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    Chinese Name: 红袖倾天虞美人  Author: 源子夫本尊(Yuán zi fū běnzūn, Mr. Yuan Himself)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Princess Jin smiled.

     The smile was bitter and helpless, but comforted and calm.

     She trembled her eyes and said softly: "Ayu... from now on, you forget me. Be your emperor, live your life, treat the common people well, and govern this country well..."

     Liu Yu's face was flushed, and he tugged her fingers tightly, "Girl, I will never forget you, I will never forget you. I, Liu Yu, started from the Jiufengzhai mountain bandit, just for you. For you. Take this world, fight all over the world for you, kill the royal family and become the emperor for you. Without you, what is the use of Jiangshan and me?!"

     He stared fiercely, tears rolling, "You are mine queen, is my only queen. I will order the historian to write a historical biography for you, and sing praises for you. For the world to live, forever remember you well!"

     What he said was not an ad hoc plan, it was a plan. His Jin princess must be the best queen in the world, and of course deserves to be looked up to throughout the ages.

     She smiled softly, shook the head, "No need...I don’t want to be remembered by the throughout the ages, nor mentioned by the people of the world... I hope that when you study history... Erase from history."

     She slowly opened the eyes, seeming to have some strength, "You don't have to let the world know... Ha... There was once Fu Jin from the North, who almost became the queen of the Southern Dynasty..."

     Tears overflowed from her eyes.

     Tears fell from his eyes.

     Entangled in one place, hot and blazing, like a fire.

     Burning the unhealed wounds on her face. That is the wound Dezong cut with a knife.Liu Yu hugged her tightly and cried: "Don't talk, I will take you away now, we will heal the wound, no matter the ends of the earth, I will definitely heal you."

     She was still smiling, as if she hadn't heard what he said, just staring at the fire in the night in confusion, "Ayu...I know you never liked me, but the little girl in Guangling City who pushed for you. ..."

     She seemed to be thinking, "The Tianjin girl who is standing on the Guixiangyuan stage and dancing the flute, innocent and unaffected, does not know the world..."

      "No..." Liu Yu's eyes fired, "The person Liu Yu loves has always been Fu Jin. Whether she is a little white rabbit or a Valkyrie, Liu Yu has never stopped loving her..."

     Tears fell on the wound and it hurt. She frowned, "Ayu...people are going to die, don't cry..." While comforting him, she tremblingly took out an object from her arms.

     The whole body of the jade flute is radiant, with only a plum blossom carved in the mouth building. The best plum blossom jade flute is broken in two in the middle. It seems to have been deliberately broken, but re-embedded.

     The inlay technique is very unique, and it does not damage the beauty of the jade flute. The only thing is that I can't play it.

     This is Princess Jin's jade flute.

     It was also the token of love Xie Yan gave her.

     The word Tianjin on it is still clearly visible.

     Of course, it is also the token of love between her and Liu Yu. At that time, he was married by the second strongest Feng family in Guangling city, and he attacked with a heavy punch, smashing the face of Feng family second child as if he had opened a dye shop. And she, using the broken jade flute, each person gets half, made her and his token of love.

     Liu Yu used to be extremely cherished, but later disliked.After that, the jade flute was inlaid by Xie Yan, but there was no trace.

     Who would have thought, secretly treasured by her.

     "Ayu..." Her voice was already weak, and her body began to become cold.

     Liu Yu picked her up and wanted to run down the city, but she held his hand and refused to move, "Don't bother, Ayu... I really can't accompany you down..."

     She gasped, "Don't dislike this plum blossom jade flute, it's good for life, I...I always use it as our token of love..."

     Liu Yu shed tears, "I keep it, how can I dislike it, girl, this is me..."

     The hand of the person in her arms suddenly drooped, and together with the jade flute, fell on the stone bricks of the tower.

     Princess Jin's eyes slowly closed, and she stayed asleep for a long time.

      "No..." Liu Yu was startled.

     He yelled loudly, tugging her hand tightly, shaking her body almost madly, "No... girl, you can't die, you wake up, I don't want you to"

     There was a dead silence up and down the tower.

     The cold night is miserable, and the wood is withered.

     Liu Yu hugged Princess Jin's corpse and knelt on the flaming tower, no one dared to step forward to persuade.

     That year, the Southern Dynasty Dading, Liu Yu, a native of Jinling County, ascended the throne and proclaimed his emperor.

     In the first year of Yongchu, the new emperor expanded farming and water conservancy, encouraged industry and commerce, reduced taxes, and amnesty the world.

