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0 Chapter Directory 774 Chapter 17: The Original Darkness Vs. The Famine... The End And Beginning (2) (End)
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Known as the strongest ...

Of all the teams in the entire reincarnation world, people with Level 3 or higher Opened Gene Shackle generally have their own unique tactics, and their combat power has exceeded the limits of ordinary people. To put it more generally, these open the third level of gene shackle's Leaders, returning to the real world is not a matter of destroying the strength of an army. It is absolutely okay to deal with at least one division. Of course, there are also some extreme people who only fight in a single battle and deal with a large range. The enemy is a bit inadequate, but in general, the third level of gene lock is a rough standard for evaluating the strength of A cycle of reincarnation members. Of course, it is not absolute. Some people below the third level have a lot of Exchangers, attribute weapons, etc. are not strong enough. Such people also exist, so the third order is only influx, and has not reached the absolute advantage.

As for the fourth level of gene lock, it is to really evaluate whether the members of the A cycle of reincarnation belong to the category of the strong. Anyone who enters this field is, in any case, a Super Powerhouse, one in any team. Absolutely belongs to the main combat power of the main combat power. Such people are not more than twenty in the entire reincarnation world. These people can be regarded as the strongest people standing at the pinnacle of the entire reincarnation world. They look down below their strength. Anyone in the world, even if the other party is a whole team, will not be regarded by them.The replica, Zheng Zai, is the very strongest person in this very individual. This weight is absolutely amazing, not to mention that the Devil team is a team that exists under the Jungle Rule. In such a team Known as the strongest person in the world of reincarnation, there is no real strength. That is really not to think about it. You know, there is a perverted Zhao Rongkong in the Devil team. You can pull you to fight if there is nothing. The pervert is around. He can still be said to be the strongest, and it can be seen that this title really does not have half of the moisture in it, and it really deserves its name.

Zheng Zha also experienced countless battles. Through countless trials of life and death, he became stronger step by step, every time he changed, every effort, every touch, every diligence, which made him enough to challenge the qualification of the replica Zhan, but It's just qualification, even if he used the flood. to split heaven and earth apart, and there is no absolute defense that can kill the replica Zheng Zha As far as the replica Zeng is concerned ... this level of strength is still too weak and too weak.Sure enough, when Zheng Zha used the flood, splitting heaven and earth apart's power. The power that does not belong to this level is indeed unmatched. After easily breaking through the hundreds of black flame weapons, the body of the replica Zheng Zheng was hit hard for the first time. This injury is enough for ordinary people. He was killed, but who knew that the replica Zheng Zai was burned by the black flame for a while, and the injury turned into an instant, and he could not see a little blood on his body. Of course, if it was just this, Zheng Zai was against the flood. The power of splitting heaven and earth apart's is very confident, and everything has its limits. Even if it is a horrible self-healing, as long as the attack is more rapid and violent than the recovery, then the replica Zheng Zheng will really die, but ... … The replica Zheng Zai, who is actually the strongest, also appeared, named Original Darkness, End of the Universe!

Taking the black film that blocked the Tiger Soul Blade as the main body, the black flame around it quickly fused into it, making the black film more and more huge. But I do n’t know what the black film is made of. The endless black flame turned into a black film. When the black flame that almost covered the sky turned into a black film, there was only one. Black balls with a length and width of about one meter. It's just that the ball is dark and dull. The surrounding light was distorted and absorbed at the moment of approaching it, and the rocks on the ground were dragged up constantly. Pulled directly into the dark ball, and the ball itself was still shrinking. When the ball was reduced to the size of a ping pong ball, it suddenly shrank inward, and suddenly a black hole tearing the space appeared in the venue.This black hole is not a black hole in astronomical sense. It is just a black giant hole that cannot be seen. It is about four or five meters high and about three or four meters wide. It just tears the space and stands there. Really chills and chills in my heart.

"This is my return to you, a power that even I feel trembling. By the way, you must be resolved within ten minutes, otherwise once I ca n’t control this power, it will really grow into a black hole, except No one but me can survive, I think you do n’t want that ... "The replica Zheng Xi looked at Zheng Qi muttered, don't know why ... Maybe it was an illusion, Zheng Qi suddenly felt that he was watching in his eyes To a trace of loneliness ... Loneliness appears in the eyes of the strongest person with unlimited determination?

"Very good! My flood, to split heaven and earth apart will not last long. Since this is all our effort to press the bottom of the box, then there is no need to say anything ... Come on! Copy to me, This is me against your final power! "

Zheng Zha took a deep breath, yelled, and rushed towards the replica Zheng Zhai with the Tiger Soul Sword.

"Lonely ..."

