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0 Chapter Directory 820 Fanwai 59: A Ah Li Feng Hua Ji (Nine. End)
    Author: Unknown
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People who were originally excited were suddenly quiet because of this voice, and the timid people even shivered involuntarily. Everyone looked sideways at the place where the voice came, but saw that the person who spoke was an old unassuming old man. If he must say something special about him, only one of his eyes should be invisible. But not many people had noticed him, because he kept his head down and followed his master, looking like an ordinary old servant.

Up to this moment, he raised his head and looked at everyone present with a gloomy chills sent down the spine. Because only one eye can move, it becomes more creepy. At this moment, no one doubted that the words of Fang Cai were spit out from his mouth.

Ling Qingfeng's eyes were light and he said lightly: "What does this... say?"

The man smiled yawningly and said, "I want a treasure map."

Ling Qingfeng chuckled slightly with ridicule, and his eyes fell on the person who was sitting on the side of a beautiful woman. "Master Zuo, your servant is so rude, don't you want to say something?"

But I saw that the wealthy Jinyang political ambassador just raised his eyelids and said, "I think what he said makes sense."

Everyone was in an uproar in the hall.

Ling Qingfeng said: "So, Master Zuo intends to pay more than 500,000 two?"

"The old man has no money."

Ling Qingfeng was not angry, and smiled calmly: "No money, no treasure map." The silk silk that looks very simple is in his hands. Although the material may be good, if someone like Ling Qingfeng If you want to destroy something, there are very few that cannot be destroyed."Lingzhaizhu, do you still have this strength?" A voluptuous voice followed with a bit malicious voice, and the beauty who had been held in the arms of the left master suddenly raised his head suddenly. Looking at Ling Qingfeng's eyes with a bit of evil energy. Ling Qingfeng frowned slightly, calmly sitting back in his chair, "What do you want to say?"

    The beauty stood up and laughed loudly, "Lingzhaizhu, don't need to pretend, you may still be able to move a few times at this time, and then after a while...but you can't even move your fingers."

    Ling Qingfeng complexion slightly sank, the guests suddenly said: "How do I feel a little weak?"

    "Ling Qingfeng, what do you want to do?"

    "Oh, a bunch of idiots." The beauty smiled disdainfully.

    "Come here!" Ling Qingfeng said in a deep voice.

    There was an immediate influx of people outside the door, but just after they entered the door, they rushed out a few figures to stop them, and the hall suddenly became chaotic.

    Leng Huan sat in the chair indifferently, and tapped the armrest casually with his fingers. "This is the first time this general has seen that the robbery can grab me in front of me."

    I don’t want the woman to cover her lips and smile: "What’s so strange, I heard that General Leng came to Xuanzhou for the first time, wasn’t he robbed?"

    Leng Huan looked at her coldly, "Do you know, where did the person who robbed me go?"The woman complexion sank looked at Leng Huan with a vicious look, "What is General Xuanzhou, but it's just a disgrace, and it's not planted in this Miss's hand." Jealousy and resentment. Leng Huan didn't even look at her again, but looked at the Fuyang Jinyang Chief Envoy, "Master Zuo, it's too late to close now."

Jin Yang's administration surprised his heart, and his face was twisted, staring at Leng Huan, "Do you know the old man?!"

"I don't know." Leng Huan said lightly.

"Adult, ask so much to do? Anyway, sooner or later they are going to die." The woman looked at Leng Huanjiao somberly. Although it was the first time that Jinyang's political ambassador met Leng Huan, he knew the origin of the new general Xuanzhou. How dare he not be cautious?

"Since I don't know, how did General Leng know the identity of the old man?" Although he took the post to the wedding, this post from Master Zuo was not his, but from another source.

Leng Huan didn't seem to be interested in such a boring question, and leaned back on the chair to close his eyes and relax.

When Jinyang's political ambassador saw her, she knew what she could not ask. What's more, it's not a time for gossip. Tonight, I originally made plans to kill all the guests and blame Qingfengzhai. Since Leng Huan is a member of Chaotang, he can't let it go. Thinking of this, his eyes were cold, "Kill!"The one-eyed old man standing behind Jinyang's political ambassador obeyed and flew to Leng Huan. At the same time, he also had a short knife in his hand. Leng Huan opened his eyes suddenly, but didn't move even a moment, and the chair under him suddenly turned around to avoid the knife. Leng Huan smiled coldly at the one-eyed old man in front of him: "Long Chunshui, good luck."

The one-eyed old man's eyes narrowed, "You junior even knew the old man!"

