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0 Chapter Directory 298 The Dust Has Settled
    Author: 老猪(Lǎo zhū, Old Pig)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

When Lin Rui saw Zichuanxiu again, the atmosphere of the meeting was not so fierce, but rather peaceful. **** Zi Chuanxiu personally went out to meet in the Hou meeting room and shook hands with Lin Rui: "Welcome and welcome, Zong's visit to the Imperial Capital is too late to welcome, and I am rude."

"Where, it's my recklessness that disturbs your majesty."

Lin Rui looked at the chief of the Zichuan family in front of him. Unlike the command of Dan Ya two years ago, Zi Chuanxiu's temperament was deeper and his eyes deeper. Although he was still an ordinary military casual wear, his striking white hair deeply reminded Lin Rui that the youngest white-handed usurper in history had paid a heavy price to achieve today's status.

In the greetings, Lin Rui first congratulated Zichuanxiu as the head of the family, saying that there are good people such as His Majesty Xiuchuan as the head of the family, which is a great event for the people of the two countries.

Zichuanxiu smiled faintly, indifferent expression.

"At that time, in Danya, I witnessed His Majesty's demeanor, and I boldly predicted at that time that His Majesty would be an extraordinary figure who could control the world! It's a hegemony. Such a karma, I am afraid that it is an ancient man before, and no one comes after! "

Zichuanxiu faintly smiled: "Zongjia is well-known. When I was the leader of the Black Banner Army, you gave me a lot of help. I remember that."

"Just remember it!" Lin Ruixin said, but he waved his hands freely: "Something trivial, why does His Majesty care about it? It's a great honor for me to reach His Majesty's domination.""The help of the Lin family is for my personal benefit, and I do n’t dare to forget it; but the Lin ’s harm to our country. That spear hatred, Zi Chuanxiu is not talented. I do n’t dare to abolish public affairs for private reasons, I want to get this justice for the country. "

Know the topic is coming. Lin Rui's face was painful and Shen Sheng said: "In the past time, the situation was chaotic and a lot of things happened. If our country inadvertently caused some damage to your country. There is some misunderstanding between the two countries, it is also possible. Your Majesty What does it mean? Perhaps there are some misunderstandings, let me explain one or two to your majesty. "

"Why did your team invade southwest my country in February last year?"

"This is really a misunderstanding. In January of last year, there was a rebellion in your country, Your Royal Highness the King of the Kingdom. There were also important ministers such as Lord Luo Minghai and Master Stirling who were killed, and the rebel Party Emperor Lin took control of the country. Because our two countries Is always a friendly country. In order to help your country quell the rebellion, our team entered the southwest of your country to help your country eliminate the rebel party and restore the order of your country.

Unfortunately. The rebels were strong, and I was weak. Although I tried my best, I was defeated. Fortunately, His Majesty was heroic, and the Far Eastern soldiers swept the southeast, and finally defeated the rebellion. Although our country was defeated, it also helped to consume some of the rebels' strength, which can be regarded as a side to help your majesty. "Why did the Lin family host our wanted war criminal Ma Wei?" Why send this person to slaughter our border military and civilians. Bleed my innocent blood? "Lin Rui got up and bowed deeply: "This matter is indeed our sorry for your country. At that time, Mawei came to vote, and we did not know his identity, so he was mixed in my Heqiu army. But this man has some skills , Better at graceful words and flowery speech, and somehow made him deceived to a high position-I must punish the rice bins in the security hall when I go back-of course, the supervision of the Lin family government is not strict. The person who knows is unknown. This is We will never shirk our responsibility for our faults. The compensation should be given to your country. We will definitely compensate. "

"What's the matter with your country's assassination of our chief inspector, Emperor Lin?"

"This matter is also Maweidi's advocacy, and has nothing to do with the Lin Elder Council. It is said that Mawei and Dilin have private enemies. After hearing that Zhilin defeated and escaped to the southwest, he was good at adjusting his troops to attack. However, the traitor of Dilin spear cockroach? Speaking of which, should we count on your country? "

"Who said Di Lin is a traitor?"

"This, some time ago, I saw your country's announcement saying ..."