Indistinctly, Zheng Zia seemed to hear such words from the replica Zheng Zai, but at this moment he was too late to think about anything. Using the wilderness, he drove away by incomparable speed and flashed through the strange black hole The human has flashed to the side of the replica, and at the same time, the tiger sabre is infused with great force, slamming away towards the replica.At this moment, the battle of the entire reincarnation world has reached the hottest moment, deciding the strongest team, the strongest individual, such a final battle is about to end, and Nakasu, the devil, the top strength of the two teams are early It has been fighting both sides suffer. In addition to the undiscovered Haotian, it can also affect the people who ended up in the end of World War I. In addition to two Zhengzha, there are only two Chuxuans left. This is also a king to king. The most terrible ending of soldier-to-battle tactics ... double death!

"... balanced again, sure enough ..." Chu Xuan's copy suddenly moved, and after a few seconds, he said to Chu Xuan in front of him.

"No, it is not balanced again, but it must be balanced. The final battle carried out in this way is the real final battle. It is also the only final battle that meets the purpose." Chu Xuan suddenly looked up. He said to the sky.

At the moment the two are still suspended in midair, there is still one girl's existence behind the copied body Chu Xuan. That was Zhang Xiaoxue, who was holding Feng Shenbang. From the very beginning, until now, the two have been fighting for more than half an hour. Not to mention Chu Xuan ’s half-white hair and wrinkles on his face. Judging by his complexion, both sides are actually exhausted.

Replica Chu Xuan took a deep look at Chu Xuan, and then said: "... is it the only one that fits the purpose in the final battle? I knew it by virtue of Feng Shenbang, and you also have cultivation technology. So it is not surprising to know these … After all, how much vitality can you squander? What is your current physical age, forty? Fifty? Or sixty? ”"What about you? How many causality points? How much rejection has been received by the world? If ordinary disasters can't eliminate this rejection, will there be asteroids? Or, you will be rejected by infinity Force to drive out the universe plane directly, don't know what your choice will be? "Chu Xuan did not hesitate, he answered immediately.

"... It's possible. But what makes me feel curious is that you keep Donghuangzhong constantly absorbing the free energy around you. Except for a part of your life recovery power, most of the energy is stored, What are you trying to do? Let me guess ... Are you going to interfere with the end of the final battle? "The replica Chu Xuan said again.

"... This is also my curiosity. I can't know how much the cause and effect is, but the girl behind you is also starting to store energy. What are you going to do?" Chu Xuan also replied immediately.

"Oh, is it?" Chu Xuan, the replica, seemed surprised. He silently looked at Zhang Xiaoxue. Also staying calm and collected, and then continue to say to Chu Xuan: "At this moment, I do n’t need to do anything more. The strength of the replica Zheng Yan can definitely win Zheng Zheng, so it ’s okay to continue to procrastinate. , You only need to leave this cosmic plane, and you? Once you fail, there is no place for burial. You are completely at a disadvantage. ""... how do you, I said earlier, think of the players as chess pieces. It's that you fail early, and the strength of your devil team members is more than several times stronger than that of our team members? Both sides suffer already , Do n’t you want to know what the so-called feelings are? This final battle is coming to an end, this is the best answer for you ... I ’m going to attack! "

Both Chu Xuan looked at each other silently, and their expressions were always so cold and sober. Only Zhang Xiaoxue looked slightly nervous after them. After all, she was not two parties, nor Chu Xuan without feelings. As a bystander in this battlefield of peaks and the main "weapon", her mood at this moment is definitely worried and tense, and there is a trace of bad premonition ...

(Could it be that you really want to use the last causal point savings? It's just that way, I and he are both alive and dead ...)

The two Chu Xuan finally fully opened their full strength, one shook the East Emperor Bell, and the waves fluctuated for hundreds of miles. In this hundred miles, it seemed that even time and space were completely frozen. The only one that was not affected was Zhang Xiaoxue and her hand. Feng Shenbang, when Chu Xuan ’s power of several beliefs came straight, that Feng Shao shook again, reversing the cause and effect of Qiankun. None of these powers of faith hit the replica Chu Xuan, all of them shot far away. With the use of Fengshenbang, the replica Chu Xuan also emerged from the imprisonment of Donghuang Zhong, and his hand was also shot by the power of several beliefs. Then he was swept away by the earthquake of Donghuang Zhong and disappeared. I started a fierce confrontation like Fang Cai ... I don't know if it was accidental that the direction of the fight between the two men has been getting closer and closer to the main battlefield of the two Zhengzha.(It ’s a boring game. The two have the same roots and the bottoms are not too different from each other. Even if the whole person is completely copied, it is too difficult to divide the victory in a short period of time ... Zheng Yan, insist Going on, the game's final means of breaking the game will be delivered soon ...)

Chu Xuan glanced silently far away, and then never looked in that direction anymore. His attention was focused on the replica body Chu Xuan. The two flew while flying. After a few tens of miles away, it was even closer to the battle between the two Zhengzha.

