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    Author: 源子夫本尊(Yuán zi fū běnzūn, Mr. Yuan Himself)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Princess Jin smiled.

The smile is bitter and helpless, but it is comforting and calm.

She shivered her eyes and said softly, "Ayu... From now on, you will forget me. Be your emperor, live your life well, treat the people's lives well, and take care of the Jiangshan Lishu..."

Liu Yu's face was flushed, and she dragged her finger, "Girl, I will not forget you, I will never forget you. I Liu Yu started as a bandit in Jiufengzhai Mountain, just for you. For you. Take this world, fight for you all over the world, kill the royal family to be king for you. Without you, how can Jiangshan and me?"

He stared at his eyes fiercely, and tears rolled, "You are my queen, my only queen. I am going to order the historian to write a special biography for you and sing praise to you. Let the world live forever, remember your good forever!

His remarks were not intended to be temporary, but he had plans. His princess Jin must be the best queen in the world, and certainly deserves to be looked forward to by all ages.

She smiled softly and shook her head. "No need... I shouldn't be remembered by all generations, nor mentioned by the world's people... Hopefully, when you study history... Long me from the southern dynasty. Erasure."

She opened her eyes slowly, it seemed that she had some strength, "You don't have to let the world know... Oh... there was a Fu Jin from the North, and almost became the queen of the Southern Dynasty..."

Tears, overflowing from her eyes.

Tears fell from his eyes.

Intertwined in one place, hot and blazing, like a fire.

Burning the unhealed wound on her face. It was a wound cut by Dezong with a knife.Liu Yu hugged her tightly and cried, "Don't talk, I will take you away now, we will heal the wound, no matter what the horizon is, I will surely heal you."

She still smiled, as if she didn’t hear what he said, but just looked at the fire in the night with confusion, "Ayu...I know that you never like me, and spear is sorrowful. Little girl..."

She seemed to be thinking, "The Tianjin girl who is standing on the stage of Guixiangyuan and dancing flute is innocent and indifferent to the world..."

"No..." Liu Yu's eyes were fierce. "The person Liu Yu loves has always been Fu Jin. Whether she is a little white rabbit or a valkyrie, Liu Yu has never stopped loving her..."

The tears in the wound hurt a little, she knit the brows, "Ayu... Everyone will die, don't cry..." While comforting him, he shivered and pulled out an object from her arms.

The jade flute is radiant, with only a plum blossom carved in the mouth building. The fine plum jade flute is broken in two in the middle. It seemed to have been intentionally broken, but it was re-embedded.

The inlay technique is very unique, and it does not damage the beauty of the jade flute. The only thing is that I can’t play it.

This is Princess Jin's jade flute.

It was also the token of love that Xie Yan gave her.

The word Tianjin on it is still clearly visible.

Of course, it is also her and Liu Yu's token of love. At that time, he was married by the second strongest member of the Feng family in the city of Guangling. It was because he punched hard, and the face of the second child of the Feng family smashed to the ground as if a dye shop was opened. And she, with the broken jade flute, half a person, made her and his token of love.

Liu Yu was very cherished in the past, but later disgusted.Afterwards, the jade flute was set by Xie Yan, but it disappeared without a trace.

Who ever wanted to be secretly treasured by her.

"Ayu..." Her voice was weak, and her body began to become cold.

Liu Yu picked her up and tried to run down the tower, but she held his hand and refused to move, "Don't try so hard, Ayu...I really can't go with you..."

She gasped, "Don't dismiss this plum jade flute, keep it alive, I... always use it as our token of love..."

Liu Yu shed tears, "I close it, how can I dislike it, girl, I will just..."

Suddenly the hand of the man in the arms drooped down, and together with the jade flute, fell on the stone bricks of the tower.

Princess Jin's eyes closed slowly and she couldn't wake up.

"No..." Liu Yu froze.

He roared loudly, holding her hand violently, shaking her body almost madly, "No... girl, you can't die, you wake up, I don't want you to"

Up and down the tower, there was silence.

Cold night is desolate, Wan Mu withered.

Liu Yu hugged Princess Jin’s body and knelt over the towering fire tower, and no one dared to persuade him.

That year, in the Southern Dynasties, Liu Yu from Jinling County became the emperor, and the year was Yongchu.

In the first year of Yongchu, the New Emperor widely opened farming and water conservancy projects, encouraged industry and commerce, tax relief, and pardoned the world.

