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    Author: 六道(Liùdào, Sixth Dao)
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Xiang Wentian's initiative to make concessions is equivalent to surrendering to Xie Wendong, which is of course a happy event, but then Xie Wendong's busy beaten head and scorched brow. [Read the latest chapters.] Collection ~ Top * Point * Book City Book Friends Complete ~ Liti ~ For

To fully accept the huge Nanhongmen is not a simple matter. In the battle, the forces of Nanhongmen have been beaten up and scattered in various cities, not to mention that the outsider Xie Wendong cannot fully grasp it, even if it is let Nan It is very difficult for the leaders inside Hongmen to find these scattered forces one by one, not to mention that most of the scattered forces did not give up their hostility to Beihongmen because of the surrender to Wentian, and still regarded it as a strong enemy. The big battle between the doors is still over, but the small-scale conflict has never stopped.

Of course, the scattered power of Nanhongmen in various places does not pose a great threat to Xie Wendong, nor can it shake the trend of unification of Hongmen in Nanhongmen, but Xie Wendong has a headache for them, neither fight nor fight. It took a lot of effort and effort to recover them one by one.

After surrendering to Xiang Wentian, Xie Wendong did not leave Guangzhou immediately. First, the situation was not stable, and he wanted to reorganize Hongtian Group.

With the shares given to him by Xiang Wentian, Xie Wendong has become the largest antique of Hongtian Group. He had intentionally incorporated Hongtian Group into the Hongwu Group, but it was impossible to ask Yu and Li Xiaoyun for advice. .

Hongtian Group is a listed open enterprise, and Hongwu Group is a closed family business. If the two merge, Hongwu Group will be forced to go public, and the other way around, it is more like Hongtian Group annexed Hongwu Group. Of course, this is not the result that Xie Wendong wants.The Baekdo enterprise under his command is large enough. There are Dong Group, Hong Wu Group, and East Asia Bank, which is later on. Now there is another Hong Tian Group to take care of and work hard. At this time, he only showed up. What he was given was not a 'big pie' but a big burden.

Although the business on Bai Dao was not satisfactory, fortunately, Yu, Li Xiaoyun and other business geniuses assisted him and saved a lot of effort, but he did not dare to have the slightest sloppy things in the underworld. Dong Xinlei, Ren Changfeng, Zhang Yi, Meng Xun and other close friends discussed how to deal with the scattered forces of Nanhongmen who were in chaos.

Dong Xinlei, Ren Changfeng, and Meng Xun all agreed that the hostile Nanhongmen's strength was completely eliminated to reduce trouble and variables. Only Zhang Yi thought it was inappropriate. After the unification, the Nanhongmen personnel are also considered to be their own people, and all the scattered power of the chaos will be eliminated. I am afraid that the population will be substantiated, and the Nanhongmen personnel who have come to rely on it will be chilled.

Regarding his remarks, Meng Xun not to accept as correct, he said with a smile: "Because the Hongmen of the North and the South have merged into one, everyone is their own. At this time, whoever stands up to make trouble and provocation is undoubtedly treachery, which is a betrayal. Helping and disposing according to family law should also be blamed. If anyone dares to talk about it, it can be eliminated. "

Zhang Yi heard the words and frowned into a small pimple. Meng Xun said it was right and reasonable, but it was too cruel to do it. The South and North Hongmen were just unified, and the South Hongmen was the surrendering party. According to what Meng Xun said, I do n’t know how many people would get rid of Nanhongmen, and it would even evolve into a major cleansing of Nanhongmen.He looked at Xie Wendong embarrassedly. The latter was light-hearted, tilting Erlang's legs, and took a sip of leisurely smoking.

From the heart, Xie Wendong is 120 people who agree with Meng Xun's statement. He is cautious and suspicious. He has always reused the trustworthy brothers. The reason why the Nanhongmen personnel who were willing to accept the surrender a while ago was just a gesture to meet the needs of wartime. Now, Xiang Wentian has surrendered, and the North and South Hongmen have largely completed their reunification. The South Hongmen personnel have become a redundant burden in his eyes. Untimed bomb, of course, is quickly removed. He has been thinking about how to deal with the inside of Hongmen. The Nanhongmen staff went into a major cleanup, and now it is a good opportunity to look at this time.

