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0 Chapter Directory 761 Everyone Is A Friend
    Chinese Name: 剑来  Author: 烽火戏诸侯(Fēnghuǒ xì zhūhóu, Tricking Warlords)
    Original: | Translator:

How young are young, how young are young.

     Sloppy guy, Yao Xianzhi. The Sabre Woman, Yao Lingzhi.

     When we first met, one was still a vigorous young man with a bright smile, and the other was a heroic girl who was still full of sharp edges.

     Yao Xianzhi seemed to be a little shy, his lips moved slightly, he couldn't say the right words, he didn't want to say polite things, he wanted to say too much in his heart, but he didn't know where to start, and he was so silent in the end.

     Yao Lingzhi, the daughter of Jiuniang at Fox Town Inn, she is still relatively bold, like So many years of tempering, but she has not been able to polish the edges and corners of her personality, confident and poised, looking at the man, nodding and laughing: "Master Chen, indeed long time no see."

     Chen Pingan asked, "Can you show me Old General Yao?"

     Yao Xianzhi nodded.

     Yao Lingzhi noticed the strangeness around Yao Mansion, as if Chen Ping'an's arrival caused quite a stir. It's normal. Yao Mansion today is no longer the No. 1 Shangshu Mansion. Your Majesty The Emperor is not in Mirage City now, someone trespassing here,

     Chen Ping’an apologized: “I’m in a hurry. I guess you will need to explain it to me, saying that someone will be a guest at Yao Mansion and let Mirage City no need to be anxious. As for who I am, I don’t need to say.”

     Yao Lingzhi doesn't have any hesitate to do it personally, and let his younger brother Yao Xianzhi lead Chen Ping An to visit their grandfather.

     Yao Xianzhi walked limping, and there was an empty sleeve. The man wanted to cover it a little, but it was in vain.

     Chen Pingan smiled and asked: "It seems that you were arguing with your sister just now? What are you arguing?"Yao Xianzhi whispered: "My sister gets more and more chattering as she gets older. She has always wanted me to find a daughter-in-law, be a matchmaker all day long, talk about this and that, and become addicted. To embarrass those women, what is my virtue now, she is not I don’t know, even if a woman nodded and agreed to this marriage, I’m not stupid. I’m not stupid. I can’t figure my youthfulness and majestic appearance, right? Mr. Chen, is that the truth?"

     Chen Ping'an nodded and said: "It's all human nature, persuasion is normal, and annoyance is normal. Unless one day you meet a girl you like, then marry in. Before then, your kid is obediently and honestly annoying, no solution. of."

     Yao Xianzhi smiled, "Mr. Chen, I look much older than you now."

     Chen Ping'an slapped Yao Xianzhi's head gently, "In addition to showing his old age, his reputation is also big, his temper is not small, he can fight with Bailongdong Genealogy Fairy Master in the downtown area."

     Yao Xianzhi slapped him and laughed. He laughed if he didn't drink, which is a rare thing for today's "Yao Junwang".

     In a secluded courtyard, two painted door gods standing tall are posted on the courtyard gate. At the moment, a golden body has appeared, guarding the gate.This is not an ordinary “sacred sacredness” of landscapes. The two golden gate gods in front of you, who have a great spring and a country of civil and military fortune, can probably be regarded as the official authority used for private interests of Your Majesty The Emperor. It is just this, and it is reasonable. reasonable. Because the person who helped the door god "tracing gold" was a standard handwriting hand-made by the emperor's hand in the hand of the emperor, every stroke was within the rules. As the person of the two door gods "dot in the eyes", Chen Ping'an knew at a glance that it was an autograph by the head of a certain academy, belonging to Ruism Holy Man's talk idly about important matters. Clearly and easy to see, Confucianism must be looked at with new eyes from Confucian Temple to Yizhou Academy.

     After that, the two door gods who manifested in this courtyard gate avenue will be involved in the great spring country. Enjoying the mortal realm incense has been soaked for hundreds of years. It is the most common type of gilding and gilding on the way of the gods.

     Earlier, Chen Ping’an had actually noticed the unusualness of this place, and it can be concluded that the old general Yao Zhen was trained here. The reason why he did not directly fall here is that he was too reckless and worried that his sword energy and fist will have still not completely converged. After rhyme, too "energetic", will be jealous of mountains and rivers, accidentally bumping into the old general's numerology. In addition, Chen Ping'an also wanted to relax his mood first with his sister and brother.

     The two door gods stared at the blue shirt, then held their fists and saluted almost at the same time, with a respectful look, and took the initiative to make way for Chen Ping An.

