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0 Chapter Directory 563 Qu Zhongren San
    Chinese Name: 佣兵天下  Author: 说不得大师(Shuōbudé dàshī, Master Don't Say)
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When Lu'er, Yinfeng, Mingya, etc. joined forces to seal the dragon god Pallot, Amy with tears on his face, Hubble did not go there, because he knew that first, he did not need to go there, and second, she did. Do other more important things, otherwise Da Qing Shan will scold him for ten thousand years.

     Once again, I took a golden fist size box from Yi Hailan's hand. Amy clung to the Radiant Temple and opened it. The "Dragon Knight Curse Bonechewing Flame" that was basically unable to be lifted lit his whole body. The godhead under the Radiant Temple It was broken, a ray of milky white light curled into the golden box, then disappeared without trace.

     The gods have recovered from the shock, and the Sun God's Royal Highness squatted down and respectfully asked the small human in front of him, "Your Highness, what is this?"

     The tears in Amy's eyes are still streaming, but his mind is really clear. The seven gods on the continent of Phanos all have goals. It is obvious that the other main gods are still loyal to the Father: "Father His Highness was attacked...he was seriously injured. If he wants to recover, he must inhale the first-level Godhead of the Lord God to help His Highness the Father gradually recover."

     Vulcan, Sun God, Water God and other His Highness looked at each other. As the Lord God, they obviously knew more about similar principles than Amy. After the Father God created the creature, he gave his godhead to each god, especially the first level of the Lord God. According to what has been said before, if His Highness the Father really suffers serious damage or even falls into the dilemma that the Godhead cannot be Self-Recovery, then... the only shortcut is to absorb the first-level Godhead from the Father Godhead.Originally, the six gods, led by the God of War, the God of Light, and the God of Wisdom, were forgiven their sins. They were also doing business in collusion with the Dragon God, causing His Royal Highness the Father to fall into the current embarrassment, solving violence with violence, and finally recovering His Highness, it became the only one and doesn't. t have any wrong way.

     Because of a small human being, the biggest backer, the dragon god, Palot, was sealed for 10,000 years. The god of war saw it, the god of wisdom, the god of mountains, and the god of sea. They also saw that they were still struggling on the ground. Destroy the God of Light, who is only One Step Away, and of course, there is also the God of Love lying on the ground as if sleeping.

     The God of War suddenly laughed, and smiled at Ling Yun who was crying on the opposite side, muddled and completely collapsing: "Your Excellency, may I ask your name."

     Ling Yun was also stunned from crying. He had seen two or three faces of the God of War. However, he had never seen the real smile of the God of War. The dazed young dragon knight was just like the first deputy commander of the mercenary group usually taught. Stretching out his right hand and buckling his left chest heavily: "Lingyun underneath."

     The God of War still smiled, a very peaceful smile, just like a warrior to a warrior: I am a warrior, and you are also a warrior, sir. You have defeated me before, and now I demand a fair fight again and a perfect victory. "

     Ling Yun was crying on his face and crying in his heart, but his mind was not confused. Without these gods who set up on high, there would never be this war. Uncle Barbas, Uncle Long and others would not. If you die, Deputy Sir Captain will not be Uncle Barbas, Uncle Long and others will not die, and Deputy Sir Captain will notSinging that eternal singular sing, the young man thought in his heart that even if he was not an opponent, there would be Captain Amy and Da Qingshan behind him... no, Horns, Chi Aotian and other deputy captains, besides, in case he succeeded in a sneak attack So, Ling Yun wiped away his tears and completely left behind the cleanliness that the first deputy commander usually teaches knights: "Okay, I will do a duel between knights."

     Say me, Ling Yun drew the light blue long sword with his backhand, and all the main gods recognized it. Isn't this long sword the one that slashed the god of war in Huayu Plain last time? The main gods did not underestimate this young man, even he was listed as a super brave with the same combat power as Amy, Da Qing Shan, Chi Aotian, Yi Hailan and so on.

     Ling Yun turned on the dragon, and his mount, Long Meng Yu Canra, is not much better now. The deputy commander of Daqingshan just now became the first dragon knight to betray the dragon knight's promise. I don't know how, both are the betrayers. Kanla was so proud of having such a deputy commander. He was so proud that he even hoped that the betrayal was how good he should be. Now, looking at the invincible God of War in front of him, Kanla was crying bitterly just now. Fear: A masculine man who is born to live together, so why be afraid of death. Dragon, ,,,, and male dragons are also masculine husbands. Even if they cannot defeat the God of War, they have to bite hard when they die, so the embarrassed Canra constantly grinds his teeth. .

