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0 Chapter Directory 563 Qu Zhongren San
    Author: 说不得大师(Shuōbudé dàshī, Master Don't Say)
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When Luer, Yinfeng, and Mingya joined forces to seal the Dragon God Pelott, Amy, who had tears on her face, Hubble did not pass, because he knew that first, he did not need to pass, and second, she had Other more important things to do, otherwise, Daqingshan will scold him for 10,000 years.

Once again took a golden fist-sized box from Yi Hailan's hand, and Amy opened it close to the side of His Royal Highness. The "Dragon Knight Curse Bone Flame" lifted by the basicly unable to ignite the whole body, the God of Light Has broken, a ray of milky white light curled into the golden box, disappeared without a trace.

The gods have recovered from the shock, and the lower god half crouched down and asked the tiny human in front of him very politely, "His Royal Highness, what is this?"

The tears in Amy ’s eyes are still flowing, but his mind is indeed sober. The seven gods on the mainland of Fanos have goals. Obviously, the remaining master gods are still loyal to His Royal Highness: "Father His Royal Highness was attacked ... Severely injured. If he wants to recover, he must inhale the first-level Godhead to help His Royal Highness gradually recover. "

His Royal Highnesses, such as Vulcan, Sun God, and Water God, looked at each other. As the Lord God, they obviously understood more than Amy. After the Father God created something, give his deity to every deity, especially the Lord God. According to what I said before, if His Father His Royal Highness is really hit or even caught in the dilemma that the Godhead cannot be Self-Restoration, then ... absorbing the first-level Godhead from the Father Godhead becomes the only shortcut.Originally, the six gods led by God of War, God of Light, and God of Wisdom were unjustly forgiven of their sins, and he was also the spear of Lip Lai God, causing His Father His Highness to fall into the present embarrassment. Any wrong way.

Because of a tiny human being, the biggest mountain dragon god, Pallot, was tearfully sealed for 10,000 years. The God of War saw it, the God of Wisdom, the Mountain God, and the Poseidon. They also saw that they were still struggling on the ground. The God of Light is only one step away. Of course, there is His Royal Highness lying on the ground like sleeping.

The God of War suddenly smiled and smiled at the messy Ling Yun who was crying across from him: "Your Excellency, may I ask your name."

Ling Yun was also stunned crying. He had seen God of War in two or three ways, but he had never seen God of War ’s true smile. The dazed young dragon knight was just like the first deputy head of the mercenary group taught. Stretch your right hand and buckle your left chest heavily: "Ling Lingyun."

The God of War is still smiling, very peaceful, just like the warrior to the warrior: I am a warrior, you are also a warrior, sir, you have defeated me before, now I demand a fair fight again, a victory and defeat. "

Ling Yun was crying on his face and crying in his heart, but his mind was not confused. Without these high gods, there would be no war. Uncle Barbas, Uncle Long and all others would not die, Vice -Captain-sama will not be Uncle Barbas, Uncle Long and everyone else will not die, Vice-Captain-sama will notSinging the eternal singing, the young man was thinking, even if he was not an opponent, then there was the head of Amy, Daqingshan "... no Hornes, Chi Aotian and other deputy heads, let ’s say, in case they attacked successfully So, Ling Yun wiped his tears and completely left behind the cleanliness and tidiness that the first deputy commander usually taught the knights should be: "Well, I will do a duel between knights. "

Say me, Ling Yun pulled out the pale blue long sword in his backhand, and all the main gods recognized it. Isn't this long sword the last one that cut the god of war on the Huayu Plain? The main gods did not underestimate this young man. He even listed him as a super brave with the same combat power as Amy, Daqingshan, Chi Aotian, Yi Hailan.

Ling Yun turned over the dragon, and his mount Long Meng Kanla is not much better now. Just now the deputy head of Daqingshan became the first dragon knight to betray the promise of the dragon knight. Kanara was so proud of having such a deputy commander. He was so proud that he even wanted to betray how good he was at that time. Now, looking at the invincible God of War in front of him, he was still crying. Fear: The man-husband husband is born to have a happy life, and he is not afraid of the dead. The dragon ,,,,, and the dragon are also the man-husband husband. .