     Yao Xianzhi was stunned. He thought he would have to explain a few more words to allow Mr. Chen to pass through the door.

     Chen Ping'an clasped his fists in return, and followed Yao Xianzhi into a room. There was a fairy family incense burner on the table in the room. The purple gas rose up and the fragrance was pleasant.

     An old man with white beard is lying on a sick bed, breathing extremely delicately.Yao Xianzhi moved extremely softly and helped Chen Ping-an move a chair by the bed, while he sat in the distance.

     Before Chen Pingan took a seat, he twisted several golden talismans from his sleeves, one by one on the door and windows of the house. They were several top-grade talisman recorded in the "Book of Alchemy". One of them was called "Ferry Talisman". Calm mind and soul, reduce the impact of the elapse of River of Time, but this kind of talisman consumes a lot of talisman paper, the key to refining this talisman, the degree of consumption of the monk’s mind is actually far more than painting the attacking talisman, except for the ferry talisman. On the door, there was also an almost lost "Cattle and Horse Rest Talisman". It could not stop the Cow and Horse from entering the door, but it could allow the ghost to see the rune from a distance, and take a short break, as an extremely mysterious and abstruse. Ancient respects, such landscape rules, are destined to not be recorded in the books of the immortal family secreted by the general sect prefix.

     The yin and yang have different paths, each walking in its own way, the same principle as that of birds, birds, rats, and mice. If the cultivator does not open the sky, or if you have not been among the five realms, it is not strange to meet the city god’s landlord. The gods descended to the earth to ask about the land, even an unwritten rule of the officialdom of the landscape. However, it is extremely difficult to meet those subordinates who are completely different from the genus of the day and night travel god. It is almost rare to run into a feminine like an ordinary master, and once they meet by chance, the Qi practitioner will not regard it as a good thing.According to the obscure records of the Summer Palace, people, regardless of whether they are cultivating the Taoism or not, are inferior to those who belong to the two sides of a River of Time. Both sides have Heaven and Earth Grand Dao, and the well water is innocent, so Chen Ping'an travels far. Quite a lot, except for the blessing of Zhong Kui, he has gained knowledge outside the buried river shrine, besides, he has never seen any idiots, and that unruly encounter, Chen Ping’an is still used to the River of Time. The stalled relationship was able to witness the rare truth of the subordinates of Fengdu, otherwise even if the two sides to be almost within reach, they would still pass by.

     After many years of traveling, drawing symbols or giving gifts, Chen Ping'an has used up all the golden amulet papers he collected. These rare amulet papers used to draw symbols were previously borrowed temporarily from Cui Dongshan on the Yunzhou ferry.

     Drawing time ferry talisman will consume the mind of the monk. To draw a cow and a horse to pause for a while will break the yin virtue.

     These taboos, in fact, are clearly and correctly written in the "Book of Pills". Li Xisheng also specifically annotates four characters beside the cattle and horse symbols: use this symbol with caution.

     Yao Xianzhi sat on the chair, just watching Mr. Chen stick the golden talisman one by one. Although he was curious, he did not ask.

     When he was curious, the man felt relieved for no reason.

     It seems that Mr. Chen is finally here, so he, the Daquan County King, who has become a waste, can be lazy even if he does not say what he is doing at hand. Anyway, everything makes Mr. Chen work hard.The young San Yao at the border of Daquan in the past is the young Sword Immortal who admired Yao Xianzhi the most. In fact, the young man set one's heart on sth and wanted to learn art from the teacher, who was unparalleled in boxing, but it was a pity. I didn’t make it. I felt that there would be plenty of opportunities in the future. Don’t worry for a while. Even if the years on the mountain have little to do with the cold and heat in the world, you will never see each other for three to five years. You can always see each other again in ten years. I never thought that two years have passed in the blink of an eye. Yao Xianzhi nowadays doesn't have much thought of practicing martial arts.

     Yao Xianzhi is not an air trainer, but he can see the golden talisman worth several cities.

     The Daquan imperial court worshipped immortal masters, every time they used this kind of talisman paper to serve the country, the expressions on their faces were as painful as cutting meat, so the imperial court knew that they were paying.

     After Chen Ping'an posted the talisman, noiselessly walked to the table, facing the incense burner extend the palm, flicked gently, sniffed the fragrance, nodded, worthy of a master's handwriting, it's just perfect.

     After doing this, Chen Pingan sat on the chair near the sickbed.

     The ferry talisman and the cattle and horse talisman are relatively ordinary. They are all used to help General Yao calm down and slightly slow down the process of exhaustion and skin decay. For example, a nectar border talisman is a bit by bit. This is the only way to treat the symptoms but not the root cause. Today's old people, even if they are immortals like Cui Dongshan, any mysterious magic magic power is a go to war of the gains do not make up for the losses.

