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0 Chapter Directory 761 Everyone Is A Friend
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How to be young and how to be young, how to grow young.

Sloppy man, Yao Xianzhi. Sabre woman, Yao Lingzhi.

For the first time, one was a young boy with a bright smile and a young girl with a sharp edge.

Yao Xianzhi seemed a little shy, his lips moved slightly, he couldn't say the right words, he didn't want to say polite words, he wanted to say too much, but he didn't know where to start, and he was so silent in the end.

Yao Lingzhi, the daughter of Jiu Niang in Hu'er Town Inn, she is still quite bold. It seems that after so many years of hardening, she has not been able to wear off the corners of her personality. not see."

Chen Pingan asked: "Can you show me General Yao?"

Yao Xianzhi nodded.

Yao Lingzhi noticed the strangeness around Yao Mansion, as if Chen Ping's arrival had caused a lot of movement. It's normal. Today's Yao House is no longer the first place of Shang Shufu. His Majesty the Emperor is no longer in Mirage City. Someone broke into this place.

Chen Ping'an apologized: "I'm in a hurry. I'm expecting you to help explain it. I said someone was a guest of Yao's house, so Mirage City no need to be anxious. As for who I am, I don't need to say it."

Without any hesitation, Yao Lingzhi went to do this in person and let his younger brother Yao Xianzhi lead Chen Ping'an to visit their grandpa.

Yao Xianzhi limped and walked with an empty sleeve, and the man wanted to cover it up in vain.

Chen Pingan smiled and asked: "It seems that you were arguing with your sister just now? What are you arguing about?"Yao Xianzhi whispered: "My older sister gets more and more nagging, always wanted me to find a wife, become a matchmaker all day long, and she is addicted. It makes those women embarrassed, what a virtue I am now, she is not not I know, even if a woman really nodded and agreed to this family matter, what is the picture, Im not stupid. I cant be a picture of my young and handsome, right? Mr. Chen, is that true?

Chen Pingan nodded and said: "It is all human nature, persuasion is normal, and trouble is normal. Unless one day you meet a girl you like, and then marry into the door. Before that, your kid would be obediently and honestly. No solution."

Yao Xianzhi smiled, "Mr. Chen, I look at you now much older than you."

Chen Pingan patted Yao Xian's head with a light slap. "In addition to showing his old age, his fame is also great, and his temper is not small. He can fight with Master Bailongdong's generous master in downtown."

Yao Xianzhi gave a slap, smiled, and laughed if he didn't drink. For today's "Yao Junwang", it is a very rare thing.

In a secluded courtyard, two painted door gods of equal height were posted on the door of the courtyard. The golden body has now appeared, guarding the door.This is not an ordinary "sacred" of landscapes. The two golden body gods in front of them, who bear the great military and martial arts luck of the country, may be regarded as the emperor's fake public welfare, but this move is reasonable. Because the person who helped the door god "draw gold" was a standard handwriting hand-held by the emperor of the country, and every stroke was within the rules. For the two people who "finalized" the door gods, Chen Ping'an knew at a glance that he was the autograph of a certain academy's mountain leader and belonged to the Confucian saint's guidance. Obviously, Confucianism must be looked at with new eyes from Yao Temple in Daquan, from the Confucian Temple to Yizhou Academy.

Afterwards, these two door gods manifested in the courtyard of the courtyard will be implicated in the Daquan National Games and enjoy the incense of the earth for hundreds of years, which is the most common kind of gold and gold paste.

Chen Ping An had actually noticed the Uncommon here, and it can be concluded that the old general Yao Zhen was here to cultivate. The reason why he did not fall directly here was too reckless and worried that his sword energy and boxing intention had not yet fully converged. After being "spiritual", he would be taboo in mountains and rivers and accidentally collide with the fate of the old general. In addition, Chen Ping'an also wants to relax on his sister's side first.

The two door gods stared at the blue shirt, then almost at the same time clenched their fists in salute, with a respectful look, and actively made way for Chen Ping'an.

Yao Xianzhi was stunned. He thought he had to explain a few more words to make Mr. Chen pass the entrance.

Chen Pingan held his fist and returned the gift, followed Yao Xianzhi into a room, and a Xianjia incense burner was placed on the table, the purple air was rising and the fragrance was pleasant.

