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0 Chapter Directory 4061 The Name Of The Queen
    Chinese Name: 九星霸体诀  Author: 平凡魔术师(Píngfán móshù shī, Ordinary Magician)
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"No, I would rather die by myself than Elder Sister."

     Leng Yueyan hugged Gu Nian Rou and buried her head in her arms. Gu Nian Rou has always taken care of her, even as it is more important than his own life. Leng Yueyan can't do anything anyway.

     Gu Nian Rou also hugged Leng Yueyan tightly, and said softly: "I begged Sect Master Lord, and their reply is that this is the rule set by Evil God, and we can only live one person."

     Gu Nian Rou gently held Leng Yueyan's cheek and said, "Xiaoyan, do you still have any wishes you haven't fulfilled?"

     Leng Yueyan shook her head. She has already avenged her parents, and there is no regret.

     "But I did. When my parents died, they ran in a hurry and didn't see their appearance.

     The most hateful thing is that my sister ran away with me. When I went to find her, she...had become a corpse.

     Over the years, I have been secretly searching for clues, wanting to avenge my parents’ sister, but now I’ve just gotten a little eye-catching.

     Xiaoyan, Elder Sister, please, will you give me this chance to live? I want to avenge them. "Gu Nian Rou looked at Leng Yueyan with tears in her beautiful eyes."Well, if I can use my life to exchange Elder Sister's life, I am willing, but... so I will never see Elder Sister again." Leng Yueyan's pretty face is full of reluctance, then Looks make people feel distressed.

     Gu Nian Rou couldn't hold back the tears anymore, he slumped down, choked up and said: "I can't bear you either. I will keep your body forever.

     I heard that in this world, people can become a fairy Become A God as long as they work hard in cultivation. Then, I will rise you from the dead, and then our sisters can reunite again. "

     "Okay, then I'll wait for Elder Sister, Elder Sister, you are so powerful, you can do everything, you will definitely become a fairy." Leng Yueyan's pretty face is full of confidence, she seems to look at finally Gu Nian Rou looks like a fairy queen.


     The next day, it was the same arena. At first, they had a group of five hundred multiple disciples, but in the end only two were left.

     And above the arena, there is also an elder, looking at them with a cruel smile on his face, as if appreciating the mutual mischief of the discipline, which is a very pleasant thing.

     And in this battle, dozens of other elders participated in the battle. They looked at Gu Nian Rou with all expectations.Gu Nian Rou is the most excel the common discipline of Sects, but she has one of the biggest weaknesses. That weakness is Leng Yueyan. If there is no Leng Yueyan, Gu Nian Rou will be a monster.

     a pity Gu Nian Rou put all his thoughts on Leng Yueyan's body, which seriously slowed down her advancement. Therefore, they wanted Gu Nian Rou to cut off this burden personally to make her really hate and cruel, Become a real powerhouse.

     "Elder Sister, I'm going to shoot."

     Leng Yueyan's face was calm, and suddenly the long sword was out of its sheath, and the sword was like a rainbow, piercing Gu Nian Rou's heart.


     Gu Nian Rou's long sword was like electricity, fending off Leng Yueyan's sword, the sword turned, and straightly cut Leng Yueyan forehead down.

     These elders nodded secretly, this Gu Nian Rou finally recognized the situation and started to attack the sister.

     "Dāng dāng dāng..."

     The two of them flew with swords, sword qi criss-crossed, and they had fierce tricks. In a blink of an eye, more than 30 tricks passed.

     Suddenly Gu Nian Rou shook the long sword in his hand, the sword light rolled, and a ray of sword light Lotus Flower appeared, and he rammed Leng Yueyan mercilessly.

     Leng Yueyan smiled sadly. This is the trick she agreed with Gu Nian Rou, and she will die in this trick.According to the agreement, Leng Yueyan went straight in with the long sword and pierced straight at the heart of Lotus Flower. This is the strongest location of this trick, and Leng Yueyan will definitely die.

     "Elder Sister, goodbye."

     Leng Yueyan closed his eyes.


     But the pain she imagined did not appear. When she opened her eyes, she was shocked to find that her long sword had actually pierced Gu Nian Rou's heart.

     "Elder Sister"

     Leng Yueyan screamed, even the faces of the elders changed, and their eyes were full of anger.

