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0 Chapter Directory 298 The Dust Has Settled
    Chinese Name: 紫川  Author: 老猪(Lǎo zhū, Old Pig)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

When Lin Rui saw Zi Chuanxiu again, the atmosphere of the meeting was not very tense, but very peaceful. ****Zi Chuanxiu personally greeted him in the meeting room, and shook hands with Lin Rui: "Welcome, welcome, Zong Family is coming to the Imperial Capital, it is not too far to welcome, forgive me for being rude."

     "Where, I came so recklessly and disturbed your majesty."

     Lin Rui looked at the Zichuan family chief in front of him. Unlike Danya's command two years ago, Zi Chuanxiu's temperament is deeper and his eyes are deeper. Although still dressed in ordinary military uniforms, the striking white hair deeply reminded Lin Rui how the youngest unattended usurper since the beginning of history had paid a heavy price to achieve today's status.

     In the greeting, Lin Rui first congratulated Xiu Chuan on his appointment as the head of the family, saying that goodwill like His Majesty Xiu Chuan became the head of the family. This is a great event for the people of both countries.

     Zichuanxiu smiled faintly, decline to comment.

     "In Danya back then, the demeanor of your majesty, see with one's own eyes, boldly predicted at that time that your majesty will be an extraordinary character who can control the world! However, at that time, it was impossible to think that your majesty was exceptionally heroic and rose rapidly in just two years. Time has achieved a hegemony. Such a feat, I am afraid that it will be the best in the past, but there will be no one in the future!"

     Zi Chuanxiu faintly smiled: "The Zong Family has a good reputation. When I was the commander of the Black Flag Army, you helped me a lot. I remember these."

     "Just remember it!" Lin Ruixin said, but waved his hand freely: "Serious things, why do you care about your majesty? It is a great honor for me to benefit your majesty's hegemony.""The Lin family’s help to me is self-interest, and I dare not forget the gratitude; but the Lin family’s harm to our country. It is public enmity, and Zichuan is not talented. Since he was entrusted by the family and the people, he was entrusted by the first chief executive. But I dare not because of private, waste in public, to seek justice for the country."

     Know the topic is coming. Lin Rui's face was sad, and he said in a deep voice, "Recently, the current situation is chaotic and a lot of things have happened. If we say that our country has accidentally caused some damage to your country. There is some misunderstanding between the two countries, it is also possible. I don't know what your Majesty said. What do you mean? Maybe there are some misunderstandings. Let me explain to your Majesty."

     "Why did your team invade Southwest my country in February last year?"

     "This is really a misunderstanding. In January last year, there was a rebellion in your country, and your monarch joined His Royal Highness. Also, Lord Luo Minghai, Lord Sterling and other important ministers were killed one after another, and the rebellion Dilin took control of the country. Because your and my two nations are always friendly countries. In order to help your country quell the rebellion, our army entered the southwest of your country to help your country eliminate the rebels and restore the order of your country.

     Unfortunately. The rebels are strong, my strength is weak, although I tried my best to fight, but in the end still is defeated. Fortunately, your Majesty's heroic power, the Far East Heavenly Soldiers swept the southeast and finally defeated the rebellion. Although our country was defeated, it also helped to consume some of the rebels' strength, which is a side help to your Majesty. "Why does the Lin family house our wanted war criminal Ma Wei?" Why was this person sent to slaughter our border soldiers and civilians? Shed my innocent blood? "Lin Rui got up and bowed deeply: "This matter is indeed that we are sorry for your country. When Ma Wei came to vote under the pseudonym, we didn't know his identity and let him mix into my Heqiu army. But this guy has some skills. , He is better at graceful words, flowery speech, somehow it made him cheated to a high position ---- I will punish the diners of the security hall heavily when I go back ---- Of course, the Lin's government is not strict. I don't know people. This is We will never shirk our responsibility for our fault. The compensation that should be given to your country. We will definitely compensate."

     "Your country attacked and killed our country's inspector general Di Lin, what's going on again?"

     "This matter is also a proposition by Ma Weidi, and it has nothing to do with the Lin's Presbyterian Church. It is said that Ma Wei had a private feud with Di Lin. He knew that Di Lin was defeated and fled to the southwest. He was able to dispatch his troops to attack---- However, Dilin is a traitor to your country, right? Speaking of this, should we count as helping your country?"