Leng Huan said with a smile: "Of course I know, you are worth ten thousand or two silver. How dare I don't remember when I'm so mad?" The implication was that this man was regarded as a bounty.

"Junior is looking for death!" The old man was furious, and the knife in his hand waved to Leng Huan again, but it was more severe than the knife that was just a few times. Leng Huan not to accept as correct, he leapt from the chair calmly and let the old man's knife fall empty again.

"How could you?"

Leng Huan snorted, "Are you stupid? I ran to the banquet of the bandit boss without any preparation?"

"General Cold, I'm a little sad to say that." Ling Qingfeng not far away, quietly said.

Leng Huan sneered, throwing his dart to Ling Qingfeng. Ling Qingfeng, who was supposed to be sitting in a chair unable to move a single step, turned his head slightly and reached out with ease to catch the dart. This sudden change made the woman who had already rushed to him suddenly stop, his eyes twisted and rushed to the Eastern Jingxi who was sitting on the side.But her luck clearly didn't get better because she changed her goal. The folding fan in Dongfang Jingxi's hand suddenly unfolded, but the edge of the folding fan was as sharp as a blade swept toward her heart. Although he evaded in time, he was still shot directly into the hall by a piece supplemented by Oriental Jingxi.

Only then did everyone realize that the handsome man who sat on the side of Ling Qingfeng without saying a word from the beginning turned out to be a pig-eating tiger.

"What are you waiting for?! Kill them!" Jinyang Chief Envoy also knew that something was wrong and turned his head to the middle-age man who was hiding from the crowd not far away. The middle-age man raised his head, and a sharp, almost rasping whistle sounded in his mouth, and a large group of people in black immediately poured in from the door, from the window, and from the roof. Everyone was very vicious and killed everyone who resisted in the hall.

Ling Qingfeng's body has fallen to Jinyang's governor in a flash and said with a smile: "Master Zuo, how are you."

Jinyang's administration flashed his eyes, "Who are you from the Ling family?!"

Ling Qingfeng said with a smile: "Guess." The sword in his hand has been pierced by no trace of politeness. The two men in black, one left and one right, blocked Ling Qingfeng's sword, and Jinyang's ambassador had been pulled back to a safe place by the beautiful woman.

More and more people poured in the hall, and the doors and windows had already been broken. In the yard, there was also a sound of killing, but Qingfengzhai had fewer and fewer people, and it was increasingly difficult to support.Ling Qingfeng was besieged by a few people in black, and by accident his eyes swept to the east, Jing Xi, even casually leaning behind the pillar to watch the battle. Unless someone steps forward to die, he will never reach out. Suddenly depressed, "Businessman, are you here to watch the show?!"

    Eastern Jingxi said mildly: "It's not good to fight, kill, kill."

    Ling Qing was so angry that he spurted a spit of blood. What a terrible killer was!

    Just about to start spraying someone's water, I heard Dong Jing Jing Xi said in a deep voice, "Come."

    What's coming?

    There was a strange rhythmic voice outside, which was not neat but made strange and harmonious. Ling Qingfeng may not be able to hear it, but Leng Huan can hear it. It was the voice of many soldiers in armor moving forward quickly.

    "Brother Xi!" The voice of a pretty girl came outside.

    The figure of Dongfang Jingxi flashed in front of several people who guarded Jinyang's administration. A few people already cut it with a knife. But he didn’t want the man who had just shot the beautiful woman out in front of his eyes, shouting, "A Li, come and save me!"

    "..." The knife in Leng Huan's hand nearly fell to the ground. Condemned in my heart: shameless!

    "..." Ling Qingfeng thought, what if he wanted to vomit blood more than just now? He has worked hard for several years to take revenge and wipe out a grudge. In the eyes of this bastard, it is just to get a chance to be saved by the little beauty, and then rely on him to rely on others? Although this guy avenged him, what did he do not appreciate?Under the moonlight, a beautiful girl in red with a simple and elegant scimitar plunged into the melee. The people in black around them saw Bad Premonition waving at her. The scimitar in the girl's hand blooms in a frightening coldness, and every time you swing the knife with an elegant arc, it will inevitably bring a dark red blood. The sharp blade was also stained with a beautiful crimson color.

Not far away, a guest attempting to escape fled into the yard with a weak body, and the man in black ruthlessly cut it with a knife. The girl in red had a pretty face with frost, and the machete in her hand shot out, drawing a sharp arc in the air, quietly cutting the neck of the man in black, and then returned to the girl's hand.

The guest who thought he was going to die was sprayed with blood on his face, scared and screamed and hid aside.

"Slaughter?! Are you an apprentice of Yuwen Ce?" Suddenly someone shouted.

