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0 Chapter Directory 1319 One Year Later
    Author: Ծǧ(Yu qin chu, Yue Qian Chou)
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The sound of a spear blast made the flying birds in the mountains flutter.

A gray-haired old monk with his back on his back, a shirtless man, one-shoulder shawl on his shoulders, wearing sunglasses, a long string of elastic chains on his shoulders, holding a heavy machine spear, looked at himself Frightened fleeing birds and beasts, happily.

A monk who can pull such a wind in the deep mountain, besides who can there be Master Juyun of Emei, this place is also in the deep mountain of Mount Emei.

However, he is really old. As soon as the limit of his physical function is reached, he is so old that he can't obey the old one. His waist is not straight.

Life in the mountains is lonely! Fortunately, there is still one old friend in Flower World outside, from time to time he will give him something new.

"Master!" A seven or eight-year-old young monk wore sunglasses and drilled from the rustling sound of jungle bushes. He raised a few bloody game in his hand, all died just under the mouth of his master spear.

Even though the power of the heavy machine spear is too great, it is estimated that these games are not a few pieces of complete meat.

"Xiaotaohua, didn't you let you practice? Why did you come again?"

Jueyun took Spear to the side, thumped his old waist, and lay down beside a large bluestone among the mountains and flowers.

The young monk threw away the game, and ran to the side of Jueyun, holding his little fist to help the master beat the leg, and a thief smiled: "Master, I didn't come to filial piety.

"If you want to be lazy, remember to make an excuse later." Jue Yun grunted and said, "Master is thirsty, get some water."

"Oh!" The little monk immediately turned around and ran away. Very lively and active.After a while, the young monk took a large green leaf to grab the mountain spring and walked carefully back to the big blue stone, shouting: "Master, the water is coming."

As a result, after calling for several times, there was no response from the master. The young monk spared a hand and tried to push Jueyun twice, but still no response. Jueyun's face had a serene smile.

"Master, drink water and go to sleep again. The water I fought hard." The little monk climbed onto the big bluestone. Pinch Jueyun's nose and sway.

After shaking for a while to see the master, there was still no movement. The young monk seemed to realize that something was wrong, and the sunglasses pushed onto the forehead, revealing a pair of peach eyes. Same as someone.

He reached out and tried Jueyun's breath. Found no breath. The small hand couldn't help shaking, and touched the pulse of Jueyun again. On the spot, a butt fell from Daqingshi. The spring water was all spilled.

The little monk crawled and crawled, wowing and ran back.

It didn't take long for Emei to send a large group of people to come and confirm that Jueyun had passed away, and a group of monks and nuns faced Amitabha who were lying together in the mountains.

The crying little monk touched the phone and contacted the outside world. As soon as the phone was connected, "Dad, the master is gone, the master does not want me."

There was someone's fierce voice on the phone, "Little bastard, you are still not finished yet. You almost burned Emei last time. Was there anything that made your master angry this time?"

"No, the master is dead." The young monk cried.

Over the South China Gang, the knife and Liu Tiantian who received the news hurried to the airport and flew to Emei.Because that little monk is the youngest son of the two, there is still one daughter in front.

This young son may have inherited the gene of Liu Tiantian, and turned out to be a piece of material for practicing the family skills. Naturally, good material cannot be wasted.

Jue Yun s Kung Fu is good! Xiaodao naturally thought of Jueyun, and by virtue of the friendship between Xiaodao and Jueyun, neither Jueyun agreed.

Bring the son directly and point to Jueyun's nose, if my son can't become the world's first martial arts master, our friendship will be over, and you should teach all my kung fu at the bottom of the box to teach my son It s the same with you!

In fact, Liu Tiantian is very busy now, but the son's master is gone, so why bother to take a trip.

The reason why she is busy now is because Lei Xiong sees that her son's virtues are difficult to take over and is training Liu Tiantian to succeed. Lei Xiong was a little depressed in his heart. At that time, he tried his best to grab the position of the leader from the Liu family, but now he has to obediently return it ... But I thought that I must still cheaper my grandson, and I recognized it!

In Perth, Australia, after the tired Kang Jiuxiang rested, Lin Bao left the hotel and calmly got on a car.

The driver was Smith, and he took Lin Bao to the vineyard, where the Andreas, Yukiko Kawakami, Julia, and Lin Chuan lived in seclusion.

Lin Bao appeared here because he gradually let go of some things and started to let Lin Zi take over some things. After being free, Kang Jiuxiang is traveling the world.

In the woods not far from the grape estate, some restless Julia led the mixed-race Lin Chuan, who had become a little boy, to see Lin Bao who walked with Smith and accompanied him.As soon as he saw Lin Bao, Julia was a little nervous, and he remembered the horrible situation of this man's sword killing him!

A few days later, Lin Chuan followed Lin Bao to the Shaolin Houshan, and saw Master Su Yi, who became more one-armed and meditative. The monks cultivation became deeper and deeper. It is estimated that he would soon become a Buddha. It belongs to a rare wonderful flower. one type.