An old man with a white hair was lying on the sickbed, breathing extremely finely.Yao Xianzhi's movements were extremely gentle, and he helped Chen Ping'an move a chair beside the bed, while he himself sat in the distance.

Before Chen Ping's seat, several golden runes were twisted from the sleeves, one on the door and the other of the windows. They were several high-grade runes recorded in the "Dan Shuzheng", and one of them was called "Dukou Run". Stabilize the soul and soul, reduce the impact of the long time passing by, but this kind of rune extremely consumes rune paper. The key to refining this rune is to consume the monk's mind, in fact, far more than painting spear , in addition to ferry runes, doors There is also an almost lost Xiu Ma Talisman Talisman, which can't stop Niu Ma from going to the door, but can let the Yin and Haunts see the Rune from afar, and take a short break as a kind of profound and profound ancient salute. The quasi-landscape rules are destined not to be recorded in the Xianjia books hidden in the beginning of the general sect.

There are different paths between Yin and Yang, and each walks its own way. It is the same reason that the bird has the bird, the rat has the mouse, and the rat has the road. If the monk does not open his eyes, or he has not entered the five realms, it is not strange to meet the landlord of the city god, monk. Going down the mountain like a fairy going down to ask the land, or even an unwritten rule of the landscape officialdom. However, it is extremely difficult to meet those who are very different from the geniuses who are different from the gods of the day and night. It is almost as rare as the ordinary master who hits the fetish, and once met by chance, the moral training will not be regarded as a good thing.According to the obscure records of the Summer Palace, people, regardless of whether they are monks or not, are ghostly away from that place. They belong to each walking on both sides of a long river. Both sides have Grand Dao of Heaven and Earth. Very much, except for the blessing of Zhong Kui, he grew his knowledge outside the buried river temple. In addition, no one has ever seen any ghosts, and that unconventional encounter was still used by Chen Ping'an. Relationship can only witness the rare truths of Xu Duxu, otherwise, even if both parties to be almost within reach, they will still brush up against someone in passing.

After many years of traveling, or painting or giving away, Chen Ping'an has run out of all the golden runes he has collected. These few rare runes used for paintings were borrowed from Cui Dongshan on the Yunzhou ferry.

Drawing the time crossing symbol will kill the monk's mind. Painting Niu Ma's break character will damage Yinde.

These taboos are actually written clearly on the "Transcript of Danshu", and Li Xisheng also specially commented on the four words beside the Niumafu: Use this symbol with caution.

Yao Xianzhi was sitting in a chair, just watching Mr. Chen paste those golden runes one by one. Although he was full of curiosity, he was not asked.

Apart from curiosity, the man had no reason to feel at ease.

It seems that this Mr. Chen is finally here, then he, the King of Oizumi, who has been reduced to waste, does not say what to do at hand, even if he is attentive, he can be lazy. Anyway, everything makes Mr. Chen work hard.The young Sanyao in Daquan border pass in the past, he had counted him as the young master swordsman who was most admired by the master. At that time, the youngsters actually had a mentality to learn from the master of the boxing skills, but unfortunately they did not succeed. I feel that there are many opportunities in the future. Dont worry about it. Even if the years on the mountain are not related to the cold and heat of the world, then I cant see you in three or five years. I can meet again in ten years. There is no such thing as thinking about boxing and martial arts.

Yao Xianzhi is not a moralist, but he can see the value of those golden runes.

Those who enshrined the Immortal Master of the Great Spring Court, each time they worked for the country, used rune paper of this kind of material, and their faces looked like cutting meat and eating pain, so that they could teach the court to know their contribution.

After Chen Ping posted Fu Lu, he walked quietly to the table, extended the palm towards the incense burner, flicked it, sniffed spear, Shan Qi nodded, deserved to be a master hand, weight it's just perfect.

After doing this, Chen Ping'an sat in the chair near the sickbed.

Several runes other than the ferry runes and the Niuma runes are relatively common. They are used to help General Yao to calm down and slow down the process of exhaustion and decay of the skin. For example, a nectar border is a thread. The good luck of the country, quietly moisturizing the old mans physique, treating the symptoms but not the cause, can only be so. Today's old man, even an immortal like Cui Dongshan, any mysterious magical powers are a big deal for the gains and losses.

