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0 Chapter Directory 1319 One Year Later
    Chinese Name: 美女如云之国际闲人  Author: 跃千愁(Yuè qiān chóu, Yue Qian Chou)
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da da da da ……

     The sound of a machine gun fire startled the birds in the forest fluttering their wings and fleeing.

     An old and gray-haired old monk crouched back, one-shouldered, one-shouldered drape, wearing sunglasses, a long string of bullet chains over his shoulders, holding a heavy machine gun, and watching Birds and animals who flee in fright, haha.

     The monk who can pull the wind like this in the deep mountains, besides the Zen Master Jueyun of Emei, who else can this place is also in the deep mountains of Emei Mountain.

     However, he is indeed getting older. Once the limit of physical function is reached, he will grow old quickly, and he won't be able to accept the old, and his waist is no longer straight.

     Life in the mountains is lonely! Fortunately, in the Flower World outside, there is still an old friend who will give him some new stuff from time to time.

     "Master!" A seven or eight-year-old monk wore sunglasses and emerged from the crashing sounds of the dense forest thorns. He held a few bloody game in his hand, all of which had just died under his master's gun.

     Even the power of heavy machine guns is too great, and these game meats are probably not as good as a few pieces of whole meat.

     "Little Taohua, didn't you let you go to practice? Why did you come here again."

     Jueyun put the gun to the side, beat his old waist, walked to a large bluestone among the flowers and lay down.

     The little monk threw away the game, and ran to Jueyun's side, clenched his little fist to help the master beat his leg, and said with a thief: "Master, I didn't come here to be filial to you."

     "If you want to be lazy, remember to change your excuse in the future." Jueyun hummed and slapped his lips: "Master is thirsty, go get some water.""Oh!" The little monk immediately turned and ran away. He looks very lively.

     After a while, the little monk used a big green leaf to pick up the spring and walked carefully back to the big blue stone, shouting: "Master, the water is coming."

     After yelling for several times, the master didn’t respond. The little monk took out a hand and tried to push Jueyun twice, but there was no response. He reached out and pushed the sunglasses on Jueyun’s face onto his forehead. There was a serene smile on Jueyun's face.

     "Master, drink water before going to sleep. The water I brought in hard." The little monk climbed up the big bluestone. Shaking Jueyun's nose.

     After shaking see you later, the master still didn't move at all. The little monk seemed to realize that something was wrong. He pushed his sunglasses on his forehead, revealing a pair of peach eyes. Same as someone.

     He reached out and tried Jueyun's snort. Found no breath. The little hand couldn't help shaking, and he felt Mo Jueyun's pulse again, and was so scared that he fell from the big blue stone on the spot. The mountain spring water was all spilled.

     The little monk was rolling and crawling, crying and running back.

     Not long after, Emei sent a large group of people to fly over. After confirming that Jueyun had passed away, a group of monks and nuns were facing the Jueyun Heshi Amitabha lying in the blooming mountains.

     The crying little monk took out his mobile phone and external contact. As soon as the call was connected, "Dad, the master is gone, the master doesn't want me anymore."

     Someone’s vicious voice came on the phone, "little tortoise bastard, you still have finished or not. Last time you almost sent Emei to be burned, did you blame your master this time?"

     "No, the master passed away." The little monk cried.At the South China Gang, Xiaodao and Liu Tiantian who received the news rushed to the airport and flew to Emei.

     Because that little monk is the youngest son of the two, there is still one daughter in front.

     This little son may have inherited Liu Tiantian's gene, but he turned out to be a piece of material for inner strength Kungfu. Naturally, the good material cannot be wasted.

     Jueyun's skill is good! Xiaodao naturally thought of Jueyun. With Xiaodao and Jueyun's friendship, he didn't need Jueyun's consent.

     I brought my son over and pointed to Jueyun’s nose and said, if my son can’t become a World's First martial arts master, our friendship will be over. Remember to teach my son all the kung fu of the Emei Sect. I'm not over with you!

     In fact, Liu Tiantian is very busy now, but her son's master has passed away, so she has to make time to come.

     The reason why she is busy now is that Lei Xiong realizes that her son's virtue is difficult to be a big responsibility, and is training Liu Tiantian to succeed. Lei Xiong feels more or less a bit depressed. Back then, rack one's brains grabbed the leading position from the Liu family, but now he has to obediently return it... But thinking that in the end he would definitely have to pay for his grandson, so he recognized it!

      Perth, Australia, after tired Kang Jiuxiang took a rest, Lin Bao left the hotel, not a word or movement, and got on the ground with a car.

     The driver was Smith, and he took Lin Bao to the Vineyard, where Andre and his wife, Yukiko Kawakami, Julia and Lin Chuan all lived in seclusion there.

     The reason why Lin Bao appeared here is because he has gradually put aside some things and started to let Lin Zixian take over some things. After having free time, he is taking Kang Jiuxiang to travel around the world.In the woods not far from the vineyard, some restless Julia led the mixed-race Lin Chuan, who had become a young boy, to see Lin Bao, who was accompanied by Smith with his hand.

     As soon as she saw Lin Bao, Julia was somewhat anxious, and she could still think of the horrible situation of this man's swordsmanship!

     A few days later, Lin Chuan followed Lin Bao to the back mountain of Shaolin, and saw the one-armed meditation master Suyi who became more and more detached. This monk's cultivation became more and more profound. It is estimated that he will soon become a Buddha. It belongs to a rare strange flower. one type.