     Yao Xianzhi from start to finish, doesn't have any doubt.

     I believe that even if Your Majesty The Emperor is here, it is the same.The Yao family rarely trusts an outsider so much. It used to be, and it is now, and Chen Ping An is the only exception.

     The man is just peaceful looking at this Mr. Chen who "come a little late".

     It’s because the grandfather is stubbornly simmering now, although no one has heard why, but Young generation Sanyao, Your Majesty The Emperor Yao Jinzhi, Martial Arts Grandmaster Yao Lingzhi, Yao Xianzhi, all know why.

     Grandpa hopes that in this life, he still can see you again, the side of the young boy who has made friends with him.

     Besides, Grandpa has nothing to let go of.

     Daquan Guozuo has been preserved, and even a mirage city is completely undamaged. With heavy snow every winter, the capital is still the beautiful scenery of the glazed fairyland.

     It is such a lucky event that Daquan is the only one in Tongyezhou where the mountains and rivers are broken and the wind is blowing.

     After Chen Pingan took a seat, he gently twisted the palms of his hands, and then stretched out one of his hands and gently grasped a dry palm of the old man.

     Rub your hands to warm your palms a bit, a Boundless Wufu can actually control the temperature of his hands finely without such extra movements.

     It's just that this is a subconsciously action of Chen Ping An.

     After a while.

     The old man moved his eyelids, but did not open them, and said hoarsely: "Come on, really? Isn't the girl near me deliberately fooling me? Who are you?"

     "It's me, Chen Pingan."Chen Ping’an leaned forward, grabbed the old General Yao’s hand with both hands, bent over and whispered, “So many years have passed, I will still think about walking by the buried river with Grandpa Yao back then. The old farmer who fished for corpses, the old man said that his son had fished people who shouldn't be fished, so within a few days, his son soon disappeared. The old man finally said, "It should be stopped." I I have been wondering whether it is because time has passed so long that the old man is not so sad when he talks about this to us outsiders. Or is there any other reason to convince the old man so that the old man does not have to be so sad. Or ordinary people. In living life, some sad things of teaching the heart and rending the lungs fall into the potholes of the world. People who fall into the world have to get up and continue to walk forward. When the sad things fall, they can’t get up, and even people can survive. , It's over."

     According to the custom of Chen Ping’an’s hometown and small town, speaking with the elderly without worries, there is actually no need to avoid life and death.

     The old man murmured: "Sure enough, it's Xiaoping's coming. It's not you. I can't tell these old things. It's not you. I won't think about it."Chen Pingan whispered: "Let Grandpa Yao wait, but I can walk here, Speak Your Heart, it's actually not that easy. Some things come, I won't wait for me to prepare, it seems that I will split without discussing it. The head and covering the face rushed to the front, so that people can only bear it. At the same time, there are some things to go, no matter how to stop it, it can only make people suffer, and there is no way to say anything to others. I felt aggrieved and talked a lot about hypocrisy, so I wanted to find an elder and say a few words of suffering. If this is not the case, I came from Jinhuang Mansion to see Grandpa Yao. I must listen to a few more words. Back then, set one's heart on sth thinking of hurrying, walking in a hurry, this time you can go home without hurry."

     The old man tried his best to open his eyes and his vision was blurred. It was vaguely visible that a man who was no longer a teenager still had his head turned away from the hosta. After a few coughs, the old man’s face unexpectedly had several points of appearance, "Yes, the true Buddha only speaks ordinary things. It’s the same Chen Ping’an I know, but he has grown up a lot, he is a little older, and has suffered hardships. I either screamed hard and waited for everyone in the world to hear it, or I squeeze everything in my stomach. God, after a few years, it won’t be a problem. In fact, where is there such a good thing, now you know that life is unsatisfactory, right?"

     Chen Ping'an nodded.

     The old man raised his hand and patted the back of the young man's hand lightly. "The Yao family has some difficulties now. It is not how good the world is, but how the reasoning is. It is more embarrassing. Mine, near, are all heart knots. Whether you come or not, it doesn’t matter if you can solve the trouble now or not. For example, if you change your way, let Yao Zhen, who is already very elder hanging on life, become older and immortal, and become a landscape god or something. I just can’t do it. Ping An?"Chen Pingan nodded and said, "I can understand."

     Daquan can support Zheng Su, the king of Jinhuang Mansion, and Liu Yourong, the god of water in Pine Needle Lake. Zheng Su's deity is second only to Daquan and Five Sacred Mountains, Liu Yourong is also a second-class river water god, and his deity is second only to Biyou Palace buried river water god. This is the so-called when a man achieves the Way poultry and dogs rise to Heaven.

