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0 Chapter Directory 287 Universe Universe Chapter 8 The Last Battle
    Chinese Name: 小兵传奇  Author: 玄雨(Xuán yǔ, Mysterious Rain)
    Original: | Translator:

Seeing that the Second Front was dispatched, the Third Front immediately formed a line-up and marched forward neatly. .

     The Fourth Front began to urge the First Front to quickly return to the rear to rest, and the front line should be left to itself.

     After spraying a few beams angrily, the first army reluctantly turned around and entered the logistics maintenance unit.

     The Datang Army following up the victory with hot pursuit is indeed a good time. Because of the Firepower of the Mobile Fortress, the mighty army, whose army has become thinner, was hit by a cone formation that is most suitable for puncture defense formations. Big hole.

     I originally wanted to close the hole back, but who would have thought that there were fifteen Mobile Fortress behind the cone formation, and a burst of violent non-stop secondary gun firing made the closing operation fail.

     After the one more time cone formation and fifteen Mobile Fortresses later, the troops in this area were completely broken up, and they couldn't even try to snatch them back, because there was another force behind to stabilize the place.

     After understanding this, seeing the warplanes disappeared, I could only find another mighty army on the battle site, and immediately retreated without hesitation. The Tang army did not continue to pursue it, and began to stay to rest and secure the land.

     "Your Majesty, all these damn mighty people are lunatics! They are not afraid of death at all, they are more fanatical than the most fanatical religious people, and they directly attack our fighting armor with their teeth and nails!

     "But the strangest thing is that these mighty people only have the simplest weapons. Our landing personnel have no casualties at all, but the advancement is very slow. Do we need to exterminate them all?"Although the commander of the landing force had long been given the order to slaughter the people of Mighty Kingdom, and he also made a firm resolution not to treat them as human beings, but when they really fought with them, they found that they are flesh and blood's body just like themselves. , Will feel pain, so compassionate, can not help but report the situation to Tang Long.

     Of course, if Tang Long ordered the massacre, he would still execute the command faithfully.

     "They only have simple weapons?" Tang Long asked brows wrinkled.

     "Yes, your Majesty, compared to our Datang Police Force, the weapons are more advanced." The commander hurriedly replied after seeing the scene.

     After pondered, Tang Long said, "Well, suspend all ground attacks and spread my image to the entire universe, especially all the occupying stars of the entire mighty kingdom. I want to speak."

     "Yes!" the commander saluted immediately.

     Those who were still using their bodies to attack the Mech Warrior in vain suddenly discovered that these terrifying Mech Warriors stopped their attacks and shouted with the loudspeaker: "Stop attacking! Everyone stop attacking! I, Great Tang State Emperor Your Majesty has something to say to you!"

     When the people of Weishen heard this, hesitated for a moment, they saw a huge image in the sky. They stopped their useless attacks and looked up at the sky. The one in the sky was wearing a straight military uniform. , Looks handsome and mature, and has a pair of men who can make people feel inexplicable."Hello everyone, I am the emperor of Tang Dynasty, Tang Long." Tang Long said with a smile, "I believe you should have heard of my name. I don't know why you use the body of a **** Against my army? Maybe because we are the invaders, maybe because we are not of the same kind as you.

     "I don't know if you are clones, but my soldiers told me that you are not a walking corpse. You can understand things. You have an own family house. The most important thing is that you will suffer pain and suffering for your own family members. Anger. From this point, I can conclude that you already have human emotions and thoughts."

     Hearing this, almost all the people of the mighty kingdom shuddered, the confused look in their eyes disappeared, and a complicated look was replaced.

     Although the actions and actions of the people of Weishen Kingdom were collected and reported, Tang Long simply ignored it.

     Tang Long continued: "I don't care if you are clones, or whatever, as long as you have such feelings, as long as you are willing to become my subjects, then I will treat everyone equally favorably with normal people, and the legislation stipulates , No one can discriminate against you."

     Hearing these words, many people from the Kingdom of Mighty God opened their mouths in surprise, and their eyes all showed unbelievable looks, dumbly looking at the image in the sky.

     "Maybe you Don't believe what I said, but you should also know that my army and people are made up of humans, apes and robots. Soldiers, show your true colors and let these people of the mighty country see and tell them, Will you be discriminated against!" Tang Long shouted.Upon hearing this, the landing troops all took off their lower armors, revealing the faces of humans and apes inside, while some humans tore their faces to reveal metal skulls and electronic eyes.

      The one human soldier pointed to a robot and said to the people of the mighty kingdom: "This is my sir. He has saved me several times. It can be said that my life was given by the sir. I am ready to return it to him at any time."

     The robot officer grinned and slapped the soldier: "Don't be a fool. As long as my disk is not broken, I won't die. Save more money and lend me a replacement body."

     And a hairy ape-man came over, pinching the soldier's neck and shouting: "Damn, I saved your life, do you want you to pay me back?"

     The soldier hurriedly yelled with his tongue out: "Help sir, I am almost out of breath!" As he said, he broke free from the claws of the ape-man and introduced to the people of the mighty kingdom: "This is my dead brother, our life can be at any time. Give for each other."

     The people of the mighty kingdoms on all planets looked at them sillyly at what seemed to them to be inconceivable, but in the eyes of Datang, it was too normal to be normal.

     Tang Long waited for a while and said, "Now, tell me your choice."