Zichuanxiu staying calm and collected: "Zongjia, you are wrong. I am the head of the family, and I think Di Lin is not a traitor. Do you have any opinions?" Lin Rui smiled helplessly. The rebel of the Zichuan family, of course, is the finale of the chief of the Zichuan family. At that time, Zichuan Shenxing could defeat Zichuanxiu as a thief in one hand, and in the blink of an eye, he became a national hero. Now it is his turn to become the general manager. Of course, he also has the right to give Emperor Lin spear cone theory."Loyal family warriors, heroes defending human civilization, outstanding military commanders, distinguished placemen, and loyal inspector general Emperor Lin, when they patrolled the southwest border, suffered a shameless attack by the Lin family gangs, unfortunately in 1987 The heroic sacrifice on February 2 and the eternal strength, the family chased after the posthumous title Wu'an-this is our official official evaluation of Di Lin, which is going to be announced, what do you think? "

Lin Rui shook his head and smiled bitterly: "Your Majesty, the matter of Zichuan is naturally yours, and I dare not have any objections."

"The Zong family, one accident, two coincidences, and the third one is a malicious incident. The Lin family has repeatedly violated our country, occupied my territory, killed my people, and murdered our country ’s meritorious deeds. These series of events prove that your country It is deeply hostile and malicious towards our country. The presence of your country is a huge threat to our country. "

The smile on Lin Rui's face stiffened, and he narrowed his smile and sat upright. At this moment, the dignity and pride of the descendants of the Ming Dynasty returned to him. He looked directly at Zichuanxiu and spoke slowly, as if every word had a heavy weight: "Your Majesty, can I understand this sentence as declaring war?"

Zi Chuanxiu seemed to laugh, not smile: "What about it? What about it?"

"Your Majesty, although the Lin family is a weak country, our royal family passed down from the Light Empire, and we have our dignity and perseverance. Although our country did not perform well in the last war, Your Majesty asked Mo to despise our country. The last war At best, it is just a large-scale border encounter, and it is not a true manifestation of China ’s strength.If your country really intends to destroy us, our people will tell your majesty with concrete actions how a cruel and determined resistance will be given to a nation that has no way back. ^^^^

Moreover, your majesty should not forget. Our country was blessed by the sword of His Royal Highness. Your majesty has just entered the throne and there will be decades of good time to enjoy in the future. I advise your majesty not to try the risks by yourself. One million masters may not be able to withstand the sword of the peerless world. Perhaps it is His Majesty's Foreword. "

"Oh? When Emperor Di Lin battled your country last year, why didn't you see His Royal Highness shoot?"

"His Royal Highness is a layman who is idle in the clouds and cranes. His old man of course not sent out for ordinary human battles. But if it is related to the crisis of the Guangming royal family, it is another matter. After all, his old man promised After guarding the royal family of Lin. "

"If both sides of the battle are spear, you are so sure, Your Royal Highness must stand on the side of the river hill?"

For the first time, Zichuanxiu saw panic on Lin Rui's ever-steady face. He lost his voice: "Your Majesty, what do you mean?"

"I mean, you should be clear about the Zong family. On the Demon side, they all call me Emperor Guangming. Some people call me Emperor Blood Eye."

Lin Rui fell silent. It took a long time before he slowly said out, "Your Majesty, please state your terms. As long as we do not perish our country and ensure the inheritance of our royal family, everyone can negotiate."

"The first article is to murder all the murderers of Di Lin. They must be severely punished. The war criminal Ma Wei must be extradited to our country."This is the clause that everyone expects to arrive, so Lin Rui promised very readily: "According to your will. Ma Wei and his men will be executed. You can rest assured that Ma Wei and his party are all controlled by our Lin family government. A total of five thousand two hundred and eight people, as long as you order, all of them will fall to the ground. "

"Second, as the punishment of your government for slaughtering my innocent soldiers and civilians and murdering our country ’s chief inspector in the last war. Your country needs to compensate our country with 300 tons of gold at a time. Also, in the future, your country will be paid every January 1st Fifty tons of gold need to be paid to our country --- or equivalent value currency, as a pension to support the family of the victim in China. The payment period is tentatively one hundred years. By that time, it is estimated that the relatives of the victim should also be dead. China is a great country with morality and credibility. It will not let your country bear this burden forever. "

Lin Rui looked pale. He raised his hand: "Your Majesty. I have an objection: In the last war, I am afraid that your country's massacre of military and civilians in our country is no less than that of Ma Wei? Since His Majesty claimed to be a moral power. Where is the compensation for spear cockroaches?"