God of War withdrew all the Fas, and returned to the Civilian. Originally, in the face of a brave man, if he still brought Fas with him, no matter whether he wins or loses, in the end he will be ashamed and die.Facing the Dragon Knight, the God of War slightly lifted the Magic Pestle. Is this outside? arms? ? Hundred and eight lowered the magic pestle Shi unfolded, not to mention a Ling Yun and a giant dragon, from one to two hundred, the battle soul

All the masters on the list, plus ten heads and eight heads of sacred dragons, are absolutely not close.

Ling Yun didn't even think of defeating the God of War head-on, as long as he secretly attacked, even if he just cut a sword, and made some effort for the deputy heads of the heads, even if they died immediately, there was nothing.

The Huolong dragon circled over the hall for two weeks, and died in battle? With a smile, throw the magic pestle into the air, and the giant magic pestle windmill spins and floats, no matter which direction Ling Yun passes, it is destined to be hit head-on.

Ling Yun bit his lower lip, and finally, he turned his heart across and drove the mount dragon straight from the front to the God of War. The straight sword of the creation was in his hand. The goal was one, the chest of God of War! There is no more obvious goal than this. Ling Yun had only one thought at the time. Even if the demonic pestle smashed himself into a meat sauce, the long sword in his hand could not be shaken a little, and he must pierce it fiercely, splashing the sky of blood!

Mengkangla gave a long chant, and his wings blazed a colorful light in the air, as if a flying rainbow shot towards the God of War, and then ... the blood of the sky flew up!

The tall body of His Majesty the God of War, the first brave creator of Genesis God Realm, fell to the ground!

And the lowering magic pestle immediately turned into a stream of firefly disappeared ... turned out to be a fantasy!The God of Wisdom sat on the chair, and attentively saw the last scene, nodded, and hurriedly rushed to the other two main gods: "Unexpectedly, the God of War has been chasing His Royal Highness. In the end, he has chosen such a shortcut. The millennium is There is no need to say more about right and wrong. Since there is no hope of winning, it is better to learn the god of war and the god of love.

Say me, the God of Wisdom borrowed a sword from Amy, even if it wasn't blue, he also brought a sharp sword. When Luer walked, the sleeve color was dropped on the ground, Ling Baoer walked over to pick it up, and patted it on the hand of Wisdom God. Here, the God of Wisdom sighed: "How many years have gone with the waves, and today it is known that the world is precious." After that, the Xiu Cai dagger quietly fell into his chest, and the Wisdom God's face was as calm as a sleep.

The faces of the two main gods, the mountain god and the sea god, are full of sadness. Among the later main gods, the bravery of the war god and the strategy of the god of wisdom are far beyond their imagination. Now, the two strongest gods have chosen to calmly go After death, the mountain god and the sea god had no other choice. Finally, take a quick look behind the god. After the mountain god broke off before the sea god, the two gods walked away quietly with the help of the sleeve color dagger.

Yi Hailan held the golden box and waited on the side. After leaving the main goddess, the golden box immediately received a divine light. Eventually, the divine lights of the six main gods were all drawn into the box.The blonde magician looked at the mercenary king, and Amy ignored him. For Amy and Hubble, the mission received on Alcatraz Island had already exceeded the expected goal, of course ... It is more than expected. When God of War, God of Light, and God of Wisdom did not serve sin, Amy could not and will not let them go, but ... Now, all the Lord Gods who should sin, have clearly made the painful price bear the must bear responsibility.

The only reason why Amy burst into tears and did n’t go was that the fire was still out, there was a sea ... and her brother, so Amy just gently rubbed the shredded paper in hand purposelessly to let They turned into thin paper scraps and finally disappeared at the fingertips.

All the next races from Amy Noel's rash, look at Amy's only tearful face, just like everyone has become a golden brain, everyone has guessed Amy's idea, standing not far away, Waiting silently.

The only exception is Ling Bao'er, who wanted to comfort a sentence or two from the past, but the little girl didn't dare. Brother Amy didn't say a word in front of him, as if she had completely changed.

