numerous lights are concentrated on the front row of Zichuanxiu. Although people were shocked, no one dared to speak out. Everyone is smart. The question of succession of the chief executive is a matter of life and death. Casually speaking and standing in the wrong position, it is not only a small one, but not only has to be unlucky, but also involves the family to harm the relatives. So in the hall where thousands of people gathered, it was as silent as the deep wild forest. The leader of the Far East sat straight on the chair, his eyebrows were tight, his hands were flat, his knees were steady.

After Zi Chuaning finished speaking, he got up and said loudly: "His Highness is so important to Wei Chen that Wei Chen is grateful that the zero powder can't be guaranteed. But only the people of Zichuan blood can serve as the chief. This is the iron law. The supreme position is really not human. The coveted Weichen also has no such unscrupulous thoughts. Your Highness, you are the only bloodline of the first chief, inheriting as the chief, this is what everyone hopes for. The Weichen and his colleagues will also appreciate the family's generous support and help to make His Royal Highness Can become a generation of sage Ming monarch. The joke just mentioned by His Highness will not be said again. "

Zichuanxiu did not dare to speak without knowing his attitude. Now he dare to speak with everyone since he quit. Of course, this kind of reunion is also careful to say to the Northwest Commander Minghui, "His Royal Highness intentionally wanted to give up the power of fame and fortune. This kind of broad-mindedness is really admirable. Of course, my opinion is that President Xiuchuan is also a very good person if he is I absolutely support the President. But the matter is of great importance and I immediately decided not to rush it. Is it better to let the Presbyterian Association and the adults in the governing area carefully discuss and then make a decision?"Damn slick!" The people scolded in their hearts. Minghui's delay was still protecting Zichuan Ning, but he clearly didn't offend Zichuanxiu. Both sides came to this point. Minghui's slickness really reached the highest level.

Despite the scolding in his heart, everyone had to agree with him: "Your Excellency Minghui justified everyone and carefully discussed and said you should not be eager." Although everyone wanted to procrastinate, Zichuan Ning refused. She shook her head: "No need to discuss anymore. I have decided to resign from the position of chief. The rest of His Highness Xiuchuan please you."

She stepped down to hand the scepter and the Great Seal to Zichuan Xiu, who refused to accept Shen Sheng and said, "Your Highness is not willing to accept it." But Zichuan Ning stubbornly and firmly decided to hand him something He whispered in front of him and said, "Brother Axiu, I was not on a whim. When I first sent troops, I told you that the Zichuan family must be rewarded. At that time, I vowed that you could defeat Di Lin and avenge my uncle Entrust the position of chief to you. Brother Xiu, this is what you deserve. Please accept it. "

Is there such a thing? In a trance, Zi Chuanxiu vaguely remembered the beautiful face of the beautiful girl in the morning when the soldiers were sent in the morning. As for what she said at that time, she had no impression at all. It's hard to imagine that she had already made such a determination.

"A Ning said that in the future, how would he tell his uncle? How would he tell his family's ancestors? He said such willfulness will regret it in the future.""I took office as the chief of the nine generations and I have completed my uncle's entrustment. Then I passed on the position of the chief to you. You are also surnamed Zichuandi. That is not against the family rules." Zichuanning smiled: "I have considered this matter for a long time. I wo n’t regret it. Because I ’m really not a leader ... I chose the best leader for the family and made the best choice for the country. Of course, for myself ... "

She grabbed Zichuanxiu's hand and took the scepter and jade seal to his hand: "His Royal Highness Xiuchuan is on the far east side. I heard that they all call you the King of Light. I hope you can bring light, peace and kindness. The hundreds of millions of people who are also brought to the family. They are your people. Please treat them kindly. The family pleases you. "

Looking deeply at Zichuanxiu under the gaze of thousands of people. The outgoing chief of the Zichuan family turned lightly and walked slowly along the bright red carpet. As she walked in, she left so calmly, elegantly, and gorgeously. It's like a white butterfly flying across the window soul-stirring is amazing.

Until her figure disappeared behind the corner of the arch plate at the entrance of the Chamber. People still can't relieve their lament and sigh at the girl's courage and determination at that moment and the amazing beauty.

Until everyone turned their eyes back to the hall and saw the tall figure of the 27-year-old general holding the Great Seal and the Scepter. There is also a blank look on the general's face.