Zichuan Xiu rolled his eyes: "That's what the Emperor Lin rebels did, you go and ask Emperor Lin." Lin Rui was almost stunned by her anger: "Your Majesty, did you just say that Emperor Lin still spear cockroach supervision Chief, how did he become a rebel again? How can you go back on one's word like this? ""Alas, Zongjia, how can you be like this ... I, sorry for the inconvenience, I said to you, as a leader of the country, the understanding is too low to see people! My spear family is a responsible moral power, Naturally, you will not regret it. But so simple things, why do n’t you understand? Between January last year and January this year, Di Lin and his men rebelled. During this period, they were rebels, and the family government naturally did n’t have to. Responsible for their actions-this, can you understand? "

Lin Rui nodded silently.

"On January 4th of this year, Di Lin was defeated by our army at Batley. You must have heard about this matter. After the defeat, Di Lin repented and ordered the whole army to surrender to the king. His Highness Zichuan Ning, the former chief of our country, was tolerant A large number ordered the amnesty of all rebels, so from January 5 this year, Di Linzhong resumed the status of our country ’s inspector general. When he inspected the southwest border, he was unfortunately murdered by your squad in February --- -So, do you understand Zongjia? "

Lin Rui was speechless. Zichuanxiu is esterifying endlessly, but his argument is logically self-explanatory-of course, not that Lin Rui ca n’t refute this claim, but now, who can argue with this emperor who has terrifying power? ? The other party just needs an excuse.

He said with difficulty: "Your Majesty, the amount of compensation requested by your country is too great for our country to pay. Looking at the past, please raise your hand."

"Zongjia, you can rest assured that since our country has put forward this plan, it will naturally consider the situation of your country. Expecting that your country may experience financial embarrassment, we also have a solution for your country."

"Ask your majesty?""We have estimated that your country has half a million soldiers, and the annual military expenditure is probably not less than 30 billion silver coins? As long as your country lays off the army, leaving only the police to maintain order. The provincial military expenditure is paid every year. The land compensation will it's more than enough. Heqiulin's settlement of armed forces is the third condition of our country. "

"Resolve the armed ?! Your majesty, you are too deceiving!"

Zichuanxiu asked in return: "Why not? Heqiu insists on having a strong army, what is the purpose? Do you still want to threaten our country?"

"How can our weak troops constitute a threat to your country? Our country has an army solely for self-preservation. Without the army, how can we prevent intrusions from Liufengjia and pirates at sea?"

"You can rest assured of your family! To relieve your country's worries. At the invitation of your government, our country will send troops to your country's key areas to protect your country's cities and borders. Our country's troops are fully capable of keeping the river The peace and tranquility of the environment, please Zongjia believe that my team's combat effectiveness. They will prove it to you with actual action! "

Looking at Lin Ruitieqing's complexion, Zichuan Xiu leisurely added: "Of course, His Highness Liu Fengshuang also very much agrees with our country's disposal. She believes that there should be order in peace in the mainland, and that the strong countries have the obligation to protect the weak countries. The truth. With the assurance of His Highness Fengshuang, your country will never be invaded by Liufeng's family as before. **** "So Lin Rui's face became pale again. In the past, the Lin family was able to take the lead in the political landscape of the mainland. Thanks to the hostility between Liufeng and the Zichuan family, the two strong confrontation, the weaker Lin family can meet in the left and right, and adapt accordingly. But now, Liufeng is not only divided and weak, but its strong faction Liufengshuang also has a tendency to unite with the Zichuan family. For the Lin family, this is tantamount to a devastating blow.

Lin Rui was silent, complexion fluctuates. For a long time, he asked hardly: "Your Majesty, do you have no room for these conditions?"

