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0 Chapter Directory 143 Announcement Of The New Edition Of "Sou Shen Ban Ji"
    Author: 树下野狐(Shù xiàyě hú, Wild Fox Under Tree)
    Original: | Translator:

Seeing everyone's message, thank you for your concern. ^^ The new editions of "Sou Shen Ji" and "Shang Huang Ji" have been published in January 2009, and "Xian Chu" is under layout and is expected to be published by the end of January.

This collection of works was jointly created by Juxing and Wanjuan Publishing Company. Compared with the old version, it has changed a lot and is the most complete revised version so far.

The details are as follows: 1. A large number of deleted paragraphs in the Liao Education Edition are all restored one by one. 2. Added a few paragraphs that were not available to further enrich the plot.

3. The text was polished from beginning to end, and a lot of modifications were made (the project is very large ~~>

"Sou Shen Ji" new version "Sou Shen Ji" publication announcement is in hand, please wait a moment,

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