Yao Xianzhi has no doubts from beginning to end.

I believe that even if it is here that His Majesty the Emperor is here.The Yao family rarely trusts an outsider so much. It used to be, but it is even now, and Chen Ping'an is the only exception.

The man just peacefully looked at this Mr. Chen who "came a little late".

Because the grandfather is stubborn now, although no one has heard the reason why, but the younger generation of Sanyao, His Majesty the Emperor Yao Jinzhi, Wu Xuegong Master Yao Lingzhi, Yao Xianzhi, know why.

Grandpa wants to be in his life, still can see you again.

In addition, Grandpa actually has nothing to forget.

Daquan Guozuo is preserved, and even a Mirage City is intact. Every year when there is heavy snow in the winter, the capital is still the beauty of the glass fairyland.

Daquan is the only one who is so lucky to have a mountain and river with broken wind and wind.

After Chen Ping's seated, the palms of his hands were gently twisted, and then he stretched out his hand and gently held the dry palm of the old man.

Rubbing your hands to keep your palms warm for a while, a martial arts warrior can actually control the temperature of his hands with no need for such extra actions.

It's just that this is a subconscious move by Chen Ping'an.

After a moment.

The old man moved his eyelids, but didn't open, and said hoarsely: "Come on, really? Wouldn't the girl who was near me deliberately fool me? You who is it?"

"It's me, Chen Ping'an."Chen Pingan leaned forward, grabbed the hand of General Yao with both hands, and bent down and said softly: "After so many years, I still think about walking with Grandpa Yao by the buried river and encountering that occasionally. The old farmer who was fishing for the dead, the old man said that his son had fished out the people who should not be fished out, so within a few days, his son soon disappeared, and the old man finally said,'Should stop'. I have been I wonder if the old man is because the time has passed so long, it is not so sad to talk about it with us outsiders, or is there any other reason to persuade the old man so that the old man does not have to be so sad. Or the common people live a life , Some heartbreaking things fell into the potholes of the world, people fell, they had to climb up and continue to move forward, the sad things cant get up, even people get through, its past Now."

According to the customs of Chen Ping's hometown and small town, speaking with the elderly and disease-free and old people, in fact, he did not have to shy away from life and death.

The old man murmured: "Sure enough, Xiao Ping'an is here. It's not you. I can't tell these old things. It's not you. I won't think about them."Chen Pingan whispered: "Let Grandpa Yao wait, but I can come here and say something in my heart, but it's not easy. Some things come, I won't wait for me to prepare, it seems that I don't want to discuss it. The face was rushed to the front of the face, making people suffer. At the same time, there are some things to go, and they cant be stopped, they can only be boiled, they cant say anything to people, they dont say they are suffocating, and more Speaking of hypocrisy, so I wanted to find an elder and complain a few words. This is why I came to meet Grandpa Yao from Jinhuang Mansion. I must listen to a few more words. , You can go home this time."

The old man tried his best to open his eyes, his vision blurred, and a man who was no longer a teenager could still be seen. He still had a hairpin, and after a few coughs, there were more points of appearance on his face. , Or the one I knew, Chen Ping, but he grew up a lot. When he was young, he suffered a lot. He shouted hard, and he wanted everyone to hear it, or he liked to hold everything in his belly. In a few days, more than a few years, it will not be a matter. In fact, where is such a good thing, now I know that life is not satisfactory?"

Chen Pingan nodded.

The old man raised his hand and gently patted the back of the young mans hand, Yaos family is a bit difficult now. Its not the worlds good or bad, but the truth, its more embarrassing. It doesnt matter if you can come or not, its okay to solve the trouble now. For example, change the way and let Yao Zhen, an old and immortal guy, become older and immortal. Being a god of mountains and waters, you can do it. , Just can't do it. Xiao Ping?"Chen Pingan nodded and said: "Understandable."

Daquan was able to support Jin Sufu, a monarch Zheng Su, and the pine needle lake water god Liu Yourong. Zheng Su is second only to Daquan Wuyue, and Liu Yourong is also a second-class river god. He is second only to Biyou Palace. This is the so-called one-person get all friends and family would be there with that person.

And this person is, of course, Yao Jinzhi, Empress Daquan.

