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0 Chapter Directory 842 4 Finale
    Author: 源子夫本尊(Yuán zi fū běnzūn, Mr. Yuan Himself)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

As long as De Zong got on the boat, Liu Yu's people would be no more powerful, and there was no way to hurt him.

De Zong will be the final winner.

Liu Yu stood anxiously for a long while, suddenly awakened suddenly, and glanced at De Zong, who was about to escape, and his heart surged, spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

The blood splattered all over the place, and he didn't care anymore.

He hated his teeth trembling, looked around, and saw the huge chessboard on the stone table. It was a fine jade chessboard, glowing under the fire.

Before thinking about it, he quickly picked up the chessboard and threw it out.

The chessboard crashed into Dezong's back. De Zong stumbled and fell to the ground. Climbing up and trying to escape, Liu Yu flew down and grabbed his back.

He picked up the chessboard smoothly and smashed it down fiercely. Liu Yu didn't know where it was. In short, he was full of rage, all of which hit Dezong's head.

I don't know how long it took, I heard Fang Zhan's voice calling him.

"Lord... Lord..."

He turned his head fiercely, staring at Fang Zhantong. There was nothing in his eyes, and there seemed to be too much. Fang Zhantong shivered, suddenly knelt down on one knee, clenched his fists, "Emperor...he, he is dead..."

"Emperor...Emperor..." Under the rockery, more and more voices rang through the night and rang in his ears.


More sounds, through the rockery, through the mansion, through the huge Shark Island, resounded in his ears.

Long live the mountain call, he looked up coldly, looking at the Shuitian line, trembling: "Back to Jiankang."The Shark Island is not self-defeating, and it is more favored by everyone than following Dezong.

Liu Yu promised everyone that as long as he laid down his weapons and supported him, he would not blame him.

No one is a fool, willing to die with Liu Yu for a dead person.

Liu Yu won the victory.

But did he really win?

Hurrying to the shore of Qionghai Sea, he only hated that the big ship was too slow. He went out of Qionghai and went straight to Jiankang Mansion. He only hated that the horse was too slow. Going to the gate of Jiankang Mansion again, he wished he could get wind on his feet and he could not fly with a sword.

But, the closer he is, the more afraid he is.

Before he approached, the subordinate of Beauty League who had come to report the news had arrived.

"Pūtōng" fell down at the foot of his warhorse, raised his head with blood, "Save the princess..."

Zhao Lin was lurking in the Jiankang Mansion. Tonight, he led a soldier to attack Princess Jin. Princess Jin without warning, lack of manpower, completely defeated.

At this time, he was defending the city gate, and Zhao Lin was not allowed to leave the city.

Princess Jin was afraid that Zhao Lin would lead 10,000 people and attack Liu Yu.

She was afraid that Liu Yu was not De Zong's opponent, that Liu Yu would die on the battlefield.

But she is so stupid. Thinking of him wholeheartedly, aren't you afraid of killing yourself?

Liu Yu quickly whip, praying for ribbed wings.

But, in the end, he can't grow his wings.

Everything is late.

At the gate of the city, the fire was shining like the day. Fighting is nearing its end. Under the city is a bloody sea of corpses, screaming at the dying horse and screaming at the wounded soldier.

On top of the tall city wall, Princess Jin was wearing a fiery red armor, and she suddenly carried Zhao Lin's head.Zhao Lin, the subordinate who followed him to the south and the northern war, and finally took advantage of him to leave, ordered Dezong to attack his princess Jin.

Now that Zhao Lin is dead, Princess Jin is holding her head in one hand and supporting the ground with a sword in one hand, proudly independent.

Zhao Lin died, the soldiers and horses defeated.

Princess Jin wins, Jiankang House is guarding.

The castle tower opened.

Liu Yu abandoned the war horse, and quickly went up to the tower. Under the fire, Princess Jin’s fiery red armor dripped wetly.

The bright red water was gradually bleeding from her body.

He also finally saw clearly that all her fiery armor was full of dense crossbow arrows. The tail of the arrow was cut off by her, leaving only the arrow embedded in the bones.

She couldn't move anymore. The whole figure was like a sculpture, standing there with her long sword on her head.

The firelight shone her charming and tender face.

It seems to glow.

In the night, she is holy like a fairy above the nine heavens, not a person in this world.

He only felt that his throat was choked, and he couldn't say a word. He ran forward and hugged her in his arms.

Tears ran down her cheeks and fell on her.

She fell softly in his arms, slightly hooked her lips, and said softly: " are back..."

He nodded desperately, still unable to say a word, just choked, and hugged her. Afraid of a loose hand, she was like a butterfly in the dark night and would fly away.

She still smiled softly, "Just come back... Ayu, Jiankang Mansion, I'll keep it for you... in the future..."She couldn't say anything behind, but she choked with discomfort in her throat. I seem to want to cough, but I don't have a bit of energy to even cough.

He was busy going to pat her back, but she was stopped, and she looked at his eyes, "No need... Ayu, I'm going to die..."

Big tears fell down his cheeks and fell on her cheeks.

Her cheeks, as well as the wounds he had left when he left, the bright red flesh did not grow well. His eyes are sore and unbearable, and his choked throat can finally utter a word, "No..."

He gasped for a word, and finally was able to say a few words intermittently, "Girl, you will not... will not die. I have killed the fool, I am now the emperor..."

As if responding to his words, countless people fell to the ground under the wall, long live the mountain.

"Long live my long live, long live long live..."

The sound shook the tower, as if thunder roared, spreading farther away in this cold night.

Princess Jin seemed a little relieved because her face gradually grew thicker.

"Congratulations, Ayu...Finally, I'm going to be the emperor...Unfortunately, I can't accompany you anymore, because I'm going to die..."

Liu Yu was shocked, "Girl, don't die, you can't die. You are the queen, you are my queen. Everything is over. From now on, there will be no more battles, no more killing, this world is you and me Two people, from now on, no one will dare to hurt you again..."

The blueprint for the future is really good.

But her eyes closed gradually. She couldn't follow him to walk in the future, only to bless him gently at this time.She reached out gently to hold his big hand, but she couldn't hold it.

He took hold of her little hand quickly and choked with tears. "Girl, don't be afraid, it's okay. Let's go, I will take you to heal..." As he said, he would pick her up.

"Don't..." Princess Jin made a soft voice, her voice was very soft, her hands were slightly hard, and she whispered: "Ayu... just hold me like this, I won't go anywhere..."

Sword wounds all over, arrow wounds all over, blood all over the ground, stiff body. To say that someone can save her, there is probably only Mu Qingcheng left in this world.

Mu Qingcheng?

The man who was forced to burn herself by her own hands. She was also the person who burned down the burial.


She can't survive.

She closed her eyes slightly and gasped: "Ayu..."

Liu Yu hurried closer, tears flowing, "Girl... I listen..."

"Fu Jin's life was worthy of the people of the Northern Kingdom, worthy of the people of the Southern Dynasty, worthy of the world, worthy of the servants, and worthy of the subordinates... pity..."

Her eyes spear squirming up and down Lao "I'm only sorry for your one person. Ayu..."

Liu Yu was terrified, grabbed her hand frantically, and shook his head desperately, "No, girl, how can you be sorry for me, you are my wife, my most beloved person, you never have to say sorry ..."