At the same time, Zheng Zha on the other side has already merged with the original darkness of the replica Zheng Zha and the end of the universe. It is strange to say that the black hole is clearly a kind of torn space, but it can be easily used by him like Heiyan. When Zheng Zai hit the replica Zheng Zai at a flood-level speed and strength, numerous black hole particles as small as soybeans were suspended around the body of the replica Zheng Zhai. Forced, the power on the knife disappeared with extemely fast speed and disappeared, but the black hole particles have not changed at all. What was the original shape is still what the shape is, how the original size is still the size, seeing this, only the fierce Li slashed under the ground between two people.

(I don't believe it. This black hole particle can defend even the space under your feet. Even if I think about it, your Yanyan can defend on its own, but it must also have the speed of movement of the defense? I am wild ... eh ?)Zheng Zha just slashed the ground, splitting the whole ground apart. Before he jumped down, a replica of Zheng Zha that had even reflected his speed of destruction. He stepped forward with strength and speed comparable to him, and punched him hard on his stomach, no matter how tough his Qianlong became, the strength of this punch still hit his stomach. The cave was too deep, and Zheng Zha was also blasted out more than a thousand meters away, pushing the ground far away into a ditch.

"This is my power ... how could you also have the flood, splitting heaven and earth apart's power? Slow down ... black holes, absorb ... Can your black holes absorb power and then turn into your power?" Zheng Yan only Feeling a sweet throat, he swallowed the blood. Only then looked at the replica and asked Zheng Ha in shock.

"Although it is a prototype of a black hole, after all, it is not the most violent ultimate power in the universe, otherwise the moment the black hole is born, we will all be sucked into it into the most primitive elements or quarks ... you want to see the Power? "The replica Zheng Xi seems to be a little surprised to look at his two hands. For the power absorbed from Zheng Za, it is only a trace, after all, it is also the power and speed of the wilderness level. Zheng Zheng was also deeply shocked in his heart.When the voice fell, the replica Zheng Zheng stepped hard on his feet, which caused an exaggerated situation when he moved with Zheng Yan. The whole ground was cracked, and people had rushed out of a kilometer distance and came to the vicinity of Zheng Yan. I saw Zheng Yan suddenly flashing away. Although the speed and reaction force were not bad, but in front of the power and speed of the replica Zheng Zheng at the moment. I can't do it as silently as before. I saw that the replica Zheng Zheng waved slightly, and countless tiny black hole particles had wrapped the two in it. And Zheng Zha is covered with black hole particles all around, but it doesn't want to flash.

"Look clearly, this is the original dark real face after absorbing power ..."

The replica, Zheng Zai, waved again. The black hole particles suspended around it suddenly aggregated towards the largest particle around them. Not only that, every time a black hole particle was aggregated, the suction force of the aggregated black hole particle was greater. In a breath, Zheng Zai actually felt that he was slowly suspending towards the sky. Above him, a basketball-sized twisted space was taking shape. This twisted space was slightly different from the black hole I saw before. It seems that countless spaces are being formed and fragmented. If the previous black hole space is compared to a static black hole, then the current distorted space is a dynamic black hole, and the suction force between the two parties is absolutely not mentioned in the same breath.Zheng Zhai's dragon wing is fierce, forcibly fixing himself, but with the gradual increase of the suction power around him, with his flood, to split heaven and earth apart, the strength of the earth felt a bit of an obstacle, you know. This is the power of the wilderness level, which is not comparable to the level of destruction. With this power, I feel that I am hindered. I can imagine how great the attraction of these twisted spaces is.

(However ... this is also an opportunity ...)

Zheng Li's heart twitched, and he suddenly discovered that the black hole particles scattered around him had become extremely scarce. After forming several twisted spaces, the passage between him and the replica had gradually unfolded, although there were still two twisted spaces between them. In guard, but for Zheng Zha, this is no different from a desperate passage.

It ’s not enough to think about it, Zheng Zhaimeng condensed his strength and strength, and it ’s been more than a minute since he launched the flood, to split heaven and earth apart, almost to the limit of his physical strength, even if there is The skills I learned in the Lord of the Rings to help, but I ca n’t maintain this state, so this only chance is probably his last chance ...In just a few seconds. Zheng Zaimeng flew from the place, and the huge ground force made him fly through the black hole particles or twisted space as easily as a whirlwind, and only used the wings to block the twisted space in front of the last two twisted space guarded channels. In an instant, an unimaginable horror tearing force appeared in the twisted space, as if it was a flood, to split heaven and earth apart, the tearing force was more powerful, and only a soft hissing sound was heard. Qianlong turned into a fierce tear, and the two dragon wings were torn off from the back, and Zheng Ximeng made a lunar move, escaping from the huge pulling force of this distorted space. During this period, even the Tiger Soul Knife fell to the ground, but it finally rushed to the replica Zheng Zheng.