     The people live in peace and work happily, and all the industries in the world are prospering. The country is stable and Li Shu is harmonious.In the flourishing state of Jiankang Mansion, there are many gains and improvements above the temple. Seeing that the mountains and rivers were first decided, the officials all came forward and prayed for the new emperor to be drafted and preserve the emperor's heir.

     Xindi refused, no just a word or two response.

     In May of the first year of Yongchu, early summer.

     Inside the gate of Jiankang Mansion, a carriage galloped up, splashing dust.

     To leave the city early in the morning, the guards and soldiers inspected as usual.

     Several guards stood by with swords and surrounded the carriage.

     The curtain opened, revealing a beautiful young woman in the car. Everyone is stunned.

     The woman's complexion was warm, but her eyes were a little cold, and she didn't dare to blaspheme.

     She hid her right hand under her wide sleeve and couldn't see it. The snow-white left hand came out of his sleeve, hugging a little child sitting on the left.

     The childhood age is not very big, the pink makeup jade group is generally lovable, it is the time when you can't distinguish between men and women.

     The guard held Entry Writ and contrasted, "Zhu Muer?"

     The woman smiled slightly, nodded.

     The guard said again, "Zhu Jin?" Doubtful eyes fell on the woman's face.

     The woman was still smiling, "It's the slave house."

     The guard wanted to say something more, but the little child couldn't help coughing, hearing the voice as if he had been ill.

     The guard hurried away.

     Zhu Jin said gently: "It's a problem from my son's womb, and it's not spread to others." Without waiting for the guard to say anything, he took the Entry Writ, lowered the curtain, greeted the coachman, and hurried out of the city gate.

     As the sun rises, the farmland and houses outside Jiankang Mansion are covered with a layer of gold, beneath the vast world, the color of greenery is far away.The weather is getting better.

     In the imperial study room, no one dared to step into the separate elegant hall.

     Liu Yu, wearing an ocher robe, was standing under the east wall. On the wall, there is a huge picture of beauty.

     The beauty picture seems to be some years old, and the colors are not so bright anymore. However, the beauty in the painting is wearing a fiery red armor, vivid and lifelike, and vividly puts the dim picture on life.

     Compelling eyes, shaking people's hearts.

     The person in the picture is beautiful.

     The round and jade-run gentle face, with a touch of unconcealable horror, looks like the entanglement of ice and fire, which is elusive, and can't help but ponder.

     Under the picture, the signature is written in small print and a private seal. The handwriting was scribbled, and the seal was so weak that it was almost impossible to distinguish.

      Faintly can only see so and so print.

     It's not Liu Yu.

     Liu Yu looked at the beauty on the wall, rubbed the shining jade flute in his hand, and slowly walked to the window behind the book case.

     There was a person behind him.

     With his head down slightly, he couldn't see clearly the person's face. This person didn't seem to want to be seen, just bowed his head.

     Liu Yu stood at the window and asked, "Can you find out?"

     "The emperor, Guan Sanye was originally surnamed Zheng, and his family was Ranked Third, and he was called Zheng San. Because he worked underground all the year round, he changed Guan's surname himself. However, this matter is very hidden, and there is no one in his family. I know. More than ten years ago, he is the most famous king of tomb robbers in the North."

     Liu Yu nodded.

     The temple was silent for a while.For a long time, Liu Yu said, "Bury him in front of the girl's grave. Before his death, San Ye fought the city gate for the girl's death. After death, let him continue to guard."

     Guan Sanye loved Princess Jin, and Liu Yu didn't know about this until after his death. As for Princess Jin, that is to death doesn't know at all Guan Sanye pretends to be her in his heart.

     Liu Yu couldn't help but think of yet another person.

     Unfortunately, that person also died.

     He sighed, his eyes slowly falling out of the window.

     Outside the window, green leaves and flowers are like a sea, and it is the poppies of Tumi that bloom.

     The flowers are bright red, like the blood on the top of the night city.

     The people behind him said, "The emperor, the courtiers are admonishing again, and I want you to be drafted..."

     In front of the Linghua window, Liu Yu seemed to have not heard it, and it seemed that he had heard it, without answering for a long time.

     It wasn't until the wind wrinkled the sea of poppies and flowers that made Liu Yu's eyes a little sore and sore, he whispered, "It's up to you."

     The people behind him were startled, and finally sighed in relief, "Then...Do you want to look at the portrait of the beautiful girl?"

     After waiting for a long time, no one answered at the window.

     This person raised his head, only to see the back of a stalwart dragon robe.

     In the back, there seems to be loneliness and majesty, as if there's some left looking across the horizon.