At this time, people realized that an amazing fact that was enough to shake history was born in the front of yourself: The Zichuan family regime that ruled the Da 6 for nearly three hundred years has officially ended their inheritance today. The new regime to be replaced will be a powerful warlord group from the Far East.Although the people in power still have the surname of Zichuan, they are completely different from the old regime that was filled with the atmosphere of the old and decayed family. The new regime is a military military group with youthful spirit and rising sun. Its territory extends from the northwest border defense line to the vast wilderness of the eastern wilderness grassland in the extreme east. From the southwest of Danya to the prosperity of the northern coast of the Black Sea waves. Far from any dynasty and kingdom in the human world; the armed forces loyal to this regime include almost all the strong soldiers of the Big 6: Drakonid Race's archer of the half-orc heavy infantry snake family Drakeonid Race's Infantry soldiers of the Senegal Mongolia The soldiers of the Goang ethnic group are the southeast soldiers, the imperial army, the northwest army, the Xiuzi battalion, and the military police.

For a long time, Zichuanxiu awakened from his contemplation. He slowly shook his head and walked out of the hall quickly. The officers of the Far East follow after him exit. I wonder if the officials and nobles feel that the officers walked with a much higher chin than they did when they came, and throbbed with excitement and high-heeled black military boots on their smooth marble floors. "Bang, bang" heavy rhythmic footsteps echoed in the solemn hall. The eyes of the aristocratic nobles who looked back at their spirits were full of awe: this is a group of people who are about to control the world.

People communicating closely countless whispers into a voice resonating lowly under the towering dome of the conference hall: "A new empire has been born!"

Everyone has a dignified look: the military is strong and the territory is vast. Indeed, only the word "empire" can describe this newly born powerful regime."Adult, Master! Arrange the cloth in bsp; Zichuan Xiu just walked out of the hall and heard someone calling. He turned his head to see Du Yafeng forcefully squeezed from the crowd to see the paper in his hand. .

"Yafeng what happened? So embarrassed!"

Du Yafeng breathing heavily apparently came running hurriedly all the way: "Sir, we just received the news from the flying pigeons of the Dequento Military Intelligence Bureau: Two days ago, the army of His Excellency Di Lin was suddenly attacked by a large group of bandits on the border of the province of Southwest Danya. . Although De Kun tried his best to rescue, the gangster, the powerful emperor Lin, was seriously injured and his life was in danger. "

"What!" Zi Chuanxiu was in front of him. He grabbed the letter and looked at his teeth. He asked, "Where are the big band gangs in the Southwest Territories and even the army dare to attack? Is Dekun a rice bucket? Do such simple things. Bad! Damn! "

The officers kept quiet out of fear because Zichuan Xiu was on the fire and didn't know what was going on. Everyone dared not persuade him. Only Shirakawa understands the whole story, and her face is solemn: "Adult Dekun was recommended by the sergeant. He blamed the official for his fault and asked the adult to punish him."

Zichuanxiu shouted: "I will punish the punishment. Is it useful! If this can save the elder brother, I will kill Jiao Liuliu, and he angrily squeezed the letterhead in his hands, but he was stomping and trembling in the air.

Shirakawa said unrelentingly, "Adult. Please allow me to take the Xiuzi Campfire and check it out to see what is going on! Maybe there is still a chance to remedy?"

"Okay!" Zichuanxiu said with a mouth and then immediately changed his mind: "No, Xiao Lin prepares for the horse, so I will go out to Danya!"

The subordinates shouted at the same time: "How can this be done?""Sir, it's a matter of time when His Royal Highness Ning gave up. The emperor has no master, you have to stay in town!"

"Sir, let Xiaguan go on your behalf!"

The persuasion of everyone was unheard of. Zi Chuanxiu's urging captain Xiao Lin: "Get me a horse!"

It was at this time that a guard of guards of the Imperial Guards on horseback passed by. In front of Zichuanxiu, he rushed over and grabbed a cavalry to pull him off: "Let your horse be used!"

The cavalry was tossed down and almost fell down. He was about to scold. Suddenly felt that the other party was a senior officer, and quickly returned the curse back to his stomach: "Which adult? Can I make a note by borrowing the next mount ..."

He didn't finish talking. Zichuanxiu had already leapt to the horse and whip the horse madly to whip the horse and looked at his dead figure. It was a long time before someone murmured: "Who can tell me. What is going on?"

Southwestern Dan Yaxing Province. Deserted Nomura. Rain and snow stopped slowly in the evening. It's just that the dark clouds in the sky haven't dissipated and the black pressure is sinking over the village.

When Di Lin woke up, the giants of the inspectorate were there. When Di Lin woke up, everyone looked happy. Gopra leaned forward and leaned forward: "Adult, lord? Do you feel better?"

Di Lin smiled at him, but he felt that the acupuncture was burning, and every breath was like a fire breath: "I'm fine ..." The voice is as weak as a hairspring: "Where is this?"

"Sir, we are still in Danya. You can rest assured that we are safe now."

"Why ... why not keep going?"