     "Who said Di Lin is a traitor?"

     "This, recently, I saw your country's announcement saying..."

     Zi Chuanxiu not a word or movement: "Zong Family, you are wrong. I am the head of the family, and I think Di Lin is not a traitor. Do you have any opinions?" Lin Rui smiled helplessly. The traitor of the Zichuan family, of course, is the head of the Zichuan family. At that time, Zichuan Sanxing was able to single-handedly beat Zichuanxiu as a rebel, and in a blink of an eye he became a national hero. Now it is Zichuanxiu’s turn to be the general manager. Of course, he has the right to don't pass judgment on a person's life to Dilin. until the lid is on the coffin."Loyal family warriors, heroes who defend human civilization, outstanding military commanders, outstanding generals, and loyal inspector-general Di Lin encountered a shameless sneak attack by the Lin family bandits when inspecting the southwest border. Unfortunately, in 1987 On February, heroically sacrifice one's life, heroic through the ages, family posthumous posthumous title Wu'an ---- This is me official evaluation of Dilin, which is about to be announced to the public, what do you think?"

     Lin Rui shook his head and smiled bitterly: "Your Majesty, Zichuan's matter is naturally up to you. I dare not object."

     "The Zong family, once was accidental, twice was a coincidence, and the third time, that was a malicious incident. Lin Clan repeatedly invaded our country, occupied our territory, killed our people, and murdered our heroic generals. This series of events proved that your country is right. Our country is deeply hostile and malicious. The existence of your country is a great threat to our country."

     The smile on Lin Rui's face stiffened, he narrowed his smile and sat upright. At this moment, the dignity and pride of the descendants of the Guangming Dynasty returned to him. He looked straight at Zi Chuanxiu, speaking slowly, as if every word was of great importance: "Your Majesty, can I interpret this sentence as a declaration of war?"

     Zi Chuanxiu like a smile yet not a smile: "So what is it? So what is it not?"

     "Your Majesty, although Lin Clan is a weak country, our royal family is handed down from Light Empire, and we also have our dignity and persistence. Although our country did not perform well in the last war, please do not despise our country for this. In the last war, At best, it is nothing more than a large-scale border encounter, not a true manifestation of our country's strength.If your country really intends to destroy us, our people will tell your majesty with practical actions how cruel and resolute resistance a nation with no retreat will be able to do. ^^^^

     Moreover, your Majesty must not forget. Our country is blessed by the sword of His Royal Highness Ming. Your Majesty has just taken the throne, and there are still decades to enjoy in the future. I advise your Majesty that it is best not to take risks. Millions of heroes, may not be able to withstand a peerless sword, the old thing of Liufeng. It may be a warning for your majesty. "

     "Oh? Last year, when Your Excellency Di Lin fought with your country, why didn't you see His Highness Ming taking action?"

     "His Royal Highness Ming is the Sage Master, His-Senior of course is not dispatched for common human conquests. But if it is about the crisis of the survival of the Guangming royal family, it is another matter. After all. His-Senior promised back then. Protect the Lin's royal family."

     "What if both sides of the battle are descendants of Guangming? Zong Family, you are so sure that His Royal Highness Ming will definitely stand by Heqiu?"

     For the first time, Zi Chuanxiu saw panic on Lin Rui's Calm Demenor face. He lost his voice: "Your Majesty, What does it mean?"

     "I mean, you should have known the Zong Family. On the Mozu side, they all call me the Emperor Guangming. Some people call me the Emperor of Blood Eyes."

     Lin Rui fell into silence. After a long time, he slowly said: "Your Majesty, please state your terms. As long as we don't destroy our country and ensure our royal heritage, we can discuss it."

     "Article one, all the murderers of Dilin must be severely punished. War criminal Ma Wei must be extradited to our country."This is the term that everyone expects to arrive, so Lin Rui agreed very readily: "According to your will. Ma Wei and his subordinates will be executed. You can rest assured that Ma Wei and his comrades have all been controlled by our Lin family government. A total of five thousand 220 eight people, as long as you give an order, all of them will be Person's Head Drops To The Ground."

     "Article two, as the punishment for the massacre of innocent soldiers and civilians and the murder of the inspector general of our country by the government of your country in the last war. Your country must compensate our country with 300 tons of gold in one lump sum. Also, in the future, your country will pay every January 1st every year. It is necessary to pay 50 tons of gold to our country --- or a currency of the same value, as a pension to support the family of the victim in our country. The payment period is tentatively set for one hundred years. By then, it is estimated that the victim's family will be dead. Our country is a great country of morality and credibility. We will not let your country bear this burden forever."

