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0 Chapter Directory 2377 The New Book Has Been Published, "The Legend Of Cyber Hero"
    Chinese Name: 走进修仙  Author: 吾道长不孤(Wú dào cháng bù gū, Taoist Not Alone)
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What is Wu?

     Martial arts has nothing to do with zither, chess, calligraphy and painting, nothing to treasure cheats, and so many World's First. Martial arts is a technique, a technique that allows the weak to see the opportunity to swing a knife at the strong.

     What is a man?

     Chivalry is not the subject of wind, flower, snow and moon, trite poetry, it is not traditional culture, and there is nothing gentle and frugal. Chivalry is violence, a bayonet built for tyrants by those who are driven to join the Mount Liang rebels.

     Cao Mo Mengke, returned to Shandong and invaded the land. Zhu Jinzhi, set Wu usurper. Zhangdi cried the city and reported the owner to wash the toilet. Snatch the neck to redress the grievances and act with one's sleeve. The violent Qin surpassed the spirit, and the coward increased his spirit.

     This is a story of martial arts.

     In the 1930s, several like-minded young people came together and worked hard to change the world.

     Then, two hundred years later, in a certain landfill, the first ancestor of cyber martial arts, who had reopened the world as a self-contained system, woke up after losing all the memory, chanting the enemy's name.

     "Perhaps it was because I lost at the beginning that the world became like this..."

     "Then this time, I will never lose again!"

     This is the story of a man who once again changed the world!