Gopra hesitated and looked at him. Di Lin already knew that he was here: "Is it for ... taking care of me?""A lot of brothers were injured in a battle that night. Everyone was very tired and took a rest here for three days. You do n’t have to be too bothered to cultivate yourself."

Di Lin closed his eyes: he has been in a coma for three days and three nights?

"Please ... the doctor has visited ... how to say?"

"Adult doctor said that it is not important that you have a strong body and a small injury. As long as you cultivate well for a few days, you will heal."

"Jinxi you lie." Emperor Lin smiled pale as paper: "Tell the truth. There are many things to be arranged ... Tell me the truth." His corpse voice is low but with an undoubted power. This is the majesty of the strong, even when the vitality is weakest, it still makes people unable to resist.

"... the doctor said that at most there are three or two days. But how can those rural wild doctors speak crudely? We have sent people to Danya to find the best famous doctors and come back to heal you!"

A smile appeared on Di Lin's pale face and said, "Oh, this ..."

There is still the last hint of hope in Xixi, hoping that the doctor is not sure. But now I saw Di Lin's pale face, and his eyes were full of bleak death. His heart fell a little, and his throat fell like a choked thing. He couldn't say anything.

The officers bowed their heads and no one spoke. The cold wind blew through the broken window, and the big yellow lights and flames of the bean fluttered in the wind.

"What is the way to attack our locals that night?"

Baixia slightly lowered his body: "I haven't found it yet. But I spear Lan Pugong Yi Yi Xun bad sullen V imperial sling chair nothing to attack us can not guess."Di Lin said weakly: "It's not the Lin family but Mawei, I can feel ... it's him."

Despite the weakness, Emperor Lin's Lingtai was extremely sober on the opposite side. He thought of a name instinctively and blurted out.

The crowd will look at Dilin in awe. According to legend, the dying are between the world and the ghost. Their eyes can penetrate through the world to see the truth. They stood up together: "Adult Ma Wei dare to guess that we must avenge us. No matter whether this man escapes to the end of the world, we can't escape our pursuit. Please rest assured!"

"No need ... Axiu will take revenge on me. You ... hurry and go ... Wallinxing saves there is a Weishan ... cough ... cough ... cough ..." With a strong cough Yinhong The blood overflowed from Di Lin's mouth, and everyone rushed up to caress his chest.

Di Lin coughed for a while and continued: "There is a sailor all the way in the Port of Visan ... you took the boat to the sea. Then find an island where you can't do it. Just be a pirate and get some supplies. Also train by the way. After a year and a half, what should I do to figure out the way to the sea ... You can do it yourself ... "

The officers were silent. The words of afterward explanations are already in Di Lin's words. They are sour to hear. Jinxiqiang smiled and said: "Adults, these are not urgent matters. What matters now is that you keep your body well. We have the confidence to survive what kind of difficulties you lead us."

Di Lin shook his head slowly and a smile appeared on his pale face: "Gop ...

"Xiaguan is here.""You have been loyal to me for the longest time with me. But you can't take my class. You ... not the first thing ... and Baixia you think too much ... be a qualified leader. Neither of you will work. "

The two officers nodded together. All eyes are red.

Di Lin turned his head to look at Jinxi and stretched his hand out of the bed. Jinxi quickly held both hands. I feel that the hands of the past are so weak and weak at the moment.

Looking at him, Di Lin said seriously, "Please, now and now."

It was sad to see Di Lin's soft and gentle eyes in Jinxi's heart. He bowed and said: "Cultivation of adults. You can rest assured, adults. I will discuss things with you when I encounter something."

After successfully arranging this important event, Emperor Lin seemed to be relaxed a lot. He slightly raised his voice: "Zichuan, Liufeng, Lin are all big countries with hundreds of thousands of troops. You can't fight it. You can kill them overseas A world of contention wins a place where you can live in peace ... I am not worried that you will not win those pirates. I am only worried that you are not united enough ... you must unite! You will be invincible if you unite together

There can only be one leader in a Group. After Cobra White House, Jinxi will be your leader. You have to support him to follow him. Don't quarrel and don't infight with him like I did. Can you accomplish ma? "

Baixia immediately stated: "Relax, you can rest assured. I will resolutely support Master Jinxi."

Cobra didn't say anything for a long time before he said: "Adult, the only person I follow is you. I admire Jinxi, who is clever and good to us. But I can't treat him like you ... no matter who No, the only thing I follow is you. "Di Lin gazed at him and asked softly, "What if I am gone? What do you do?"

Gopra was at a loss. The man in his thirties was generally helpless like a lost child, and he cried in tears: "Big ... do you not want me?"

For a while, the air in the room froze in a deep and quiet atmosphere.

Emperor Liangjiu sighed: "Forget it. Now and now ... This group of bastards is going to worry you.