     Lin Bao had an interview with Master Suyi for a long time. When they left, only Lin Bao left, leaving Lin Chuan next to Master Suyi, who has advanced Dharma...

     After many years, the current situation of the entire world has undergone tremendous changes.

     There is one person who cannot help mentioning the occurrence of drastic changes. He is the secretary of Old Master Qi. It can also be said that he is the Final Disciple of Old Master Qi. This person can be said to have the world in mind, Putting Away Poems To Speak of Strategy.

     It was this person who changed the entire world, expanded the China map, and gathered all the four ‘Beijing’s: East, South, West, and North. Moreover, taking advantage of the opportunity of the military to control the country in the foreign war, bold and decisive reforms were carried out on the problems of the country’s internal resistance. Thousands of corrupt officials were sent to the Military Tribunal during the war and shot to death, establishing a long-term effect. National anti-corruption mechanism,

     Things have to go back to the fifteen years after Lin Zixian retired, Su Zhiguo, Secretary of Old Master Qi. After hardships, finally reached the top.

     He did not live up to Old Master Qi's expectations. Starting from an official career as an ordinary child of a civilian family, he finally reached the pinnacle of China's rights with strong political wisdom and courage.At the beginning of his superior position, Su Zhiguo vigorously rectified the army. Some of the young and strong factions and hawks in the military were successively adjusted to important military positions by him and promoted one after another. At this time, many talents outrageously discovered that some of the people appointed by Su Zhiguo turned out to be the same year. Some people that Old Master Qi met.

     It seemed that many people had just reacted and remembered the Old Master Qi who had been forgotten many years ago. Everyone thought that Old Master Qi was dead So many years. Some things are also vanish like smoke in thin air. However, some of Su Zhiguo's actions made everyone feel a shiver all over though not cold, sensed Old Master Qi's soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed.

     The power of some people immediately became entangled and began to twist the rope to fight against Su Zhiguo's military layout. The power of these people was powerful. Luo Xiangqian, the retired son of Luo Chenghu, took control of the position of military commander.

     Luo Xiangqian was promoted from lieutenant general to general. Take over as the military commander. Taking over his father's previous position can be said to be the son's inheritance.

     He is Luo Chenghu's son, and everyone is worried about him there's nothing about it. No one thought he would betray his father's political line.

     However, what surprised all the people was that Luo Xiangqian immediately took off the conservative veil and cooperated with Su Zhiguo to rectify the army.

     Because of this, Luo Chenghu almost vomited blood, only to remember that his son was the one brought up by Old Master Qi. It is the internal response arranged by Old Master Qi. Presumably Su Zhiguo knew it, otherwise it would not be so unscrupulous. There is a second hand.

     So far, the original forces were muddled and completely collapsing defeated in the military, and the military was completely controlled by Su Zhiguo.A few years later, during the conflict with Japan in the East China Sea, Su Zhiguo suddenly made a public speech to the world. Japan did not implement the provisions of China in the "Cairo Declaration" and "Potsdam Proclamation". So for China, it was obvious The second World War did not end. Huaxia is still under Japanese aggression. Huaxia gave up its promise to use nuclear weapons first...

     After Su Zhiguo retired, he finally came to the dusty "Daming Garden" that he hadn't visited again after he left, even to be almost within reach. With a long bow, he published a memoir in the Daming Garden, which recalled his stay in Old Some past stories of Master Qi being a secretary.

     The title page of the memoir has an inscription written in his own name: The people who sacrificed for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will never be forgotten! Comrade Qi Yunfeng will never be forgotten!

     He personally made a historical position for the long-dead Old Master Qi to comfort the soul in heaven!

     It coincides with the change, and it is also the age of heroes, a group of young people are full of enthusiasm.

     Several young people whose surnames were Song, Qi, and Lin were very dazzling.

     At that time, the little dust-free Taoist priests of Zhongnanshan were in the middle of the dust, and the children of the knife were also very arrogant. Yuan Ping’s was traveling the world, and some descendants of old idlers were following the footsteps of their ancestors. Jesse’s mixed-race daughter was unwilling to pass on one's responsibilities to others, the extreme intense battle of the Underground World, the famous flower consortium and the l family collided violently. This is an era where elites are born.With the advancement of science and technology, the smaller and smaller of the earth is gradually moving towards the interstellar age, the snake appears again, the mysterious Captain Colwyn shows great power, Kunlun Great Snow Mountain's white-clothed female appearance like a heavenly immortal, Qin Shihuang Tomb’s Gongyang Sun and Ji Huan walked out of the ancient tomb. The ancient Xuanmen stage a come back. Unstoppable Sword Qi unstoppable Sword Qi was born out of nowhere.

     During this period, because of some changes, Lin Zixian came out again and met Zhang Beibei, who was already in a high position at that time. As a result of Lin Zixian's emergence, Zhang Beibei's political life was sadly ended.

     Some younger generations also experienced the legendary figure Julius Caesar of Underground World again.

     When Lin Zixian’s children encountered shaking one to the core, they finally saw the inconceivable of their mysterious father, whether it was the terrible snake, the mysterious Captain Colwyn, or the world-shaking Profound. Gate's Disciple, his father even knew him, only to realize that his father's story is far more than the legends heard by Underground World. This is a Like a mystery father... (end of book) (to be continued...)