     And this person, of course, is Yao Jinzhi, the Empress of Daquan.

     So let the old general Yao, who has enough merits to convince the public and the hearts of the people, not to mention the city god of the city, it is not difficult to become a Wuyue mountain monarch of the big spring Yao family.

     It’s just that in this vast world, women claim to be emperor not without, but can be counted on one's fingers, and often the country won’t last long.

     In troubled times, whoever sits on the dragon chair and wears the dragon robe is responsible, and it is even more capable to sit firmly on the dragon chair. But when peace and prosperity comes, how can a woman proclaim the emperor ascend the throne?

     Except for the former emperor of Daquan Liu, who lost the hearts of the people, in fact, Daquan established the country for more than two hundred years. The rest of the emperors of the previous dynasties are considered Mingjun, and there is almost no faint emperor. Still the national surname of Daquan.

     Therefore, General Yao’s choice, whether to become a god of mountains and rivers, is actually a choice in the hearts of the elderly whether to change the name of Daquan Guo from "Liu" to "Yao". Obviously the old man's heart hoped to return Daquan to Liu's family. In this matter, it is extremely possible that the old general Yao Zhen and his granddaughter, and now Your Majesty The Emperor Yao Jinzhi, will have a certain disagreement. It can even be said that the old general’s idea will be with the whole Yao family, especially the youngest. The hope of generation children, run in the opposite direction.

     Yao Xianzhi didn't know whether he should be happy or sad.Grandpa's spirit is very good today, surprisingly good, so much so that he has energy and spirit, and said a lot more than the previous half a year combined.

     Chen Ping'an suddenly turned his head and said to Yao Xianzhi: "Go and call your sister over, both sisters will come."

     Yao Xianzhi has a bitter look on his face, "Your Majesty The Emperor is not in Mirage City now, and went to the old mansion of Yao's family at the southern border."

     Chen Ping'an stunned on the spot.

     With Chen Ping'an's support, the old man sat up slowly, but he was a little bit smiling, and said jokingly: "I haven't discussed it with you, right? This is life."

     Just sitting up, the old commander's expression was exhausted, and he could only move his fingers slightly, just as he waved his hand to signal Chen Ping An not to think too much, "The funeral has already been dealt with. The children of the Yao family are accustomed to life and death. , Who don’t need to be too hypocritical. Young age die in battle, vast and unreasonable. One who has lived to my age is going to leave. Instead, it crushed a large room and it was messy, and it would cry me. Too noisy, not crying seems to be unfilial, like something."

     Chen Pingan asked, "What can I do?"

     The old man smiled and said: "You don't have to do anything. Just don't leave without a message. Even if you are separated by a continent, you can still send letters with flying swords. Yao family affairs, Daquan national affairs, you should not mix up. Really be yourself Is it our Yao family’s son-in-law? Why did you go there early? If your kid didn’t deliberately pretend to be stupid, he was willing to take a step or two, maybe... forget it,"

     Yao Xianzhi grinned secretly.If this matter is spread out, it will let the government and the people go to examine roots and inquire at the base, those privately engraved books that continue despite repeated prohibition, and the more and more emerge of Barnyard Official History and Gong Wei Yan Ben. Make more money. And these books that hurt the foundation of the court and the reputation of the Yao family, and those frustrated scholars who are reclusive in the field, often push the wave and add to the billows. Before his sister Yao Jinzhi proclaimed the emperor, these unbearable to look at books had already been popular in the country. After proclaiming the emperor, it could only be said that they were slightly restrained, but they were still like spring breeze and weeds. After a few moments, even many officials and local officials in Xinjiang secretly keep a few copies.

     It’s just that Your Majesty The Emperor can’t take care of this kind of things for the time being. There are so many things in the military state that need to be reorganized. Just reforming the military system and setting up a total of 86 generals in a country is already a storm. There have been numerous criticisms. As for the selection of the 24 "founding nation" merits, there is even more resistance. Civil and military officials who have enough military exploits to be elected must compete for rankings. Those who can choose or not must fight for a place. Those who are not qualified will inevitably feel resentful. Thinking that Your Majesty The Emperor could replace the twenty-four generals with thirty-six generals, and even those who were expanded to thirty-six would not be able to be selected, the civil officials thought that the court could set up a few more national guru and generals thoughts stirred. The eighty-six branches of the garrison are picky and picky, and all of them want to be generals on the border with the Northern Jin and Southern Qi, grasp more power and hold more troops. It is extremely possible that the six southern generals of Hu'er Road, who will be fighting on the border again, are destined to be the five generals of Buried River Road, who are destined to also manage water and water transportation. These all are first-class sweet pastry.And Your Majesty The Emperor seems to be hesitating all the time, whether to use an iron fist to govern those unconventional histories, because one careless one is that the new emperor is mean and the infamy of Daxing Literary Prison.