     Lin Rui's face was pale. He raised his hand: "Your Majesty. I have objections: In the last war, your country probably did not do less than Ma Wei in slaughtering the soldiers and civilians of our country, right? Since your Majesty claims to be a moral power, where is your country's compensation?"

     Zichuanxiu rolled her eyes: "That's what the Dilin rebels did. Go to Dilin and ask about it." Lin Rui was almost fatted out of anger: "Your Majesty, did you just say that Dilin is still the supervisor of your country? Chief? How did he become a rebel again? How can you do this old: to reap the consequences of one's words (idiom, from Mencius)?""Oh, Zongjia, why are you so...this, I am embarrassed to say you, as a leader of a country, too low comprehension is too ashamed to face anyone! Our country is a responsible moral power, naturally not Will repent of allies. But it’s so simple, why don’t you understand it? From January last year to January this year, Di Lin and his men rebelled. During this period, they were rebels and the family government naturally did not need to do it for them. Is responsible for his actions----this, can you understand?"

     Lin Rui silently nodded.

     "On January 4 this year, Dilin was defeated by our army in Batley. You must have heard about this matter. After the defeat, Dilin repented and ordered the entire army to surrender to the king. His Highness Zichuanning, the former chief of our country, was tolerant. A large number of them ordered an amnesty for all the rebels, so starting from January 5 this year, Di Lin regained his status as the inspector general of our country. When he inspected the southwest border, he was unfortunately murdered by the Chinese Communist Party in February--- -So, do you understand the Zong Family?"

     Lin Rui unable to respond. Zichuanxiu pester endlessly, but his statement is logically self-explanatory-of course, it is not that Lin Rui can't refute this statement, but now, who can argue with this Empire Emperor who possesses terrifying power? ? The other party just needs an excuse.

     He said with difficulty: "Your Majesty, the amount of compensation requested by your country is too large, and our country cannot afford to pay. In the past, please be generous."

     "Zongjia, you can rest assured that since our country has proposed this plan, it will naturally consider your country's situation. Anticipating that your country may encounter financial difficulties, we have also thought of a solution for your country."

     "Ask your Majesty?""We have estimated that your country has 500,000 soldiers, and its annual military expenditure may not be less than 30 billion silver coins, right? As long as your country cuts off the army, only the police who maintain order are left. The saved military expenditure is paid every year. The land compensation will be enough and to spare. The Heqiu Lin clan resolves the armed forces. This is the third condition of the land."

     "Solve the armed? Your majesty, you are also bully intolerably!"

     Zichuanxiu asked, "Why not? Heqiu insists on having a strong army. What is the purpose? Does he still want to threaten our country?"

     "How can my country's weak military strength constitute a threat to your country? my country has an army for self-protection. Without an army, how can we guard against intrusions from Liufeng family and sea pirates?"

     "Zongjia, you can rest assured! In order to relieve your country’s fears of trouble in the rear. At the invitation of your government, our country will send troops to your country’s key areas to guard your country’s cities and borders. Our country’s military presence is totally available. Ability to maintain the peace and tranquility of the entire Heqiu area, please trust the Zong family to believe in the combat effectiveness of our army. They will prove it to you with actual actions!"

     Seeing Lin Rui's expression on Tieqing, Zi Chuanxiu leisurely added: "Of course, His Highness Liu Fengshuang also agrees very much with our country's disposal. She believes that peace in the mainland should be in order, and strong countries have the obligation to protect weak countries. This is heaven's. The law and earth's principle. With the assurance of His Highness Fengshuang, your country will never be invaded by the Liufeng family as it used to be. ****"So Lin Rui's expression turned pale again. In the past, the Lin family played a leading role in the political structure of the mainland. Thanks to the hostility between Liu Feng and the Zichuan family, and the confrontation between the two powers, the weaker Lin family can strike water right and left, change according to the situation. But now, not only is Liu Fengshuang divided and weak, its powerful faction Liu Fengshuang has a tendency to unite with the Zichuan family. For the Lin family, this is tantamount to a destructive blow.

