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    Chinese Name: 天命神相  Author: 西域刀客(Xīyù dāo kè, Western Region Swordsman)
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A year later, in Hui City, Guangdong Province, a very ordinary community.

     This community is not in the city center, but under a mountain on the outskirts of the city. It is usually bought by families with poor financial status.

      Around 10:00 in the afternoon, a 50-year-old middle-aged couple was sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV in Room 403, Unit 2, Building 6, Building.

     While watching TV, the ordinary and ordinary host said to the hostess: "One by one, fucking, you say one by one how is it going now?"

     The hostess was dignified, elegant, beautiful and generous, and even years did not leave a mark on her face.

     Many people in the community are talking in secret, saying that the men in this family are too ordinary and that this woman has suffered too much from marrying him.

     But at this moment, the hostess has a deep love in her eyes, just like a young young man in love, looking at the host and saying: "You have to ask me several times every day, you How can I answer you?"

     "Originally, both Wanqiu and Qingcheng thought the Taishang Dao ancestors calculated one by one, and even we believed it at that time!"

     "What we didn’t expect was that, one by one, he gave up his merits and resolved the World Extinguishing Great Tribulation. On the contrary, Heaven gave him more merits and made his merits return to the Great Accomplishment Realm. It even allowed him to break through Da Luo and prove the position of the golden immortal of merit."

     "Now one one, what else is there, do you think people can constitute a threat?"

     The hostess asked the host with a look of pride and confidence in her son.

     The host smiled when he heard the words, and also showed a proud expression."What you said is really correct. I am afraid that apart from Primordial Chaos Sage, there are not too many people who can constitute a threat to one by one, even in the outer world."

     "My Jiang Er's son, can you make a difference?"

     Every woman likes to pour cold water on her man. At this moment, seeing her husband feel a little bitter, the hostess flipped a supercillious look towards him and said: "One by one can be so formidable, what does it have to do with you?"

     "If it weren't for me gave birth to him, if it wasn't for Chu Chu and Wanqiu to help him, would he have the current ability?"

     The hostess didn't mind what the hostess said, and after the hostess said this, the host's brows wrinkled unexpectedly, his expression was a bit solemn.

     I saw the male host saying: "At the beginning, Great Master Xuan Dou let Grandmist Purple Qi be exchanged for Chuchu's life one by one, and he handed over Grandmist Purple Qi one by one without the slightest hesitation."

     "Later, Tiandao descended from Amitayus Karmic Virtue, and after proving the status of the Golden Immortal of Merit, he took Wanqiu and Great Master Xuan Dou to the outer sky with the Great Master Xuan Dou."

     "I don't know how Tai Shang Dao Zu will take away one by one Grandmist Purple Qi?"

     "Then Taiyi Heavenly Lord of Salvation from Misery, can you bring Chu Chu back to life?"

     When the host said this, it also aroused the mistress's mind, and the two fell into silence at the same time.

     Scenes like this happen almost every day between these two couples.

     The mother of a thousand miles away is worried. Although their son has become one of the few powerhouses between Heaven and Earth, as parents, they worry about their son every moment and think about it..... .

     "It's getting late, let's go to sleep!"After silent for a moment, the host embraced the hostess and said softly to her very softly.

     However, at this moment, a voice that made the two of them extremely excited, heard countless times in their dreams, came into their ears.

     "Dad, Mom, Chu Chu has been resurrected by Taiyi Heavenly Lord of Salvation from Misery, you don’t have to worry about us, but the three of us have important things to do and can’t take care of the children, so I specifically asked Dao Zu to send me to the lower realm. The child will be brought up by you."

     "You two go out now and go to the mountain behind the community, where your grandson is."

     Hearing this voice, both the hostess and hostess were extremely excited.

     "One by one, is that you?"

     "My child, why don't you show up to meet dad and mom?"

     The hostess said loudly with tears in her eyes.

     "One by one, you bastard, come out and show me you!"

