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0 Chapter Directory 521 New Book "Sky Shadow"
    Chinese Name: 诛仙  Author: 萧鼎(Xiāo dǐng, Xiao Ding)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

?Zhu Xian? Ten years have passed, and all too many stories have accumulated in my mind during these ten years, and the past will always pass. Many times I recall the days when I wrote books, when happiness and anger, sorrow and joy accompanied me every day. I would like the stories I wrote and the characters I wrote. At this time I am happy.


     With this new book, it is called "Sky Shadow".

     Ten years ago, it was completely different from now. Wilderness is to fulfill some regrets in my heart, and there are many that have not been filled. Maybe there will be opportunities in the future, but I will fill some.

     The story of Tianying has been conceived for a long time, and I have also thought about it a lot. The way I write the story is not quite the same, and the story is not quite the same anymore. This will be a story longer than Zhu Xian, and I am serious when I write it and I am very emotional.

     Whether it's a black wolf, or Lu Chen, whether it's an old horse or Jingle. A lively character makes me happy with their happiness, sad and sad.

     I once thought, if I want to write a brand-new story, how should I write it? It happened to have the opportunity this year to go to a small city called Xuan'en County, Hubei, where there is a charming scenery. At that time, a group of us were strolling in a small village near the county seat. This village was called Qingshuitang Village, with beautiful scenery and streams all the way. At that time, I sprang up how to write the story of Sky Shadow.

     Starting from Qingshuitang Village, the story of Tianying appeared in my heart a little bit. After I came back, I began to act and sorted out various materials, and began to conceive the big environment, plot, and characters. I wrote the beginning of the story until now. .up to the present ?Zhu Xian? is still in the minds of many readers and friends. Maybe one day "Sky Shadow" will be deeply imprinted in your hearts, and everyone will remember that there is such a group of people in the story of Sky Shadow, happiness and anger, sorrow and joy!

     Finally, I wish you all happiness.

     Remember, more and more votes for the release of "Sky Shadow"! (To be continued.)