     The scene was silent, and the people of Weishen Country exchanged glances, but they just kept silent.

     After for a good while, when Tang Long was a bit impatient, on the Occupy Star where the Datang soldier was, a simple-looking and strong man asked carefully: "Can you guarantee it?"This word was transmitted to Tang Long’s ears through the equipment of the landing soldiers. At the same time, it was transmitted to all the occupying stars and the entire universe through the loudspeaker. Tang Long smiled and said: "I don’t need to guarantee anything, as long as you find that I can’t do it. Then you can riot, you can attack and assassinate me."

     Hearing Tang Long's words, the man was obviously stunned, but thinking that the three races of humans, apes, and robots present were so friendly, he couldn't help but gritted his teeth, knelt down on one knee and said: "I am willing to be your majesty... …"

     This brawny man just said this, he suddenly shook his whole body as if he had been hit by something. He stood up abruptly, and smiled wildly at Tang Long with his face looks sinister: "Tang Long! You guy actually used such a mean means. Come to seduce my people!"

     Speaking of this, he turned his head and looked around and roared: "People of God! You don’t need to think about these issues. Humans and us are two races, basically unable to coexist. Don’t forget that God gives us life and allows us to boast of divine power. And uphold the sacredness of God! The people kill everyone as God!"

     After speaking, he rushed towards the human soldier. The human soldier who was not wearing a helmet was immediately pierced into his eyes with his fingers. Seeing the depth of the fingers, I am afraid that the brain was stabbed.

     The robot and ape-man beside the human soldier immediately screamed, and at the same time they shot the strong man into countless pieces of meat, and then immediately hugged the human soldier and shouted for the ambulance. In this scene, as Tang Long's communications spread to the entire army and all the planets of the mighty kingdom, the battle immediately broke out again.

     Tang Long said to the officer next to him with a green expression: "Rewind the image and see the look of the surrounding people when the brawny man shouting and screaming just now.""Yes!" Although the officer didn't know why his Majesty said that, he immediately played back the video.

     The other people who were confused, all showed panic when they saw the replacements on the screen shocked the strong man. When the strong man called out to destroy humanity, there was a flash in the eyes of those replacements. He looked helpless, but immediately rushed to the Datang Army.

     "Is that strong man the leader of all the replacements?" an officer said a little puzzled.

     An officer shook his head and said: "I don't see that that guy is the leader of that planet at best, and if you look at this image, he was ready to surrender to your Majesty, but suddenly changed his mind as if he was possessed by a ghost. "

     "It was the god of the mighty kingdom of God who got on his body." Tang Long sighed a word that other officers didn't understand.

     "Your Majesty, are we really going to slaughter them all?" an officer asked carefully, pointing to the one-sided battle on the screen.

     Tang Long shook his head and said: "Order the landing troops to evacuate. Just like I said, these replacements also have our human happiness and anger, sorrow and joy, but under the pressure of their god, all emotions cannot be declared. Come out, so we only need to kill the gods of the mighty kingdom, these replacement people will naturally think about where to go."

     "Yes!" The officer immediately happily conveyed the order, claiming to be a Datang officer on the righteous side. Although he understood that the enemy was not a human being, but no matter how intelligent beings were, the act of slaughtering them was a kind of resistance. feel.

     The landing troops that received the order were immediately relaxed."Although we do not conduct landing wars on these planets, the warship must completely destroy all the air defense facilities of the occupying stars to ensure the security of our army. This task is handed over to the 300th Army." Tang Long issued an order: "The rest of the troops. Immediately pursue and suppress the main force of the mighty warship, and be sure to disperse and annihilate the enemy!"

     Therefore, under this order, the Datang Army began to chase the mighty army all over the world. It was basically impossible to say that it was pursued by the Datang Army with the strength of the mighty army, but if they assemble to resist, the thirty-one of the Datang army Mobile Fortress ten thousand volley fire immediately slapped the assembled mighty army covered all over with cuts and bruises, and the mighty army had no choice but to continue to evacuate.

     Of course, the Weishen Nation is not friendly. Several counterattacks have wiped out a large number of Datang forces. Especially after the appearance of the Mobile Fortress specially made by the Weishen Nation, the Datang Army suffered heavy losses.

     When the Mobile Fortress of the mighty kingdom came on, it really shocked the Datang Army. You must know that the Datang Army run amuck, but because of the Mobile Fortress as the backing, now the mighty kingdom actually has a Mobile Fortress, then the next The war is difficult.

     Tang Long, who received the report, was really frightened into a cold sweat. All his complacency not long ago disappeared. You must know that Weishen Kingdom dispatched a hundred Mobile Fortresses. Not to mention that the firepower of the fortress is the same as that of your own silver armor fortress, but the number is more than three times more than that of yourself. It is difficult to fight!"Damn! The Kingdom of Might and God actually made Mobile Fortress, it's really amazing. Except for Datang, the only country in the universe who owns Mobile Fortress! Damn, why didn't it come out when the war started? Instead, it came out when our army won all the way and beat us no time to deal with it. I can bear it!"

     The staff around Tang Long watched the information while cursing, and at the same time, they were thinking desperately in their minds about how to solve these Mobile Fortress.

      Thought for a while, the staff had no choice but to propose a solution: "Your Majesty, our warships cannot deal with the fortresses. We can only rely on our fortresses to confront them. Although our fortresses are not dominant in number, fortunately the other side The Mobile Fortress is not gather together, but is distributed among the three enemy forces on the left, middle and right. We can focus on the fortress and attack one of them, but..."