     Chen Pingan is really good at acting stupid, just saying: "I have plans to open a new clan in Tongyezhou, maybe a little bit north, but in the future, I will deal with Daquan Yao on the same continent."

     The old man wondered: "I have established a sect? Why not choose my hometown of Aquarius? Is it impossible to mix there? No, since they are all sects, there is no reason to relocate to another continent to take root. Is it possible that you have enough battle at the top of the mountain, but it is a pity that you have a bad relationship with the Song court of Dayi?"

     In the view of the old general, the young age Chen Ping'an was able to create an immortal palace with the head of the ancestors. It was already a feat that was shocking enough to the world. As for the next sentence, the old general thought he was blurred vision of an old person, and he was deaf.

     Chen Pingan said helplessly: "Grandpa Yao, the next sect chose Tongyezhou, the mountain on the other side of his hometown. It will be the top of the upper sect. You don't need to move."The old man in glowing spirits swept away his depression, he was very pleased, but his mouth smiled deliberately: "Smelly boy, I don't want to be older, and my tone will be bigger. Why, use idiots to fool me, and see the recent present It’s Your Majesty The Emperor, it’s so good? Back then, I looked down on a Yao family girl who looked down on Shangshufu, but now I finally look at a female emperor? Good, good, so good, if so, it makes me worry , Jin Zhi has a high horizon. Your kid is one of the very few people of his age who can enter her Dharma eyes, but now is different. Jin Zhi’s heart is much higher than before, and he sees more legendary figures and Earth Immortal. I guess you The kid wants to succeed, it’s much harder than it was in the past. Just talking about the young offerings like brown candy will not let you succeed easily, Xianzhi, what is the name of that person?"

     "Golden Peak View Shao Yuanran, we are one of the most hopeful immortals in Tongyezhou."

     Yao Xianzhi laughed and replied loudly: "But in my opinion, it is not Mr. Chen's rival."

     Chen Pingan has a sudden headache, just keep silent.

     The old man did say a lot today. He had to close eye meditation and was silent for a long time before he continued to open his eyes and slowly said: "We Yao family, in fact, have not been good at dealing with scholars, especially scholars in official circles. There are too many intestines, and one person clearly tells the pros and cons of a sentence, but it can still account for the truth, so it will be more difficult to get close. If this is not the case, if this is not the case. The dynasty, together with the old Shen Guogong, can also help him to say a few words. Maybe it’s not the door god and the imperial court who protect and guard the Yao Mansion, but it’s under house arrest."All the officials and scholars who lost public praise and honour in that battle, and then survived by chance. They managed to escape to the border of Gyeonggi for refuge, but now they have not been able to join the temple center and officialdom. People, naturally, would strongly oppose Yao's control of the country. Everyone wants to occupy the moral righteousness and return the national surname to the Liu family. What kind of system is a woman in charge of the country.

     Chen Pingan said, "Xu Qingzhou?"

     Yao Xianzhi nodded and said: "I know that he and Mr. Chen have a deep grievance, but I still want to be fair to him. This person has been in the temple for these years, and he is quite responsible."

     Xu Qingzhou, a rare old general, has a "big skill" saber. Now it is Daquan’s general of the Zhengzi head, with outstanding achievements. Xu Qingzhou led all of his family members and took the initiative to rush to the border, and always advance and retreat with the Yao family's cavalry, fighting and retreating all the way, finally defending Mirage City. Big bets and big wins. Become one of the mainstays of the Daquan Army after Yao General.

     Back then, Xu Qingzhou was just a young general who bet on the grand prince. Wang Qi, Cao Mu'an Xu Tong, and Shen Guogong Gao Shizhen, all participated in the earlier vicious hunt that surrounded Chen Ping An. It's just that Xu Qingzhou's choice was extremely decisive. He did not hesitate to turn his face with the eldest prince Liu Cong, but also to make prompt decisions without hesitation and voluntarily withdrew from that gambling game. As a result, the family has been sitting on the official bench for many years.

