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0 Chapter Directory 468 Guan She's Thoughts On The New Book "Dragon Snake Romance" And The End Of Montenegro
    Chinese Name: 佛本是道  Author: 梦入神机(Mèng rùshén jī, Dream Machine)
    Original: | Translator:

The book Montenegro is the most painful one I have written, and it has been revised several times. Originally, even the name had to be changed, and it was changed to "Old Demon Hero", but it was too dangerous. In fact, after this book, there's nothing about it to write.

     Everything I want to express is out, heaven and humanity. Together, it is the great road, the heaven is power, and the humanity is the route.

     But the end was indeed too hasty. The person who had laid the groundwork was too quick to receive the lunch. I also feel sad, and I will refresh the ending when I have time.

     However, afterwards, every time I update a chapter, my editor will heart alarmed, body leaping.

     What I meant in this book was to make the scene a little bigger, and then show the spirit of revolution among the gods, and all the characters appeared one after another. However, after I wrote it, it was not only more and more dangerous, but also impossible to Control the scene.

     Maybe, I'm not good at portraying characters, so I'm in it.

     Regarding the new book, I will notice the characterization.

     The new book "The Romance of Dragon and Snake" is about a young man who has gained the inheritance, state of mind and strength of the national martial arts. During the year of writing in Montenegro, I personally visited many boxers and talked with them about national martial arts. Things, I also taught a lot of tuition, and in the writers class, I talked for a long time with Dai Xiaolou, the authentic fifth-generation heir of the Yang school "poke the foot door", and Dai Xiaolou gave me a performance. The kick with the "foot at the bottom of the sleeve" is indeed very fast and fierce. It can kick to the chin at a short distance and break the neck.Regarding the new book, the kung fu in it is all my visits to boxers, and they talked about some insights and experiences.

     I will always describe the new book, and it will also cherish the memory of some great heroes in Chinese martial arts, such as the senior Cheng Tinghua in the Bagua Gate. Which will gradually express the highest boundary of the inheritance of Chinese art.

     Strive to truly show a world of Chinese martial arts with refreshing and relaxed writing.

     The new book is no longer the repression of the Buddha's reincarnation, nor is it the dull and boring killing and revolution of Montenegro. It's real life and wonderful fighting.

     Believe me, Enthralled Dream Machine is always looking for newness, change, and breakthrough.