Zichuanxiu looked straight at Lin Rui and said frankly: "No room, no discount. Zongjia. There are not many choices in your country, either accept or destroy. In fact, if my intention is, I hope your country refuses These conditions. "

"Your Majesty, Heqiu Lin's self-question has not treated you badly, and we have even helped you. Why are you so harsh on our country? Your conditions. You are going to put us in utter despair!"

"Zongjia, it's time to ask you the Heqiu yourself. Some things. Although you think you're doing a very concealed job, you may not be able to hide everyone. The Lin's are too rich, and such huge wealth is placed in a group of tricks. In the hands of the conspirators, the threat to us is too great, and neither My Highness nor Fengshuang can rest assured. According to what the Lins have done, I can give you the choice of having spears of friendship and giving the greatest tolerance. If we want peace of mind Locally, Lin will either remove your money or disappear with your money. "

Lin Rui shook his head with a bitter smile: "I knew today that we should have ..." He paused, but looked at Zi Chuanxiu's eyes full of regret."Yeah, it was really easy for the Clan to get rid of me in that situation. But why did you show mercy? I still don't understand."

"Your Majesty, don't put all your eggs in one basket, the blood of the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty can not be inherited by the river hill alone. We hope that there are secret branches like you outside, even if the river hill is suddenly destroyed by a major disaster, the Lin's land lineage It can still be passed on without being cut off. But who can expect it? The branches that were lost in the field suddenly thrive, but suffocated the vitality of my family. It is really unpredictable. "

Knowing that the matter is now irresistible, Lin Rui opened it upside down, restored his usual style and dignity, and sighed calmly.

Zichuanxiu said sincerely: "Zongjia, the official business belongs to the official business, but in terms of personal feelings, I don't feel bad about you, but I am very grateful. The past things have passed, I can ignore it. However, in the future, the Lin family should be safe It ’s no longer troublesome, and I do n’t want to make me embarrassed. Lin Rui smiled and bowed deeply: "Since His Majesty ascended the throne, the world is about to unify. There is nothing to complain about, so why bother? After going through so many things, I have become more and more convinced, and some things are indeed done under the will of God. Please rest assured that your Majesty, Heqiu Lin's will not dare to disobey destiny. Your terms will be fully accepted by our country. "Lin Rui said that believing in fate, Zichuan Xiu resonated deeply. At this moment, he thought of the fierce and bloody of the Ten Thousand Years Defender, the black frenzy of the barbarian beasts of the Eastern Great Wilderness. The splendid civilizations of the gods, inherited from generation to generation, the hustle and bustle of the Blue River Plain, the setting sun and dusk of the empire ... The bright Lin, the thirteenth defender, has been pursuing hegemony for 10,000 years. Inextinguishable Imperial Court forged by the bloody killing of the Dead Mountain.

Contemporary Emperor Guangming solemnly said: "So, I am very pleased."

Six months later, Zichuan Family Holy Spirit Hall.

The granite floor is black and white, and the majestic hall with green pine and cypress as the background. The bright red flying eagle battle flag, the plaque of "Huge and enduring, everlasting". Although the outside world is changing, some places are not affected by the world. The ruler of the country has been changed, but the Holy Spirit Temple still maintains its unique solemn atmosphere, just as Zichuan Xiu entered for the first time. In front of Sterling's stele, Zichuan Xiu stood quietly. Silently communicating with the undead friend.

"Second brother, today is your birthday, I came to see you. These days, you doing fine? One thing, I am sorry for the inconvenience, I have never dared to come to see you. Because I became the chief of the Zichuan family .. I know, you will blame me, you have always been loyal to the Zichuan family, but I really ca n’t push it! Aning she refused to do it, she wanted to push it to me, the elders will force me, there are many others It ’s not my job to run, otherwise they wo n’t live—well. I admit, I ’m hypocritical, I ’m despicable, in fact, I also want to do something, after all, the president sounds more powerful than the president ... you Forgive me? If you do n’t say anything, you will forgive me! Well, I ’m Lapi, what can you do? ”Zichuanxiu turned his gaze to the spiritual position beside the Stirling position. Different from other white jade spirit bits. This tombstone is made of black marble. It is written: "Emperor Lin, Chief Superintendent of the Purple River Family".