     The God of War took back all the Dharma and returned to the Civil Service. Originally, facing a brave man in the world, if he even went with the Dharma and the truth, regardless of winning or losing, he would be ashamed and lost in the end. The main gods think so regardless of their camp.Facing the dragon knight, the god of war slightly raised the magic pestle. Is this outside? arms? ? 108 The cast of the devil’s pestle is unfolded, not to mention a Lingyun and a giant dragon, counting from one to two

     All the top players on the list, plus the eight-headed Holy Dragon, are absolutely inaccessible.

     Ling Yun fundamentally has not thought to defeat the God of War head-on, as long as he sneaks on, even if it's just a sword, to help the commanders and deputy commanders behind, even if they die immediately, there's nothing about it

     The fire-winning dragon hovered over the main hall for two weeks and died in battle? Then he smiled and threw the Demon Pestle into the air. The giant Demon Pestle was hovered and rotated like a windmill. No matter which direction Ling Yun passed by, he was destined to receive a head-on blow.

     Ling Yun almost bit his lower lip. Finally, he turned his heart and drove the mounted dragon to attack God of War from the front. The creation sword in his hand was straight, and the goal was one, the chest of God of War! There is no more obvious goal than this. Ling Yun had only one thought at the time. Even if Jiang Mochu smashed himself into meat sauce, the long sword in his hand should not be shaken a bit, he must plunge in fiercely, splashing blood. !

     Mengxuecanla let out a long groan, and his two wings drew a colorful light in the air, as if a flying rainbow was shooting at the God of War, and then...the sky of blood flew up!

     The tall body of the Highness War God, the first hero of the Creation God Realm, fell to the ground!

     And that descending magic pestle immediately turned into a stream of fireflies and disappeared... it turned out to be a fantasy!The God of Wisdom sat on a chair, saw the last scene, nodded, and gave his hand to the other two main gods: "Unexpectedly, the God of War has been chasing after the Lord of Love. In the end, he chose this shortcut. For thousands of years, There is no need to say more about right and wrong. Since there is no hope of winning, then it is better to learn the God of War and the God of Eros.

     Say me, the god of wisdom borrowed a sword from Amy, even if it is not clear blue, he will come with a sharp sword. When Lu'er left, the armband was thrown on the ground, and Ling Baoer walked by and picked it up and patted the hand of the god of wisdom. Here, the God of Wisdom sighed: "How many years drift with the waves and go with the flow, today knows, the world is precious." After speaking, the sleeved dagger quietly fell into his chest, and the face of Wisdom was calm as asleep.

     The faces of the two main gods, the mountain god and the sea god, were full of sadness. Among the later main gods, the bravery of the god of war and the strategy of the god of wisdom were far beyond them. Now, the two strongest gods have chosen to go calmly. To die, the mountain god and sea god chose without other, and finally glanced at the god behind him. After the mountain god was cut off from Qianhai, the two gods quietly went away with the help of sleeve-colored daggers.

     Yi Hailan held the golden box and waited aside. After each of the main gods left, the golden box immediately received a light of light. In the end, all the lights of the six main gods were sucked into the box.The blond demon looked at the mercenary king, Amy ignored him at all. For Amy and Hubble, the task received on Alcatraz has already exceeded the expected goal. Of course... the cost is more. It exceeded the expected estimate. When the God of War, God of Light, and God of Wisdom did not plead guilty, Amy could not and would not let them go, but... now, all the main gods who should plead guilty have already made it clear that the painful price must be borne. responsibility.

     The only reason Amy cheeks streaming with tears hasn’t gone is that the fire hasn’t gone out yet. There is... there is her own brother in the sea, so Amy just gently rubbed the shredded paper at hand aimlessly. Let them turn into thin confetti, and finally disappear at your fingertips.

     All the next races from Eminor’s big rate, look at Amy’s only tearful face, just like everyone has become a golden brain, everyone has guessed Amy’s thoughts and stood not far away. Waited without saying a word.

     Only Lingbaoer was an exception. She wanted to lean over to comfort her with a word or two, but the little girl didn't dare. In front of Amy's brother not say a word, it seemed that she had completely changed.

