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0 Chapter Directory 3215 3171 This Time He Only Lives For Himself
    Chinese Name: 修真聊天群  Author: 圣骑士的传说(Shèng qíshì dì chuánshuō, Paladin Legend)
    Original: | Translation:

    Obviously, Sage Monarch Spirit Butterfly doesn't know it, and his dao companion status is so bold.
    Dao companion is the younger sister of Senior White two.
    As the brother-in-law of Nine Serenities Ruler's, for a moment, Senior Spirit Butterfly felt so flustered and stressed.
    After all, it has something to do with the Nine Serenities ruler!
    But... this kind of panic and pressure only lasted for an instant.
    Then the Lingdie Ling generation calmed down!
    People will always grow.
    With the enrichment of experience and the growth of age, people's vision and psychological endurance will continue to grow biu~ biu~ biu!
    Especially in the past two years, after a guy surnamed Song joined the'Nine Provinces (1) Group', Sage Monarch Spirit Butterfly's psychological stress resistance is even more like spoiling things through excessive enthusiasm, being forcibly pulled out every day!
    There is nothing terrible anymore, let alone becoming the brother-in-law of Nine Serenities ruler, even if I become Heavenly Way baba tomorrow, there is nothing to be shocked!
    After thinking of this, Senior Spirit Butterfly's expression returned to calm, his face was ancient well without ripple.
    Seeing that Sage Monarch Spirit Butterfly's expression in the video instantly recovered, Yellow Mountain looked at it with envy - every day he was so tired that he wanted to retire. I really hope he also has Senior Spirit Butterfly's'Qi Kung Fu', no matter what the matter, can maintain a calm and good mood.

    [Don’t, Mama Yellow Mountain, don’t have Senior Spirit Butterfly’s ‘Kung Fu’, otherwise the Nine Provinces (1) Group will collapse. ] Song Shuhang quietly added a sentence in his heart.
    Senior Spirit Butterfly's ‘Yang Qi Kung Fu’ is based on the reason that people who provoke him will be fusses over every single detail and oppose each other with equal harshness. If Senior Yellow Mountain's character becomes like Senior Spirit Butterfly, Song Shuhang guarantees that'Nine Provinces (1) Group' will have corpses all over the world tomorrow - more than 30% of the corpses will come from Senior Three Waves.
    When Song Shuhang had thought of ‘Senior Three Waves’ in his mind, the reality of Senior Three Waves had already begun to act.
    In the video, Mad Sabre Three Waves suddenly patted his thigh again, and said in shock: "Heavens Above, from now on...who would dare to provoke a series of spiritual butterflies! How many Heavenly Ways are there? Senior Spirit Butterfly are you The wolf is gone!"
    "What Three Waves said, we have to understand the relationship between the spirit butterfly... If Nine Serenities Senior White is the eldest brother, that means, the previous generation Heavenly Way White is also the eldest brother?" Immortal Master Copper Trigram looks like a cute teenager today, holding his chin, and taking the words of Three Waves.
    Although the previous generation Heavenly Way White was cold, Nine Serenities' White was still there. With the relationship between Song Shuhang and Nine Serenities Big White, one day the previous generation Heavenly Way White will be welcomed back.

    When the Scallion Lady, whose hair grew a little longer, heard until here, she couldn’t help but reminded: “Also, Futurey~ is also the Heavenly Way ……In other words, after the wait for our time node has passed to Futurey~'s era, Soft Feather will also prove the Way as Imperishable, and then become the tenth Heavenly Way after Shuhang and Senior White."
    She still keeps in touch with Futurey~ and communicates across time. Sometimes when Soft Feather is sleeping, Futurey~ will come secretly to meet Scallion Lady.
    Not many people in the Nine Provinces (1) Group know this information.
    Everyone is staring at the Soft Feather who is teaching Lil' Sis Tyrant - in other words, it is a certainty that Soft Feather will prove the way in the future?
    "F#$K! True Heavenly Way baba!" Dharma King Good Fortune couldn't help but wanted to create a song for Senior Spirit Butterfly.
    True Monarch White Crane: "Kneel to Heavenly Way baba!"
    This is the genuine Heavenly Way's baba.
    "The Heavenly Way of the past and the future will be occupied by the spirit butterfly." Cave Lord Snow Wolf hooked his chin with his paws: "There is still a Heavenly Way of the'now', which is neat and tidy. "
    "Senior White is half of the current Heavenly Way's, right? After all, there is an obvious connection between Senior White and Senior White two, and the predecessor, right?" someone asked.