The smile that just appeared on the girl's face was slightly stiff, "Silly fork!" Although it has been more than ten years, the reputation of Yin'an Regent is obviously still fresh in many people's memories. In fact, it is not completely unreasonable to say that A Tan is a disciple of Yu Wence. After all, the sword is indeed Yu Wence's sword, and although the martial arts were taught by the Eastern Ming Dynasty, the sword technique is indeed Yu Wenjing's gift to Yu Wenjing Gyroscopic method. It's just that A Li is still young. Although he is talented, he is far from Yu Wence.

"Brother Xi! Come out!" A Tan shouted."Ali..." There was another anxious voice from Dongfang Jingxi again. Although he didn't quite believe that Dongfang Jingxi would beat a group of rivers and lakes, A Li still rushed in with a spinning knife. As soon as I entered the door, I saw that Dong Jingjing was besieged by a group of people, so Fang Cai's call for help was not fake.

In fact, the people who beat him were also very depressed. This continuously rushed to the left and the adults rushed forward. They couldn’t stop it.

A tan stepped a little, the blade sharply cut a path for himself, and fell lightly beside Dongfang Jingxi.

"Ali, you are finally here." Oriental Jingxi waved the folding fan in his hand to meet the enemy, while still free to talk to Atan.

A Tan slightly pursed his lips and flew a black man in a very unhappy shot. "Sister Xi'er, do you care?"

Leng Huan said angrily: "If you take him away quickly, I'll be fine."

I’ve seen shameless, but I’ve never seen shamelessness in this situation, and I don’t even want to die. Poor, she had to worry about killing herself after playing with this product. If he were not the emperor, she would let him die!

"Brother Xi, haven't you been practicing for too long? I want to tell Uncle Gong to let him practice for you again." A Tan said.

Eastern Jingxi Road said: "No need ba, Aren is good enough, Aren can protect me."

A Tan slightly moved his hand and glanced at him, saying, "No, Dad, he likes to see others protect me, he doesn't like me to protect others, he will be angry.

"It's ok."

Ali said in embarrassment: "Actually...I also like the great hero like Uncle.""Oh." It turned out to be wrong. The original Eastern Jingxi, who was paddling, looked sharp, and the folding fan in his hand unhesitatingly cut a man's neck. Ah Li likes the hero to say early, he thought Ah Li like his mother like his father's gentle man.

"A tan, you rest aside, these brothers jumping beam clown West to solve it!"

"..." Fighting, you guys are talking about ghosts. Can you give your opponent a little respect?

Facing the opposite person more murderously in black, Dongjing Jingxi unhesitatingly greeted him. The moves are fierce and the moves are deadly. Let Leng Huan, who is next to him, know that it was only Dongfang Jingxi who drew more than she thought. Looking at his performance this time, I am afraid that no one will believe that this person has not been on the battlefield.

A tan unhesitatingly turned around to help Leng Huan, the Eastern Jingxi who was left behind became more melancholic, and his men became more murderous.

When the sky was slightly bright, the other courtyard was completely calms down. It was just that the other courtyard, which was originally decorated with lanterns, was now full of bloody smell. The soldiers in Xuanzhou Daying were binding up those gangsters who were injured but had survived. The soldiers at Zhaowuying had retreated half an hour ago. I originally thought that the Xuanzhou Garrison, who had been trained to be elite in the past six months, only realized after seeing the combat effectiveness of Zhaowuying that what his general usually said was still far from what exactly is it means. So at this time, let them do some bureaucratic work and no one said much.

The injured guest has been placed on the other side. Someone helped to bandage the wound. Fortunately, no guest died in time when Zhaowu Camp came. As for psychological harm, the government said they were not responsible.Ling Qingfeng carried Jinyang's governor in one hand and led Jinyang's richest man away with one hand. Leng Huan knit the brows, still chasing the past. A Li also wanted to keep up, but was stopped by Dongfang Jingxi.

    After half a night of fighting, Dongfang Jingxi couldn't remember how many people he killed. Even people who are so gentle and easygoing are unavoidably infected with anger after passing through such a body. Faintly under the morning light, the young face of Dongfang Jingxi is more stable.

    "Don't go, let him solve it himself." Dong Jingjing said in a deep voice.

    A tan raised an eyebrow, "Why don't you stop taking care of your sister?"

    Eastern Jingxi faintly smiled and said: "She is none of my business again." If Xi'er still can't recognize Ling Qingfeng's identity, it would be bad luck for him to be pitted.

    A tan glared at him with his cheeks on his cheeks, "Then you care about me?"

    Dongfang Jingxi reached out and poked her cheek and smiled, "No matter who you control?"

