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    Chinese Name: 伏天氏  Author: 净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
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Xia Qingyu practiced in retreat, and naturally sealed the palace so that outsider would not be disturbed. This was extremely normal, and no one doubted it.

     As for the destruction of a few puppets, Han Lin had previously explained to Xia Qingyu to deal with it. Xia Qingyu destroyed them after training. Nothing else is wrong and no one will be held accountable.

     Perhaps it is precisely because of the training of puppets that made Xia Qingyu feel something!

     Thinking of this, Han Lin didn't bother Xia Qingyu in retreat, but was busy with his own affairs.

     Day by day, Xia Qingyu has been in retreat in Senluo Mansion, called Retreat. In fact, he was waiting for the old tree of Ye Futian to repair his damaged body. He was severely injured before, and he could fully repair himself, but was Senluo Mansion was taken captive and put into the death array, add hail to snow, so that he could use only enough power to resist the invasion of Power of Death.

     Now after he came out, Xia Qingyu baptized his body again, which accelerated his recovery. Therefore, during the days when Xia Qingyu was in retreat, Ye Futian recovered very quickly and was able to move his body within a few days.

     But Xia Qingyu still did not leave the customs. Before coming here, Xia Qingyu and Xiao Diao inquired about Senluo Mansion. This is where the upper emperor sits. The power of the palace owner of Senluo Mansion is very powerful. Although Ye Futian killed the upper emperor, for To be cautious, he needs to return to at the peak period.

     After all, there are only three of them, and Ye Futian is probably the only one who can really compete against Senluo Mansion.

      in the blink of an eye, another few days passed.That day Ying Qing took Ye Futian to Xia Qingyu's place and kept holding her heart, worrying that she would reveal the cloven foot. After all, she might be implicated if she was careless, and the end would be miserable. She brought the people. If she is discovered, I don't know if she will doubt her. Although she doesn't have any flaws, she has no reason to help a puppet, but she is also afraid that Ye Futian will betray her.

     Although she was terrified in her heart, she chose to help Ye Futian that day. The people of the holy realm were tenacious. She had been trapped in Senluo Mansion for several years and wanted to leave. This violated her heart. If Ye Futian could really bring an opportunity, she is willing to gamble.

     On this day, she followed Han Lin to You Pavilion.

     Ying Qing followed closely with the others, looking as usual, so many days, after Ye Futian was sent away, Xia Qingyu went to retreat and practiced, presumably for Ye Futian to recover, what do they want to do?

     Even if it recovers, how to deal with Senluo House?

      a figure Walking towards them, wearing a black robe, with a terrifying aura, he is the master of the Pavilion of Senluo Mansion.

     "Pavilion Master." Han Lin nodded at the other side.

     "Palace Master Young, come with me." Pavilion Master Youge brought Han Lin and others to a hidden inside the palace, where there is a very strong corpse puppet, where death enveloped the palace, and Ying Qing and others retreated. Outside the palace, he did not dare to enter.

     "How does the Young Palace Master feel?" Pavilion Master You Pavilion said to Han Lin.Han Lin stared at the tall puppet, which was practiced by a strong man in the seven realms of the God Wheel. At the beginning, they spent a lot of money to deal with this person, and it took a long time, but now they finally finished it. He looked at the puppet with sharp eyes, and saw that the puppet's gaze also opened, and a green terrible cold light was shot from it, like a ghost and demon like.

     "Thanks to the pavilion master." Han Lin thanked him. The reason why he was willing to use some puppets to train Xia Qingyu was because in his opinion, the price was not very high. This level of puppets are their sorrows. The formidable strength of the house.

     Naturally, the father's puppet does not need to be said much. Now that he gets this puppet, his strength can be greatly increased.

     "Palace Master, you are welcome." Pavilion Master Youge said: "Unfortunately there are too few puppet Senluo Mansion of this level, there are only two, otherwise..."

     Han Lin nodded, if there were more, they would have annexed yet another hostile force, but in no hurry, they will refines into puppet after they take the other one day.

     "A good puppet is hard to find." Han Lin started talking.

     "The puppets that Palace Master ordered that day were actually very good, but unfortunately they were so wasted." Youge Pavilion Master said.

     Han Lin thought of the person he had picked up before, but he didn't feel too much, and said, "It's just the second-order of the god wheel, left nothing to be regrettable."

     "No, I snooped on the breath in his body. The god wheel may be perfect and good at Strenght of Life and Death, so Power of Death in the formation has not been able to invade refining." You Pavilion Master said: "Before. The Young Palace Master often sends people to check it out. I think the Young Palace Master attaches great importance to this corpse puppet, but I would be wrong.""Perfect level, good at Strenght of Life and Death?" Han Lin frowned, faintly feeling something's wrong.

     Isn't this Xia Qingyu?

