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    Chinese Name: 全能小农民  Author: 燕不羁(Yàn bùjī, Uninhibited Swallow)
    Original: | Translator:

I have harmed my female classmate, you are waiting.


     "This is... the earth? I'm back again." Tang Chuan, who was sleeping on the desk, opened the eyes and looked around.

     It is the evening self-study class, some study and some chat.

     Familiar faces, familiar environment, nothing seems to have changed.

     But Tang Chuan knew that everything had changed.

     At this time, the tablemate Feng Jiaxue leaned over and whispered: "Tang Chuan, go get together in the evening, Shao Chenxuan treats you. There are seven or eight classmates, and Cheng Youyou will go."

     Feng Jiaxue looked relaxed, but there was a nervous look in her eyes, worried that Tang Chuan would refuse.

     Tang Chuan pretended not to see Feng Jiaxue's strangeness, and smiled and said, "Okay. Shao Chenxuan must go to treat guests. With him, everything you drink is good."

     "It's such a happy decision." Feng Jiaxue stuck out the tongue, smiling playfully.

     Tang Chuan grinned slightly, he already knew what day it was.

     It can be said that he will come back soon or late, just right.

     In his previous life, on this evening, he would be framed by Shao Chenxuan and Feng Jiaxue. Then he would be arrested early tomorrow morning and sentenced to more than 20 years in the name of hiding the pill and strengthening the class.

     Then, his parents died tragically. By chance, he traveled to Stars Continent, where he joined Dazemen for five hundred years of practice. Once, he found a dragon bone sacred artifact, but was attacked and killed by a greedy master.

     But when he was dying, that keel sacred artifact emitted dazzling rays of light, bringing his consciousness back to the present on earth."Haha, Shao Chenxuan, Feng Jiaxue, our account can be calculated slowly." Tang Chuan's eyes showed a sharp light.

     "And dear big brother, don't die, wait for me to pass. I also want to ask face to face, can the five hundred years of brotherhood be no more than a sacred keel?" Tang Chuan's expression, again Somewhat sad.

     He stroked the bracelet-like dragon-shaped tattoo on his left wrist, with a sad smile at the corner of his mouth. The dragon bone sacrificial artifact came with him and turned into this dragon-shaped tattoo.

     After self-study in the evening, Tang Chuan followed Feng Jiaxue, Shao Chenxuan and others to the Green Star Bar.

     The Green Star Bar is the best bar in Ben Thanh. The price is expensive, and Tang Chuan has never been there a few times.

     Under the instruction of Shao Chenxuan, Feng Jiaxue flooded Cheng Youyou, and the other students flooded Tangchuan.

     "Drink, drink, not go home until drunk tonight." The two male classmates dragged Tang Chuan abruptly and poured him several glasses of white wine.

     "Drink less, drink less." Shao Chenxuan persuaded, winking at several classmates and letting them pour harder.

     Later, Feng Jiaxue quietly put something in the wine of Tang Chuan and Cheng Youyou, and Tang Chuan and Cheng Youyou fell asleep without any movement.

      "All right, almost there today. I send them back, and you help me put them in my car." Shao Chenxuan said.

     "Yes, Shao Xuan." The two students replied.

     They carried Tang Chuan and Cheng Youyou out and threw them into Shao Chenxuan's car, but Tang Chuan, whose eyes were closed, showed a disdainful smile.

     Accompanied by Feng Jiaxue, Shao Chenxuan drove, and they arrived at the Sote Hotel."Rape/rape plus this is enough for him to sit for more than ten years." When he got out of the car, Shao Chenxuan didn't know where to find a bag of sugar pills and handed it to Feng Jiaxue.

     This bag of things seemed to be hot, Feng Jiaxue quickly turned around, from the gap in the seat, stuffed the bag of things into Tang Chuan's pocket.

     The Sote Hotel was opened by Shao Chenxuan's house. He arranged it and it was naturally very convenient. Before coming, Shao Chenxuan called and asked people to turn off all the monitoring in the hotel and opened the Presidential Suite.

     In the suite, Shao Chenxuan put Cheng Youyou into one of the bedrooms and arranged for Feng Jiaxue to monitor Tang Chuan in the other bedroom.

     "At dawn, put Tang Chuan in a leisurely room, let's leave." Shao Chenxuan said to Feng Jiaxue.

     "Okay, give me my money at what time?" Feng Jiaxue asked.

     Feng Jiaxue helped Shao Chenxuan Tang Chuan and Cheng Youyou for money, and Shao Chenxuan agreed to give her 300,000 yuan.

     "I will give it as soon as I'm done. I also blame Cheng Youyou, a bitch, who doesn't eat hard and soft, so I made the best move." Shao Chenxuan said.

     After speaking, Shao Chenxuan hurriedly went to the bedroom where Cheng Youyou was.

     All this is exactly the same as what happened in the previous life.

     Feng Jiaxue was ordered to look at Tang Chuan. After she closed the door, she first hesitated for a moment, and then took out the bag of sugar pills from Tang Chuan, poured them all into the toilet, flushed down, and removed the plastic bag from the window. Throw it outside and drift away in the wind.

     Then she sat by the bed and watched TV, not far from Tang Chuan."Very well, this time I even threw the medicine away. If I have a chance, I will sleep and you will not kill you." Tang Chuan suddenly opened his eyes. Different from the previous life, Feng Jiaxue found out of her conscience that she flushed the medicine into the toilet.