     Tang Long understood what the staff did not say afterwards. In such a fortress confrontation, both sides usually suffer. If the last name is the same, the party with the highest number will win, and even if he destroys the fortress along the way. Yes, but the enemy still has more than 60 fortresses. This is not something that the fortress's suffered heavy losses can resist.

      It should be noted, the battleship in front of the fortress is simply a moth darting into a flame, as long as the opponent's fortress has sufficient energy, it will die as long as it comes.

     Tang Long waved his hand and said: "This plan is temporarily rejected. You take a closer look at the opponent's fortress. I don't believe that the fortress of the God Kingdom has no shortcomings. After all, our Datang fortress has occupied the top of the universe over the years!"The staff officers nodded solemnly when they heard the words, and immersed their heads in carefully observing the intelligence. Soon, one of the staff officers discovered the weirdness, because many of the Datang Army, who had been thought to be unsaved in the face of the enemy fortress, survived miraculously. The message from them , Because they escaped from the fortress range at full speed.

     "The warship on the front of the fortress can actually escape the gunfire range of the fortress? Isn't that impossible? It should be noted, there has never been an enemy ship that can escape from the front of the silver armor fortress, is it!"

     The staff immediately collected data like crazy, and soon got the answer, he exclaimed with joy: "Your Majesty, your subordinates have discovered the shortcomings of the enemy fortress. Their Movement Speed is very slow, so slow that they can actually make the warship escape at full speed. Out of its range!"

     "What?" Hearing this, all the staff and Tang Long screamed in surprise. Many staff slapped themselves a slap in the face, because when they saw the enemy fortress, they thought of their surnames as He Yin. The fortress A is the same, and the firepower of these fortresses also confirms this point, but hadn't thought the speed of the enemy fortress.

     "The official guessed that the enemy fortress does not even have space jump's ability." The staff officer said this again.

     "Order the troops to carry out the fortress break-through operation, and the break-through troops cover the technical staff to collect information!" Tang Long immediately ordered that if the enemy fortress is slow and cannot space jump's, then he has several ways to destroy them all!As for fortress breaking, this is a very helpless method, and it cannot be used arbitrarily. The fortress guarded by the battleship group is not so easy to break through, and even if it breaks through, it cannot be occupied. The opponent's battleship will flow endlessly to supplement the fortress. .

     After paying the price of sinking tens of thousands of warships, the troops who invaded a fortress of the mighty kingdom and successfully withdrew after collecting data brought a surprise discovery to the Datang Army.

     The Mobile Fortress of the Weishen Kingdom, although the artillery fire is comparable to the US Datang Fortress, its mobility is terribly slow. The Datang battleship moves at full speed and it does not take long to get out of the fortress's range, which is comparable to the speed of the equivalent battleship of the Silver Armor Fortress. It is the difference between a tortoise and a rabbit.

     And the biggest discovery is that these mighty kingdoms fortresses can only move slowly, they can't do space jump at all!

     With these data, the Datang Army immediately formulated a plan, sent a death squad to drag the Fortress of Might, and then dispatched the main force to disperse the enemy ships around the Fortress of Might. After the predicted safe space appeared, thirty stars would be long ago. The Datang Fortress, which was filled with the energy of the main gun, suddenly jumped and appeared near the Weishen Fortress. The main guns were immediately fired. The power of the three main guns waiting for one fortress easily exploded the Weishen Fortress.

     Originally, the silver armor fortress where Tang Long was also involved in the operation, but was rejected by the whole army with different mouths, same voice.

     This evoked two or three times, and easily killed more than 30 mighty fortresses. The Datang army that was blocked by the mighty fortress immediately took this opportunity to kill a mighty force.However, the rest of the Mighty Fortress and Mighty God Army who learned of the end of the friendly army were no longer fooled, and let the Datang Army seduce them, but they did not leave the surroundings of the Mighty Fortress.

     For this, the Datang Fortress also not without the method, using its speed compared with the US warships, and the limited energy replenishment time of the fortress’s main guns, to quickly move forward and backward to attack the mighty warships guarding the surroundings of the mighty fortress. The mighty army brought huge casualties.

     Although the war has entered a stalemate situation, the favorable conditions of the battle are inclined to the Datang Army. All the people in the universe who are watching this battle are cheering, because the idiot also sees that Datang is about to win. Of course, except for the mighty kingdom, the people of the capital star of the mighty kingdom screamed wildly, while the people on other planets were silent.

     These replacements say that they are not touched by Tang Long’s words are false. When they are born, they are given various knowledge and experiences. These all are collected from the minds of the real mighty people, if they don’t have this knowledge. And experience, then these fast and sincere test tube people are absolutely idiots.

     But because of this, they have the knowledge and experience, very clear their identity, they also understand the difference between themselves and humans, and they also understand how humans treat themselves as test tube people, so they know that humans and themselves the two cannot exist together They also understand that only by eliminating mankind can they have the right to survive.

     Originally, they thought that human beings and themselves were either you or me. They were also prepared to resist the invasion of Datang to defend their right to survive, but they did not expect that Your Majesty The Emperor of Datang was willing to accept them. , And clearly stated that the legislation confirms their existence.Although this kind of thing was obviously impossible according to the thinking formed in their brains, the facts of Datang made them understand that it was very possible. Because Datang already has humans, apes, and robots coexisting, the friendship between them can not be faked by seeing with their own eyes. If this is the case, then multiple replacements or test tube people are also possible.