     Lin Rui was silent, complexion fluctuates. For a long time, he asked with difficulty: "Your Majesty, is there no room for negotiation on these conditions?"

     Zi Chuanxiu looked directly at Lin Rui and said frankly: "There is no room, no discount. Zongjia. There are not many choices in your country, either accept it or destroy it. In fact, if I follow my intention, I hope your country will reject it. These conditions."

     "Your Majesty, Heqiu Lin asked himself that he did not treat you badly, and we even helped you. Why are you so harsh on our country? Your conditions. You want us to be consigned to eternal damnation!"

     "Zong Family, I have to ask you Heqiu yourself. There are some things. Although you think you are doing it very secretly, you may not be able to hide it from everyone. The Lin family is too rich. Such a huge wealth is placed in a group of tricks. In the hands of the conspirators, the threat to us is too great. Neither I nor His Highness Fengshuang can rest assured. According to the conduct and deeds of the Lin family, I can give you a choice in consideration of the past friendship and give the greatest tolerance. If we want us to rest assured Then, Lin will either get rid of your money, or disappear with your money."

     Lin Ruiku shook the head with a smile: "I knew today, we should have..." He paused, but his eyes were full of regret when he looked at Zi Chuanxiu."Yeah, in the situation back then, it was really with no difficulty that the Zong family got rid of me. But why did you start off leniently? I still don't understand."

     "Your Majesty, the eggs cannot be put in a basket, and the bloodline of the Guangming Dynasty cannot be passed on by Heqiu alone. We hope that with a secret branch like yours outside, even if the Heqiu is suddenly destroyed by a catastrophe, the Lin family's blood will still be the same. It will not be cut off if it is passed on. But who would have expected? The branch veins lost in the field suddenly became strong, and it choked the family's vitality. It is really unpredictable."

     Knowing that it was already irresistible now, Lin Rui let go, restoring his usual demeanor and tolerance, and sighed calmly.

     Zichuan Xiu said sincerely: "Zong family, official business belongs to official business, but in terms of personal feelings, I have no ill feelings for you, on the contrary, I am very grateful. The previous things are over, I can ignore it. However, in the future, the Lin family's best be content with one's lot, no more troubles, and don’t make me embarrassed. Lin Rui smiled and bowed deeply: "Since your majesty has taken the throne, the world is about to be unified, three hundred years later, the Emperor of Light Lin will sit on this Location, we can complain about nothing else, so why bother? After so many things, I became more and more convinced. Some things were indeed done by God’s will. Please rest assured, your Majesty, the Heqiu Lin family will never defy the fate of heaven. Our country will accept all your conditions. "Lin Rui said that he believed in the destiny, and Zi Chuanxiu resonated deeply. At this moment, he thought of the strength and blood of the Ten Thousand Years Defender, the black frenzy of the wild orcs in the Great Eastern Wilderness. The splendid civilization of the gods, advance dauntlessly in wave upon wave, inherited from generation to generation, the clamor of the Blue River Plain, the sunset and dusk of the empire... Guangming Lin, the thirteenth defender, has pursued hegemony for ten thousand years. The mountain of corpses and sea of blood Inextinguishable Imperial Court.

     The contemporary Emperor Guangming solemnly said: "So, I am very pleased."

     Six months later, Zichuan’s holy spirit hall.

      The black and white alternating granite floor, the majestic hall with verdant pines and cypresses as the background. The bright red flying eagle battle flag, the plaque of "Imperishable Spirit of Nobility". Although the external changeable situation, there are some places that are not affected by the world. The ruler of the country has been changed, but the Holy Spirit Temple still maintains its unique solemn atmosphere, just like the first time Zichuan Xiu entered. In front of Sterling's stele, Zi Chuanxiu stood quietly. Silently communicated with the undead of friends.

     "Second brother, today is your birthday, I came to see you. In these days, are you okay ma? There is something, I am very embarrassed, I have never dared to come to see you. Because I became the head of the Zichuan family. I know you will blame me. You have been loyal and devoted to Zichuan family, but I really can’t push it away! Aning refused to do it. She wanted to push it to me. The senator’s association forced me, and there were many others. I ran to say that I can’t do it, otherwise they won’t live ---- well. I admit, I am hypocritical, I am despicable, in fact I also want to do it a bit, after all, the president sounds more prestigious than the president... You Forgive me? If you don't say anything, I will assume you forgive me! Hmph, I'm just a shame, what can you do?"Zichuanxiu shifted his gaze to the spiritual position next to Sterling. It is different from other white marbles. This tombstone is made of black marble, and the letter is written: "Zichuan Jiayuan Supervisor General Dilin".