     "How could this happen, how could this happen? I'll heal your wounds..." Leng Yueyan pressed Gu Nian Rou's chest with his hands and poured his spiritual qi into her body.

     But she was shocked to find that Gu Nian Rou's body, meridians and collaterals were all broken, and his heart pulse was gone. Now no one can save her, Leng Yueyan can't help wail.

     "Xiaoyan... I'm sorry... I lied to you, please forgive me, I really can't bear your death... in front of me.

     Forgive me...selfishness, leaving all the pain to you, I have always regarded you sister. I don't know if this is fate, or in my heart, I want to make up for the regret.I feel very happy to die for Xiaoyan, Xiaoyan, don’t be sad, I believe you will become a fairy Become A God, in the future you will... let me... rise from the dead, you must... …Yes…" Gu Nian Rou raised her hand, trying to touch Leng Yueyan’s cheek, but she failed to get her wish, her head tilted and her vitality was cut off.

     " lie to me, everything you say is a lie, there is no god at all, why are you lie to me?" Leng Yueyan held Gu Nian Rou's corpse and let out a heartbreaking cry.

     "I'm so mad, this idiot dare to swear, this is a blaspheme to Evil God, even if it is a corpse, I will use it as a cauldron."

     An elder can't help furious, came to the stage, grabbed Gu Nian Rou's hair, and was about to drag it away.

     "Scoundrel, you let go of my Elder Sister" Leng Yueyan was furious, and slashed at the elder.


     With a loud explosion, Leng Yueyan's long sword was kicked to pieces by the elder, and at the same time it kicked on Leng Yueyan's ribs. Leng Yueyan took a bite of spurts blood and several ribs were kicked off.

     "Bitch, you know, your victims we lost an incredible talent." On that elder roar, but also kicked out, Leng Yueyan suddenly been kicked, hit the arena pier, forehead knocked out A big cut, almost smashed his head.That elder is Vein Opening Realm powerhouse, and Leng Yueyan just entered the Bone Forging Realm. He only sacrificed six bones. The difference in power between the two is 108,000 miles. In front of Vein Opening Realm powerhouse, she didn’t A little room for resistance.

     "Let go of me...Elder Sister..."

     Leng Yueyan was already in a semi-comatose state, she was struggling frantically, but her Bone was broken and she couldn't stand up. She could only watch the elder pull Gu Nian Rou's hair and he was about to defile Elder Sister's body.

     Leng Yueyan's murderous aura surged. She had never hated a person so much, had never been so angry, she entered the space again, and the figure of the woman appeared in front of her.

     "You are finally angry, it's time to get your things back."

     The woman stretched out her hand and handed something to her. Without any hesitation, Leng Yueyan reached out and grabbed the thing.


     Just as the elder was about to leave, suddenly there was a cold killing intent over the entire arena. At that moment, a burst of death aura radiated, making people scalp numb.

     Those elders who were about to leave suddenly turned to look at Leng Yueyan, only to see Leng Yueyan closed his eyes and stretched one hand to his ribs.

     "Crack"With a sound of bone cracking, Leng Yueyan actually broke one of his ribs, but just as soon as the three-inch-long rib appeared, the white runes light up slowly, and finally turned into a handful. Bone sword.

     Leng Yueyan is holding a bone sword and slowly opening her eyes. Her original black and white eye has completely transformed into a sea blue, like two sapphires.

     It's just that the two sapphires today, like the gaze of death, made the hairs of the elders of Vein Opening Realm stand up and Bone chills.


     Leng Yueyan stood up slowly, an invisible aura erupted, and the entire arena burst into dust in an instant, a billowing air wave swallowed space.

     "Dare to blaspheme me, Elder Sister, so that you will never be born again."

     Leng Yueyan moved, disappearing in place like a ghost, and when he reappeared, he was finally close to the elder.


     The boss was terrified and hurriedly used weapon parry. As a result, his weapon, together with his body, was cut off by the bone sword in an instant, and the bone sword was incredibly sharp.


     The elder hadn't waited for any reaction, Leng Yueyan's bone sword had penetrated the elder's forehead.