     The other six main gods saw Yi Hailan holding an empty box still in a daze, and quickly asked why the Father God did not appear, Yi Hailan doesn't know at all how to answer the six main gods. Because he knows that as long as he tells the reason, the six main gods here, although they have done nothing wrong, they take the initiative to die alone...

     In the end, I was really annoyed by being asked, and Yinfeng also knew the news, and the eternal dragon Yinfeng directly roared the answer.

     As expected, the six main gods were stunned!If it involves betraying His Highness the Father, then even if the body and crushed bones are torn body and crushed bones, it is not an exaggeration to crush the last ghost to the heaven falls and earth rends in the cold spring underground, but...everyone doesn’t have any wrong time , It is mandatory for a main god to disappear forever...Who would do such a thing?

     Six great gods, look at me, and I look at you, no one knows how to speak, let alone what to say.

     Just when the entire Chuangshi God Hall was as silent as the stagnant water, the faces of the three gods in the Vulcan Star Palace suddenly dimmed at the same time, and the Vulcan Lord slightly stepped forward. The Vulcan waved his hand to let him retreat, and was silent for a while , His Royal Highness stopped/stood, looked over the gods, and landed on the faintly flickering firelight in the corner of the temple: "The oldest qualifications, the longest lifespan... I do not go first, who will go first."

     "His Royal Highness!" The other two gods of the Huode Star Palace quickly stopped at the same time

     Vulcan smiled faintly: "For thousands of years, the only god of the Huo De Xing Gong has gone. A few years ago in the world, she tried to save me, nine deaths and still alive, if this is not the case, there is a fire phoenix bless... …And her husband, just now for the brother and the mount dragon… That’s it????? I look down on the human species, but now it seems that we are looked down upon instead??? The last thing, or It can be seen by others."

     The giant sword was thrown on the ground by Mingfang just now. Vulcan slowly walked over, bent over and picked up the long sword, and gently sighed: "Come with the Father God, and go because of the Father God. Sincerely don't deceive me! "

     His Highness Fire God's arms trembled slightly, blue sword energy assaults the senses...

     Just like this, a ray of red light fell into the golden wooden box.This time, there is no need for anyone to remind, everyone in the whole, in a flash sensed-near the ear, between the heaven and the earth, it seems that someone suddenly breathed softly.

     Soon after waiting, the entire God Realm suddenly became noisy, the sky full of colorful birds weaves a colorful rainbow bridge in the sky, the clear spring stream in the mountains laughs more cheerfully, and the valley is full of flowers like clouds. The film is in full bloom!

     The noise suddenly disappeared outside the hall of the Father God. Immediately, a middle-aged man with a yellow face and looking keep on the right side of everyone gently patted the door: "I'm back."

     Your Highness the Father? In the hall is in a flash, all the gods, without exception, all kneel down. And behind this middle-aged man, on the vast square of the Great Hall of the Gods, no matter gods, angels, birds, any creatures with only the most primitive intelligence, their foreheads all touch the ground.

     Of course, is also not at all everyone knelt down. At least, in the Great Hall of Creation God, there are a considerable number of intelligent species that seem to have not found the God of Creation Temple to return at all.

     Not only one Amy, but also Lin Yushang, Horns, Chi Aotian, Lingbaoer, Lingyun, Huer... dozens of human heroes have not looked back at all, all of those people's glittering eyes are beating With the last few rice grains of the fire, they were waiting for it to go out, but they were afraid that it would go out...Finally, someone could not bear the unbearable pressure of life, and blocked their eyes with their hands.The middle-aged man with a yellowish face slowly walked to Amy's side, also holding the breath, looking at the burning and extinguishing fire, and finally whispered next to Amy: "I am a creation, everything here, In Mingming, I saw it all..."

     "Can you save him? Please, save him, I can give everything!" Amy turned her head suddenly, her lips trembled, and tears surges out from her eyes again! In Amy's life, she never asked others because of anything.

     The creator dazed for a moment, then shook his head slightly and smiled bitterly: "I can't. Even if you span countless parallel universes, you don't have any people can."

     Amy dazed for a moment dazed for a moment, pushed the middle-aged away casually, without saying a word, continued to look at the few flames. The flame changed from a few to two, and the last one...on the jade bricks on the ground, thoroughly. As if nothing at all had appeared, Amy walked to the flame, knelt down and looked at it carefully. The young man watched and knelt down. ? ? The tears are falling,? There was a crisp sound on the jade bricks.