Then it is not difficult for General Lao Yao, who has merits to convince the people and the hearts of the people, not to mention the Beijing City God, even if he becomes a Wuyue Mountain King of the Daquan Yao Family.

It's just that in this vast world, women call the emperor not without, but there are only a handful of them, and they often don't last long.

In troubled times, whoever takes the dragon chair and wears the dragon robe is responsible, and it is even more capable to sit firmly in the dragon chair. But in the prosperous age of the Taiping period, how could a woman call the emperor the throne?

In addition to being the emperor, the Lius of Daquan lost their hearts. In fact, Daquan founded the country for more than two hundred years. The rest of the emperors have been counted as monarchs, and there are almost no stunned monarchs. It is still the national name of Daquan.

Therefore, the choice of General Yao is to be a landscape god on the side of the town. In fact, it is the old mans heart, whether to change Daquans surname from Liu to Yao. Obviously, the old man wanted to return Daquan to Liu. In this matter, it is extremely possible that the old general Yao Zhen and his granddaughter, the current emperor His Majesty Yao Jinzhi, will have some differences. It can even be said that the old generals ideas will be related to the entire Yao, especially the youngest generation of children. Hope, run in the opposite direction.

Yao Xianzhi did not know whether he should be happy or sad.Grandpa's spirit is very good and surprisingly good today, so powerful and hearty, he has said a lot, more than half a year ago.

Chen Ping'an suddenly turned his head and said to Yao Xianzhi: "Go call your sister and both sisters will come."

Yao Xian's face is bitter, "His Majesty is not in Mirage City now, and he went to the Old House of Yao Family in the southern border."

Chen Pingan froze on the spot.

With the help of Chen Ping'an, the old man slowly sat up and even smiled a little, jokingly: "Isn't there a discussion with you, yes, this is life."

Just sitting up, already tired of the old commander's expression, can only move the finger slightly, just waved his hand to signal Chen Ping'an don't think about it, "The matter has already been explained. The children of the Yao family are used to life and death. No one needs to be too hypocritical. Those who died at a young age in the battlefield are so vast and unreasonable that one who has lived to my age is going to leave. Instead, the pressure has crushed a large room and it is messy. Im too noisy, its not filial if I dont cry, what is it like.

Chen Pingan asked: "What can I do?"

The old man smiled and said, "You don't need to do anything, just don't walk away without a letter, even if you are across a continent, you can still send messages by flying swords. Yao Family Affairs, Daquan State Affairs, you are less involved. Really be yourself Was it our Yao's son-in-law? Why did you go earlier? If your kid didn't pretend to be stupid, he would take one or two more steps, maybe... forget it,"

Yao Xianzhi grinned secretly.If this matter is passed on, it will allow the courts to go to the bottom of the blood like chickens and blood to go to the bottom of the question. Those non-stop privately engraved books, the endless list of the history of barnyard officials and Gong Yanyan, is estimated to make more money. And these books that hurt the fundamentals and the reputation of the Yao family, and those frustrated readers who are hidden in the wild, have contributed a lot. Before Yao Jinzhi became the emperor, these indecently written books were popular all over the world. After he became the emperor, it could only be said that it had slightly converged, but the spring breeze and weeds were still in general. Nowadays, even many local officials and local officials keep private copies.

Its just that His Majesty the Emperor temporarily cant take care of such things. The militarys major events are inexhaustible, and they need to be reorganized. The reform of the military system alone, the establishment of a total of eighty-six generals on all roads in a country is already in trouble. There is a lot of criticism. As for the selection of the 24 "founding country" merits, there are many obstacles. Civil and military officials who are elected enough to fight for their ranks must choose a place or not. They must compete for a place. Those who are not qualified are inevitable to grudge. Thinking that His Majesty the Emperor could replace the 24th to 36th, and even the 36th cannot be selected, the civil servant thought that the imperial court could set up a few more officials, the generals thought and turned to the right. Eighty-six garrisons picking fat and thin, each and every want to be a general on the border with North Jin and South Qi, mastering more military power and holding more soldiers and horses. It is extremely possible to resume the six generals of Huer Road in Nanjing, which is destined to be able to take charge of the water transport, and the five generals of Buried River Road. These are all first-class sweets.Moreover, it seems that the emperor of the emperor has been hesitating whether to govern those wild history with an iron fist, because one carelessness is that the new emperor is mean and infamous for the Daxing writing prison.

