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0 Chapter Directory 1330 Han Xiao: That’s Right, I’m The Real Machine Country
    Chinese Name: 超神机械师  Author: 齐佩甲(Qípèijiǎ, Qi with Armor)
    Original: | Translator:

This is the white space as far as the eye can see, doesn't have any matter, looks empty.

     Suddenly, a whirlpool-like blue portal appeared out of thin air, and the four of Han Xiao and Joey flew out of it.

     "Here is the prototype of the secondary dimension I created. Generally we are here to discuss, Black Star, don't you have any comments?"

     Joey made a calm face and sent a spiritual message.


     Han Xiao looked around, nodded.

     After reaching a consensus, because they were worried about destroying the kingdom of the four gods, they decided to change a place to be the battlefield. Joey opened the portal and led them to his usual Training Site.

      Advanced Magic divisions can use Marble Phantasm and other spells to artificially create secondary dimensions. This white world is only one uncompleted prototype, very simple to manufacture, and suitable for the battlefield.

     "Although you want to with one fight four, we don't take advantage of you, at most one, and fight with you until one party admits defeat."

     Joey dropped this sentence, coldly snorted, and retreated leaving distance in between, and the other people also retreated in different directions.

     Han Xiao smiled without saying a word, and opened the panel glanced at smoothly.

     A prompt popped up and triggered a Special Mission. The form is similar to the Transcendent A Grade challenge mission. They all require a certain period of time in battle. The rewards are divided into different levels. The highest two levels are randomly selected from one of the four. An ability, and gain a speciality called [Secondary Dimension Adaptor].The effect of this specialty is to obtain environmental bonuses when fighting in the secondary dimension world, and to slightly increase combat power. It is a general-purpose ability, better than nothing.

     "Hey, if only blessing in disguise like this happened every time."

     The corner of Han Xiao's mouth twitched slightly.

     At this moment, Joey, who had already opened a long distance, stopped, changed a few handprints, and moved a little into the air, only to see a series of magic circles appearing behind him, turning into light gates, countless monsters surging out. , The humanoid Shadow Creature, the twisted monster of fantastic oddities of every description, the soft creature with a variety of structural combinations... all are monsters from different secondary dimensions.

     "Want to fight me with the summoning flow?"

     Han Xiao secretly nod.

     Since the other party has inquired about his own name, he will naturally not easily approach, it seems that he wants to use the crowded tactics to restrict the crowded tactics.

     Joey is not a specialized summoning mage, but he has lived in the sub-dimensional world for many years. I don’t know how many peculiar sub-Dimension Creatures he has seen. He has signed a lot of contracts and can summon quite a lot of objects, and most of them are. Very powerful.

     Han Xiao will know when you see it the other party's plan, this is to fight with a solid foundation, I am afraid that the other party thinks that he has not been in Transcendent A Grade for long enough, and the foundation is short.

     "Then play with you in Legion Battle."

     Han Xiao didn’t care, and opened the dimensional barracks, as far as the eye can see, the mechanical army flew out. Compared with the scattered formation of summoned monsters, the queue of Mechanical Legion was very neat, quickly forming different formations, the black iron. Man Regiment exudes a unique sense of beauty.Immediately, he summoned the Mechanical God Seat and went straight up, floating in the central area guarded by the mechanical army, like Commander of the army.

      The number of Mechanical Legion and summoned monsters is increasing, the battle line is rapidly elongated, and a no end in sight has formed a confrontation.

      The array of summoned monsters frequently uttered vigorous roars, which was extremely noisy, while Mechanical Legion was at the other extreme, dead silence.

     Seeing that the troops on both sides opened up, Han Xiao waved his hand and ordered:

     "Do it."

     As soon as the voice fell, Mechanical Legion immediately regular and thorough go into action.

     The heavy Vanguard Forces at the forefront raised the shield and pushed forward neatly. The long-range mechanical forces in the rear area immediately vented their firepower, and the dense phantom energy beams seemed to turn into a light curtain, directly attacking the summoned monster with fire-focused coverage. I saw that the light group exploded frequently in the enemy lineup, giving blockbusters. The summoned monster brings casualties, while in the vertical direction, the vanguard elite troops conduct three-dimensional combat, independent guerrilla operations, such as sharp knives or sniper rifles, to find opportunities to attack the weak points of the enemy's formation.

      At the same time, large blocks of golden yellow lightning chains are emitted by the mechanical gods, instantly connecting pieces of mechanical units to form a spider-web-like shape, giving mechanical blessings to the Mechanical Legion. I saw that a large number of mechanical soldiers were dyed in gold. The performance of electro-optical light has soared at the rate of visible to the naked eye, as if entering a state of excitement.On the other side, Joey not to be outdone, with a wave of his wand, slices of Magic Aura sprinkled on the summoned monster, and also brought the scoped Status Buff, and then, the summoned monster army, like a flash flood, moved towards Mechanical Legion’s front line charged wildly, and the pigs advanced!

     Although the types of summons are all kinds and sorts, the formation is not scattered. Under the blessing of Joey's spells, different types of summons form a formation, with complementary abilities and tactical coordination, instead of rushing out and fighting in a swarm.