"Catch you ... I know what you are carrying, but I still have to tell you that your path is wrong! I can't tell you what is right, but I will beat you and surpass you! Because I am burdened Your hatred and madness. All negative moods are much more importantly burdened! I can definitely surpass you! "Zheng Yanmeng grabbed the replica Zheng Zheng, regardless of whether he can still use the flood, splitting heaven and earth apart's power, just a crazy punch in his face, and did not give him the power to fall out, one hand grabbed him, the other hand attacked him frantically, one at a time He repeatedly hit the vital organs on his body, and the entire abdomen of the replica Zheng Yan was smashed first. Then there was the heart and chest, and then two arms. When Zheng Xi wanted to punch his head with a punch, he suddenly saw the replica Zheng Yan showing a sneer expression."Do you surpass me? By what surpass me? Your strength? Or your instrument? Or your so-called belief?"

The replica Zheng Zha tilted his head laughed, and at the same time he kicked with one foot, a force completely comparable to Zheng Zhan Honghuang level kicked on his stomach, and countless huge suction force also appeared in Zheng Zha behind him, he One inch by one person sucked into those huge twisted spaces. The power of these twisted spaces was many times greater than before, so that even the power of his wildness could not be forced to escape.

"... Let's see clearly. The gap between our measurements." The replica Zheng Yan ignited a black flame, and at the same time, his body began to gradually return to its original state. Come with only one hand. And when his body moved. Zheng Zha only saw clearly what was on his surface, and a very thin black film adhered to his surface. Every attack just now made his original darkness, the end of the universe became stronger, so that now the twisted space has finally been irreversible.

(Is it defeated? Am I defeated? Carrying the trust of partners, bearing the sacrifices of partners, bearing the faith they gave me, in this way, do I have to lose after all?)

Zheng Zai twisted frantically all over the body, trying to break away from the twisting space's suction power, but how great is the suction power of the black hole, even for this incomplete version of the black hole, his flood, to split heaven and earth apart ... especially when he is no longer able to use this level of power, the flood is no longer able to match the black hole ..."Zheng Zha ... My time is running out, especially when the light of my soul is integrated into your body, the degree of consumption will become greater and greater. Solve the enemy in a short time ... and Captain, thank you for your constant care and being able to fight with everyone. This is the happiest day since I remember, thank you all ... "

Just when Zheng Zha was desperate in his heart, a light female voice appeared in his ear. This sound should be Zhao Yingkong's voice, but why did she appear here? And with the suction power of this distorted space, there is basically impossible within ten miles of the human circle. How does she dive to her side? Before Zheng Zha came up with an answer in his heart, he suddenly felt a cool and cool thing entered within own body. This kind of feeling is really indescribable, as if it was spear for a moment, and it seemed that it passed the reincarnation of the universe. It seems that the moment and the eternity overlap at this moment. Then, Zheng Zan shook his body, and a huge Chaos Qi Flow burst out of his body. This Chaos Qi Flow filled the twisting space's suction force, and Zheng Zan's feet were slightly On one step, the whole person has jumped out hundreds of meters away, and the whole person seems to be standing there.

"Is this the level you are at? I who replicates ... this feeling, there are various micro particles around it, and all kinds of energy flow in the body, all the trajectories of the entire universe ... this is Are you at the level? The fourth level is advanced. The level near the fifth level? "Zheng Zha looked at his hands silently, and he looked at the replica Zhan Zhai again.The replica Zheng Zha didn't seem to be surprised by Zheng Zha's detachment at all, and the twisted space was put together between his waves. Formed the only distorted space, just standing in front of him, he silently said: "Breakthrough? At this moment of life and death, did you break through to the level of inhumanity? No, you have the soul of others in your body Light? And only the incomplete light of the soul can be integrated into the light of other people's mind in a short time ... Yes, his arrangement is like this, otherwise how can you survive the blow just now with your power? "

"He? By the way, the fourth level is advanced. You can feel the spirit fluctuations that only the spirit controller can feel, my friends ..." Zheng Zhe silently looked at the rope on his own wrist, and hung his wrists densely. Except for Chu Xuan, Liu Yu, and Lin Juntian ’s ropes, the other teammates were all dead. Among them, there was a message left on Zhan Lan ’s rope, but now Zheng Zha does n’t have the mind to watch it carefully. All his thoughts have been placed on the only enemy in front of him.

"The replica of me, now I finally have the qualification to play against you ... I who bear too many things, I can't afford to lose to you again! I can definitely surpass you!"

Zheng Zimeng gritted his teeth with one hand, and the tiger sabre on the ground had flown back to his hand. As a fourth-order advanced genetic lock that had initially peeped into the energy field, such a small The technique is almost equivalent to instinct. In addition to this, the power of skills is beyond imagination after reaching the atomic and energy levels of control.Zheng Zan moved gently under his feet, no longer the crazy posture of using Honghuang to move before, and even the soil did not take half a point under his feet, but the speed was comparable to the speed of the Honghuang level. At this moment, he still maintained Honghuang, Splitting heaven and earth apart's state, one of the biggest changes in the fourth-level advanced level, is that the energy is lost ... everything is common. Using the impact of two kinds of energy, as long as energy existence, this impact can be maintained forever, as long as it does not exceed the body's own load, it does not matter, in other words. At this moment, Zheng Zha can use the flood in almost unlimited time. to split heaven and earth apart!