Although Xie Wendong did not make a statement, he did not care about himself, but Meng Xun knew his thoughts best. The latter smiled and said: "Now the people of Nanhongmen are still very hostile to us. This time we cleared the scattered forces of Nanhongmen. As long as the wrist is slightly tougher, things will be magnified. At that time, there will surely be many surrendered Nanhongmen personnel who will stand up and oppose it. We can also take this opportunity to kick these people out of the club. "

Zhang Yi looked at Meng Xun and smiled secretly, muttered: "Since Nanhongmen has surrendered, the people above and below are our own brothers. It is too much to use such a method for ourselves ..."His voice has not yet fallen, and Xie Wendong, who has never spoken, suddenly said: "Who admits that they are their own brothers? The hatred between the north and south Hongmen is too deep, the prejudices are too deep, and they are forced to work together, and there will inevitably be conflicts in the future. If there is a contradiction, there will be a problem, if there is a problem, there will be a dispute, and if there is a dispute, it is of course best to resolve it as soon as possible. The woman ’s heart will only leave trouble. "After a pause, he smothered the cigarette in his hand and then stood up. Xing said with a smile: "I see, just do what Xiao Xun means, what about the opinions of various brothers?"

Between speaking, he looked around the crowd.

Having said that, the fool can see Xie Wendong's original intention. Dong Xinlei and Ren Changfeng, who had originally planned to use hard means, naturally had no opinion, followed up, and said with a loud voice: "No opinion, Dong brother, just some soldiers and crab generals from Nanhongmen, eradicate them and pinch only Ants are similar! "

At this time, even if Zhang was repeatedly dissatisfied, it was hard to say much. He scratched his head and whispered, "I still feel wrong, I reserve my opinion!"

Dong Xinlei, Ren Changfeng, and Meng Xun looked at each other, they couldn't help but laugh, they were laughed with anger, and they muttered, Zhang Yi was really a wooden head, and he couldn't see a brow, Dong Ge said, he Non-speaking, this is not spear

really. After listening to his words, Xie Wendong smiled on his face and froze, whitening him angrily, and said: "You take your opinion and keep it in your stomach!" After he finished speaking, he no longer ignored Zhang Yi, and quickly walked Get out of the venue.

"Haha—" Dongxin Lei laughed loudly, patted Zhang Yi's shoulder, and walked out of the venue.Xie Wendong is savvy, but he is also just stunned. Most of the time he can't listen to other people's opinions. However, he never hates the people who make comments. Zhang Yi is upright and has a good temperament. Many people's ideas are also run in the opposite direction, neither giving way to the other, but Xie Wendong was angry with him, but he never thought of kicking Zhang Yi off, but kept staying by himself for reuse.

It is precisely because of this that Zhang Yi dare to boldly put forward his claims in front of Xie Wendong, without worrying about being hated by Xie Wendong.

Xie Wendong made up his mind to fight Nanhongmen's rebellious forces everywhere. His order had not yet been communicated. Someone suddenly came to the door, Xiao Fang.

After learning that Xiao Fang was coming, Xie Wendong had some surprises. Didn't this guy accompany Xiang Wentian to go to the "clouds all over the world"? Why did he suddenly take photos?

After seeing Xiao Fang, Xie Wendong showed his look much better, and said with a smile: "I haven't seen for many days, Brother Xiao's injury seems to be almost healed!"

In front of Xie Wendong, Xiao Fang was not restrained at all, and he was not polite. After saying hello, he did not let Xie Wendong let him sit down and said: "It's almost okay, thanks to Mr. Xie's mercy! "

"Hehe!" Why does this sound like irony? ! Xie Wendong laughed twice, cut into the topic, and asked, "Why is Brother Xiao so busy today, suddenly came to me?"