     "Brother. I have dealt with your grievances. Ma Wei and his party members have all been sent to the imperial capital. I handed them over to your old ministry, Baisha, to deal with them. How exactly Ma Wei died? I I don’t know, but I heard that Bai Xia killed him for a full week...Speaking of this, you still are experts in the Supervision Department!

     Your coffin has also moved into the Holy Spirit Temple, and will accompany your second brother's coffin. Because of this, the veterans will be upset, saying how can the great traitor enter the Holy Spirit Temple? Later, there was a lot of noise, and I became angry: Are you the chief or I am the chief? Should I give up my position to you? They immediately changed their minds, saying that your eldest brother had a lot of merit in your life, fighting against the demons and protecting the capital. Although you made mistakes in the end, after all, you spent most of your life doing good deeds. The temple is also qualified.

     Brother, don't worry, I know what you care about most, Xiujia's sister-in-law and Didi, I have found them. You are really cunning, hiding them in such a remote place, it was so hard to find me. You want them to hide their identities and live a peaceful life, so I didn't alarm them either, just sent someone to protect them secretly. Don't worry, when Didi grows up, I will arrange for him to receive the best education and tell him personally that his father is a hero in the world able to support both heaven and earth.What do you want Didi to do in the future? A general as heroic as you? Or a very educated scholar? Or just let him be a nobleman or official --- this is my ideal in life!

     No hurry, brother, it's still early, there are still more than ten years, we can think slowly.

     Big brother, second brother, there is something that bothers me recently, and that is my marriage---I knew you two would make this expression! The second brother may not know that Princess Liu Fengshuang is my girlfriend. Recently, through formal diplomatic channels, she expressed her willingness to marry our Zichuan family, saying that this is for the peaceful reunification of the mainland, and she is willing to marry me-eldest brother, I know what you want to say, you must poach: this is right Dog men and women are hypocritical again! Obviously it is a love and passion, but also pretending to sacrifice for business! This incident was originally top-secret, but somehow it spread out----I doubt it was Feng Shuang who let it go by herself----Now it is making a sensation, the Senate Council, the Commanding Office, what do you say? All have. Some people agree that if the Zichuan family marries Liu Fengshuang, there will be no resistance that day, and the mainland will be reunified soon; there are also people who object, cough cough-this is not my narcissism-Li Qing's wife He ran to me and told me that Aning was so worried that he didn't close his eyes all night. After crying for most of the night, his eyes were red.

     I pity Aning very much and feel very unbearable. So many years, I have always known her feelings for me.The staff of the Command Office helped me analyze that it was good for me to unify the world by marrying Liu Fengshuang, while marrying Zichuanning would help me win people's hearts. Consolidate the foundation of the new regime. I asked: Which one should I marry? Each of these guys became dumb, and I was forced to say: This matter can only be left to your majesty's judge. I am really mad, I have a bunch of rice buckets! I finally clear Why did Zichuan Sanxing hate me so much back then? Which boss doesn't hate his salary thief?

     "I really can't make up my mind about this. Brother, second brother. You can help me out and tell me who should I marry? If the incense floats to the left, it means marry Liu Fengshuang; if it goes to the right. Zichuanning...Huh? Am I dazzled? Why is this incense drifting half to the left and half to the right? Do you want to tell me---marry both? This is too exaggerated... Well, for stability The domestic situation also unifies the continent, so I have to make sacrifices...

     "Why the incense burner suddenly fell? Who is angry? It must be the second brother, he has always been fake and serious. Humph. This kind of thing, men think about it, you have Li Qing and go to provoke Kadan ...Well, I won’t say it, I won’t say it! Second brother, you don’t have to be so exaggerated when you appear. The poured incense burner is stopped/stood again!"

     Zichuanxiu smiled, but tears slowly overflowed from the eyes of the young Zichuan family chief, blurring his eyes. In the dimness, two men full of heroic spirit among the pines and cypresses were smiling at him."Big brother, second brother, if you can survive, then I would rather not be the president. I would not even be the leader of the president, not even the leader of the King of Light and the Far East. The three of us are gangsters on the streets of the imperial capital. Eat, drink and be merry, play hide-and-seek with Zhibu, and fight in the military academy, that’s great.