But what about it? The original darkness of the replica Zheng Zha is even more powerful and defensive. The offense is perfect, and it can also absorb the power of the attacker, making this twisted space more powerful. This is almost a skill for the saints. Unexpectedly, the replica Zheng Zheng has only created the fourth-level advanced. Come out, it is no wonder that he can be called the strongest, it really is worthy of the name.Zheng Zha's footsteps, the transition has already rushed to the replica Zheng Zha, the first is the twisting space with amazing suction force, the replica Zheng Zha divides the distortion space into dozens, except for the twisting space surrounding him, The remaining twisted space flew towards Zheng Zai non-stop, and Zheng Zhai did not dare to touch this attractively distorted space with the flesh, but greeted one of the twisted spaces horizontally with a tiger knife In the loud noise, this twisted space was completely chopped into nothingness by the Tiger Soul Sword, and no trace of it remained, and Zheng Zai did n’t stop. In a blink of an eye, several twisted spaces were cut into nothingness. In this way, it seems that if he only consumes the twisted space of the light copy, then he must be the winner.

"Yes, the fourth-level advanced, your attack has penetrated into the atom and energy, and transformed into nullity with one blow. If the knife is cut on me, even if it is scorching inflammation, it will certainly not be able to heal again ... pity, pity I have n’t reached the fourth level until now, and I still achieved it with the help of others. Do you really think that you still have the slightest hope? Could you really think that you had tempted you to hit me with dozens of punches, the power above was nothing Failed? "

The replica Zheng Zhai sneered, and the twisted space was combined together again. A twisted space about two meters wide wrapped the replica Zheng Zan in it, and there was no longer any distortion space around Zheng Zha."From black inflammation to a virtual black hole, after absorbing enough power to form a distortion, if you inject power again, then the distortion will become a real shrinking black hole ... If you had the current power from the initial black inflammation to the virtual black hole, say Maybe I really lost in your hands, but until now, this battle is finally over ... "The replica Zheng Yan shook his head, but the lonely look in his eyes grew stronger.

"Idiot. Believe in your so-called beliefs, believe in the expectations given to you by the weak, and believe in a hypocritically weak state of mind. You haven't grown to the point where I expected ... Forget it, what is your use? "

Zheng Zha did n’t know if he could hear him clearly. I saw that the man gnashed his teeth sharply and lifted the Tiger Soul Sword to cut the twisted space outside the replica Zheng Zha, but the knife was not as clever as before. In the void, everything you encounter is like a mud bull entering the sea. The great power is constantly disappearing, and the twisting space is expanding more and more. When the twisted space had almost touched his body, he withdrew his knife and retreated, but it was too late at that moment, and the twisted space shrank inwards, all of which shrank to the front chest of the replica Zhengzha. At two meters, a black spot as large as the needle tip appeared in there, and then. A completely indescribable suction suddenly sprang up, the earth and the earth collapsed and emptied, and the clouds in the sky were pulled down to the ground. Although Zheng Xi, who was the first to bear it, could barely resist, his strength gradually disappeared. After a few seconds at most, he will be completely swallowed by this shrinking black hole, called the original dark, the power of the end of the universe ...

(Partners……)Time backed up to more than a minute ago, the range of engagement between Chu Xuan and the replica Chu Xuan was already close to the engagement range of two Zhengzha. Even in the sky, they can see the cylindrical battlefield far away, but only ends here, neither side seems to have any further ideas, and they are fighting frantically here, not to mention what Chu Xuan looks like. He became old, and even the replica Chu Xuan had a god list to reverse the cause and effect, and even began to become old. Both parties can be said to have reached the point where the lights are exhausted.

Suddenly Chu Xuan put down the Gaussian spear. He did not attack, but used the power of conviction with Donghuang Zhong Zhenfei. Just opens the mouth to ask: "I am a replica, why are you alive?"

"... I want to surpass." The replica Chu Xuan also silently put down the gaussian spear, he nodded.

"What is beyond? What about feelings?" Chu Xuan asked again.

"I understand everything beyond you, and it's not beautiful to say ... As for feelings, it's just a symbol of being tainted by the wisdom of mortals. Or the reason for the weak to give themselves away. The formal me, you even this Can't you see clearly? Or ... Have you been contaminated by the Zhongzhou team? "

Chu Xuan heard. It seems to be remembering something, and said after a long time: "Is it just beyond? Do you remember my father taking us to see the stars? Such a thing ...""... you are really polluted. I am a real person. From what I know, the demon team's survival rule is much stronger than that of the Nakasu team. Perhaps for normal human society, hypocrisy is needed. Only cowardice can heal the ups and downs of society, but for the chess player who can have a chance, your thoughts can only become your burden. "Duplicate body Chu Xuan shook his head, and he raised his gaussian hand spear, Silently faced Chu Xuan Road.