"Brother. I have dealt with your enemy. Mawei and his followers have all been sent to the Imperial Capital. I handed them over to your old ministry Baixia to deal with them. How did Mawei die, me I do n’t know, but I heard that Baixia killed him for a full week ... Speaking of which, you or the inspectorate are experts!

Your coffin is also moved into the Holy Spirit Hall, and you will be with the second cousin's coffin. For this matter, the veteran will be upset, saying how can the big rebel enter the hall of the Holy Spirit? Later, when I made a lot of noise, I became angry: Are you the chief or I am the chief? Do you want me to give up my position? They immediately changed their minds, saying that your elder brother still has a lot of achievements in your life. Fighting the Devil Race and the Emperor's Capital, although they said that they made mistakes in the end, after all, they spent most of their life doing good deeds, and they did more than they did. The temple is also eligible.

Brother, don't worry, I know what you care about most, Xiu Jia's sister-in-law and Didi, I have found it. You are really cunning, hiding them in such a remote place, finding me so hard. You want them to hide their identity and live a quiet life, so I didn't alarm them, just sent someone to protect them secretly. You can rest assured that when Didi grows up, I will arrange for him to receive the best education and tell him personally that his father is a hero who can support both heaven and earth.

What do you want Didi to do in the future? General like you, heroically? Still a very cultural scholar? Or simply let him be a noble or an official in the middle of life-this is my ideal in life!Don't worry, brother, it's still early, and there are more than ten years, we can think slowly.

Brother, 2nd brother, there is something that annoys me recently, that is my marriage --- I know that you two will make this expression! The second brother may not know, Princess Liufengshuang is my girlfriend. She recently expressed her willingness to marry our Zichuan family through official diplomatic channels, saying that this is for the peaceful reunification of the mainland, and she is willing to marry me ---- Big Brother, I know what you want to say, you must whisper: this is right Dogs, men and women, are fake again! Obviously, it is a passion for adultery, and he pretends to be sacrificed for business! This matter was originally top secret, but somehow it was passed out-I doubt it was the girl Feng Shuang who let it go out-now it is making a sensation, what will the elders and the commander say All of them. Some people agree that if the Zichuan family is married to Liu Fengshuang, there will be no resistance against that day, and the reunification of the mainland will be fast; others will object, cough ---- this is not my narcissism ---- Li Qingsister-in-law He came to me and said that Aning was so worried that he didn't close his eyes for one night. He cried most of the night and his eyes were red.

I have pity on Aning and feel very unbearable. So many years, her feelings for me, I always knew.

The staff at the command office analyzed it for me, saying that marrying Liu Fengshuang is good for me to dominate the world, and marrying Zichuan Ning is good for catching people's hearts. Consolidate the foundation of the new regime. I asked: Which one should I marry? This group of guys each and every became dumb. I was anxious and said: This matter can only be left to His Majesty. I'm so mad, I have a bunch of rice buckets! I finally understand why Zichuan Shenxing hated me so much. Which one of the bosses did not hate the salary thief?"I really can't make up my mind about this matter. Brother, 2nd brother. Can you help me come up with an idea, tell me, who should marry? If the incense floats to the left, it will marry Liu Fengshuang; if it goes to the right, it will marry. Zichuan Ning ... Huh? Am I dazzled? Why is this incense floating halfway to the left and half to the right? Do you want to tell me --- Both are married? This is too exaggerated ... Alas, for stability For the domestic situation, and for the sake of unifying the mainland, I had to make sacrifices ...

"Why did the incense burner suddenly fall down? Which of you is angry? It must be the second brother. He has always been hypocritical. Hem. This kind of thing, men think about it. You don't have Li Qing to provoke Cardan. ... well, I wo n’t say it, I wo n’t say it! Brother, you do n’t need to exaggerate. The fallen incense burner stood up again! "

Zichuanxiu smiled, but tears slowly overflowed from the eyes of the young chief of the Zichuan family, blurring his eyes. In the haze, two heroic men between the pine and cypress were smiling at him.