     "Second brother, today is your birthday. Happy birthday! Waiting for your eldest brother’s birthday. I will see you again. With your eldest brother with you, you are no longer lonely, right? You two. You must sneak away to drink money-free overlord Bar? In heaven, there should be many beautiful girls, right? It's really unreasonable. You all went there, but you left my one person here...Leave here alone..."

     After wiping away the tears and incense both Sterling and Di Lin, Zi Chuanxiu bowed deeply and turned to leave.

     When he walked out of the tomb passage, he stopped: a pretty white woman slender and elegant in front of him, it was Princess Cardan, the former queen of the Demon Kingdom. She was holding a bunch of white lilies in her arms, and holding a child who would just waddle.

     Seeing Zi Chuanxiu, the princess was stunned and bowed deeply: "See your Majesty. Your Majesty's sacredness brings peace."

     Zichuanxiu nodded in return: "Kadan, long time no see. You are here..." Seeing the bouquet in Kadan's hand, he suddenly realized that the other party, just like himself, came to accompany Sterling on his birthday.

     Zi Chuanxiu's first thought was: "Li Qing doesn't want to come to sweep the grave this time!" Then he thought he was ridiculous again, and Sterling was gone. Could anyone care about the old things?

     He said vaguely: "I just came out. Go in, there is no one inside."

     "Thank your Majesty.""Kadan, we are also acquaintances. Why are you so restrained? I rarely see you these days. You have to come and see me more when you have time. It's been too long. Everyone is rusty... well, let me first Go away, so that you don’t feel uncomfortable, do it yourself."

     As he said, Zi Chuanxiu walked out and was almost at the door. He suddenly stopped, with a puzzled expression on his face. Then he suddenly turned around: "Kadan!"

     Cardan stopped: "Your Majesty has any instructions?"

     Zichuanxiu looked at the child that Kadan was holding. He leaned down and carefully examined the child’s face, stroking his eyebrows, contours, eyes, nose... the more he looked at it, his whole body was shaking with excitement. "Wow" crying out of fright.

     "He what's your name?"

     "His name is Yunlin...Xiao Yunlin, be good, don't be afraid, don't cry, greet your majesty."

     The childish child hadn't wiped away the tears on his face, and shouted timidly, "His Majesty."

     Zichuanxiu was overjoyed: This eyebrow, this look, is exactly the same as when he was a child!

     Zichuanxiu raised her head and asked Cardan in a trembling voice, "Is this kid... But, the time is not right!"

     Cardan pink blushing face gave Zi Chuanxiu a look. After a while, she whispered: "Your Majesty, the pregnancy cycle of royal women is longer than that of humans...much longer."

     Zichuan show relieved. The joy in my heart is so much that it overflows: "Sure enough, the sky is always good. Sterling has been loyal and selfless throughout his life. How can God make such a place without a queen!"He squatted down and said kindly to the child: "Don't call me your majesty, call me Sanshu, Sanshu is good. Yes! Sanshu is good! Really good, Xiao Yunlin likes to eat what thing, Sanshu buy it for you !"

     The child said gruffly: "Mom said, don't eat other people's food."

     Zichuan show dumbfounded. It's so alike, even the temperament of this deadly earnest. He complained to Cardan: "Why didn't you say it earlier? It would be great to let him inherit the title of Sterling Land!"

     As soon as the words were spoken, he faintly felt wrong: In this way, how could he explain to Li Qing? How to explain to the world? If it is made public, will Sterling and the Demon Princess have a queen, will it damage the reputation behind Sterling?

     Cardan be good at understanding others. She smiled: "Ka's and Yun's are both famous sects of the kingdom, and they may not be any worse than the Duke of Zichuan's family. Your majesty's will, and the courtesy will accept it."

     She looked at the child in her hand lovingly, and said affectionately: "This child, with the blood of the best generals of mankind and the most powerful royal family of the Protoss, could have been the emperor of the kingdom. What a pity..." She glanced at Zichuan There was a deep meaning in his eyes. Zichuanxiu smiled and said: "Princess, don't worry. When he grows up, the position of Governor of the Far East will be his, and his future will be bright." Ka Dan Yingying knelt down: "Thank your Majesty Ron! Xiao Yunlin, Kneel down and thank your majesty."He helped Xiao Yunlin to face this young life. He seemed to see Sterling in his childhood, and he also saw himself in his childhood. He had a lot to say, but he didn't know how to say it. He was full of emotion, and finally turned into a long sigh: "It's really dazzling, time is like water. Cardan, we are all old."