"People's feelings contain unlimited possibilities. We are in two completely different environments. You have always implemented my initial methods and ideas. All the benefits are maximized, and I have experienced many and understand that they have The ground potential is not just numbers, such as sacrifice ... The Devil team probably never know what this word means? "

Chu Xuan saw the replica Chu Xuan raised the Gaussian hand spear, he actually closed his eyes slowly, and according to the characteristics of Donghuang Zhong, he found Zheng Zha's place within the first time, Zheng Zha had a knife Cut into the twisted space, and the real version of the reduced black hole is forming, at the same time, he noticed the dense rope on Zheng Zai's wrist.

"Partner ... what strange and familiar words, this feeling ... so warm ..."

"Chu Xuan, do you want to see the stars?"


At that moment, the real scene of the world was understood with both eyes, or the real scene of the world with both eyes, not just numbers and words. At that moment, there seemed to be something unraveling in his heart ...The gray-haired father died, and the kind of sad heart grabbed him, but he could not express, describe, or cry. Such a thing is so uncomfortable, do not want to experience again ...

The people of the Zhongzhou team are really naive, even talking about kindness and partners. Do n’t they know that the person who sells the most refreshingly is often their partner?

But what is this touch, what I saw and heard after the resurrection, is stronger than the comrades, and lives side by side with the same life and death, such things, he basically unable to understand ... Is this a partner?

Even if Zheng Zai deliberately beat him, even if Cheng Xiao always said his bad words "behind" in a deliberate way, even if it was the deliberate exposure of people around him. Even if it is ... very warm, this feeling is the same as seeing the stars for the first time, like seeing the truest side of the world ...

So, for this rare warmth, for the truth that he finally saw, he can ruin everything in front!

Chu Xuan felt the spirit marks pinned in the ropes with the special performance of the East Emperor Bell, the most authentic spirit mark in the moment of death. Everyone's feelings of the purest partners, for a few seconds, Chu Xuan's eyes suddenly rolled out two drops of transparent liquid.

"Am I crying? This is the feeling of crying? There are tears, what is this ......" Chu Xuan was shocked, he touched the tears in the corner of his eyes, muttered.

"This is because you are weakly marked, a symbol polluted by mortal wisdom ..." The replica Chu Xuan was also surprised, he said unchanged.

"No, this is ... the tears I want to live with everyone ..."Chu Xuan suddenly raised his head. The look in his eyes has never been as firm as this moment, even when wearing hypnotic glasses. At the same time, the rune graphics in his eyes have also emerged, which will be far away from Zheng Zhan battlefield. The office also scanned in completely, and then, he even took the East Emperor Zhong on his head with his hand.

"I am a replica, don't you want to know what this cohesive force in Donghuang Zhong wants to do? Now I'll tell you, there is a trustworthy relationship called a partner, there is a vow worth life It ’s called side by side. There is one of the biggest gaps between the two of us ... called emotions, Zheng Zha, this is my last help, victory! "

After Chu Xuan finished speaking, he exuded the power of gorgeous belief. This belief is so powerful. The splendid splendor on the spear mouth of the replica Xuan Xuan is simply a comparison of fireflies and Mingyuedi, and next. Chu Xuan fully pressed all the power of faith from his body into the Donghuang Bell. After all this was done, he gently threw the Donghuang Bell to the replica Chuxuan.

(... partner? Or ... relatives ... I feel warm when I am with you ...)After the Emperor Zhonghuang was thrown out, Chu Xuan ’s flesh gradually dissipated as if it were ashes. Except for that little ash, the entire space could no longer find traces of him, as if it had never existed before, and The only symbol of his only existence is the trace of the earth, and Donghuang Bell hit the replica Chuxuan along the trajectory line. With the strength of the two beliefs of the replica Chuxuan hitting Donghuang Bell, this power is like a mud bull entering the sea. No trace of it, not only that, but the closer the Donghuang Bell was to the replica Chu Xuan, the bigger the clock body became. Even if the God of God List reversed the cause and effect, the Donghuang Bell could not be removed, saying it was too late. Soon, Zhang Xiaoxue has gone crazy and generally enters the causal point into the Fengshenbang, but as the Donghuang Bell gently hits the replica body Chu Xuan, this Fengshenbang is torn from it into two parts. The replica body Chu Xuandi's flesh was easily shaken into powder.

(Really? I lost ... feelings ... what is it?)