Xiao Fang went straight to the point and said: "I'm here to turn to Mr. Xie.""Oh?" Xie Wendong doubted whether his ears were misheard, and Xiang Wentian's buddy, the hardcore brother Xiao Fang, even took the initiative to come to himself, this is really out of the sun. He chuckled gently, indefinite asked: "Brother Xiao means, want to do something under my hand?"

"That's right!" Xiao Fang nodded his head and asked: "I wonder if Mr. Xie is willing to use me?"

"This ..." Xiao Fang came to surrender, and Xie Wendong was so surprised that he didn't know how to answer for a while.

Upon seeing this, Xiao Fang questioned: "Does Mr. Xie believe in my ability but thinks that I am not qualified to do things under Mr. Xie?"

"Haha!" Xie Wendong laughed upside down and said, "If Brother Xiao is not qualified to do things under my hands, then no one will be qualified. I just don't understand, so decent, why Brother Xiao came to trust me, in my impression In the meantime, Brother Xiao always hates me! "

"Yes, I hate you very much!" Xiao Fang was outspoken, he said righteously: "This is also true. The reason why I came is to the elder brother. To the elder brother, Mr. Xie just took over Nan Hongmen is certainly very unfamiliar with his situation, and it is difficult to do things. You need someone familiar with Nanhongmen to help you. I am undoubtedly the best candidate. I will never take personal feelings in public affairs. Put it on, I will make an all-out effort to assist Mr. Xie. I think Mr. Xie will do the same? "

In a word, Xie Wendong had no words, even if he didn't want to use Xiao Fang, he couldn't find a suitable excuse to shirk.So cunning Xiang Wentian, left and left to give himself such a hand, said good, let Xiao Fang assist himself, and in the world, let Xiao Fang monitor himself is true!

Xiao Fang ’s reputation in Nanhongmen is too high, and his status is too heavy. As long as he comes forward, what else is there ca n’t settle the rebellion? But as a result, his own plan to clean up the personnel of Nanhongmen would not be carried out.

Xie Wendong rubbed it down and looked at Xiao Fang with a smile, knowing that today, he should not be left with a soft heart, and the grass should not be removed, then The Spring Breeze Will Blow And Give Life To It Once More! Thinking, Xie Wendong heartily laughed, nodded and said, "Brother Xiang is really thoughtful for me! Since that is the case, Brother Xiao will stay. I still rely on Brother Xiao for things about Nanhongmen!"

Xiao Fang shrugged and said, "Mr. Xie is too polite. In the future, you will be the master and I will be the slave. What can you tell me, despite the arrangement."

Xiao Fang ’s surrender made Xie Wendong ’s plan to clean up the personnel of Nanhongmen free. It, in turn, greatly accelerated the overall unification of the north and south Hongmen.

In less than a month, the works of Nanhongmen ’s dispersed forces 1uan were settled down and all included in Hongmen. Since then, within China, there is no longer the name of North Hongmen and South Hongmen, only a name, that is Hongmen.

For several decades, each party in the north and south has redeemed this, and the dream of the heads of the south and north Hongmen generations was not realized until Xie Wendong's generation.

It wasn't until this time that Xie Wendong's name truly passed through north and south of China, becoming a veritable underworld overlord, unique and unmatched.

National unification has made Xie Wendong free from worries, and the road to international development has just begun.And this way, there are more dangerous and more thorns, and more unknown opponents, Xie Wendong wants to go down, he also has to go down, to the long-burning brothers around him, to achieve He still has their dreams, to pursue the process of making dreams a reality.

What is the man's hand for?

Not only did he grab the food to fill his stomach, and he didn't just snatch the jewelry to decorate the woman. When he held the sword, he wanted to conquer the world.

Watching opponents fall to their feet one by one, take everything that belongs to them, listen to their desperate crying, and then step on them to climb to the highest point, this is what Xie Wendong wants to do (full book) Finish)