Chen Pingan was really good at pretending to be stupid, and just said: "I have plans to open the next sect in Tongyezhou, which may be more northward, but I will definitely deal with Daquan Yao's in the same continent in the future."

The old man wondered: "Is it all established a faction school? Why don't you choose your hometown of Aquarius? Is it over there? Not right. Since they are all sectarians, there is no reason to need to relocate to other continents to take root. Its not because you have enough fighting skills on the top of the mountain. Unfortunately, the relationship with the Dali Song court is not good?"

In the opinion of the old general, the young Chen Ping'an, who was able to create a sect with a prefectural name, is already a feat that is shocking enough, no less successful than his granddaughter's recent success. As for the statement of the next sect, the old general regarded himself as dizzy and deaf.

Chen Pingan said helplessly: "Grandpa Yao is the next ancestor in Tongyezhou. The mountain on the other side of his hometown will be the mountain of Shangzong, no need to move."The old man radiating health and vigor, sweeping his decadent state, was very relieved in his heart, but he deliberately smiled on his mouth: "Smelly boy, I don't want to be older, the tone will follow. What's the matter, confuse me with bastards, see that near Now its His Majesty the Emperor, what a shame? At that time, I looked down on a woman from the Yao family in Shangshufu, and now I can finally be regarded as a female emperor? Well, so good, really, it really makes me worry. The near-eye horizon is high, and your kid is one of the very few people of her age who can enter her dharma eyes, but this time is different from the past, the near girl now has a much higher spirit than before, and there are more strange people and land gods. I guess you Its a lot harder for the boy to succeed, than to say that young offering like a brown sugar, wont let you easily succeed, Xianzhi, who has a very famous surname?"

"Golden view of Shao Yuanran, Tongyezhou is one of the most promising land immortals among us."

Yao Xianzhi smiled and replied loudly: "But in my opinion, it is not a rival of Mr. Chen."

Chen Ping's head was big for a while, and he kept silent.

The old man did say a lot today, and had to close his eyes and stay calm for a long time before continuing to open his eyes and slowly said: "Our Yao family, in fact, have not been good at dealing with readers, especially spear. There are too many intestines, and one person has clearly stated the pros and cons of a sentence, and it still makes sense, so it will be more difficult in the near future. If it were not for Xu Qingzhous martial arts, he would be able to wear a knife to face up. In addition, there is the old Shen Guogong, who can also help to say a few words, maybe today, outside the Yao House, it is not the door gods and the courts who worship and guard, but is under house arrest."All the officials and scholars who lost their reputation and reputation in that battle, and then survived. They were successfully fleeing into the territories of Gyeonggi in those years, but now they have failed to rank in the center of the temple and the government , Naturally, they will vigorously oppose Yao's control of the country. They all want to occupy moral significance and return the family name to Liu. The woman is in control of the country.

Chen Pingan said: "Xu Qingzhou?"

Yao Xianzhi nodded and said: "I know that he has a deep grudge against Mr. Chen, but I still have to say a fair word for him. This person has been in the temple all these years and is still somewhat responsible."

Xu Qingzhou, a sparse old general in recent years, has a "big clever" sword. Today is Daquan's general leader, and the battle is blazing. Xu Qingzhou led all his progenitors to the border and took the initiative to rush to the border. He and Yao Jiatieqi always advanced and retreated. Gamble big and win big. Became one of the pillars of the Great Spring Army after General Yao.

At that time, Xu Qingzhou was only a young general who bet on the big prince, and he participated in the dangerous hunting that surrounded Chen Ping's earlier, with the scholars Wang Qi, Caomu Nu Xutong, and Shen Guogong Gao Shizhen. However, Xu Qingzhou's choice at that time was extremely decisive, he did not hesitate to turn his face with the eldest son Liu Chong, but also had to make a prompt decision. It turned out that the family had been involved in the official cold bench for many years.

Chen Pingan said with a smile: "The grudge is not small, but my impression of Xu Qingzhou and Shen Guogong is fine."At that time, Chen Ping'an had a deadly feud with both of the two princes of Daquan, firstly the three princes Liu Mao, then the great prince Liu Chong, and Liu Cong was the eldest son of the old emperor Liu Zhen of the Daquan Liu family. There is a difference between young and old. In the end, the emperor Liu Zhen chose the son-in-law who had a reputation among the civil servants. As for the third prince Liu Mao, he turned to monastery to seek immortality. He didn't show up in the previous battle, but just diligently studied the green words and green chapters in a small Taoist temple.