"No! Never! Also, I still have a causal point, Chu Xuan! Even if I die, you must be alive!" Zhang Xiaoxue was crazy, she did not avoid the East Huangzhong, and It is a large number of causal points entered into the two sections of the Fengshen List, but I do n’t know if the Fengshen List was torn to cause the causal backlash. At the moment when Zhang Xiaoxue ’s body was also smashed by the Donghuang Bell, the entire space was torn apart A trace inhaled the two pieces of Fengshenbang, and the incomplete powder of Zhang Xiaoxue and the replica Chu Xuan was also inhaled a lot, and then the gap immediately closed, as if it had never appeared.After the emperor Zhong killed two people, it quickly became the size of a palm bronze bell. The flicker between the shaking had disappeared. When it appeared again, it had already shrunk two meters in front of the replica's chest. On the black hole, two equally vast and immense powers slammed together, one side is in the sky and the other is the most violent and extreme power in the universe. There was no explosion or shock wave between the collisions, but a clear bronze bell. The spear oil bell had cracked a small gap. dang'ed landed on the ground, and the narrow black hole as small as a needle tip disappeared, and there was no trace at all.

Both Zheng Yan were stunned, until a rope flew to Zheng Yan's wrist from the sky, he put his mind on those ropes, happy to feel the truest and most touching of his partners Imprint of spirit.

"Really?" Chu Xuan cried, did this guy finally have feelings? Zheng Zheng mutter to oneself. He didn't even look at the replica Zheng Zheng, but closed his eyes completely.

"Chu Xuan? Was he also dragged down by your weak cowards? It's so sad, obviously so powerful people ... Created such a good opportunity for you before death, so that you have the slightest possibility of defeating me , Such a person ... is really sad, hypocrites ... "The replica Zheng Zai sneered, he also no longer spoke. An infinite amount of black inflammation emerged outside the body, and then the black inflammation directly began to condense, to become the unmatched strongest violent ultimate force again, even if Zheng Zai could not slowly input power to him again, his own The power can also be entered on its own, but it takes a little longer.Zheng Zha didn't take care of him, even the true power and magic of his body stopped, he just felt the mark of spirit on the ground of each rope, after a long time, tears in his eyes can't stop Flowed out.

"Idiot. Are you crying? Because those weak people drag your footsteps? Because you are afraid to face death? You haven't grown to the point where I can match you. You're still that weak coward in the heart!" It was a sneer. He talked and condensed countless black hole spaces. At the center of it, a little began to transform into a distorted space. As long as it was completely transformed into a distorted space, he first stood in an undefeated position.

"No, these tears ... are because of courage, because of strength, because of trust. Because your partner ... you do n’t understand, you will never understand when you embark on the road opposite to me, I will definitely defeat you! I must beat you! Hong Huang, to split heaven and earth apart! "

Zheng Zimeng raised his head. The true elemental force and the magical force in his body were once again madly mixed together. That wildness, splitting heaven and earth apart's great force formed again from his body. He has never been wrong! His conviction, his pursuit, his partner, his courage ... all this is the source of his strength, so at this moment, he must win and must pinch the strongest title in his own hands!

"You can't beat me! As long as you haven't given up your hypocrisy, as long as you still have that weakness in your heart, you are absolutely impossible ... the original darkness, the universe is over!"The replica Zheng Zha seems to be crazy. He swiftly scrolled the black hole space and a little twisted space. With an unimaginable suction force, he pushed towards Zheng Zha. This force is so great, even with the wild , The strength of splitting heaven and earth apart's is not inferior in any respects in comparison, the strength of the two sides collided together ...

Between the electric light and the flint, Zheng Zha ’s whole body spun violently, with the flood, splitting heaven and earth apart ’s awl with the power of rotation, that is even the Diamond Mountain can penetrate through, he just twisted the space The strongest point rushed past, even though he lost a lot of flesh and blood on his shoulders and legs in this process, he also lost the arm of one hand, but after all, he penetrated the entire black hole area. Waiting for the replica Zheng Zai to control those black holes and twisted space, Zheng Zha took the last trace of the flood in his body, splitting heaven and earth apart's forcefully slashed at the replica Zheng Zha's chest, and destroyed from the atoms and energy. , This destruction directly acts on the body of the replica Zheng Zheng, and the black flame will no longer have the power to burn ...

"My partner, Chu Xuan once told me that the strength is not only the strength, but the user itself and the use skills are the roots that really determine whether the strength is strong ..." Zheng Zhe said silently .

"Really?" I already knew the truth, but the replica Chu Xuan never told me ... "The blood in the eyes of the replica Zheng Zha has disappeared, he suddenly flapped his wings and flew to the edge of the cylinder, the whole person So I looked down silently."Perhaps ... just because I lost the most important things, so I want to destroy others when I see others ... I really want to have the partners you said, and the woman I love ... "

The replica Zheng Zha raised his head silently and looked at Zheng Zhai: "The strongest name ... is yours! But I won't help you, what kind of future I want ... Go find it yourself!"

don't know why. Suddenly Zheng Zheng felt a little sad. He said: "I don't need your help! I will open it in the future, and I won't be afraid of any kind of enemy ..."