"Brother, second brother, if you can survive, then I would rather not be the president. Not even the presidential leader, not even the King of Light and the Far Eastern Commander. The three of us are gangsters on the streets of the imperial capital, eating and drinking. It's so good to play, to hide and hide with the governing department, and to confuse in the military school."Second brother, today is your birthday. Happy birthday! Waiting for your elder brother's birthday. I will come to see you again. With the elder brother to accompany you, are you no longer lonely? The two of you. Must sneak away to drink without money. Bawang Bar? There should be a lot of beautiful girls in paradise? It ’s really unreasonable, you all went over there, but left me here alone ... and left here alone ... "

Wiping away the tears, incense both Stirling and Dilin, Zichuan Xiu bowed deeply and turned to leave.

As he walked out of the tomb, he stopped: a pretty white woman standing in front of her, princess Cardan, the former Queen of the Demon Kingdom. She held a bunch of white lilies in her arms, and she held a child who would stumble.

Seeing Zichuanxiu, the princess froze and bowed deeply: "See His Majesty. His Majesty St. Ann."

Zi Chuanxiu nodded in return: "Kadan, long time no see. You are here ..." Seeing the bouquet in Kadan's hand, he suddenly realized that the other party, like himself, also came to accompany Sterling's birthday.

Zichuanxiu's first thought was: "Li Qing shouldn't come to sweep the grave at this time!" Then, he thought he was ridiculous, and the Stirlings had all gone. Could anyone care about those old things?

He said vaguely: "I just came out. You go in, there is no one in it now."

"Your Majesty."

"Kadan, we are also acquaintances, what are you so constrained to do? I have rarely seen You this time, and you have more time to come and see me. I have n’t seen you for a long time, everyone is rusty ... well, I ’ll start Go away, save you from being uncomfortable, you are free. "As he walked out, Zichuanxiu was almost approaching the door. He stopped suddenly and his expression appeared suspiciously. Then he suddenly turned around: "Kadan!"

Cardan stood still: "What does your majesty tell you?"

Zichuanxiu looked at the child led by Cardan. He leaned down and carefully looked at the child's face, stroking his eyebrows, outline, eyes, nose ... The more he looked excited, the whole body was shaking with excitement, the child was "Wow" scared out loud.

"What is his name?"

"His name is Yunlin ... Xiao Yunlin, be good, don't be afraid, don't cry, say hello to your majesty."

The childish child had not wiped the tears off his face, shouting timidly: "Your Majesty is good."

Zichuanxiu ecstatic: This eyebrow, this look, is exactly the same as when he was a kid!

Zichuanxiu raised his head and quivered to ask Cardan: "Is this kid ... but, the time is not right!"

Cardan's face blushed, and Zichuan Xiu glanced. After a while, she whispered: "Your Majesty, the pregnancy cycle of the royal woman is longer than that of the human land ... much longer."

Zichuanxiu relieved. The joy in my heart is overflowing: "Sure enough, the sky is always good. Stirling is loyal and selfless all his life, how can God make such a man no future!"

He squatted down and kindly said to the child: "Do n’t call me His Majesty, call me Uncle San, it ’s good to call Uncle San. Yes! Uncle San! Good dear, what Xiao Yunlin likes to eat, and Uncle San buys it for you ! "

The child's milk whispered and said: "Mom said, don't take other people's food."Zichuanxiu laughed dumbly. It's so similar, even this serious nature looks like it. He complained to Cardan and said, "Why didn't you say it early? It would be nice to let him inherit the title of Stirling!"

As soon as the words came out, he felt inappropriate: how could he explain to Li Qing in this way? How to explain to the world? If publicly known, will Stirling and the Demon Princess have any damage to Sterling's reputation behind him?

Cardan is empathetic. She smiled and said: "Kashi and Yun are both famous kingdoms, and they are not necessarily worse than the Duke of Zichuan's family. Your majesty's intentions are received by the micro ministers."

She looked lovingly at the child in her hand and said affectionately: "This child, he has the blood of the best generals of mankind and the strongest royal family of the Protoss, could have been the emperor of the kingdom. Unfortunately ..." She aimed at Zichuan With a glance, he has a deep sense in his eyes. Zichuan Xiu smiled: "Princess, You rest assured. When he grows up, the position of the Governor of the Far East is his, and his future will be bright." Ka Dan Yingying knelt down: "Your Majesty Xie Longen! Xiao Yunlin, Kneel down quickly and give thanks to your majesty. "

He lifted up Xiao Yunlin and faced this young life. He seemed to see Sterling in his childhood, and also saw himself in his childhood. He had a lot of words to say, but he didn't know how to say it, and he was full of emotion, and finally only turned into a long sigh: "It's a dazzling, time is running. Cardan, we are all old."