     "Buddy, let me tell you, even if it's you, I will always be your dad. If it's you, I will always be your dad. If you make Lao Tzu's woman cry, you will be beaten!"

     The host cursed loudly, but there were also tears of excitement in his eyes.

     But no matter what the couple said, that voice never appeared again, and the room fell into silence again.

     "Oh, I said one by one I sent the grandson over to us!"

     "Let's go to the mountain and have a look!"

     While they were talking, the host took the hand of the hostess and rushed out through a door. Before even walking the stairs, the couple jumped directly from the fourth floor.And after falling to the ground, the couple were running as fast as flying, three to four times faster than the world record holder of the 100-meter championship, and ran towards the hill outside the community.

     Fortunately, this was at night. There were not many people strolling in the community. A few people saw the two couples, thought they had seen a ghost, yelled in shock, and returned to their homes.

     Even since then, this community has been rumored to be haunted.

     In less than a minute, the couple traveled through the entire community and came to the foot of the mountain.

     Relying on the induction between bloodlines, the couple soon found a newly born baby boy in the woods halfway up the mountain.

     The baby boy was placed on the branch of a tree, not wearing one thread, only has one jewelry like an ancient clock, hung around his neck.

     Although it is already 10:00 pm, the night is pitch-black as ink, but this child looks so harmonious in the night, surrounded by branches.

     The leaves glowed with a faint green light, and the summer breeze was blowing. The child did not cry at all. He opened his eyes and looked at this World.

     When the two couples saw that moment of the child, they were absolutely sure that the child was their immediate grandson.

     "Chu Chu once said that if one of his children is a boy, he will be named Jiang Lin. This child was thrown into the woods by his father. It seems that this is God's will!"

     The host walked to the tree, the cautious and solemn picked up the baby, looked at the child in his hands lovingly and said.The hostess also looked at her grandson lovingly, and pointed to the ancient clock on the child's neck and said, "Do you think this ancient clock is the Eastern Emperor Bell?"

     Hearing what the hostess said, the host also carefully looked at the ancient clock on the child's neck.

     After a while, I saw the male host saying: "I remember that Chu Chu once said that when he took the Eastern Emperor Bell from the emperor clan one by one, he had said that he would give the Eastern Bell to his son as a toy."

     "It seems that Eleven really be as good as one's word. He took the Eastern Emperor Bell as a toy and gave it to his son."

     The hostess said this, the hostess nodded, took the child from the host, cautious and solemn kissed a few times.

     Next, the hostess turned around and went down the mountain, but while walking, the hostess asked the hostess: "One by one, Chu Chu has been resurrected. Then who do you think gave birth to this child?"

     "Is it born to Chu Chu or Wan Qiu?"

     When the host heard this, he didn't have any hesitation, and answered the hostess: "It takes more than nine months for your women to have a baby. Even if Taiyi Heavenly Lord of Salvation from Misery resurrects Chu Chu, she can't do so soon. Be pregnant, give birth to the baby, right?"

     "In my opinion, this child must be born to Wanqiu."

     The host said his opinion, but the hostess seemed to disagree a bit.

     After holding the child to the bottom of the mountain, looks up at the sky and glanced at.

     I saw the hostess indifferently said: "Wan Qiu has been with Yi Yi for so long, if she could have a child, she would have been born!""Perhaps precisely because Chu Chu's resurrection will give her a child in a lifetime."

     "Have you forgotten those few words the grandpa left before he left?"

     "The Eastern Emperor died because of Xuan Ming, but Xuan Ming was born because of the Eastern Emperor, so Xuan Ming owed his life to the Eastern Emperor."

     "Xuan Ming wants to repay the Eastern Emperor's cause and effect, she can only grant the Eastern Emperor a life!"

     "Life leads to Death, Death leads to Life, life and death are disillusioned, all in one thought!"

     "From my point of view, our grandson is definitely not easy!"