The replica Zheng Zha turned his head silently. muttered: "Rogan Road is not dead, your two team members are about to be attacked, go on, save your faith, power of salvation ... If you have always held such a belief without the slightest doubt, maybe, you He can really fight him ... "

"So ... the future is for you."

When the voice fell, the replica Zheng Zhen jumped down and the whole person was still in midair. The body slowly emits black inflammation from the chest, but it has no effect at all. This black inflammation just bursts out from the wound, surging tens of meters in length, and the replica is Zheng Yandi Body, slowly changes to ashes dissipated, to the end. Except for a mass of black inflammation still burning, this man has completely disappeared ... the man who was once called the strongest ...Zheng Zha had been watching the replica Zheng Zha completely disappeared, he had not said a word, until a long time later, a huge roar came from below, he quickly took out the Green Devil skateboard, toward the outside of the cylinder Going somewhere ... Until then he discovered that the light of the soul given to him by Zhao Yingkong has been exhausted, but he still retains the fourth-level advanced ability, is it beyond unconsciously? Or will this ability last for a while? But it doesn't matter. He already has the most direct experience, and it only takes a little time before he can really reach and consolidate this fourth-level advanced, but at this time, it is better to rescue the two players first.

The location of the two Liu Yu, they are at a distance of thousands of kilometers away from the first EVA machine. Both people's minds shuddered with the walking of the EVA first machine. After this monster was attacked by so many continuous attacks It can be recovered completely, although the walking speed is slower than before. But it can be seen that it is recovering. If it goes on like this, it will be late and it will return to the level it was in before it was bombed, maybe even worse, then. Their two rookies were dead even if they hid in the sky.

"... we. Let's run quickly, before this monster has recovered completely. How far can we run with the Green Devils skateboard, then it is impossible for it to find us, maybe, we can still get through Maybe this is the final battle? "Lin Juntian suddenly started talking."No!" Liu Yu suddenly looked at Lin Juntian seriously: "Brother Lin, remember what Brother Wang Xia said before he died? We are the people who want to be the strongest members of the reincarnation team, so we must I have the responsibility and burden to bear this title. I will never run away. If you want to leave, brother, please do it yourself. I must become stronger and stronger enough to be worthy of this title! "

Lin Juntian saw Liu Yu said so seriously, he could not think of it, he could only stare at the bottom of the EVA No. 1 machine, and the speed of the No. 1 machine could even be described by trot. Let ’s go on like this, and once the light of his soul recovers, then they ...

"I'm very afraid of death ... but I can't let a child go away anyway, and run away alone, anyway, I die, and don't live too many days ... Liu Yu, if we want to become stronger, we will become stronger together in the future! Lin Juntian gritted his teeth and said affirmatively to Liu Yu.

But before waiting for Liu Yu to speak, a voice said first: "If you have a chance, you must have the opportunity to become stronger until you are worthy of the title of the strongest reincarnation team member, our Zhongzhou team members!"The two were startled. When they looked around, they found a man in front of the EVA below. The man was covered with blood and one arm was torn off. Only one arm was still holding a tiger sabre. It looked as huge as a few tens of meters. The EVA No. 1 machine is totally disproportionate, but the two men haven't recovered yet. The man just waved the knife gently. The EVA No. 1 machine was suddenly cut into two segments from the middle, and one of them was completely transformed into Ash, then the man took out the Green Devils skateboard and flew over to Liu Yu.

"Brother Zhengzha!" "Captain!"

When they saw Zheng Zha, they felt spear, Yan Yan was pregnant, and Pan Pantong took away their hearts. For a time, the two felt that their hands and feet were a little soft, and they wished to lie on the ground, but Zheng Zha smiled at them. He smiled and said: "All right, let's go to Lab No.7, just across the valley ... there is a fierce battle, maybe there are many of me who use explosion skills or destruction skills ... "

The two did not respond for a while. What Zheng Zheng said, only when Lin Juntian ’s EVA No. 1 machine began to recover again, he pointed to the bottom and said aloud: "Captain, he is not dead yet. You just turned that paragraph into Ash, why not give him another knife? "

"No ... my buddies are still asleep, are they going to be rescued, the legend of Narnia? And in the end the battle ended, and our future ... With his existence, I can't finish this end yet In the first battle, we will continue to fight next. Let ’s grow as soon as possible. When your strength is enough to be worthy of the strongest team members, I will tell you everything at all ... "Zheng Zha said that after looking at the EVA No. 1 machine at his feet, he pointed to the front and said: "Go, start our future, a truly free future!"

(At this point, the end, the world I love, the infinite horror I love, and the many people in it. In the next book, some people may have guessed that someone broke into it, but I still To say, Buddha said, not to say, above.)