     It's just that people like you can't violate God's will, after all, that is the God who gives your life. So apart from desperately resisting the Datang Army, I can only wait quietly for the development of things. Fortunately, the Datang Army did not engage in landing wars anymore. They only used warships to destroy the air defense facilities. Although there were losses, the massacre was avoided anyway.

     After intense and tedious months of fighting, the Datang Army finally eliminated all the mighty fortresses and eliminated the main force of the mighty army. The large forces began to disperse and wipe out the remaining mighty warships all over the mighty kingdom.

     Of course, it's not propitious wind throughout the journey. Seeing that the warship was unable to win, the Great Kingdom took the opportunity to detonate the planet. The explosion of dozens of planets caused the passing Datang Army to suffer heavy losses.

     The act of detonating one's own country's planet to combat the enemy has once again been remembered by history, because in history, few deranged countries have done this.

     However, this detonation of their own planet still made the people of the Kingdom of Weishen react. Those planets near the detonated planet sent representatives to express that as long as Tang Long guarantees their equality with other Datang citizens, they are willing to surrender to Datang. .Of course Tang Long welcomed this with his arms high, and after agreeing to their request, he immediately sent them with the army to persuade other planets to surrender. Although most planets are still waiting to see, there are still a small part of planets willing to surrender. Tang Long knew that this was because the god of the mighty kingdom had not been wiped out. When that guy was killed, these planets naturally entered his pocket when the melon is ripe, it falls.

     Therefore, the warship of the Kingdom of Prestige was solved. Tang Long, who had no fears of trouble in the rear, assembled the First and Second Front Army and 26 Mobile Fortresses. With the owner family, cronies and a representative of the surrender of the people of the Kingdom of Prestige, surrounded Lived in the capital star of the mighty kingdom. When Datang Fortress destroyed the Mighty Fortress, there was a loss unavoidably, but in terms of the loss ratio, this loss can be omitted.

     Although Tang Long knew that it was impossible for the Capital Star to surrender, he still couldn't help but with the mentality of giving it a try, ordered to persuade him to surrender. This representative of the surrender of the people of the Weishen Kingdom is a tough-looking brawny. The replacements of the Weishen Kingdom do not have one who is ugly, either handsome or tough. There are a lot of beauties with various sorts and varieties.

     He said a little hesitant: "Your Majesty, the people of Capital Star are different from us. They are absolutely heart is dead with no plans for anything new to that god."

     "It doesn't matter, persuade you to surrender and there's nothing about it loss isn't that so?" Tang Long smiled.

      "Yes." The strong man nodded, and after sucked in a mouthful of air, he began to persuade the Capital Star to surrender.

     However, the Capital Star Master immediately venomously cursed the brawny man, attacking the brawny man with words.Then, a forcible communication appeared on the screen. It was Tang Hu who coldly glared at the brawny man. The brawny man immediately trembling and knelt on the ground, not daring to raise his head.

     "Huh, damn lowly creature, I just didn't pay attention to you and made things happen, did you forget, who made you manufactured? What bear's heart, leopard's guts did you eat? How dare you betray you? God?" Tang Hu coldly snorted.

     The strong man trembled all over, for a good while, as if he had made some decision, he suddenly raised his head and shouted, "Yes! We are all manufactured by you! But since you made us, why do you completely use us as tools? To use it?

     "If you need tools, why should you give us emotions and thinking? Don't you know that we, who have emotions and thinking, are basically unable to endure and can only live as tools?"

     Tang Hu suddenly smiled and said: "Hey, of course I know. When I made you, I gave you emotions and thoughts just to appreciate your painful expressions and the emotions of grief and struggle!

     "Your existence is to let me enjoy these. Since you can no longer let me enjoy these, then you have no effect, die to me, waste!"

     Tang Hu's eyes widened. The brawny man whose face was shocked by Tang Hu's words seemed to be hit suddenly, spit out blood suddenly, Tang Long hurriedly supported the brawny man who was about to fall.The brawny man said to Tang Long with the last bit of strength: "Your Majesty, please... rescue my people... We exist... It is too sad, please... give them hope of existence." After speaking, He vomited blood again, staring at dead but will not close the eyes, his sad destiny ended.

     "I will." Tang Long helped the brawny man close his eyes, then glared at Tang Hu on the screen and roared: "Damn it! I will not let you off!"

     "Hey, don't let me go? I don't want to let you go. But Tang Long, can you find me? I can change my appearance at any time, and this capital star has tens of billions of fanatical beliefs in me. What about humans.

     "Remember, it's humans, not replacements. Hey, these are compatriots just like you. I believe you will not be cruel enough to destroy this planet, right?

     "Come on, send your soldiers to this planet, and let me take a closer look at how you humans massacre one another! Ahaha, just get me excited when you think of it, give orders!" Tang Hu laughed wildly. .

     All the Datang Army who heard these words stared at this handsome, but more devil-like guy with red eyes. They didn't understand, how could there be such an evil creature?

     Tang Long was not angry at all, instead he was chuckled: "Hehe, do you think I didn't notice this? Don't worry, I will personally lead someone to log in and kill you, and I won't be as you intended." , Tang Long waved his hand and commanded: "Start!"