     Chen Ping'an smiled and said, "The grievances are not small, but I have a good impression of Xu Qingzhou and Shen Guogong."At that time, Chen Ping'an had a death feud with the two princes of Daquan, first Liu Mao, the third prince, and then Liu Cong, the eldest prince, who was the eldest son of Liu Zhen, the old emperor Liu of Daquan. There is a difference between elders and children, and concubines. In the end, the emperor Liu Zhen chose to succeed his grandson who was very public praise among the civil servants. As for the third prince Liu Mao, he had already turned to cultivating for immortality. In the previous battle, he didn't show up, just dig into the green chapters in a small Taoist temple.

     However, Liu Cong, the lord who was able to imprison the country temporarily during the chaos, was unable to keep the Liu family in the end. After the Tongyezhou battle ended, Liu Cong launched a mutiny on the rainy night and tried to compete for Heirloom from the hands of Queen Yao Jin. Seal of the Realm, but was enshrined in secret by a nicknamed knife sharpener. He joined forces with a short woman who was eating supper behind the porch and blocked Liu Cong, to ruin the enterprise for the sake of one basketful.

     It is said that after the king with dishevelled hair was dragged out of the main hall by the soldier, he was extremely dazed, and then he laughed and cursed strange words to the rain curtain, "I knew that I would wait for the rain to stop before doing it. I don’t have a long memory, just wait. Be careful, the surname is Chen from now on."Chen Ping’an has been carefully observing the circulation of the old general’s vitality, which is better than expected. Although it was a final radiance of setting sun before, it was mysteriously and inexorably, it seems that there have been subtle changes in Daquan Guozuo. Chen Ping’an roughly deduced that it was either inside the palace. There is an existence similar to the natal lamp, or there are some secret methods on the Qin Tianjian side to secretly violate the rules of the Confucian Temple. Someone picks up the lamp and adds oil, and the added oil, any immortal masters and landscape gods, can’t ask. Come, because it is the great spring of illusory. Could it be that Yao Jinzhi is in the old Yao family at the border, and what measures have been taken to continue Guo Zuo? For example, once again successfully expanding the border for Daquan, and the Northern Jin Dynasty finally negotiated the ownership of Pine Needle Lake, and included the entire Pine Needle Lake into Daquan Mountain River.

     The Sabre woman gently opened the door.

     The old man said, "I'm a little tired. I'll sleep first, but I still seem to be able to wake up. It's not like every time I close my eyes, I don't have the confidence to open my eyes."

     Yao Lingzhi's grandfather carefully supported him and asked the old man to lie down and rest again.

     Chen Pingan did not leave the house immediately, but Yao Xianzhi took his sister and left first.

     The two siblings stood in the outer corridor and whispered, Yao Lingzhi said, "Master is very strange, so he just asked me if the person came by the surname Chen. Isn't he an old acquaintance with Master Chen?"

     Yao Lingzhi's martial arts master is Daquan Chief Worshipper, Liu Zong, a knife sharpener from the lotus roots. It's just that the sharpener did not reveal his identity and his hometown was not mentioned on Direct Disciple Yao Lingzhi.Yao Xianzhi was a little absent-minded, and suddenly asked a question, "Your Majesty The Emperor is not a monk, why is the appearance of So many years changed so little? Mr. Chen is a sword immortal, and the change is so great."

     Yao Lingzhi was angry, "Your Majesty The Emperor, Your Majesty The Emperor! Don't worry about it elsewhere, in your own home, can you not be so unfamiliar, you know or not my sister, every time you see you so deliberately abiding by the ruler Li, your Majesty, how sad is she?!"

     Yao Xianzhi's expression was indifferent, "I have become the emperor, so what a little sadness is."

     Yao Lingzhi lowered his voice, but his face was more angry, panting with rage said: "Isn't it just the early brawl outside the palace gate back then? How long will you have to complain about your sister before you can let go?! You are a child of the Yao family, can you Can't you worry about the overall situation of the temple? You know or not, how difficult is the so-called to hold a bowl of water level? My sister really wants to be fair and unbiased, but in the eyes of others, she will only be partial Yao family, do you think the emperor is so good? Believe it or not, if it's just Queen Empress, let alone you, even if it's you, all those robes will be extremely favored by the court, let alone How many times has Jinzhi hinted to you in private, and asked you to wait patiently and suffer some grievances first, because many of the immediate debts will be recovered from the long-term. Think about it carefully, how many times Jinzhi is to carefully balance the officialdom. Will the illustrious Yao family’s direct line and temple allies lose the election among those twenty-four merits? Is it possible that Yao Xian’s grievance will be achieved?"Yao Xianzhi has arms around his chest, "even an honest and upright official will have difficulty resolving a family dispute, not to mention that we are all emperors, and I understand the truth. If I didn’t care about the overall situation, I would have taken the pick and rolled out of the capital, no one’s eyes No problem, otherwise you think I'm rare in the status of this county king, what is the official position of the capital of the capital?"

