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    Chinese Name: 坏蛋是怎样炼成的2  Author: 六道(Liùdào, Sixth Dao)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

To make concessions to Wentian on the initiative is tantamount to surrendering to Xie Wendong. This is of course a happy event, but Xie Wendong is busy badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire).

     It is not a simple matter to fully accept the huge Nanhongmen. In the struggle, the strength of Nanhongmen has been beaten to everything broken and in disorder, scattered in various cities, not to mention that Xie Wendong, an outsider, cannot fully grasp it, even if it is for the leader of Nanhongmen to find out these scattered forces one by one. It is very difficult, not to mention the fact that most of the dispersing power is not because of surrendering to Wentian and giving up hostility to the North Hongmen, and still regard it as a strong enemy. The battle between the North and the Hongmen has ended, but a small-scale conflict It never broke.

     Of course, the scattered forces of the South Hongmen in various places do not pose too much threat to Xie Wendong, nor can it shake the trend of unification of the North and South Hongmen. It is just that Xie Wendong has a headache for them. It is not to fight, and it is not to fight. He wants to recover them one by one. It took a lot of energy and effort.

     After Xiang Wentian surrendered, Xie Wendong did not leave Guangzhou immediately. First, the situation has not stabilized, and secondly, he wanted to reorganize the Hongtian Group.

     With the shares given to him by Xiang Wentian, Xie Wendong has become the largest shareholder of Hongtian Group. He had the intention to merge Hongtian Group into Hongwu Group. It is conceivable that Yu Chao and Li Xiaoyun once asked for advice and discovered that this is not at all. possible. Hongtian Group is an open-listed company, while Hong’s "Guangguangshouda" Wu Group is a closed family-owned enterprise. If the two merge, Hongwu Group will have to be forced to go public. Looking at it the other way round, it is more like Hong Tian Group annexed Hongwu Group, which of course was not the result Xie Wendong wanted.The Baidao enterprises he wrote were large enough, including the Dongxing Group, Hongwu Group, and the Bank of East Asia that had late-comer lives above. Now there is another Hongtian Group to take care of and work hard. Only then did he realize that he wanted to ask What Tian gave him was not a "big pie", but a big burden.

     Although the business on the White Road is not satisfactory, but fortunately there is Yu Chao, Li Xiaoyun and other commercial geniuses to assist him, saving a lot of heart, but he dare not be sloppy about the underworld. In private, Xie Wendong found it. Dong Xinlei, Ren Changfeng, Zhang Yi, Meng Xun and other cronies discussed how to deal with the scattered forces in Nanhongmen.

     Dong Xinlei, Ren Changfeng, and Meng Xun agreed for three days, and they all advocated the complete elimination of the hostile Nanhong "sugar hand strike" forces and reduce troubles and changes. Only Zhang Yi thought it was inappropriate. , Nanhongmen has been unified, and the Nanhongmen personnel can be regarded as their own, and all the scattered forces that have caused the chaos will be wiped out. I am afraid that the population will be solidified, and it will also make those Hongmen who rely on you feel chilled.

     To his remarks, Meng Xun not to accept as correct, he said with a smile: "It is because of the Hongmen of the North and the South" that has been fuse into one. Everyone is his own. At this time, whoever stands up to mess up and provoke is undoubtedly breaking faith and Abandoning right means treason to the gang, and to deal with it according to family law, it should also be blamed for guilt. If anyone dares to make thoughtless remarks, they can just eliminate them all. "Zhang Yi heard this, frowning into a small bump, Meng Xun said it was right, reasonable and fair, but it was too silly to do it. The north and south Hongmen were just unified, and the Nanhongmen was the head of the head. If you do what Meng Xun said, you don't know how many people have to be removed from Nanhongmen, and it will even turn into a major purge of Nanhongmen.

     He looked at Xie Wendong embarrassedly, the latter's face was relaxed, looking at Erlang's legs, he had a casual cigarette without a mouthful.

     From the bottom of his heart, Xie Wendong is among 120 people who agree with Meng Xun’s statement. He is cautious and suspicious. He has always reused trusted brothers. The reason why the Nanhongmen personnel who were willing to surrender a while ago was just a gesture to meet the needs of wartime. No matter, now Xiang Wentian has surrendered, and the north and south Hongmen have basically been reunified. In his eyes, the Nanhongmen personnel have become unnecessary burdens. Untimed bombs are of course eliminated quickly. She has been wondering how to clean up the Nanhongmen inside Hongmen. Looking at it now, this time is a good opportunity.

