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0 Chapter Directory 520 The New Book Releases "The Legend Of Zhu Xian: Man Xian Xie Xing Xing"
    Author: 萧鼎(Xiāo dǐng, Xiao Ding)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Finally, I filled one of the pits more than ten years ago, and I can read it on the book number: 1003606291. You can also search for the barbarity at the starting point.

The barbaric line tells the stories of Wan Jianyi, Dao Xuan, Suzaku, Tian Jianyi, Cangsong, Suru, Shuiyue, this generation, that is, the stories of Xiaofan's masters and teachers.

There may be many friends who still do not know the existence of this book, so let me tell you here, if you have friends who like these characters, you can go and see.

There are a total of 200,000 words in the wild, except for the fee in the last chapter, the rest will be released free of charge, which is considered to be a favorite? Zhu Xian? Spear's interest issue, so I discussed the free of charge with the starting point, but since the starting point channel arrangement recommends the difference between free books and non-free books, I have to charge the last chapter.

I wrote this story with my heart, and when I finished, it was relieved. Looking back, I feel pretty good.

In fact, these people and these things have been circling in my mind for a long time. The reason why I chose to write now is because of the backlog of too long and too long. I also want to see if I can write this story.

Finally found out, ha! Okay. I don't know how you will feel after reading it. I hope I haven't let everyone down.

Just dedicate this book "Zhu Xian Prequel: The Barbaric Travel" to those friends who used to, now, or will like? Zhu Xian? In the future.

Thank you for your love, and I will work hard to write more and better works. (To be continued.