      "Yes!" The Beluga warships of the two fronts immediately launched countless torpedo missiles towards the capital star of the Kingdom of God.Tang Hu dazed for a moment. He didn't think that Tang Long launched these torpedo missiles to blow up the planet. The power of this thing is at best that it blows up the planet’s surface so that the Underground Base can’t be destroyed.

     When he saw that these torpedo missiles were attacked by ground-based anti-aircraft artillery fire, and after they exploded, they emitted a smog enough to cover the entire star and slowly penetrated into the planet’s atmosphere, Tang Hu immediately shouted with a wild laugh: "Haha, damn it. Tang Long, you hypocrite that's it!

     "Everything is false. Although you don't destroy this planet, you want to exterminate all life on this planet! You are really cruel! Don't tell me that the smoke is not poisonous gas!"

     Tang Long, who had already crossed Erlang's legs, knocked his legs and squeezed his shoulders in Fengshuang Fengbing, and drank a drink comfortably with a smile: "Hehe, I just want to tell you that these are not poisonous gases."

     "What? It's not poisonous gas!" Tang Hu was a little startled.

     "Strong sleeping gas." Tang Long said this easily, and then said to Tang Hu whose eyes were already wide-open: "Hey, I hypnotized all your people. I'll see what you get when you arrive. Come and fight me!"

     The fat man who was following Tang Long immediately jumped out and pointed at Tang Hu and cursed: "Damn thing! Know that my nephew is great? This is something that these few months have been specially manufactured in a hurry. Take it away! Brother Lao. We must tear you apart this time! Ahaha!"The fat man’s laugh immediately drove everyone who saw this scene to laugh, especially the people and soldiers, who had long been ruined by this evil popularity, of course they laughed wildly, yes, everyone who starred you entirely I'm hypnotized, and see what you can do to resist. It's really relieved to see him deflated.

     Tang Hu obviously did not expect Tang Long to come to this trick. You must know that the cost of creating hypnotic gas is higher than poisonous gas, and it is much higher than ordinary beam energy. I don’t know how many times the cost of such a hypnotic gas of entire star life is enough to support. A group army of Datang has been fighting intensively for a year.

     And what made Tang Hu tilt his nose even more was Tang Long’s words: “You don’t need to adjust one’s head and turn one’s face to hide in the crowd. I know that your body is a robot, and my subordinates will definitely grab you. from!"

     "Damn it! I'm waiting for you!" Tang Hu hung up the communication after speaking.

     Inside the underground palace of Weishen Kingdom.

     Tang Hu looked at a miniature instrument in his hand and murmured, "Damn, don't force me to go to a dead end, or I will take you all person to the funeral together!" After speaking, he asked a robot beside him to install this instrument. Into your own head.

     This is a device to detonate this planet. It is a very dangerous thing. Of course, Tang Hu will not detonate casually. Although he doesn't know if he can survive the explosion of the planet, he guessed it based on his experience. I am afraid it is everything bodes ill. , no positive signs.

      The sleeping gas quickly penetrated the entire star. All the stars in the capital of the mighty kingdom clamoring to kill Datang, and all the creatures that needed to breathe air, all fainted after inhaling the tasteless and colorless sleeping gas.Everyone in the universe laughed when they saw the human body lying down all over the street and snoring one after another on the screen.

     "First Legion is making a forced landing of warships! The second and third Legion are ready to move prisoners, mobilize the first logistics transport ship to load the prisoners, and the remaining warships and fortresses will cover and guard!" Tang Long, who has been replaced by mecha and boarded the First Legion flagship, ordered.

     Originally, all his subordinates discouraged him from not having to fight in person, but he still prepared to land himself. Regarding Tang Long's stubbornness, everyone without any means, thinking that the following human beings have been hypnotized, there's nothing about it dangerous, so they acquiesced.

     In addition to First Legion who accompanied Tang Long on the landing, there were also relatives such as Feng Shuang Fengbing and Tang Zhong. Feng Shuang Fengbing will not say, Tang Zhong and the others will not let go of the opportunity to kill Tang Hu, the gain lasting repose by one supreme effort, so everyone wears mechas and becomes exhilarated ready to do a fight. Last time But he was miserably bullied by that Tang Hu.

     The Datang Army first destroyed the air defense facilities that had just been exposed, and then the millions of warships from First Legion landed quickly, driving away all the clouds on the entire star sky.

     Moreover, such a huge number of battleships forced to land, and the resulting airflow was like a seventeenth typhoon sweeping the entire star. What is even more shocking is that the forced landing of millions of battleships made the entire star look like a human face. Point, from the space point of view, there are white spots everywhere.

     As soon as the battleship stopped steadily, the countless Datang Army wearing mechas rushed out of the battleship and spread out to the surroundings. The computers of their mechas all recorded Tang Hu's face and voice, as well as bone data obtained through fluoroscopy.They watched the dialogue between Tang Long and Tang Hu in full, and realized that they had to rely on these data to check all the enemies, lest the evil guy adjust one's head and turn one's face hide. They are also very clear, as long as the evil guy is killed, even if the battle is over, they are all fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms. They yearn to be able to arrest that guy and make a huge contribution.

     Although the powerful sleeping gas enveloped the entire capital star of the mighty kingdom, there is still resistance. After all, most of the mighty ground troops are equipped with mechas, which can completely block sleeping gas.

     Although this number is overwhelming, compared with the 10 billion people, it is one hair from nine oxen. Compared with the Datang Landing Forces, it is the level of an oxen.