     The two torrents approached quickly, and then crashed into each other, like Mars hitting the Earth!


     The chaos broke out in an instant, and the scene suddenly became hot. The two forces' canine teeth were intertwined, and the machinery collided with flesh and blood. The killing was hard to untie, hard to separate, extremely tragic!

     Just as soon as they met, the Mechanical Legion was in a crushing situation, constantly squeezing the past, frantically strangling the army of summoned objects, and the monsters were turned into fragments and fly ash under the advancement of the mechanical army.

     "What a powerful Mechanical Legion!"

     Joey was taken aback, and hurriedly cast a short-term stimulation type boosting spell, so that the frontline troops quickly stabilized, and cast HP Recovery type spells to heal his injuries.

     Unfortunately, these practices are all work to no avail.

     Today's Han Xiao is terribly strong, with bonuses such as divine transformation, mechanical god belief, Proof of Leadership, God of Machines, etc., making his mechanical strength overwhelming the universe, even Tool Nation can hardly match.

     In addition, decades of research on Jess's technical treasures has made his Mechanical Legion renewed and strengthened many times. Not only has it added many new models of powerful combat machinery, but its performance has also increased by leaps and bounds, and it is comprehensive and powerful.Han Xiao's current combat power is almost the only level in the universe. There is no need to explode, upright and frank can crush it, without any bells and whistles.

     Joey’s summoned monster army is not a one-in-one general of Han Xiao Mechanical Legion!

     The battlefield quickly turned into a one-sided trend. The mechanical forces advance and retreat at will, with tight battle formations, back and forth impact, constantly shattering batches of summoned monster formations, and then cannibalize them.

     At the rear, Han Xiao sits firmly on the mechanical god seat, adjusting the objects of the mechanical force blessing at any time. His current strength is too much, and the mechanical force cannot cover all soldiers, so he needs to constantly adjust the focus of the blessing as a command in command. Means to control the overall situation and control the battlefield.

     At the same time, Han Xiao also opened a specific battle formation blessing. This is a command skill commonly used by the legion stream. Different combat methods, formations, and tactics have a chance to exist in the form of skills. They are dedicated command skills that provide the troops with an overall bonus. Most of them increase the attributes of attack, defense, and mobility below 10 percent, like a tiger that has grown wings.

     Soon, the summoning army was heavy casualties, Joey was a little painful, raised his hand, and drew mana from the mage tower in the air, and then slapped his palm against a piece of mechanical troops.


     A huge golden magic circle blossomed like a lotus flower, an area in the mechanical army suddenly collapsed in a strange space, Space Turbulence raged out, but was restricted to this circular area.

     The mechanical soldiers in the area seem to be erased by an eraser, instantly disappears without a trace, and subsequent soldiers entering this area will disappear out of thin air.Han Xiao looked over, eyes narrowed.

     "Prompt exile spells can continue to exist and act as traps. This spell has something..."

     These disappeared mechanical units were not destroyed, but were exiled to Space Turbulence in the secondary dimension world by Joey's spells. They were all scattered. I don’t know where they fell. The effect is somewhat similar to the Dimensional Exile Bomb of the covenant. Similar, but the effect is better.

     One of the reasons this guy is suitable for fighting in the secondary dimension is that he has a lot of self-made spells that can only take effect here, but they can't be used in the main universe.

     Joey took a few more palms and exiled a few pieces of mechanical troops. At this moment, a warning sign suddenly appeared, without the slightest hesitation, initiating the short-range teleportation enchantment, and leaving the place instantly.


     The next moment, a highly concentrated blue-black ray blasted over, penetrating through layers of paper-like Magic Barrier, hitting the afterimage left in place.

     Joey flashed to the side, turned his head to look in the direction where the beam came from, and saw Han Xiao don't know when he changed into a dark armor, raised his finger to aim here, the mecha fingertips were still shining.

     "Hidden quickly, I thought I could try the actual combat effect of this anti-magic gamma splitting ray."

     Han Xiao's tone was a bit regretful.

      The style of a normal mechanic should be prepared to restrain any enemy. Over the years, Han Xiao has made a lot of new weapons for the five major systems, shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones.This anti-magic gamma splitting ray is based on the highly concentrated cluster gamma rays imitating the gamma rays burst, supplemented by the magic suppression energy after the reverse transformation of the phantom energy, and has amazing penetrating power and lethality to the magic system. According to the report of the laboratory, it is guessed that after hitting a Super A Grade magician, the "magic activity inhibition" state can be applied for several hours, which greatly weakens the opponent's Ability Power.

     Han Xiao shook the head, stopped/stood from the god seat, suddenly vanish without trace.

     Joey suddenly made a big alarm in his heart, and he backhanded behind him was a magic wave of Battle Mage, which just blocked the fist of Han Xiao who had jumped from the void.

     Bang! !

     With fists and hands, a shock wave of blue and purple suddenly burst out!

     Joey was about to take advantage of leaving distance in between, and suddenly found that his palm was stuck by Han Xiao's fist, and saw that the Black Mecha on Han Xiao's body suddenly lit up with fluorescent blue phantom energy patterns, flashing like breathing.