    Fairy Lychee both eyes lit up: "In the past, in the future, there are already two Heavenly Ways."
    "In fact, when it comes to the Heavenly Way'now', Senior White can barely count it? Yí, has anyone said this before?" Loose Practiti One r North River frowned.
    What is going on with this inexplicable sense of sight?
    I always feel like this, have I heard of this somewhere?
    "If you count Senior White's, it's really past, present, and future Heavenly Way, all related to the spirit butterfly. The relationship between Senior Spirit Butterfly is strong without equal." Mad Sabre Three Waves gives a thumbs up, and his gaze Winking at Song Shuhang's position, constantly winking at other group members who are in the video chat.
    With the number of Heavenly Ways from ancient times to the present, the spirit butterfly has the monopoly on four battles?
    As expected of Three Waves, he easily did something that other group members dared not do.
    "The waves." The Senior Spirit Butterfly smiled slightly, said out loud: "I will pick up my wife tomorrow, and I will drop by to see you."
    I don't know when, the relationship between Senior Spirit Butterfly and Three Waves seems to be very friendly.
    The title has become a weird name like "Lang Ah".

    "Heavenly Way Family baba, I was wrong." Mad Sabre Three Waves suddenly lifted up his treasured sabre and placed it on his neck: "Heavenly Way Family baba, you don't have to come by yourself... I can take care of myself, so there is no waste Your precious time!"
    After all, the Mad Sabre Three Waves in the video suddenly grabbed treasured sabre and swiped his neck forcefully, and the picture became bloody.
    kuāng dāng ~
    The Three Waves in the video crashed down, and the blood flowing all over the place gradually lost its breath of life.
    Senior Spirit Butterfly: (⊙?⊙)
    Loose PractitiOne r North River: "F#$K!"
    Medicine Master: "..."
    Must Have A Soccer Team's Flood Dragon Tyrant: "I want to say, is it worthy of Three Waves? But, I really don't want to vomit this groove."
    "Senior White said that he regrets implanting imperishable gravel into Three Waves." Doudou said with a smile: "Three Waves is the first person to regret Senior White. Maybe in a few days, Three Waves' imperishable gravel will It was taken back by Senior White."
    As we spoke, Three Waves' body burst out and turned into pure spirit power, nourishing the world.
    Afterwards, an imperishable gravel emerged and entered the resurrection process.
    "Obviously, Three Waves is going to break last year's Shuhang's record, right?" Su Clan's The Seventh said cheerfully.

    Fairy Lychee stroked his forehead and said with a headache: "Is it the record of [the most deaths in a year]?"
    Song Shuhang: "..."
    Why do I get unjustly implicated if I don’t speak?
    I am different from Senior Three Waves. My death is meaningful.
    During the communication, Mad Sabre Three Waves' resurrection process has been completed.
    At this time, one after another mysterious'text' appeared between the world and the earth beside Mad Sabre Three Waves'.
    Each of these mysterious words is unique and unmatched, representing the Great Way.
    "Ru [儒] character in the original text?" Venerable Eternal Fire called out suddenly, his face almost touching the screen!
    He posted his entire face on the video screen, staring at the ‘text’ that appeared in the final step of the Three Waves resurrection.
    not wrong anymore!
    This is the same as ‘Emperor [帝] Character and Tyrant [霸] Character ’. It is the essence of the personal Great Way.
    As a disciple of Ruism's, he is impossible to recognize that this belongs to the Holy Man's Ru [Confucian] character.
    Venerable Eternal Fire stared at Three Waves.
    Then, he saw in the video of Three Waves, in the corner of the room, the blue hair fairy, Skylark, who was sitting on the sofa playing the game console.
    Venerable Eternal Fire: "..."
    Did I find something extraordinary?

    Moreover, it is likely to ruin the three views of the disciples of Ruism?
    After about ten breaths.
    Venerable Eternal Fire send a private chat to Song Shuhang: "Shuhang, you are the reincarnation of the real Ruism Holy Man!"
    Song Shuhang: "..."
    Senior Eternal Fire Is this beginning to escape reality?
    Reality, this skinny guy, is always more bizarre, isn't it?
    However, he still has to comfort Senior Eternal Fire.
    "Don't worry, Senior Eternal Fire." Song Shuhang said: "In fact, Senior Three Waves, he had a great time."
    Venerable Eternal Fire: "..."
    "Moreover, Senior Three Waves is just being the genuine self." Song Shuhang said again: "This time, Senior Three Waves only lives for himself, not for anyone else."
    It just so happens that the attraction of Fairy Skylark's is the pure ‘Mad Sabre Three Waves’ entity today, without any other factors.
    Simply because he is Three Waves, he appears attractive and attracts everyone's attention.
    Time flies... It's almost four months since I finished my book. So, it's not as good as a milk book, right? -? The average Big Apprentice Brother?, I have been chasing books not long ago. I actually like the two recent senior apprentice brothers.

    There are too many people who publish new books recently, and the lineup makes my scalp numb.
    My old brother Jiangshan’s? Taiyi?, Yashen’s? Save the world?, Old North River's? Assassin’s King?, I also saw Caimao’s? Hotel supplier?, and a large group of people I know... their scalp is tingling. .
    So, since so many people have published books, then I have to keep up!
    The main character name of the new book... How about Meng Qijing? I want to write about a miracle man, who believes in miracles, is always as great as miracles!
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