     And the last flame, finally? ? It bounced twice-disappeared!

     On the big bricks, nothing at all is left, just like there was no one sitting here just now, just like in this world there is no such person as Daqingshan at all, thoroughly...

     Amy changed from kneeling to sitting, just looking in front of the brick, glanced at another, wishing to dig out the brick with her eyes... No... it was digging out the big green mountain from the brick... But, in the end... …Or thoroughly, not having anything at all.Amy Haber finally confirmed that her eyes did not deceive herself, and that there will be no miracles here now and in the future. The young man slowly stood up, not looking at the blue meteorite giant sword thrown on the ground, and just greeted softly. With a cry:


     "Wait." The middle-aged man has been waiting by the side, letting the tens of thousands of lives inside and outside the hall long kneeling cannot rise, watching Amy go, he called, Amy ignored him, and the middle-aged man walked up. Two steps pulled Amy Huber: "The Creation God Realm suffered this catastrophe, such as the monarchs of the small mercenary group and Yi Hailan, it may be consigned to eternal damnation ever since."

     "So what?" Amy looked back at the mundane creator.

     "The gods are chaotic and chaotic for thousands of years, and the super-half-dominant gods have fallen into the devil dao. The human world has been on the contrary. For more than ten years, heroes have appeared in large numbers. Therefore, I plan to make the heroes of the human world the gods... even the main god! "The creator's tone is very determined, even somewhat agitated.

     "Thank you, I'm a small mercenary. I will only discuss the price in advance, and it will be exempted afterwards. The long sword will eventually be sheathed, and the warrior will already return to the dust, that's all..." Amy looked at the creator with her palms. He wiped away the tears from his face and gradually recovered his calm.

     "I am going to bestow the title of the oldest god on you, Amy Hubble, listen to it!" The creator's voice gradually became louder, and the eyes of the gods inside and outside the hall were filled with strange brilliance, everyone knew , The oldest god in the God Realm has only one title, and this title is comparable to the creator!"In the past thousands of days and months, the great king of the world, Golden Brain Amy Hubble, as the most outstanding member of my people, his excellence, his prestige, enough to pass through several creation gods. And the Dragon Realm, so, Amy Haber is specially designated as the new generation of'Wisdom God'!"

     Just under thousands of staring eyes, the new generation of His Highness the "Wisdom God" slowly walked outside the hall.

     "Amy! Amy!" Yi Hailan chased dozens of steps from the hall and finally caught up: "The human world has paid a heavy price for this catastrophe. The Father God did this to compensate, you think, only Species that truly come from the human world hold great powers, and only then will they be considered from the perspective of human species."

     Amy shook Yi Hailan's palm, turned around, and glanced lightly at the many nether heroes behind him: "I won't stay, but I don't object to anyone staying."

     Immediately, Amy's gaze crossed the heads of countless gods and looked at the creator standing in front of the throne in the middle of the hall. The unique magnetic voice of young people echoed in the hall of the Father God and even in the entire God Realm: "I don't need any canonization. The person is really omnipotent, just turn back time, let me return to the ice and snow continent, and still have my brother... Although human beings were created by gods, from the day they were born, they wanted to be sure. The thought of one's own destiny; perhaps human beings do not have the infinite life span of gods, but the thought of human beings yearning for freedom is as noble as the gods!"

     According to the calculation of the human calendar, in the spring of the fifteenth year of the magic calendar, shortly after the death of the Divine Dragon Knight in Daqingshan, the head of the small mercenary force, Amy Haber, drove the six-winged dragon king Mingya and left the God Realm alone and disappeared. .Later, someone said that he had seen a man walking in a hurry in Frozen Continent, who looked very much like His Royal Highness the Mercenary King.

     Others said that on the south side of Huayu Plain, they had seen His Royal Highness the Mercenary King and Divine Dragon Knight. The residents of Fanos firmly believed that the mercenary king from Fanos ascended to the realm of the gods, and eventually, he settled down in Fanos.

     Year after year passed... With countless wandering poets playing dombra and singing "Mercury World" in the tree house bar, about the mercenary king Amy Harper, Divine Dragon Knight, Daqingshan, Black Face The story of the Dragon King Death God Pond Aotian is like the spring of the Creation God Realm-without feet, he has walked every continent and walked into every remote courtyard. Wherever there is wisdom, there is Thousands of different mercenary kings, Divine Dragon Knight, black face dragon king...

     (End of the book)