     The god wheel is perfect, good at Way of Life and Death, and extremely talented.

     What a coincidence?

     Ying Qing heard the words of the pavilion master of You Pavilion outside the hall, her heart beating, her face changed uncontrollably, she slightly lowered her head to cover up that moment of panic, calmed down and returned to her normal expression, but her heart still remained It's cold.

     Have you checked Ye Futian these days?

     This is You Pavilion. Every day someone will go to the formation, but no one will move the puppets of the young palace's main cultivator, but it is normal for the young man's pavilion master to check it and want to see how the young palace's puppet is.

     But at this moment, Han Lin could not think of it.

     "Well, I heard that Young Palace Master gave a woman to practice?" You Pavilion Master said. He hadn't paid attention to Xia Qingyu's affairs before. You Pavilion is located in the depths of Sen Luo Mansion, looking from the entire mountain range. , Here is more secretive, the pavilion master of You Pavilion is also busy with puppet refining, and ordinary things won't disturb him, so he didn't interrogate one until Ying Qing took the puppet and learned about Xia Qingyu.

     But even so, he didn't ask much.

      The speaker spoke without design, but in Han Lin's ears, it is undoubtedly a heavy hammer.

     "Pavilion Master, who often comes here?" Han Lin asked. He hadn't paid too much attention to Ye Futian's existence before, so he had just asked once or twice, not to mention sending people here from time to time.

     "Under Palace Master Young, outside." Pavilion Master You Pavilion pointed to Ying Qing Dao.I saw Ying Qing stepping forward, controlling the fear in her heart, and bowing: "Palace Master Ying Qing has not dared not care about it. The puppet is difficult to refining, so he often comes to see it."

     "How many times have you come?" Han Lin asked.

     "More than ten times." Ying Qing said, she came back more frequently.

     "You took him there too?" Han Lin asked again.

     "Palace Master Hui, if the subordinates know that this puppet is extraordinary, they will definitely not take it, but replace it with another puppet." Ying Qing's adaptability is not weak, she didn't say Xia Qingyu, just said that she didn't know. This puppet is extraordinary.

     Han Lin didn't mention Xia Qingyuan's problem. If she took the initiative to mention it, it would be equivalent to admitting that under this kind of sudden oppression, many people would easily get lost and accidentally talk about it.

     Han Lin stared at Ying Qing, Ying Qing knelt down on one knee, trembling with fear.

     Now these are not flaws, they can be explained, it just depends on how Han Lin decides.

     Seeing Ying Qing's attitude, although Han Lin was skeptical, he didn't really think Ying Qing and the other party were in the same group. After all, Ying Qing was completely without the reason for doing this, to help a dying person?

     Moreover, how can she get in touch with Xia Qingyu?

     Among them, there are some flaws.

     But if it happens that they sent Ye Futian to Xia Qingyu’s hands, it’s a little coincidence that Xia Qingyu is disguised as such, even if she sees a puppet, it’s not a word or movement, then, if she has The question, you must know in advance that Ye Futian was refined into a puppet by them.

     However, how does she know?

     Among them, there are several rings that cannot be matched.However, just go to Xia Qingyu's place and everything will be clear.

     "What happened?" Youge Pavilion Master asked, seeming to realize that there are some problems.

     "The woman may have a problem." Han Lin started talking, and then stepped out first and said: "Bring her on."

     She naturally refers to Ying Qing.

     Ying Qing's face was somewhat pale, she couldn't think The undoubted dialogue between Pavilion Master Youge and Han Lin made her suspicious.

     Moreover, she knew that Ye Futian and Xia Qingyu had a problem, and Han Lin could find out the truth by leaving.

     Thinking of this, she felt cold all over, but then she was relieved. Since she had gambled, she would lose her life if she failed, isn't she thinking about it?

     The master of You Pavilion frowned, and the master of Young Palace Han Lin, was deceived?

     Thinking of this, he also took steps followed, ready to see what's going on.

     These days, Han Lin can’t take care of Xia Qingyuan. Before Xia Qingyuan’s retreat, he would come here to chat with her every day, and even use the resources of Senluo Mansion for her to practice. He thought it was a fate, since Falling on his body, naturally you have to grasp it.

     But now, is this fate, or is everything deliberately arranged?

     The fairies and goddesses who seem to not eat mundane affairs have such deep intentions?

     When Han Lin came to Xia Qingyu's side, he hovered over the cliff and looked at the palace in front of him. The people behind him were all behind. He didn't follow up. He needs to confirm first. What if everything is just a coincidence?So, isn't it a surprise that the beautiful woman, although this kind of possibility is very low, but he still has this kind of thought, and he does not want to admit that he has been tricked.

     "Is the fairy still cultivating?" Han Lin opened the mouth to ask loudly to the palace, and his divine thought shrouded in the palace, and soon he came across Power of Banning!