     Although Xie Wendong did not express his position, his clothes looked like a matter of no concern to oneself, but Meng Xun knew his mind best. "Yu Ganheshan was beaten by hand." The latter laughed: "Now the hostility of the Nanhongmen personnel towards us is still very high. Big, this time to clean up the scattered forces in Nanhongmen, as long as the wrists are a little tougher, it will magnify the matter. By then, there will be many Nanhongmen who have surrendered to stand up and oppose it. We can also take this opportunity. These people all proposed associations."

     Zhang Yi looked at Meng Xun and smiled secretly, muttered: "Since Nanhongmen has surrendered, the people in charge are our own brothers. It is too much to use such methods on his own people..."Before he finished his words, Xie Wendong, who had never spoken, suddenly said: "Who admits that they are their own brothers? The hatred between the North and South Hongmen is too deep, and the prejudice is too deep. Reluctant to work together, there will inevitably be conflicts in the future. If there are conflicts, there will be problems, and if there are problems, there will be disputes and disputes. Of course, it is best to solve them as soon as possible. Excessive tendency to clemency will only leave troubles." paused, he leaned forward and squeezed out the cigarette in his hand, then stood up. , Said with a smile: "I see, just follow Xiao Xun's meaning, what about the opinions of the various brothers?"

     While speaking, he looked around at the crowd.

     Having spoken until here, fools can see Xie Wendong's original intention. Dong Xinlei and Ren Changfeng, who had originally planned to use tough methods, naturally had no objection. They stood up and said vigorously: "No objection, Brother Dong, just shrimp soldiers and crab generals (army of the Dragon King of) the Eastern Sea), eradicating them is almost the same as squeezing an ant!"

     Even if Zhang Yi was dissatisfied with this matter, he wouldn't have much to say. He scratched his hair and whispered in a low voice: "I still feel wrong, I reserve my opinion!"

     Dong Xinlei, Ren Changfeng, and Meng Xun looked at each other and they all couldn’t help but laugh. They laughed with anger, and muttered in their hearts. Zhang Yi is really a wooden head, and he can’t see the height of his eyebrows. Dong Ge said, he Not two, isn't this deliberately causing trouble?

     really. After hearing what he said, Xie Wendong smile on face froze, flipped a supercillious look towards him angrily, and said, "You keep your opinions in your stomach!" After speaking, he ignored Zhang Yi again. Walk out of the venue quickly.

     "Haha..." Dong Xinlei laughed out loud, patted Zhang Yi on the shoulder, and walked out of the venue.Xie Wendong is shrewd, but obstinate and self-opinionated. He can't listen to others' opinions most of the time, but he never hates people who give advice. Zhang Yi is honest and kind, so he can be said to be with Xie Wendong. People who are completely opposite, when things happen, the two people’s opinions are mostly run in the opposite direction, neither giving way to the other, but Xie Wendong was angry with him, but never thought of kicking Zhang Yi kick away, but always Stay by your side for reuse.

     It is precisely because of this that Zhang Yi dared to put forward his ideas safely in front of Xie Wendong, without worrying about being hated by Xie Wendong.

     Xie Wendong made up his mind to deal cruelly against Nan Hongmen's rebel forces in various places. Before his order was passed on, someone suddenly came to the door, Xiao Fang.

     Xie Wendong was somewhat surprised when he learned that Xiao Fang had come. Didn't this guy accompany Xiang Wentian "wandering around the world"? Why did he suddenly find him?

     After seeing Xiao Fang, Xie Wendong found that his complexion improved a lot, and said with a smile, "I haven't seen him for many days, Brother Xiao's injury seems to be almost healed!"

     In front of Xie Wendong, Xiao Fang was not restrained at all, let alone being polite. After saying hello, he didn't need Xie Wendong to take his seat. Then he said, "It's a good almost there. Thanks to Mr. Xie who started off leniently. Yeah!"

     "Haha!" Why does this sound like a mockery of myself?! Xie Wendong laughed twice, cut to the point, and asked: "How come Brother Xiao is so idle today, suddenly came to me?"