     According to the law of Daquan, the king of the county and the king of the country are the first class.

     Nowadays, in addition to Shen Guo Gong Mansion, which was once only one branch of the tree is thriving in Daquan, there have been eight more Guo Gongye, including civil and military officials, and General Xu Qingzhou is one of them.

     Yao Xianzhi was so annoyed that he slammed a punch on his younger brother's shoulder, "You are just an unreasonable fool who cares only about your own mood!"

     Yao Xianzhi was beaten with a punch and his body swayed, and a section of the sleeve tube followed lightly. Yao Lingzhi's eyes were red. He wanted to say something soft to his brother, but he was afraid to say it again. Yao Xianzhi was even more willful. With mixed feelings over time, the woman who once drew a sword at a feudal lord had to turn her head and wipe her tears.

     Dressed in a green shirt, gently opened and closed the door, and came to the corridor.

     Yao Lingzhi quickly cleared up his emotions and said to Chen Ping’an: “Master Chen, here in the capital, no one will be indiscriminately inquiring about your status. Today will be what the matter did not happen. But someone will fly a sword secretly to send a letter to the south. I really can't stop this."

     Chen Pingan thanked her and smiled at Yao Xianzhi: "You kid should go to the border and drink the northwest wind. It's really not suitable to be a smooth and slick capital city Yin."Yao Xianzhi eyes shined, "Mr. Chen, did you talk to Grandpa? Your words are the most useful. You don't need to be a military commander alone. I really don't have the skills. Just give a scout to Lieutenant. Military attache, it’s enough to send me away."

     Chen Ping'an smiled and said: "No problem ah, of course I can help, but only if your sister just told you the truth, you can let you go to the border to feed the horses. Otherwise, the capital will encounter something casually in the future, a little wind Blowing and grass swaying (slightest sign of trouble), you can only be sentimental. You think you are a captain of scouts, what about others? I guess there are a few words in my ear to fan the flames, and which paoze brother has been wronged in officialdom, I guess you are Dare to lead hundreds of fine riders all the way to Mirage City, right? Replaced with me as Your Majesty The Emperor. It is the easiest for you to be the king of Taiping County with closed doors. Whether you can help those battlefields The robes and the brothers who came back up and down were embroiled, and the Chaohui outside the palace was fighting? How many civil servants did you kick over? Tell me about it. Tsk tsk, good guy, when you are a warrior with invincible hands on a continent, or a spell The Five Realms Fairy Master on the top of Tongtian Mountain?"

     "Young and inexperienced, impulsive, impulsive? Isn't this all I learned from Mr. Chen. If you encounter an injustice, let him punch first before talking about it."

     One of Yaoxian was very disappointed at first, but the more he heard, the happier he was, said with a chuckle: "Mr. Chen, you didn’t see that scene, that big bunch of civil servants lacking the strength even to truss a chicken, or Xu Qingzhou was stopped at the time, and my one person could be completely overturned. Now there is no such opportunity, let alone a servant, a household member and foreigner can’t be beaten, the gold is very expensive, I knew I was Just take advantage of the darkness and kick more."Yao Lingzhi heard helplessly, but relaxed.

     Anyhow, on the side of Young Master Chen, this younger brother will no longer talk about Cynical and will only teach people close to him.

     Chen Ping'an stretched out his hand and shook the empty sleeves of the lame man. Instead of comforting words, he joked: "It's a bad thing to be the master Yin, there is no single spear and horse Traveler, or the grand master of martial arts in five realms. , The nickname of a one-armed divine fist can’t run away. What’s going on, was it for the upper five-level demon? If this is not the case, don’t talk to me, there is nothing to say."

     Yao Lingzhi cautious and solemn glanced at his younger brother.

     I never thought that Yao Xianzhi not only didn't feel uncomfortable, but a proud face said: "On the battlefield, it is dangerous and dangerous. He is a monster beast in the realm of immortality, Jian Xiu! Hidden in Tibet to the east, hacked at me, a sword light Yes, my goddamn, I didn't feel any pain at first."

     Chen Pingan glanced at the woman with the saber.

     Yao Lingzhi laughed and said: "Listen to him, in the chaotic army, I don’t know how to cut off an arm for someone, but there was indeed a demon sword immortal near the immortal at that time. A lot."

     Chen Ping'an nodded and said, "Then treat it as being chopped off by the sword fairy, otherwise there will be no cowhide on the wine table."

     Yao Xianzhi looked forward to it, and asked in a low voice: "Mr. Chen, in your hometown, the war was even more fierce, and the fighting was miserable. I heard that from the old dragon city all the way to the companion capital of Dali, you were on the battlefield. Didn't you meet the great demon of genuine?"