Lin Bao and Master Su Yi interviewed for a long time. When he left, only Lin Bao left, leaving Lin Chuan with Master Su Yi, who is a deep Buddhist...

Over the years, the current situation in the entire world has changed dramatically.

There was a person who could not help mentioning the upheaval. He is the secretary of Grandpa Qi, and can also be said to be a close disciple of Grandpa Qi. This man can be said to have a strong mind and a military strategy.

It was this man who changed the pattern of the entire world, expanded the territory of China, and put together all four "east" "Beijing". And by taking advantage of the opportunity of the foreign war military to control the country, it carried out the problem of the heavy resistance within the country. With drastic reforms, thousands of corrupt officials were sent to the wartime Military Tribunal and died after the trial, establishing a long-term national anti-corruption mechanism,

Things have to go back to fifteen years after Lin Zixian's retreat, Mr. Qi's secretary Su Zhiguo. After hardships, he finally reached the top.

He did not live up to the expectations of Qi's grandfather. From the beginning of his career as an ordinary child of a civilian family, he finally reached the peak of China's rights with strong political wisdom and courage.At the beginning of his position, Su Zhiguo vigorously rectified the military. Some military young and hawks were successively adjusted to important military posts by him and promoted one after another. At this time, many talented people suddenly found that some of the people Su Zhiguo started were actually the same. Some people Qi Qi has met.

Many people seem to have reacted, remembering the old man Qi who has been forgotten for years. Everyone thought that Grandpa Qi had died for so many years. A few things also disappeared. However, some of Su Zhiguo's actions made everyone feel a trace of tremble with fear, and felt that Qi's soul was still there.

The strength of some people immediately entangled and began to twist the rope against Su Zhiguo's military layout. These people's strength is powerful. Launched the retired Luo Chenghu's son Luo Xiangqian to control the position of the military chief.

Luo Xiangqian was promoted from general to admiral. Take over the military commander. After taking over his father's previous position, it can be said that he inherited his father's business.

He is Luo Chenghu's son, and everyone has nothing to worry about him. No one thought he would betray his father's political line.

However, to everyone's surprise, Luo Xiangqian came to the top and immediately tore off the veil of the conservatives, fully cooperating with Su Zhiguo to rectify the military.

Luo Chenghu nearly vomited blood because of this, only to remember that his son was brought up by Qi, and there are ten ** s where Qi is arranged by him. Presumably Su Zhiguo knew it already, otherwise he would not be unbridled like this. Backhand.

So far, the original forces were muddled and completely collapsing in the military, and the military was completely controlled by Su Zhiguo.A few years later, in the conflict with Japan in the East China Sea, Su Zhiguo suddenly delivered a public speech to the world. Japan does not implement the provisions of the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Announcement on China, so it is obvious to China World War II is not over. China is still under Japanese aggression. China gives up its commitment to use nuclear weapons first ...

After Su Zhiguo retired, he finally came to the dusty 'Daming Garden' long bow who hadn't come even after to be almost within reach, he launched a memoir in Daming Garden, which recalled that he was in Old Gentleman Qi's past events as a secretary.

The title page of the memoir has an inscription written by him in his own name: The people who sacrificed for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will be immortal! Comrade Qi Yunfeng is immortal!

He personally made historical positioning for the long-dead Old Gentleman Qi to comfort soul in heaven!

It happened at the time of change, and it was also the era when heroes were born, and a group of young people were full of blood.

Among them, several young people named Song, Qi and Lin were dazzling.

At that time, Zhongnan Mountain s little dustless Taoist was mixed in the rolling red dust, the children of the knife were also arrogant, Yuan Ping was in the world, some younger idlers were pursuing the footprints of their ancestors, and Jesse s mixed daughter unwilling to pass on one's responsibilities to others, the pinnacle of the underground world is fiercely fierce, and the Minghua Consortium and the L family have collided violently. This is an era of elites.With the advancement of technology, the whole earth is getting smaller and smaller, gradually moving towards the interstellar age, the Laipi snake appears again, the mysterious Captain Kelvin is magnificent, the white woman in Kunlun Daxueshan looks like an immortal, Yang Sun and Ji Huan walked out of the ancient tomb, the ancient Xuanmen re-emerged from the rivers and lakes, the elite hermits who were born out of nowhere came out of nowhere, Sword Qi Moving Unhindered for a while!

During this period, due to some changes, Lin Zixian went out again and saw Zhang Beibei, who was already in a high position. However, as a result of Lin Zi's leisurely journey, Zhang Beibei was stepped down from his own hands, and Zhang Beibei's political life came to an end.

Some younger generations have therefore re-experienced the legendary figure Great Emperor Caesar of the underworld.

And when Lin Zixian s children encountered shaking one to the core, they finally saw the inconceivable of their mysterious father, whether it was the terrible Reipi snake, the mysterious Captain Kelvin, or the strength of shaking heaven and earth. The disciple, even his own father knew it, only to find that his father's story is far more than the legends heard by underworld, this is a mysterious father ... (end of the book) (to be continued ...)