     Feng Jiaxue was shocked when she heard Tang Chuan's words, and wanted to stand up, but Tang Chuan hugged her slender waist.

     When she saw Tang Chuan's eyes, her heart trembled.

     Profound and thorough, it seems to be able to see everything clearly, and it seems to care nothing.

     Feng Jiaxue felt that now Tang Chuan not only didn't mind sleeping on him, but even killing him.

     Don't mind killing people? Tang Chuan, who has always been cowardly, what happened? Feng Jiaxue's heart trembled.

     Tang Chuan didn't care what Feng Jiaxue was thinking. After feeling the softness and warmth and moisture of Feng Jiaxue's body, he first wiped his hands on Feng Jiaxue's chest, and then shot a flash of electricity. After a few clicks, Feng Jiaxue fainted immediately. .

     "It's interesting to be a virgin," Tang Chuan secretly said.

     He originally thought that since Feng Jiaxue was close to a bad guy like Shao Chenxuan, he should have been battered long ago, so Feng Jiaxue was a problem, which surprised him.

     He threw Feng Jiaxue on the bed and walked out.

     When he walked to the door of the room where Shao Chenxuan and Cheng Youyou were, Tang Chuan stretched out his hand on the door, and the door opened in response.

     Shao Chenxuan was undressing with his back to the door, and turned around when he heard the movement.

     "Why did you wake up?" Shao Chenxuan said in surprise."Presidential Suite is not bad. The bedroom is not too big, but it is big enough to let go of the sofa. It's great to have money." Tang Chuan has not replied Shao Chenxuan's words, walked over and sat directly on the sofa.

     When Shao Chenxuan saw Tang Chuan's determined look, he suddenly smiled. He said: "Wake up and wake up, a poor man, do you really think you can be friends with me Shao Chenxuan. In my eyes, you are like me. In my eyes, it's just a tool."

     Tang Chuan said lightly: "Your until now's unity and love, kindness and kindness, were all pretended to be."

     Shao Chenxuan laughing heartily: "Yes, so what can be done. This World is the weak are prey to the strong. The strong show a gentle face to the weak force like you, you should be grateful, and you should kneel to lick, so that you can Get more benefits. Come, help me take off Cheng Youyou's clothes. I'll give you three thousand yuan. And after I finish playing, I can let you play."

     Tang Chuan lightly smiled: "Three thousand yuan? A lot of money."

     Cheng Youyou's clothes were still relatively neat, and Shao Chenxuan didn't have time to take off.

     Now, Shao Chenxuan gave three thousand yuan to let Tang Chuan take off Cheng Youyou's clothes.

     Shao Chenxuan said: "Tang Chuan, you have always been extremely cowardly, so I don't even have the heart to accept as a younger brother. But this time, you kind of made me must be looked at with new eyes, I can accept you. Follow me, you can live forever to eat delicious food and drink hard liquor, What can you have against it? ."

     If it was Tang Chuan before, the first thing after waking up was probably thinking of running away instead of coming to Shao Chenxuan to settle accounts, so Shao Chenxuan said that he must be looked at with new eyes.

     Tang Chuan said, "It's only 3,000 yuan, and I can still follow you. It sounds good."Shao Chenxuan glanced at the phone not far away, then moved slightly in that direction, and said, "Of course it's good, you should know that my father is a famous rich man in Longshan City. In the first five years of the year, this year has developed rapidly and will become the richest man in Longshan."

     Tang Chuan Haha: "Is it the richest man in Longshan? I don't think so. If you have to take another step, I will interrupt your leg. If you get the phone, I will interrupt your hand. If you don't believe it, you can try."

     Feeling the killing intent in Tang Chuan's words, Shao Chenxuan immediately stopped.

     Saying that three thousand yuan let Tang Chuan take off Cheng Youyou's clothes, and that letting Tang Chuan follow him is just a means to stabilize Tang Chuan.

     Unexpectedly, Tang Chuan saw through his little trick.

     "How about this, I'll give you one hundred thousand. What you were supposed to do did not happen, leave here." Shao Chenxuan began to move to the door again, as long as he opened the door of the suite, shouted, and made a phone call, the effect is the same, anyway. This hotel belongs to his house, and the waiter will naturally help him.

     Tang Chuan patted his hand on the sofa lightly, and the whole person bounced up, and with just a flash, he arrived in front of Shao Chenxuan. He lifted his leg and kicked on Shao Chenxuan's left calf.

     Click, Shao Chenxuan's left leg was broken at that time.

     "Ah. Tang Chuan, I must kill you." Shao Chenxuan cried out in pain.

     "What I just said is very clear. If you take another step, I will interrupt your leg. Fortunately, I acted in time. You just moved your left leg, so you should thank me." Tang Chuan said lightly.

     Tang Chuan picked up Shao Chenxuan's cell phone and handed it over: "I don't mind if you call."Shao Chenxuan, who was struggling on the ground, lost his thinking ability in pain. He took it without thinking, and just pressed it, his right hand holding the phone clicked again.

     "Woo, Tang Chuan, fuck your mother, I really want to kill you, I really want to kill you." Shao Chenxuan broke a hand and a foot, fainted with pain, and murmured cursing with tears and tears.

     "Oh, I really don't mind if you call, but I seemed to have said before, manually breaking your hand, and breaking your foot. Now that you have said, you must do it. Speak and keep one's promise is the basic principle of life. As for killing I, ha ha, then be prepared to be killed by me." Tang Chuan unemotionally said.