     Moreover, the Datang Army was completely there's nothing about it psychological burden to kill these enemies wearing mechas, and what was left was sporadic resistance in various places.

     Tang Long and the others, of course, were a familiar one who rushed straight to the underground palace. After clearing the enemy, the First Legion immediately swarmed toward the underground palace. The second Third Legion could only look enviously and rough hands. Roughly moved the unconscious people of the Kingdom of God into the transport ship that followed.

     Tang Long’s vote was not the first unit to contact Tang Hu, and he didn’t know how his troops were so fast. When Tang Long came to the central area of the underground palace, he found that hundreds of thousands of his subordinates had gathered here, hacking and killing counts. Millions of robots, and countless soldiers flowed endlessly in the surrounding passages.

     Seeing this scene, everyone in Tang Long was dumbfounded. Oh my God, is this still the central area of the vast underground palace? The people here are all sardines in cans.The weird thing is that the Datang Army was slashing with laser knives. After thinking about it, he understood why he used this method of attack, because a grenade was enough to blow up dozens of people, half of whom were his own. massacre one another, so now it seems to be back to Cold Weapon Era.

     However, Tang Long and the others began to frown and think, how did they kill Tang Hu from here?

     The stalemate situation quickly changed, because Tang Hu came out of the palace.

     He is indeed an evil character. As soon as he shot his hand, he blasted the Datang Army, including the mighty robots, into the air like throwing sand. Seeing that the chief leader came out, the Datang Army was be fired up, fierce and unafraid of death. go with.

     However, in the face of Tang Hu’s powerful offensive power, it is inevitable to become a trapeze. If this is not the case Tang Hu did not use powder tricks, if this is not the case Datang Mecha offsets part of the damage. I am afraid that it will take a while to enter the mighty god. Most of the Tang army in the underground palace died out.

     "Don't fight melee! Bomb him with heavy weapons!" Tang Long immediately issued orders to the whole army through communications.

     Upon receiving the order, the Datang Mechas retreated one after another and used Heavy Weapon to attack Tang Hu in the Mobiliarbus in the air.

     "Haha, can such a bad trick hit me?" Tang Hu easily flashed a few heavy artillery attacks, and without hitting his heavy artillery, he immediately blew up hundreds of mechas and robots.

     "Retreat to the entrance of the passage and attack with all your strength!" Tang Long shouted when he saw something was wrong.Datang Mecha immediately understood that it was too crowded and there were too many people on it. Massacre one another was unavoidable. They immediately retreated to the passageway, and then all their heavy artillery aimed at Tang Hu and attacked.

     Countless heavy artillery blasted the dust in the center of the palace, the sound of the artillery rumbled, and countless unlucky robots were blown up and fell into metal blocks.

     However, it is a pity that Tang Hu is still intact, and he roars ferociously: "Ats, look at Lao Tzu's ability!" He rushed to a passageway, and his shiny palms turned towards this passageway. The Mech Warrior blasted away.

     Tang Zhong and others immediately exclaimed: "Run away!"

     Tang Long shouted: "Mecha protection is fully open!"

     The Mech Warrior guarding the entrance of the cave immediately became bright red, and their mech protection was immediately activated. Although the protective cover that was sufficient to withstand the attack of a warship's secondary artillery during this test was useless in the face of Tang Hu's attacks.

     The white light penetrates the red shield, penetrates the front mecha, and then enters the back mecha. The light disappeared after passing through four or five mechas, and the Mech Warrior, which was penetrated by the white light, immediately became powder and dissipated.

     In just such a short time, this dense human wall immediately collapsed, and hundreds of Mech Warriors disappeared. However, the Mech Warrior behind was not shocked by the scene in front of him. Instead, he immediately rushed forward to fill the vacancy without hesitation, and continued to attack Tang Hu not wanting the life.

     Tang Hu traveled around this central area, and the Datang Army immediately sacrificed tens of thousands of people. Such a heavy loss caused all the Datang Army to breathe fire.But Tang Hu is not as good as somewhere. Although his attack is powerful, it is a pity that he can't keep attacking continuously. Before and after his attack, the Datang Army was unable to evade, and blasted him desperately. A few cannons are fired at one passage, and hundreds of passages are thousands of cannons. Such a major attack could not be resisted even if it was as strong as Tang Hu. Looking at his current clothes and his unsteady figure, he knew how embarrassed he was.

     "Bah! Damn ants!" Tang Hu checked his body and was shocked to find that he had consumed 10 percent of his energy in these seemingly small shells.

     Tang Hu thought to himself: "Damn it, can you use up your energy after ten attacks like this? Wouldn't the energyless self get trampled on?

     "No! I can't go on like this. Although they are ants, many ants still kill elephants. The so-called While the green hills last, there'll be wood to burn. Where there's life there's hope. After they escaped from this planet, they detonated this planet, let's see where they find themselves!"

     Tang Hu, who had made up his mind to escape back into the palace, had just moved a bit when he was found that a figure quickly appeared beside him and punched himself into the floor.

     Tang Huqiang, who was on the ground, resisted mental anguish. Yes, this punch did not cause pain to his own body, but his spirit was hit hard. Tang Hu didn't need to think about who attacked him.