    "I haven't settled the accounts with you yet." A Tan raised his chin and squinted at him.

    Eastern Jingxi smiled and said: "Respectfully listen to the instructions of Zhaowu County Master."

    A Tan is speechless, "You spear room badger Mo Sang deliberately and Ling Qingfeng made this wedding and auction. It's obviously not possible, I want to tell my mother! Oriental Jingxi, you are done!"

    "A tan, my lord doesn't complain." Eastern Jingxi said helplessly.

    A Tan smiled and said: "I haven't reached the end yet, it's still a child."

    "Children cannot go to battle."

    "I'm there is still one. It's just a few months away. I'll go back to complain tomorrow."

    Eastern Jingxi helplessly forehead, "A tan......"A Tan snorted and looked at the gentle man in front of him: "A gentleman will not stands under a dangerous wall, Brother Xi, have you forgotten your identity? In case something happens..."

Dongfang Jingxi sighed and looked at her, "A Li worried about me, is it because of my identity, or because I am your brother?"

"When...of course it's all."

Eastern Jingxi shook his head, "A Li think carefully."

A Li's beautiful brows could not help but wrinkled, looking at her tangled face, Dongfang Jingxi, sighed a little deeper. She stretched her hand to smooth her brows and said: "Even if you can't figure it out, since A Tan is worried about me, be careful on the battlefield in the future, because I will worry about you too."

A tan's eyes brightened, "Brother Xi, do you agree with me on the battlefield?"

Dongfang Jingxi smiled and said: "Why don't you agree to allow General Leng to block you as General Zhaowu?"

"Brother Xi, how nice you are!" A Li hugged Dongfang Jingxi cheerfully. Dongfang Jingxi looked down at him and smiled, "Oh? Do you think Brother Xi is good now?"

A tan was dumbfounded, and a little red glow flew up on the small face. Brother Xi looks so beautiful when he smiles.

"Ling Qingfeng, you are looking for death!" Not far away, suddenly Leng Huan's angry voice broke the sudden atmosphere of suspicion. A Li quickly let go of Dongfang Jingxi, "I'm going to see Sister Xi'er!" Quickly turned around and performed Qinggong to rush towards the outside.

Dongfang Jingxi looked at her back, and the smile on her face was a little deeper. Well, still a little girl, at least in A Li's mind he is the closest man besides her father, right?

How about the future, come to Japan for a long time. "Dongling, General Zhaowu"The generals, King Ruimu and the eldest daughter of the Princess, whose name is Ning Xi. The general was born with early wisdom, and he taught to the crown prince Taifu Hengguo Liu Mu, Ruicheng Wang Dongfang Minglie. He entered Linfeng Academy and Anlan Academy in his early years. In the fourteenth year of the year, the military was awarded the title of General Zhaowu. In the eighteenth year of Jianning, Leng Rong, a general, traveled to Xi Rong, and entered General Erpin Zhaowu. In the nineteenth year of Jianning, it was sealed as the queen of the palace. In the 22nd year of Jianning, the eldest son and eldest daughter were born. In the twenty-four years of Jianning, he stabilized Xirong, took charge of the military power of the Northwest Army, and promoted General Yiwu Zhaowu. In the thirty-one year of Jianning, the general general of the Jindong Lingzhen State... In the twenty-five years of Yuan Xian, the general and the emperor died on the same day at the age of seventy-five. Posthumously "Zhaowu General", "Zhaoming Shengzhuang Shenwu Queen".

    The general and the emperor have lived with them for a lifetime. The husband and wife love each other. The emperor repaired the royal decree for the empress: the children of the royal family. The wife-in-law asked not to force the return of twice the dowry as compensation.

    The queen has three sons and three daughters. The eldest son Yuan Xiandi, the Eastern Changhuan, the eldest daughter, Eastern Changhuan, Princess Feng Jinguo, the first female Shangshu of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The second son of the East Changfeng, the king of England. Marry Suoli, the Queen of Moro. The three sons of the Eastern Long Pole, King Feng Ling, the first talent of Dongling, under Liu Mu, the teacher and the students worked together to perfect and write the "New Law of Dongling" that influenced the future generations of Dongling. The founder and perfector of the law of the Tang Dynasty. The second daughter, Oriental Changle, Princess Feng Anguo, who was weak since childhood, married Mu Shi, the richest man in Tanglin. The daughter, Oriental Changjun, Princess Feng Yiguo, author of "Travel of the Kingdoms", "Illustration of the Kingdom of the Sea" and so on. Formed the first fleet of Tangling, famous overseas. The world is known as "Tsing Yi Dragon King".

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