However, Liu Chong, the prince who was able to temporarily supervise the country during the chaos, failed to retain the Liu Jiangshan in the end. After the Battle of Tongyezhou ended, Liu Chong launched a mutiny in the rainy night, trying to compete for National from Queen Yao Jade Seal, but was secretly enshrined by a nickname sharpener, teamed up with a little woman who was eating a supper behind a squat column at the time, and stopped Liu Cong, fail to succeed for lack of just one final step.

It is said that the imperial lord who was circulated by the beard was dragged out of the hall by the armored soldiers, and was extremely lost. He laughed and cursed at the rain curtain. "The old man knew that he would wait for the rain to stop before he started. Don't remember it, you should wait, be careful Daquan will be named Chen."Chen Ping'an has been carefully observing the flow of the old general's pulse, which is better than expected. Although it was back to the light before, but in the underworld, it seems that there has been a subtle change in Daquan Guozuo. The existence of the natal lamp is either a secret means of secretly preserving the temple of the Yue Confucian Temple there. Some people pick the lamp there to add oil, and any added oil, any fairy master and landscape gods, cant get it, because It is the illusory Great Spring National Games. Could it be that Yao Jinzhi is in the old Yao family at the border, and what measures are there to continue Guo Zuo? For example, once again successfully expanded the border for Daquan, and finally negotiated the ownership of Pine Needle Lake with North Jin, and included the entire Pine Needle Lake into the Daquan Mountain River.

The Sabre woman gently opened the door.

The old man said, "I'm a little tired. I'm going to sleep first, but I seem to be able to wake up. Unlike every time I close my eyes, I don't have the confidence to open my eyes."

Yao Lingzhi carefully supported his grandfather, and let the old man lie down and rest again.

Chen Ping'an did not leave the house immediately, but Yao Xian instead pulled his sister to leave first.

The two brothers and sisters stood in the corridor outside and whispered, Yao Lingzhi said: "Master is very strange, ask me directly, is the surname of the surnamed Chen. Is it old acquaintance with Chen Gongzi?"

The master of martial arts in Yao Lingzhi is the chief envoy of Daquan, Liu Zong, a sharpener from the lotus flower lotus. It's just that the sharpener didn't reveal his identity, and he didn't mention his hometown on the direct disciple Yao Ling side.

Yao Xianzhi was a little absent-minded and suddenly asked a question, "His Majesty the Emperor is not a monk. Why has his posture changed so little over the years, Mr. Chen is a sword immortal, and the change is still so great."Yao Lingzhi was angry, "His Majesty, Majesty the Emperor! Let it be elsewhere, at home, can you not be so rusty, do you know the elder sister who is near, every time I see you so deliberately abide by the courtesy How sad is she, Majesty?!"

Yao Xian's expression was indifferent, "all have become emperors, and some little sadness is nothing."

Yao Lingzhi lowered his voice, but his face was more angry, and he said angrily: "Isn't that the early court fight outside the palace gate, then how long do you have to complain about your sister before you release it?! You are a child of the Yao family, can you please Concerned about the overall situation of the temple? Do you know how difficult it is to have a bowl of water? The elder sister really wants to act fairly, even if it is even-handed, but in the eyes of others, it will only be her eccentric Yao family. Take the whole body, do you think the emperor is so good? Believe it or not, if its just the empress queen, let alone you, even if its you, each and every will be extremely favored by the court, let alone How many times have you hinted in private, let you wait patiently, and be aggrieved first, because many of the shortfalls in front of you will be recovered from the long-term. Think about it, how much credit is given to carefully balance the official hilltop The distinguished Yao family and allies in the temple will be defeated among those twenty-four merits? Is it possible that you will be wronged by Yao Xian?"

Yao Xianzhi put his arms around his chest, "It's hard for Qing officials to break down housework, let's say we are all emperors' families, and I understand the truth. If I don't care about the overall situation, I would have picked the pick out of the capital earlier, and no one's eyes would be in the way, otherwise you thought I was rare The status of the king of the county, what is the official position of Yin in the capital?"