     The princess of the Demon Kingdom smiled and lowered her eyes: "His Royal Highness is in her youth. How can we talk about old age? I heard. Recently, His Royal Highness Ning and the princess of Liufeng Family are interested... Your Royal Highness have a lot of good fortune in love. affairs!"

     "Oh, Cardan. Don't mention this, I'm so annoying lately. You said, what should I do?"

     "This is your majesty's lifelong affair. It is related to the rise and fall of your family and the country. How can you dare to speak up? You can only leave it to your majesty's judge."

     "Let's come! What do you say is the same as my staff? We are old friends, can you help me with ideas?"

     "In this case, the Wei-chen dare to speak up: Wei-chen has some friendship with His Majesty Ning. Naturally, he hopes that His Majesty will marry His Majesty Ning. After all, His Majesty and His Majesty Ning have had a relationship for many years. But who your Majesty wants to marry is even more straightforward. Ask your Majesty who your heart desires. If your Majesty doesn’t even know what you want, how can you advise? But if your Majesty is really hard to choose, the minister suggests that you go to the kingdom and observe the gods’ Customs, favors and traditions..."When speaking of the word "tradition", Kadan increased his tone and smiled. Seeing Zi Chuanxiu looking thoughtful, she lowered her voice and leaned close to Zi Chuanxiu's ear: "My father Carter has eleven imperial concubines, and my grandfather has 21 imperial concubines... Your Majesty, you are not only a human being. The land emperor is also the land emperor of our protoss. How can you be inferior to the first emperor with your heroic strength?"

     Cardan blinked mischievously, showing a sly expression. At this moment, she seemed to have become that clever and clever girl princess again: "That’s right, Wechat. This is a suggestion of reckless and impulsive. Your Majesty can whatever happens must not take it seriously, otherwise the future queen will find Wechat. Trouble. By the way, when your Royal Highness is really getting married, I hope you don’t forget to post a post to the Weissier! "Kadan, you badass...what a bad idea! "

     Zichuan Xiu bitterly shook the head with a smile, he squatted down and looked at Yunlin's handsome and childish face, overwhelmed by emotions: "Child, can't watch you grow up strong and healthy, and watch you grow up with relief, hand in hand It’s your father’s greatest regret and his negligence to teach you how to practice swords, write and read books. But don’t blame him, kid.

     "Your father, and many uncles and uncles, they used blood and steel to cut one's way through thistles and thorns to recast order in the chaotic world, bring peace, turn swords into ploughs, and bring them to the wild Civilization, replace barrenness with prosperity. Iron-bloodedness, sacrifice and self-dedication are the natural mission of our generation. Those heroes and heroic stories will become legends in your age."Now, as our fathers, we have already completed our mission. We are getting old and you will grow. This is the law of good fortune, and it is inevitable. The future world belongs to you. You don’t have to be like us. Fighting day and night, moving forward in glint and flash of daggers and swords, your father's tall spine has built a roof to shelter you from wind and rain.

     "Child, you will live a life of peace, serenity, carefree and without worries, you will be destined to be brocade garments, jade meals, better than ordinary people, this is also destined, you who lack tempering, cannot be as good as your father , Same good, same brave, firm and fearless.

     "So what?

     "In childhood, when we told you hero stories, we didn’t necessarily want you to be a hero, but we wanted you to have noble character. When you were young, we let you be exposed to poetry, painting, and music, "to fill your heart with Fun. These tastes will support your life. In this way, even in the harshest winter, you will not forget the fragrance of roses.

     A nation where heroes are born in large numbers is an unfortunate nation, and a peaceful life is destined to be mediocre and cumbersome. There are some things that you may not understand right now. But when you grow up, you will understand: your father will definitely not want you to be a hero, a lot of things worldly, dazzling and completely worthless. As long as you can grow up healthily, behave with integrity, think independently, and live a happy life, this is the highest expectation of your parents. "

     Looking at the child's innocent and childish face, Zichuanxiu murmured: "Bless you, child, and bless the age of peace."

     End of the book