     Chen Ping’an thought for a while, and replied with a smile: “I have met some, some have fought, some are not close, it can only be regarded as the two sides barely fought each other.”Yao Xianzhi continued: "Mr. Chen, I'm talking about the Great Demon, the one of the upper five realms! How many? Is there a single hand? If not, my admiration for Mr. Chen will be reduced by half."

     Chen Pingan stretched out his hand and patted the man's shoulder, and smiled: "Don't talk to people like this anymore."

     The bearded man laughing heartily.

     Unconsciously, Yao Xianzhi began to walk on a lame leg, without covering up, letting him go with a sleeve.

     Yao Lingzhi followed and laughed. From the war to the present, she hadn't seen her brother smile so brightly for many years.

     There are some truths, in fact Yao Xianzhi really understands, but he understands, and he is not willing to understand. I don't seem to be sensible, what else can I do. If you are sensible, you can't do anything.

     So no matter what Yao Jinzhi, who is already Your Majesty The Emperor, said to him, or Yao Lingzhi, who has always been regarded as his sister, said a few words to him, Yao Xianzhi would not listen, otherwise it would only be more uncomfortable in his heart.

     The three left the courtyard and returned to Yao Xianzhi's residence.

     Yao Lingzhi hesitated for a moment and said to Chen Ping’an: "Master Chen, I have worshipped a master. I have been a Martial Arts Grandmaster in Daquan Capital for many years. He seemed to have seen you before, so he immediately I rushed to ask if the guest from Yao Mansion was surnamed Chen. I didn’t answer, but maybe the master His-Senior had already seen something, so I asked me to say that he knew the cultivator and he was still with the cultivator back then. I have dealt with Jianxian surnamed Yu."Chen Ping'an nodded and said, "Ms. Yao and I’s master is indeed old acquaintance. If there is no taboo in the mansion, I will be a little bigger, and let him take a trip to the Yao mansion to relive the past."

     Yao Lingzhi said, "Then I will call Master over."

     Chen Ping'an asked: "The goddess buried in the river, is she in Biyou Palace now?"

     Yao Xianzhi smiled and said: "No, our water god empress has half of her golden body broken, saying that she has no face to be the water god, so she doesn't go to Biyou Palace, she stays in the sword room of the Qin Tianjian every day, not going anywhere. Waiting eagerly for a reply from the Confucian Temple, saying that she knew Master Wen Sheng, even Zuo Dajianxian, and a young disciple of Master Wen Sheng, had seen and recognized them. So she wanted to try to send a letter Letter to the a person of virtue and prestige, celestial scholar, amiable and approachable, and genial Master Wen Sheng, see if you can do her a favor, and ask the gods on the mountain for a better life-saving water pill for General Yao. Because she knows that the pill from her Biyou Palace Water Mansion is not helpful and cannot help Your Majesty The Emperor and my grandfather."

     Yao Xianzhi hurriedly said: "Those exquisite words to Wen Sheng are not what I said, but after I drank with her, the goddess of water broke her fingers, hiccuped in a sip, and said that she looked very serious, but I was I don’t really believe it. I guess I haven’t seen any of the three of Wensheng’s lineage. She brags to me if she drinks too much. Although Zuo Dajianxian was indeed in Tongyezhou, how could he take the initiative to go to Bi? It makes no sense to visit the palace as a guest and meet our water god empress."Chen Pingan got up and said to Yao Lingzhi, who hadn't walked far, "If you bother Miss Yao and say hello to the God of Water, I just say I am Chen Pingan."

     Yao Lingzhi left to help send the letter.

     Chen Pingan and Yao Xianzhi asked about the details of the war in Daquan in the past.

     Liu Zong came here soon, and the old man probably didn't leave Yao Mansion too far.

     Chen Pingan stood up and clasped his fists, "Senior Liu."

     Yao Xianzhi stood up, clenched his fist and tapped his heart lightly, "I have seen Liu Gongfeng."

     The knife sharpener Liu Zongchao nodded to the scruffy man, then rubbed his chin, staring at Chen Ping'an in a daze, and sighed: "Master Chen is becoming more handsome and banal. It's easy for me to miss myself back then."

     One of Yao Xian was confused. Listen to Mr. Chen and Liu Gongfeng's extremely good relationship?

     The three were seated.

     After a few words, a small woman hurriedly rushed into the courtyard, stared wide-eyed, and after confirming Chen Ping’an’s identity, she stomped her foot, “The water flower wine and eel noodles are gone. What to do?!"