     Tang Hu screamed violently, and with the cement metal block, he rushed from the ground to Tang Long in the air. Tang Long and Tang Hu, wearing mecha, just punch and kick in the air.Those Datang Mechas who were still attacking Tang Hu were all dumbfounded. His Majesty was so formidable? How can your majesty's mecha block the attack of that evil guy? It should be noted, the model of your majesty mecha is the same as the model of your own mecha?

     Tang Hu is also very puzzled. If Tang Long only uses his body to block his attack, it’s not surprising. After all, Tang Long’s blood is the same as his own. Attacks by tricks are useless. How did Tang Long of A block his attack? It stands to reason that even if people are okay, the mecha should become powder!

     Tang Long didn’t even understand how he was so brave. Although he could fight with robots with empty hand and empty fist before, the robots and Tang Hu are definitely not at the same level. Now he can be so powerful with Tang Hu. The guy playing having sound and color?

     No matter what, you can kill Tang Hu, but it seems to be related to the abilities of father and mother. After all, they are not afraid of Tang Hu's tricks.

     It's just a pity that Dad himself doesn't understand what's going on, and the little black cat, known as the most technologically powerful, can only give up research after spending a few years, otherwise he can cultivate a large number of such powerful talents.

     "Fatty, mine, you take people to search for that guy's palace! Block his only back!" Tang Zhong said to the brother beside him while watching the battle between Tang Long and Tang Hu.

     "Understood, boss, we will check if that guy planted a bomb here." The fat man and Mine nodded sharply."Well, you must check carefully, I'm sure that guy will come to Perish Together in despair," Tang Zhong said.

     The fat man and the mine didn't say much, and he took a ticket of Mech Warrior and quickly rushed towards Tang Hu's palace. It's normal for Mech Warrior to accept orders. Who said these people are all prince-level figures?

     Tang Hu was extremely depressed now, and he actually drew with Tang Long! But it wasn't a tie. I was beaten by Tang Long and suffered a lot of mental damage. But when I beat Tang Long, apart from the damage to Tang Long's mecha, it seemed that there's nothing about it.

     The most depressing thing is that every time I was knocked to the ground by Tang Long, there were immediately countless heavy artillery bombarding myself from all around, blasting myself dizzy, and these artillery attacks caused my energy to drop by a bit. .

     The more Tang Hu hits, the lower his energy. When the energy is only 10 percent, Tang Hu finally grows out of his guts. He threw Tang Long to the ground with all his strength, and then slammed Tang Long down. When struggling, Tang Hu laughed wildly: "Ahahaha! Damn guy, I haven't been so angry in thousands of years, I don't do it! Let's die together!"

     Hearing this, a word came out in everyone's mind: "Crap!" According to this evil fellow's Xi surname, he must have planted a bomb on Capital Star, and now he is about to detonate this planet.

     At this time, the fat man and the mine who entered the palace ran out with a ticket of Mech Warrior, and eagerly shouted in the whole channel with mecha speakers: "Hurry up and leave, the planet bomb will be two hours away. exploded!"Hearing this from Tang Long’s mecha, Tang Hu said in surprise: "Two hours? Impossible! What I set is to detonate in real time!"

     Fatty obviously heard this through Tang Long’s mecha, and couldn’t help but smile proudly: "Haha, idiot, and don’t look at who your uncle is, although Laozi without any means will release that complicated detonating device in a short time. , But delaying the detonation time is not a matter of with no difficulty?"

     "Damn it! I want to grind the bone and scattering the ash!" Tang Hu, annoyed, immediately let go of Tang Long and flew towards the fat man.

     But Tang Long grabbed him by the foot: "Get me down, you guy!" He slammed Tang Hu to the ground.

     Then before Tang Hu could react, he drew out the laser knife, quickly chopped off Tang Hu's limbs, grabbed a steel bar, and inserted Tang Hu's body through the floor. Tang Long was still uneasy, and he used a lot of steel bars to firmly nail Tang Hu to the ground. From a distance, Tang Hu looked like an attacking hedgehog.

     After finishing this, Tang Long be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time, squatted down and patted Tang Hu’s face with a smile: "Hey, you guy, right here, wait for the planet to explode, I don’t believe you. The guy can withstand the explosion of the planet! Let’s say goodbye!"

     Tang Hu cursed while struggling: "Damn it, if this is not the case Lao Tzu's energy consumption is huge, where will your limbs be cut off, let go of me! You bastard!"

     Tang Long completely ignored Tang Hu's vicious curse, and ordered to his subordinates: "All retreat!"

     The Datang Mecha, who had known the situation from the Fatty’s full-frequency channel, immediately evacuated the tunnel in an orderly and quick manner as if an ant moved.Back on the ground, he didn't bother to take care of a large number of comatose citizens of the Kingdom of God, and quickly boarded the battleship, and the battleship quickly climbed out of the atmosphere.

     The Datang fortress and battleships that besieged the capital star of the mighty kingdom, after meeting their majesty and friendly forces, immediately withdrew to the Safe Zone.

     Although this is the case, it still besieged the star cluster of the capital of the Kingdom of God from all around, up and down, front and back, and the radar was fully open to monitor all movements in the encirclement. After all, no one can guarantee that Tang Hu, a perverted guy, can stop the planet from exploding and escape.

     In two hours, the beautiful planet, the capital star of the Kingdom of God, instantly turned red, and countless heat energy entrained huge magma, sprayed out from the planet.

     The Tang Army, who had been hiding far away, quietly watched this Planet become a pile of flames.