     At this moment, Joey complexion big changed and found that centering on the part of his fist touching, the mana of his whole body began to flow into the opponent's body uncontrollably, as if being sucked away.

     ——The phantom energy gathering decay module, a new technology invented by Han Xiao, by simulating the birth and transformation of the phantom energy, exerts the characteristics of swallowing all energy, and even when contacting a superpower, as long as the judgment requirements are met, it can be Assimilate and absorb each other's energy and turn it into fuel for the energy furnace.

     In short...this is Absorbing Stars Great Technique!

     At this moment, Joey makes prompt decisions, activates the enchantment, and a Space Turbulence emerges out of thin air, swallowing him into it, instantly getting rid of his control, and the whole person vanish without trace."Oh, there are many ways to escape."

     Han Xiao brow raised, turned his head and glanced, and saw that a Space Turbulence rushed out from the extreme distance of the battlefield, spitting out Joey, and the Space Turbulence that was uncontrollable seemed to have become his vehicle.

     "It's very risky... I lost about 5% of my energy after only a short contact." Joey was too late to check his own state, secretly surprised.

     At this time, the blue lines on Han Xiao's mecha dimmed and shook his head lightly smiled.

     "You should go there together, just deal with you alone, there is really no pressure at all."

     Hearing that, Joey Complexion Sank, and the three people watching the battle also had ugly faces.

     After the fight just now, Joey has personal experience to Han Xiao's strength, feeling that there is no shortcoming strength, as if a mountain that cannot be crossed, he can't think of how to defeat Black Star with his own ability.

     And he was the strongest among the four. Although the other three hadn't played against each other, they were all secretly shocked when they saw Joey's embarrassing performance. Knowing that he had the same result, he might be beaten even worse.

      On one by one, radically is to give away people's heads, only to be beaten in turn!

     Realizing this, the other three were moved by Han Xiao's proposal.

     Originally, a few people didn’t rush forward to maintain the dignity of Transcendent A Grade, but now it seems that there is no dignity to be beaten one after another. It’s better to beat the black star together, maybe you can get a bargain. Avoid making a fool of yourself.

     As for the wheel warfare agreement before the war... that was what Joey said, it was none of our business.One person coughed, and said solemnly: "Since you strongly demanded, then it is hard for us to refuse your invitation to twice then three times, let's learn about your skills together!"

     Han Xiao glanced at him, secretly giving a thumbs up.

     What a shameless sentence, have my style, appreciate you!

     The voice fell, the other three no longer watched, and joined the battle group one after another, Each Revealing Their Full Abilities.

     Seeing this, Joey blushed at the thought of the request before the war.

     However, he knew that he could only be beaten on his own. In the end, he didn't say anything to refuse the help of the three companions. He just pretended to be dumb and cooperated with his companions in battle.

     The five people immediately fought into a group, and a group of people tumbling and fighting, and the space wall trembles. This secondary dimension cannot withstand the aftermath of a few people's battles, and it soon becomes full of holes.


     The fierce battle lasted for several hours, and the battlefield was changed three times. It is currently already the fourth secondary dimension, and it seems to be about to break apart.

     There was a huge floating island here. At this time, the entire island was completely stained red with blood, and there were broken bodies of summons everywhere.

     On the bumpy ground, Joey covered all over with cuts and bruises, leaning on a staff, panting heavily, and his body was still weak and trembling, as if being drained.

     Joey's eyes were trembling, and he raised his hand to signal Han Xiao not to step forward, and hurriedly said:

     "I, we gave up, don't you come again!"

     Not far away, Han Xiao stopped and said with regret, "This is surrendering? I still have a lot of equipment to test..."With great difficulty, he found several new opponents. He didn’t want to be a blitzkrieg strategy. He pulled out all the equipment he had made in the past few decades and tried it out. It took a lot of hard work and tortured Joey and the others. Leave a mental shadow to a few people.

     This time I focused on testing equipment. Han Xiao didn’t take it too seriously and never used the assassin. However, even so, Joey’s four were not able to cause him any trouble. The situation was always under control, and it was completely crushed. , You can still hang four people by playing casually.

     He has a slightly clearer understanding of his current strength... In direct combat, there is no high-level Transcendent A Grade with an energy level of about eleven or two 7w. Basically, don't think of any threat to him!

     Han Xiao sighed.

     "This as far as I'm concerned doesn't even count as a warm-up. If you give you a chance, you won't be useful."

     Hearing that, the four of Joey were immediately unable to respond.

     These words should be put before the fight, they will still be unhappy, but now that they recognize the strength gap of both sides, knowing that Black Star can deal with them all by himself, all the little temper in my heart is beaten.

     Transcendent A Grade is very realistic. If you can't beat it, you can't beat it. It's useless to be unhappy.

     However, although the four of Joey were tortured by Han Xiao wish one were dead, they also saw the background of Han Xiao’s exhibits, and finally understood where Black Star dared to fight against the three major civilizations.

     Black Star’s Mechanical Technology is simply inconceivable, and the background is too terrifying. Mechanical Legion is almost vast and limitless!

     The title of "Tool Nation" clearly belongs to you that's right!
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