According to the law of Oizumi, the king of the county and the father-in-law are one class.Now, in addition to the Shenguo Mansion, which once stood out in Oizumi, there are eight more princes in the country, all of them are civil and military ministers. General Xu Qingzhou is one of them.

Yao Xian was so annoyed that he hit his brother's shoulder with a punch, "You are a scumbag that only cares about your mood and is a little unreasonable!"

Yao Xianzhi was struck with a punch, and a sleeve of the sleeve fluttered gently. Seeing that Yao Ling's eyes were red, he wanted to say a few soft words with his brother, but he was afraid to say that Yao Xianzhi was more willful. The mixed feelings of time, the woman who once hesitated to draw a sword with a lord, turned her head and wiped her tears.

With a blue shirt, gently open the door, gently close the door, and came to the corridor.

Yao Lingzhi quickly gathered his emotions and said to Chen Ping'an, "Chen son, here in Beijing, no one will investigate your identity indiscriminately. Nothing will happen today. But someone will secretly send a sword to the south. I really can't stop this."

Chen Ping'an thanked her and smiled at Yao Xianzhi: "Your kid should go to Bianguan to drink the northwest wind. It really is not suitable for being an all-encompassing capital."

Yao Xianzhi's eyes lit up, "Mr. Chen, what did you say to Grandpa? You talked most usefully. You don't have to be a military commander, I really don't have that skill, just reward a scout captain, from six Pin Wuguan is enough to kill me."Chen Pingan said with a smile: "No problem, of course I can help, but only if your sister only told you the truth, you can understand it before you can let you go to the border to feed the horses. Otherwise, Beijing will encounter something casually, and it will be a bit windy. , You will only use your imagination. Do you think you are a scout captain, in the eyes of others? It is estimated that there are a few words in the ear to stir up the flames, and which brother of the robe has been wronged in the officialdom. Jingcheng, right? I am His Majesty the Emperor. Its the easiest for you to be a closed Taiping County King, although you cant even fight for those brothers who have retreated on the battlefield, outside the palace gate The dynasty will fight? Several civil servants kicked over? Let's listen. Gee, good guy, when he is an invincible warrior under the continent of a continent, or a master of five realms on the top of the mountain?

"Young ignorance, impulsive, impulsive, isn't it? This is not all learned from Mr. Chen. When he encounters injustices, he doesn't care what he has.

One of Yao Xian started to lose his voice, but the more happy he heard behind him, he said with a smile: "Mr. Chen, did you not see that scene? That big bunch of clerical civil servants, if Xu Qingzhou stopped I will be able to overthrow it all by myself. Now there is no such opportunity, let alone what kind of helper, a householder and a foreigner can't scold them, and Jin Gui is very good. I knew I was taking advantage of it at that time. It's getting dark to kick a few."

Yao Lingzhi was helpless, but relieved.

Fortunately, on the side of Chen Gongzi, this younger brother will not speak those yin and yang strange words, and will only teach the people who are close to him to speak heartlessly.Chen Pingan held out his hand and shook the empty sleeve of the limping man. Instead of comforting his words, he quipped: "Its because of Master Yin, who doesnt have Singlehanded wander the martial world. , The nickname of a one-armed fist cant be run. What happened, it was cut to the five realms? If its not, dont tell me, theres nothing to say.

Yao Lingzhi glanced carefully at his brother.

I didnt think Yao Xianzhi didnt feel uncomfortable, but instead a complacent face said: "On the battlefield, it is dangerous and dangerous. It is a demon beast of a fairyland, Jianxiu! Hiding in Tibet to the east, a vicious move towards me, a sword light Well, good guy, I didnt feel any pain at first."

Chen Pingan glanced at the Sabre woman.

Yao Lingzhi said with a smile: "Listen to him, the chaos in the chaotic army, I don't know how to cut off my arm, but there was indeed a demon sword immortal near the immortal at that time. Very much."

Chen Pingan nodded and said: "Then it should be cut off by Jianxian, otherwise there will be no cowhide on the wine table."

Yao Xianzhi looked forward and asked in a low voice: "Mr. Chen, in your hometown, the battle is even more fierce, and it has been a terrible battle. I heard that from the old dragon city all the way to the middle of Dali, you have been on the battlefield. Go to the monster of genuine?"