People living in peace, all industries in the world are flourishing. The rivers and mountains are solid and Li Shu is in harmony.

The Jiankang House is prosperous, and there are many improvements in the temple. Seeing that the mountains and rivers were initially determined, the group of ministers went to admonish one after another, praying that the Emperor would protect the emperor after the draft was established.The new emperor refused to respond without words.

In early May of the first year of Yongchu, early summer.

Inside the gate of Jiankang Mansion, a horse-drawn carriage drove by, splashing dust.

To leave the city early in the morning, the guard spear will check as usual.

Several guards stood beside the sword and surrounded the carriage.

The car curtain opened, revealing a young woman in the car with bright light. Everyone is cold.

The woman's face was warm, but her eyes were a little cold, and she did not dare to blaspheme.

Her right hand was hidden under the wide sleeve, and she couldn't see it. Xuebai's left hand emerged from the sleeve and hugged a small child sitting on the left.

The children are not very young, and the pink makeup and jade are generally lovable.

The bodyguard holds the clearance check, "Zhu Mu'er?"

The woman smiled slightly and nodded.

The bodyguard read again, "Zhu Ge?" His eyes fell on the woman's face suspiciously.

The woman still smiled, "It is the slave's house."

The bodyguard wanted to say something more, but the little child couldn't help but cough, listening to the voice as if he had been ill for a long time.

The bodyguard hurried away.

Zhu Gean said softly: "It's a problem brought out of my child's womb, and it's not passed on." He didn't wait for the guard to say anything again, led the customs clearance, put down the curtain, greeted the driver, and hurried out of the city gate.

When the daylight rises, the farmhouses outside the Kang House will be covered with a layer of gold, under the vast sky and lush colors.

The weather is getting better.

In the Imperial Study Room, no one dared to step into the elegant temple created alone.

Liu Yu was wearing an ocher yellow robe and was standing under the east wall. On the wall, there is a huge picture of beauty.The beauty figure seems to be some years old, and the colors are not so bright. However, the beauty in the painting is wearing a fiery red armor, vivid and lifelike people, and lively brings this dim picture to life.

Eye-catching, trembling soul.

The person in the picture is beautiful.

Zhu Yuanyurun's gentle face, with a shattering air that cannot be concealed, is like the entanglement of ice and fire, which is elusive and can't help but ponder.

Under the picture, the inscription is written with small characters and printed with a private seal. The handwriting was scribbled, and the seal was also spear-trained, almost indistinguishable.

faintly can only see the seal.

It's not Liu Yu.

Liu Yu looked at the beauty on the wall, rubbed the jade flute in his hand, and slowly walked to the window behind the book case.

There was a man behind him.

Slightly bowed head, can not see the face of this person. This person does not seem to want to be seen, just lowered his head.

Liu Yu stood in front of the window and asked, "Can you find out?"

"Sovereign Emperor Qi Yun, the original surname of Guan Sanye is Zheng, and the third among the family, known as Zheng San. He changed his surname because of the underground work all the year round. People know. Ten years ago, he was the most prestigious king of tomb robbing in the North."

Liu Yu nodded.

The temple was silent for a moment.

For a long time, Liu Yu said, "Buy him in front of the girl's tomb. During his lifetime, Sanye died for the girl to fight the city gate. After his death, he will continue to guard."

Guan Sanye loves Princess Mujin. Liu Yu didn't know about it until after his death. As for Princess Jin, that's to death doesn't know at all Guan Sanye holds her in her heart.Liu Yu couldn't help but think of another individual.

Unfortunately, that person is also dead.

With a sigh, his eyes slowly fell outside the window.

Outside the window, green leaves and flowers are like the sea.

The flowers are bright red, like blood on the night city tower.

There was a voice behind him, "The emperor and courtiers are decrying again, and they want you to be drafted..."

In front of the Linghua Window, Liu Yu didn't seem to hear it, it seemed to hear it again, and he didn't answer for a long time.

He didn't whisper until the wind blew the eyes of Yumei's flowers and blew Liu Yu's eyes sorely: "Let's be determined."

After a moment of stunned people, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. "Then... Do you want to look at the portrait of the beautiful girl?"

After waiting for a long time, no one answered in front of the window.

The man raised his head and could only see the back of a dragon robe standing upright.

In the back view, it seems lonely, it seems majestic, and it seems that some people look through the world.