     However, the spreading flame suddenly shrank sharply. Seeing this scene, people did not realize what's going on, and the shipboard computer immediately rang: "A temporary black hole is about to appear in front of you, please evacuate to the Safe Zone immediately! Repeat, ahead A temporary black hole is about to appear, please evacuate to the Safe Zone immediately!"

     Hearing this, everyone was immediately shocked, and hurriedly drove the battleship and the fortress to escape from this place. It was not a joke to be drawn into the black hole.

     Staying in the Safe Zone, looking at an extremely small black hole from afar, swallowing the entire star, originally the location of the capital star of the mighty kingdom, soon became an empty star field.After absorbing all the objects in the range of influence, and finally unable to absorb the black hole of what thing, it jittered helplessly, and it began to become smaller and smaller. When it was reduced to the extreme, the starry sky trembled like a cloth, and the black hole disappeared completely. .

     At the moment when the space was shaking, Tang Long suddenly felt Tang Hu’s arrogant laughter in his head: "Ahahaha, thank you Tang Long. I didn’t expect that a black hole would appear at this final moments, and I found it. Thank you for the passage back to my hometown for allowing me to master the ability to go back and forth between the two universes!

     "Don't worry, as long as my abilities are restored, I will bring the countless strong men from my hometown to this universe again. I promise, I will definitely appear again in your lifetime! You will save me a long life and appreciate your rule. How did the universe perish! Ahahaha!"

     Tang Long resisted the disgusting feeling and asked the people around him: "Did you hear anything?" Seeing everyone shook their heads in doubt, knowing that this was directly transmitted to his mind.

     Tang Long's parents, uncles, and aunts all stared at the empty screen with excitement, and said with a lot of emotion: "It's over, the mission of for a long time is finally over in our generation."

     "No, still not ended, in the near future, we will face more powerful and more enemies." Tang Long said aloud.

     Hearing this, Tang Zhong and others who knew the inside story shouted, "What? Could it be..." Seeing Tang Long's affirmative nodded, his face didn't look good."No need to be worried, as long as we develop this universe, we who have strong Technological Strength can definitely kill them!" Tang Long comforted.

     Tang Zhong and the others thought about it, and they also thought that Tang Long was right. No matter how strong those guys were, they couldn't resist an attack that destroyed a planet, right?

     Seeing that Tang Long's face was still stern at this moment, and there was no joy of winning at all, Tang Xing, Xingling, Feng Shuang, Feng Bing, and Lan Mengyun couldn't help but approached and asked: "What happened?"

     Seeing his lover, Tang Long smiled: "Are you willing to help me govern, develop, and guard this universe?"

     Although Tang Xing and the others didn't understand why Tang Long said this suddenly, they still nodded immediately.

     "What about you?" Tang Long asked his subordinates beside him.

     "May you follow your Majesty forever!" everyone shouted respectfully.

     Tang Long smiled heartily: "Well, with your help, we will definitely be able to manage and develop this universe, what is more important, we can definitely protect this universe!" Tang Long waved his hand and shouted: "The whole army listens to the order and returns to sail!"

     "Yes, My Majesty!"

     After writing the whole book, the author Xiaoyuhu. After writing for such a long time, "Legend of Little Soldiers" is finally over. When I first started writing, I was still a single young man who was happy and carefree and without worries. He is currently already a three-year-old child. It’s his father. Although the ending of "Legend of Little Soldiers" was hurried and a little scribbled, Regardless is finally where there's a start, there's a finish, it's over.

     Speaking of it, Xiaobing is also a record of mine. It took several years to come over like this. It's really unimaginable.Haha, I would like to thank the readers who have supported me for several years, and thank the editors and publishers who have been dragged down and scolded all the year round. Thank you, thank you deeply, thank you for your support until now, and I hope everyone will be in the next day. Zili continues to support, thank you.

     Preface to Dugu Trial Reading All creatures in the world with thinking are militant. In particular, we humans, the entire history of mankind, can be said to be a history of war, because war runs through the entire history.

      In Animal World, wars are waged for food, spouse, status, territory, unpleasant to the eye, etc., for very direct reasons.

     And the human beings who call themselves Spirit of All Living Things, although the purpose of launching war is the same as that of animals, they are also competing for those things. However, human beings have found very gorgeous, very beautiful and melodious statements and reasons, and concealed themselves by launching a war with the same purpose as animals.

     No matter what reason or purpose human beings fight for, the war continues like this.

     Although peace will come after a war, real peace cannot come. No matter how long the current peace can last, a new war will eventually usher in.

     In such intermittent wars that run through history and never disappear in history, many strategists, battle heroes, and war heroes who are always victorious and understood by everyone have been created.

     In the war years, these military strategists, combat heroes, and war heroes were all given various fascinating titles. Such as Generals of Hundred Wars, Marshals of Constant Victory, Generals of Miracles, Magical Soldiers, Undefeated Soldiers, Genius Military Division, Invincible Military Experts, etc.But there is a title that cannot be replaced by other words, that is-God of War.

     God of War, God of War.

      Can understand is a god who protects warriors, and also understandable is a person who never fails in wars, but does the so-called god of war like war? No one knows this, because God of War is so set up on high, how can mortals understand the idea of God of War?

     In short, human beings are warlike, no matter what era, what space, no matter how many years peace has existed, as long as there is human existence, there will be war, forever...

     〖End of the Book〗