The other six main gods saw Yi Hailan holding an empty box still stunned, and quickly asked why the Father His Royal Highness did not appear, Yi Hailan didn't know at all how to answer the six main gods. Because he knows that as long as he tells the reason, the six main gods here, although they did nothing wrong, but they will die on their own initiative ...

Finally, I was really annoyed, and Yinfeng knew exactly the news, and the first evil dragon Yinfeng roared the answer directly.

Sure enough, no surprise, the six main gods were stunned!If it involves the betrayal of His Father, then even if you crush your bones and crush the last ghost in the cold spring under the ground tortured until the sky collapses, it is not an exaggeration, but ... When no one has any mistakes, there must be a master god disappearing forever ... ... who would do such a thing?

The six main gods, look at me, I look at you, no one knows how to speak, let alone what to say.

Just as the entire temple of Genesis God was as quiet as the backwaters, the faces of the three gods of Vulcan Spear suddenly dimmed at the same time, and they stepped forward slightly from the God of Vulcans, and waved their hands under the God of Vulture to make him retreat, and silent for a while His Royal Highness stood up, his eyes crossed the gods, and fell on the slightly gleaming firelight in the corner of the temple: "The oldest qualification, the longest life ... I will not go first."

"His Royal Highness!" Huo De spear the other two princes quickly stopped at the same time

Vulcan smiled faintly: "For thousands of years, the only Huo De spear man has gone away. A few years ago, she died to save me for nine years, if it was not for the fire Phoenix to bless ... And her husband, just Brothers and Mounted Dragons ... just like this ????? Look down on the human species, but now it looks like we are looked down upon, but it's us ????? The last thing that can be seen by others. "

The giant sword was thrown on the ground by the dark teeth just now. Vulcan slowly walked over, bent over to pick up the long sword, and sighed softly: "Follow the God of the Father, and go because of the God of the Father. Sincerely not Fool me! "

The arm of His Royal Highness trembles slightly, blue sword energy pours across his face ...

A ray of red divine light is just like this, falling into the golden wooden box.This time, there was no need to remind anyone at all, everyone in the whole felt it in a flash-in the ear, between heaven and earth, as if suddenly a person took a soft breath.

After waiting for a while, the whole God Realm suddenly clamored, the colorful birds in the sky weaved a colorful bridge in the sky, the clear spring creek in the mountains gave a more cheerful laughter, and a cloud of flowers in the valley The film is in full bloom!

The hustle and bustle suddenly disappeared outside the hall of the Father and God. Immediately, a middle-aged man with a yellow complexion and a gentle look patted the door gently: "I'm back."

His Royal Highness? The main hall is in a flash, and all the gods kneel down without exception. Behind this middle-aged man, on the vast hall square of the gods, regardless of gods, angels, and birds, any creature with only the most initial spiritual intelligence, all foreheads are spotted.

Of course, not everyone has fallen to their knees. At least, there are still a considerable number of intelligent species in the Genesis God's Hall, and it seems that they have not found the God of Creation Temple and returned.

Not just an Amy, but also Lin Yushang, Horns, Chi Aotian, Lingbaoer, Ling Yun, Huerdu ... dozens of human heroes never looked back, all of them were beating in the glittering eyes The last few grains of fire were waiting for it to extinguish, but they were afraid that it would extinguish ... Finally, someone could not bear the unbearable pressure of this life and blocked their eyes with their hands.

The middle-aged man with a slightly yellow complexion walked slowly to Amy's side, holding his breath as well, looking at the burning fire, and finally whispered next to Amy: "I am a creature, everything here, In the midst, I have seen ... ""Can you save him? Please, save him, I can give everything!" Amy turned her head suddenly, her lips trembling, and tears surged out of her eyes again! In Amy's life, she never asked anyone for anything.

The creator froze for a moment, then shook his head slightly and smiled bitterly: "I can't, even if you cross countless parallel spaces, no one can."

Amy froze for a moment, then pushed the middle-aged man away without saying a word, and continued to look at the flames. The flame changed from a few to two, and the last one ... the jade bricks on the ground were clean. As if nothing had appeared, Amy walked to the flame and squatted down to look carefully. The young man looked down and knelt down. ? ? The tears are falling, Crunchy on the jade brick.