The princess of the Mozu Kingdom smiled and lowered his eyes: "His Royal Highness is just a youthful age. How can I be old? I heard. Recently, the princess of Highness Ning and Liu Feng's family are both interested ... His Royal Highness is not too blessed!""Alas, Cardan. Don't mention this anymore. I'm so annoyed recently. You said, what should I do?"

"This is a lifelong event for Your Majesty. It is related to the rise and fall of your homeland, and the servants are sparse. How dare you talk? You can only leave it to His Majesty."

"Let's come! How can you say the same as my staff? We are old friends, can you help me?"

"In this case, Weichen is daring and talkative: Weichen has a little friendship with His Highness Ning. Naturally, he hopes that His Majesty can marry His Highness. After all, His Majesty and Ning also have years of affection. But whom does His Majesty want to marry? Ask your majesty who your heart is intended. If even your majesty does not know your intentions, how can Weichen suggest? But if your majesty is really difficult to choose, Weichen suggests that you go to the kingdom to observe the Protoss. Customs, relationships and traditions ... "

Speaking of the word "traditional", Cardan accentuated his tone and smiled. Seeing Zichuanxiu thoughtfully, she lowered her voice close to Zichuanxiu's ear: "My father Emperor Carter has eleven princesses, and my grandfather has 21 empresses ... Your majesty, you are not alone It is the emperor of mankind and our emperor. How can you be inferior to the first emperor? "

Cardan blinked mischievously, showing a sly expression. At this moment, she seemed to become the bright and clever girl princess again: "Okay, Weichen, this is reckless and impulsive's suggestion. Your Majesty, don't take it seriously, otherwise the future queen will find Weichen in trouble Yes. By the way, when your Highness is really married, you still want to forget to post a message to Weichen! "Kadan, you disgusting ... really a bad idea!" "Zi Chuanxiu smiled and shook his head bitterly. He squatted down and looked at Yun Lin ’s handsome and childish face, and his heart was surging: "Children, you ca n’t watch you grow up healthily and happily, watching you grow up and teaching you how to practice sword , Writing and reading, this is your father ’s greatest regret and his negligence. But children, do n’t blame him.

"Your father, there are many uncles and uncles, who used blood and steel to cut through the thorns and thorns, re-casting order for the chaotic world, bringing peace, turning swords into plows, bringing civilization to barrenness, and replacing barren with prosperity. Iron blood, sacrifice and self-dedication are the natural missions of our generation. Those heroes and hero stories will become legends in your time.

"Now, as our fathers, we have completed our mission. We are getting older, and you will grow, this is the law of nature, and it is inevitable. The future world belongs to you. You do n’t have to be like us, Fighting day and night, marching in glint and flash of daggers and swords, your father ’s tall spine has built a roof to shield you from the wind and rain.

"Child, you will live a peaceful, serene, carefree life. You will be destined to be brocade garments and jade meals, superior to ordinary people. This is also destined. You lacking the temper, you cannot be as good as your father. , As good as brave, determined and fearless.

"So what?"In childhood, we tell hero stories to you. It is not necessary that you become a hero, but that you have noble virtues. When we were young, we let you come into contact with poetry, painting, and music. Fun. These passions will support your life. In this way, even in the harshest winter, you will not forget the fragrance of roses.

The nation of heroes is an unfortunate nation, and peaceful life is destined to be mediocre and cumbersome. There are some things that you may not understand now. But when you grow up, you will understand: your father, you will not want you to be a hero, many things in the world, dazzling and completely worthless. As long as you can grow up healthily, be honest, think independently, and live a happy life, this is the highest expectation of your parents. "

Looking at the child's childlike and childish face, Zichuan Xiu muttered out loud: "Bless you, children, and also bless the peaceful age."

End of the book