     Xiao Fang to open the door and see the mountain said resolutely: "I have come to take refuge in Mr. Xie.""Oh?" Xie Wendong wondered if he had mishearded his ears. Xiang Wentian's best friend and die-hard brother Xiao Fang actually took the initiative to come and take refuge in him. This is really the sun hitting the west. He chuckled leisurely, and asked uncertainly: "Brother Xiao meant that you want to do things under my hands?"

     "That's right!" Xiao Fang greatly nodded the head and asked, "I wonder if Mr. Xie is willing to use me?"

     "This..." Xiao Fang came to vote, making Xie Wendong too surprised, and he didn't know how to answer for a while.

     Upon seeing this, Xiao Fang questioned: "Mr. Xie Nandao doesn't trust me, think I am not qualified to do things under Mr. Xie's?"

     "Haha!" Xie Wendong laughed on his face, and said: "If Brother Xiao is not qualified to do things under my hand, then no one is qualified. I just don't understand, it's a good idea, why Brother Xiao came to take refuge in me. In his impression, Brother Xiao has always hated me!"

     "Yes, I hate you very much!" Xiao Fang also spoke bluntly, he said resolutely: "This is the case even now. I came because of the intention of Brother Xiang. Brother Xiang said that Mr. Xie just took over Nanhong. It must be very unfamiliar to its situation, and it is difficult to do things. You need someone familiar with Nanhongmen to help you. I am undoubtedly the best candidate. In business, I will never put my personal feelings on Above, Mr. Xie will surely make an all-out effort to assist Mr. Xie. I think Mr. Xie will do the same too!"

     In a word, Xie Wendong had no words, even if he didn't want to use Xiao Fang, he couldn't find a suitable excuse to shirk.A cunning Xiang Wentian, he left such a hand for himself after he left, sound beautiful, let Xiao Fang assist him, but in fact, it is true that Xiao Fang monitors himself! Xiao Fang is in Nanhongmen The prestige is too high and the status is too high. As long as he comes forward, what else is there, the rebellion can't be put down? But as a result, the plan to clean up the Nanhongmen personnel will not be implemented.

     Xie Wendong rubbed his chin and looked at Xiao Fang with a smile. I knew today that I shouldn’t have let him be soft-hearted at the beginning, If One Doesn't Cut The Grass At Its Roots, Then The Spring Breeze Will Blow And Give Life To It Once More Ah! Thinking, Xie Wendong laughing heartily, said with a nod: "Brother Xiang is really thoughtful about me! In that case, Brother Xiao will stay. For the matters of Nanhongmen, I still rely on Brother Xiao a lot. Yeah!"

     Xiao Fang shrugged and said, "Mr. Xie is too polite. From now on, you will be the master and I will be the slave. You have any instruction, despite the arrangements."

     Xiao Fang's refuge made Xie Wendong's plan to clean up the Nanhongmen personnel to an end without a problem. In turn, it also greatly accelerated the overall unification of the South and North Hongmen.

     Within a month, Nanhongmen dispersed. The chaos of force was settled down one by one, and they were all included in the Hongmen. Since then, in China, there is no name for North Hongmen and Nanhongmen, only has one name, that is Hongmen.

     The decades-long rule of the North and South ends here, and the dream of the successive heads of the North and South Hongmen was not announced until Xie Wendong's generation.

     It was not until this time that Xie Wendong’s name truly penetrated north and south of China, becoming the overlord of the underworld not just in name only, but also in reality, unique and unmatched.

     The unification of the country made Xie Wendong no fears of trouble in the rear, and the road to the world was just getting started.And this road, there are more dangers, more thorns, and more "wooden hands" against unknown opponents. Xie Wendong wants to go down, and he also wants to go down, with the blood around him still burning. Brothers, to realize his and their dreams, to pursue is the process of turning dreams into reality.

     What are men's hands used for?

     It's not just grabbing food to fill your stomach, nor just grabbing jewelry to decorate the woman. When it holds the sword, it is going to conquer the world.

     Watching opponents fall under his feet one by one, taking away everything that belongs to them, listening to their desperate cry, and stepping on them to climb to the highest point. This is what Xie Wendong wants and wants to do.

     (End of book)

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