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    Author: 西域刀客(Xīyù dāo kè, Western Region Swordsman)
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A year later, in Huishi, Guangdong Province, a very ordinary community.

This community is not in the city center, under a mountain in the suburbs. Usually, some families with poor economic conditions buy it for domestic use.

At about 10 o'clock in the evening, in the six-unit two-unit building 403 of this community, a middle-aged couple in their fifties were sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV.

While watching TV, the ordinary and ordinary male host said to the female host: "Tama one by one, what do you say about him now?"

The hostess was dignified, elegant, and beautiful, and even the years left no trace on her face.

Many people in the community talked in secret, saying that the man in this family was too ordinary and ordinary, and it was too bad for this woman to marry him.

But the hostess at the moment has a deep love in her eyes, just like the young man who is in love, looking at the host and saying: "You have to ask me several times every day, you How can I answer you?"

"Once Wanqiu and Qingcheng both believed that Taishang Taozu had calculated one by one, and even then we even believed!"

"What we did not expect was that one by one he abandoned his merits and resolved the world annihilation. Heavenly Dao lowered him even more merits, and made his merits and gold body return to the state of Dacheng, even It also allowed him to break through the Da Luo and prove the merit of the golden fairy."

"Now one by one, what else is there do you think can constitute a threat to him?"

The hostess asked her hostess with pride and confidence in her son.

The host smiled and heard a proud expression."You are right. I am afraid that apart from the Hunyuan saint, even in the red world, there will not be too many people who can constitute a threat."

"My Jiang Er's son, can it be worse?"

Every woman likes to pour cold water on her man. At this moment, seeing her husband is a little bit cynical, the hostess gave him a white glance and said: "One by one can be so powerful, how does it matter to you?"

"If I hadn't given birth to him, if Chu Chu and Wan Qiu helped him, would he have the ability now?"

The hostess didn't mind the hostess's words at all, and after the hostess said this, the hostess's brows were actually frowned, and his expression was a little dignified.

I saw the male master said: "In the beginning, Master Xuandu made one by one use Hongmeng Ziqi for Chu Chu's life, and one by one without the slightest hesitation's gave Hongmeng Ziqi."

"Later, Dao Dao lowered immeasurable merits, and after verifying the merits of the golden fairy, he took Wanqiu and Master Xuandu together and flew to Hongchen Tiantian."

"I don't know what way Taishang Taoist ancestors will take away one by one."

"Can Taiyi save the suffering Tianzun, can Chu Chu be resurrected?"

The hostess said this, and also evoked the mistress of the hostess, and the two fell into silence at the same time.

Scenes like this happen between these couples almost every day.

Erxing Qianli mother worried, although their son has become one of the few strong between Heaven and Earth, but as parents, they are always worrying about their son, thinking about... .

"It's not too early, let's sleep!"After the silent for a moment, the hostess hugged the hostess and whispered softly to her.

However, at this moment, a couple made them very excited, heard countless voices in their dreams, and heard them in their ears.

"Dad, Mom, Chu Chu has been rescued by Tai Yi, Tian Tianzun, you don’t have to worry about us, but the three of us have important things to do and can’t take care of the children. You come to raise."

"The two of you will go out now and go to the hill behind the community where your grandson is."

Hearing this voice, both the hostess and the hostess were extremely excited.

"One by one, are you?"

"My child, why don't you show up to meet Father and Mother?"

The hostess said with tears in her eyes.

"One by one, you bastard, come out and show me you!"

"I'll tell you, stinky boy, even if it's you prove the merit road, I will always be your dad, let the woman of Laozi cry, you owe you!"

The male master scolded loudly, but his eyes also burst into tears of excitement.

But no matter what the couple said, the voice never appeared again, and the house fell into silence again.

"Oops, I said to send our grandson to us one by one!"

"Let's go and see on the mountain!"

Between the words, the hostess took the hostess's hand and snatched out the door, even the stairs were too late to walk. The couple jumped directly from the fourth floor.And after falling to the ground, the couple running as fast as flying, three to four times faster than the world record holder of the 100m champion, ran towards the hill outside the community.

Fortunately, it was at night. There were not many people strolling in the community. A few people saw the figures of these two couples. They thought they saw the ghost and yelled in horror and returned to their home.

Even after that, there have been rumors of haunting in this community.

In less than a minute, the couple crossed the entire community and came down the mountain.

By virtue of the induction between the blood vessels, the couple quickly found a newly born baby boy in the woods halfway up the mountain.

The baby boy was placed on the branch of a tree, his body was naked, and there was only an ancient bell-like ornament hanging around his neck.

Although it was already ten o'clock at night, pitch-black as ink at night, this child looked so harmonious in the night, surrounded by branches.

The leaves gave out a faint green light, the summer breeze blew, the child did not cry at all, opened his eyes, and looked at the world.

The moment the two couples saw the child, they were completely sure that the child was their grandson.

"Chu Chu once said that if one of the children is a boy, he would be named Jiang Lin. This child was thrown into the woods by his dad. It seems that it is a matter of heaven!"

The host walked up to the tree, carefully cradled the baby, and looked at the child in his face with love.The hostess also looked at her grandson with a loving look, pointing at the ancient bell on the child's neck: "You said this ancient bell, will it be the East Emperor Bell?"

Hearing the hostess's words, the hostess also carefully looked at the ancient clock on the child's neck.

A moment later, I saw the male host saying: "I remember Chu Chu once said that when he took the Donghuang Bell from the Emperor's clan, he said that he would give Donghuang Bell to his son as a toy.

"It seems that one by one really said that he did it, and took Donghuang Zhong as a toy and gave it to his son."

The host said this, and the hostess nodded, took the child from the host, and kissed carefully.

Next, the hostess turned and walked down the mountain, but while walking, the hostess asked the hostess, "Chu Chu has been resurrected one by one, then who said this child, who was born?"

"Chu Chusheng, or Wan Qiusheng?"

The male host heard the words without any hesitation, and replied to the hostess: "Your woman takes more than nine months to conceive a child. Even if Taiyi saves the suffering Tianzun and is resurrected, she will not be able to conceive the child so quickly Was it born?"

"In my opinion, this child must have been born by Wan Qiu."

The hostess expressed his opinion, but the hostess seemed a little disagree.

After holding the child to the bottom of the mountain and looking up at the sky, take a quick look.

I saw the hostess faintly said: "Wan Qiu and Yi Yi have been together for so long, if they could have children, they would have been born long ago!"

"Perhaps it was because of Chu Chu's resurrection that she was born a child.""Don't you forget the words that Taigong left before leaving?"

"Donghuang died of Xuanming, but Xuanming was born of Donghuang, so Xuanming owed his life to Donghuang."

"Xuan Ming wants to repay Dong Huang's cause and effect, she can only give Dong Huang a life!"

"Life leads to Death, life and death, disillusionment between life and death, all in one thought!"

"In my opinion, this grandson of ours is definitely not easy!"