Chen Ping thought for a while and replied with a smile: "I have encountered some, some have dealt with the hand, and some are not too far away, it can only be considered that the two sides have barely met."

Yao Xianzhi continued: "Mr. Chen, I mean the big demon, the kind of being in the Five Realms! How many heads? Are there any hands? If not, my admiration for Mr. Chen will be less than half."Chen Pingan reached out and patted the man on the shoulder, smiling: "Don't chat with people like that again."

The man with a face full of beards heartily laughed.

Yao Xianzhi was unconsciously, and began to lame to walk, no longer covered, and a sleeve fluttered with it.

Yao Lingzhi laughed with her. From the battle to the present, she has not seen her brother with such a bright smile for many years.

Some truth, in fact, Yao Xianzhi really understands, but only understand, not willing to understand. I don't seem to be sensible, but I still can do something. If you are sensible, you can't do anything.

So whether it is Yao Jinzhi, who is already His Majesty the Emperor, what he said to him, or Yao Lingzhi who has always been regarded as an elder sister, to say a few words to him, Yao Xianzhi can't hear it, otherwise his heart will only be more uncomfortable.

The three left the courtyard and returned to Yao Xianzhi's residence.

Yao Lingzhi hesitated and said to Chen Ping'an: "Chen, I have worshipped a master. I have been a worshiper in our Daquan capital for many years. He is a master of martial arts. He seemed to have seen your figure before, so he hurried immediately When I arrived, I asked if the guest of Yao's family was Chen. I didn't answer, but maybe the old man had already seen something, so let me take a word and say that he knew the seeder, and he had dealt with the seeder at that time. Yu surnamed Jianxian."

Chen Pingan nodded and said: "My master and Miss Yao are indeed old-fashioned. If there are no taboos on the side of the house, I will be bigger and let him run one more time to come to Yao's side to reminisce."

Yao Lingzhi said: "Then I will call Master here."

Chen Pingan asked: "The goddess buried in the river, is she in Biyou Palace now?"Yao Xianzhi said with a smile: "No, our lady of the water god, the gold body is broken by half, and he said that he has no face to be that water god, and he wouldnt go to the Biyou Palace. His eyes were waiting for a reply from the side of the Confucian Temple, saying that she recognized Lord Wensheng, even the left great sword immortal, and a young disciple of Lord Wensheng, who had seen them and recognized them. Letter to the well-respected, well-trained, kind, and amiable Master Wen Sheng, see if I can help her, and ask the fairy on the mountain for a better life saver for General Yao. Because she knows her own Biyou The immortality medicine in Gongshui Mansion will not help, and it will not help His Majesty the Emperor and my grandfather."

Yao Xianzhi hurriedly said: "The beautiful words to Wen Sheng are not what I said. After I had a drink with her, the water goddess broke her finger and sipped the wine burps. It was a very serious expression, but I was I dont believe it. The three of Wen Sheng, I guess I havent seen any of the goddess of water, and Ive been bragging with me. Although Zuo Dajianxian was indeed in Tongyezhou, how could he go to Bi Youre a guest in the palace, and its not reasonable to meet our lady of the water god."

Chen Pingan got up and Yao Lingzhi who didn't go very far said: "The troubled girl Yao greets the water goddess again, and directly says that I am Chen Pingan."

Yao Lingzhi left to help carry the letter.

Chen Pingan asked Yao Xianzhi some details of the war in Daquan in the past.

Liu Zong came here soon, and the old man should have never left Yao House too far.

Chen Pingan got up and clenched his fists, "Senior Liu."

Yao Xianzhi got up and clenched his fists and gently knocked on his heart, "I have seen Liu offering."Liu Zongchao, the sharpener, nodded his head, rubbed his chin, and stared at Chen Ping'an for a while, and sighed, "Chen Gongzi is more handsome than a fairy. It's easy for me to think about myself."

One of Yao Xian was confused. Listen, Mr. Chen has a very good relationship with Liu?

Three people were seated.

Without a word, a short woman hurried to the wind and fell in the yard, stared wide-eyed. After confirming Chen Ping's identity, she stomped her feet, "Shuihuajiu and eel noodles are gone, What should I do?"