And the last flame, finally? ? Beat twice-disappeared!

There is really nothing left on the big brick, just like there was no one sitting here just now, just like there is no such person as Daqingshan in this world, so clean ...

Amy changed from kneeling to sitting, looking in front of the brick, taking a quick look again, wishing to dig out the brick with his eyes ... no ... it was digging the Daqing Mountain out of the brick ... but, In the end ... it was still clean and nothing was left.

Amy Huber finally confirmed that his eyes did not lie to himself. No miracles would appear here and in the future. The young man stood up slowly, did not look at the azure meteorite giant sword thrown on the ground, just greeted With a cry:

"gone.""Wait." The middle-aged man had been waiting beside him, letting tens of thousands of lives inside and outside the hall long kneeling cannot rise, watching Amy going, he called, Amy ignored him, and the middle-aged man walked up Amy Haber was caught in two steps: "Creative God Realm was robbed by this, such as the non-small mercenary regiments and Yi Hailan, maybe, from then on, they will be caught in the looming."

"So what?" Amy looked back at the great to ordinary creator.

"God Realm has been disordered for thousands of years, and more than half of the main gods have fallen into the devil's path. The human world is just the opposite. For more than ten years, heroes have come out in large numbers, so I am planning to seal the heroes of the human world as the gods ... even the main god! The tone of the person was very determined, and even a little excited.

"Thanks, I am a small mercenary, I will only talk about the price in advance, afterwards, it will be free. The long sword will eventually be sheathed, the warrior has been reduced to dust, so ..." Amy looked at the creator, palms The tears on his face were wiped off vigorously, and calm was gradually restored.

"I'm going to give you the title of the oldest god to you, Amy Huber, listen to it!" The voice of the creator gradually became louder, and the eyes of the gods inside and outside the hall flowed with a different brilliance, everyone knows , The oldest deity of God Realm has only one title, and this title is on par with the creator!

"In the past thousands of days and months, His Royal Highness King Amy Haber, the golden brain of the world, as the best member of my people, his excellence and his prestige are enough to spread through several creation gods. And the Dragon Realm, therefore, the special volume named Amy Huber as a new generation of "God of Wisdom"! "

Under the eyes of all, His Royal Highness, a new generation of "God of Wisdom", slowly walked outside the hall."Amy! Amy!" Yi Hailan finally chased after dozens of steps from the main hall: "The human world paid a tremendous price for this disaster. The Father did this to compensate, you think, only Species that really come from the human world hold the weight, and they will be considered from the perspective of human species. "

Amy shook Yi Hailan's palm, turned around, and looked at the many nether heroes behind her: "I don't stay, but I don't oppose anyone to stay."

Immediately, Amy's eyes crossed the heads of countless gods, looking at the creator standing in front of the throne in the middle of the hall, the magnetic sound unique to the young people echoed in the father's hall and the entire god realm: "I don't need any envelop, if the creation The person is really omnipotent, let me go back in time, let me return to the ice and snow continent, and still have my brother ... Although human beings were created by God, from the day of their birth, they have wanted to grasp The idea of one's own destiny; maybe human beings have not as long a life as God, but the idea of human beings yearning for freedom is as noble as the gods! "

According to the calculation of the human calendar, in the spring of fifteen years of magic, shortly after the death of the holy dragon knight Daqingshan, Amy Haber, the head of the small mercenary force, led the six-winged dragon king Mingya and left the realm of God alone. .

Later, it was said that I once saw a man in a hurry in Frozen Continent, which looked very much like His Royal Highness.

Others said that on the south side of the Huayu Plain, they had seen the side of the mercenary king and the sacred dragon knight. The residents of Fanos firmly believed that the mercenary king ascended the god realm from Fanos, and eventually retired in Fanos.Year after year ... With countless minstrels playing Dongbula singing "Mercenary World" in the tree house bar, about mercenary king Amy Haber, Holy Dragon Knight Daqingshan, Black The story of the face-dragon king, the god of death Chi Aotian, is like the spring of Genesis God Realm-without feet, but walks every continent step by step, into every remote courtyard. There are thousands of different mercenary kings, sacred dragon knights, black-faced dragon kings ...

(End of book)