     "what……"The elder let out a scream, and his soul was pulled away by the bone sword. This was the method of destroying Divine Soul, making the body and soul entirely exterminated without entering Samsara, and disappearing from this world forever.

     The other elders were shocked, this Leng Yueyan turned into a monster, hurriedly rushed out, and shouted for help.

     "Puff puff……"


     Leng Yueyan held Gu Nian Rou's corpse in one hand, and continuously waved the bone sword in one hand, one after another sword qi, tearing the void, the powerful Vein Opening Realm elder, unexpectedly burst into powder.

     "Sect Master Lord, help..."

     The elder who has been monitoring the disciples fighting fiercely, with a sinister smile on his face, yelled in horror.


     These elders fled quickly, but Leng Yueyan seemed to have been possessed by the demon god, holding Gu Nian Rou in his arms, chasing them behind, one sword at a time, irresistible.

     On Leng Yueyan's bone sword, there was a strange power that the weapon could not resist, not to mention the flesh and blood bodies were beheaded one after another.

     Suddenly, the whole Sects was in chaos, and Leng Yueyan was killing people frantically, and all the people killed were Vein Opening Realm elder, just like a chicken.

     DāngLeng Yueyan's long sword trembled and was suddenly blocked by a spear. An old man appeared. As soon as the old man appeared, there was only one elder left, can't help exulting.

     "Sect Master Lord, you have to be the master for us..." That person is not someone else, it is the Sect Master of Blood Fiend, and he immediately hid behind the Sect Master.

     "To shut up"

     Blood Fiend Zong Sect Master shouted coldly and turned to look at Leng Yueyan: "Would you like to worship me as a teacher?"

     Leng Yueyan looked at him coldly: "Apprentice is fine, but if I surpass it, I will take your head."

     "Haha ha, ok, ok, ok, I accept your discipline." The Blood Fiend Sect Master haha laughed.

     "Come here, I want to behead your head."

     Leng Yueyan's bone sword pointing at the elder, coldly said. At this time, Leng Yueyan is cold and arrogant and bloodthirsty, and it feels like a different person.

     "Don't hurry up?" The Blood Fiend Sect Master coldly shouted.

     The elder was desperate for an instant, and he could only bite the bullet and walk over. He knew that the past was death, and if it didn't, life would be better than death.


     Leng Yueyan coldly said.


     In the end, the elder squeezed out more than a dozen smiles in a row. Finally, when he smiled closest to nature, Leng Yueyan cut off his head with a sword, and this head was treasured by Leng Yueyan.Once Leng Yueyan broke out and killed more than a dozen elders, he became a Sect Master disciple. Those who had offended Leng Yueyan were all killed by her, and the Sect Master of the Blood Fiend Sect ignored him.

     In the mountainside where I often play, Leng Yueyan hugged Gu Nian Rou’s body with a sapphire eye, looked at Gu Nian Rou, and whispered: “Elder Sister, don’t worry. It will be too far."

     Putting Gu Nian Rou's body away, Leng Yueyan's face was cold, looking at the bone sword in his hand:

     "If this is your arrangement, then I, Leng Yueyan, will definitely make you unhappy."

     After Leng Yueyan became the Sect Master disciple, he returned to the small village that year. The small village has been abandoned. Leng Yueyan lived in the small village for three years.

     In the past three years, Leng Yueyan has not been cultivation. Every day, she sits in front of her parents’ clothing mound, but her eyes have always been sea-blue, and have never changed back.

     Three years later, Leng Yueyan knelt in front of the tombstone: "Daddy and mother, you have raised me for three years, and I have been filial piety for three years. Although you can't repay your kindness in case, your daughter is leaving.

     If there is an afterlife, Xiaoyan will return the grace of two nurturing. From today onwards, Xiaoyan will no longer be the Xiaoyan of the past, father, mother, goodbye. "Leng Yueyan respectfully kowtows three heads. These three heads are her kind of farewell to the past, burying all the memories deep in her heart.

     Leng Yueyan got up, carrying a bone sword, and left without looking back. From then on, in the Evil Path, a generation of Demon Queen was born, and the name Xiaoyan was never known.

     In people’s minds, there is only the vicious and merciless, ruthless Demon Queen-Leng Yueyan, but no one knows her past, because those people died in the end, under the sword of Leng Yueyan, including her master. .