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0 Chapter Directory 820 Fanwai 59: A Ah Li Feng Hua Ji (Nine. End)
    Chinese Name: 权臣闲妻  Author: 凤轻(Fèng qīng, Phoenix Soft)
    Original: | Translator:

The originally excited people suddenly quieted down because of this voice, and the timid people even shuddered can't help. Everyone turned their heads to look at the source of the voice, but saw that the speaker was an unassuming old man. If you have to say anything special about him, only his one eye should be invisible. But originally, not how many people noticed him, because he kept his head down and followed behind his master, looking like an ordinary old servant.

     Up to this moment, he raised head up and looked at everyone present with a gloomy look that chills sent down the spine. Because only one eye can move, it makes people feel that they have one's hair stand on end. At this moment, no one doubted that those two words just came out of his mouth.

     Ling Qingfeng's eyes darkened slightly, and said lightly: "This...what do you have to say?"

     The man smiled gloomily and said, "I want the treasure map."

     Ling Qingfeng smiled slightly mockingly, and his eyes fell on the person who was sitting with a beauty in his arms, "Master Zuo, your servant is so rude, don't you want to say something?"

     However, the wealthy Jinyang chief envoy just raised his eyes and said, "I think what he said is very reasonable."

     There was an uproar in the hall.

     Ling Qingfeng said: "So, Master Zuo intends to pay more than 500,000 taels?"

     "The old man has no money."Ling Qingfeng was not angry either, and smiled calmly: "No money, and no treasure map." The simple-looking silk was in his hand. Although the material might be good, Ling Qingfeng this kind of person would like to If you want to destroy what is going on, there are few things you can’t destroy.

     "Master Ling, do you still have this strength?" A somewhat enchanting but vicious voice followed, and the beauty who had been held in the arms of the left master suddenly raised her head. There was a bit of evil in Ling Qingfeng's eyes. Ling Qingfeng frowned slightly, and sat back in the chair, not a word or movement, "What do you want to say?"

     The beauty stood up and laughed loudly, "Master Ling, don't pretend, you may be able to move a few times now, and after a while... but you can't even move your fingers."

     Ling Qingfeng complexion slightly sank, some of the guests suddenly said: "Why do I feel a little bit weak?!"

     "Ling Qingfeng, what do you want to do?!"

     "Hehe, a bunch of idiots." The beauty smiled disdainfully.

     "Come here!" Ling Qingfeng said solemnly.

     People rushed in immediately outside the door, but they just rushed out among the guests and stopped them, and the hall was suddenly chaotic.

     Leng Huan sat in the chair indifferently, tapped his fingers casually on the armrests, "This is the first time this general saw that the robbery can rob me."

     I don't want the woman to cover her lips and smile: "What's weird about this. I heard that General Leng was robbed by someone when he first came to Xuanzhou?"

     Leng Huan looked at her coldly, "Then do you know where the person who robbed me went?"The female complexion sank looked at Leng Huan with a vicious look, "What Xuanzhou general, but has an undeserved reputation, it's not planted in the hands of this Miss's." When she said this, she had an inexplicable look in her eyes. Jealousy and resentment. Leng Huan didn't even look at her again. Instead, he looked at the wealthy Jinyang chief ambassador, "Master Zuo, it's still too late to stop."

     Jinyang Chief Executive was shocked, his face twisted and staring at Leng Huan, "Do you know the old man?!"

     "I don't know." Leng Huan said lightly.

     "My lord, what do you do with so many questions? Anyway, sooner or later, you will die." The woman looked at Leng Huan with a gloomy voice. Although it was the first time for Jinyang Chief Envoy to see Leng Huan, he knew the origins of the new Xuanzhou General. How dare he not be cautious?

     "Since I don't know him, how does General Leng know how to know the identity of the old man?" Although he took the post to attend the wedding, the post of Master Zuo was not his, but he brought it from elsewhere.

     Leng Huan seemed not interested in such a boring question, and leaned leisurely on the chair closed eye meditation.

     When Jinyang Chief Envoy saw her appearance, he knew that he couldn't ask anything. What's more, it is not the time for small talk. Tonight, the plan was originally made to kill all the guests and then blame Qingfeng Village. Since Leng Huan was a member of the court, he couldn't let it go. Thinking of this, eyes turned cold, "Kill!"The one-eyed old man standing behind the Jinyang chief envoy obeyed his orders and flew towards Leng Huan. At the same time, he also had a short knife in his hand. Leng Huan suddenly opened his eyes, but he didn't even move. The chair under him suddenly turned to avoid the knife. Leng Huan smiled coldly at the one-eyed old man in front of him: "Long Chunshui, lucky to meet."

     The one-eyed old man narrowed his eyes, "You junior knows the old man!"

     Leng Huan smiled and said: "Of course you know, you are worth ten thousand taels of silver. How dare I not remember when I am going crazy?" The implication was that this person turned out to be a generous reward.

     "Junior is looking for death!" The old man was furious, and the knife in his hand swung at Leng Huan again, but it was several times stronger than the one just now. Leng Huan not to accept as correct, and calmly jumps up suddenly from the chair, leaving the old man's knife empty again.

     "How could you?!"

     Leng Huan sneered, "Are you stupid? You ran to the bandit leader's banquet without preparing for anything?"

     "General Leng, I am a little sad when you say that." Ling Qingfeng said quietly not far away.

     Leng Huan was sneered and kept throwing darts at Ling Qingfeng. Ling Qingfeng, who was supposed to be sitting in a chair unable to move a single step, turned his head slightly and reached out to catch the dart with no difficulty. This abruptly arising change caused the woman who had already pounced on him to stop suddenly, and the eyes flash turned and pounced on Dongfang Jingxi, who was sitting on the side.But her luck obviously didn't get better because she changed her goal. The folding fan in Dongfang Jingxi's hand suddenly unfolded, but the edge of the folding fan was as sharp as a sharp blade swept her heart. Although dodged in time, the one made up by Dongfang Jingxi was directly knocked down into the hall.

     Everyone found out that this handsome man sitting on Ling Qingfeng’s side from the very beginning who didn’t say a word turned out to be the master of play the pig to eat the tiger.

     "What are you waiting for?! Quickly kill(ed) them!" The Jinyang chief ambassador also knew that something was wrong, turned his head and said sharply at the middle-aged man hiding in the crowd not far away. The middle-aged man raised head up with a sharp, almost piercing whistle. A large group of people in black immediately poured in from the door, from the window, and from the roof. Everyone was very vicious and killed everyone who resisted in the hall.

     Ling Qingfeng fell in front of the Jinyang chief ambassador in a flash, and said with a smile: "Master Zuo, hello."

     Jinyang Chief Envoy's eyes flashed slightly, "Who are you from the Ling family?!"

     Ling Qingfeng smiled and said, "Guess." The sword in his hand had already stabbed with no trace of politeness. The two men in black moved up and blocked Ling Qingfeng's sword from the left and the right. The Jinyang chief envoy had been pulled by the beautiful woman and retreated to a safe place.

     More and more people poured into the hall, and the doors and windows had already been broken. In the yard, there is also a sound of killings, but there are fewer and fewer people in Qingfeng Village, and it is more and more difficult to support.Ling Qingfeng was besieged by several men in black, and occasionally the wind swept Dongfang Jingxi and even leaned back on the pillar to watch the battle with a leisurely expression. He would never stretch out his hand unless someone took the initiative to die. My heart was suddenly depressed, "Master Shang, are you here to watch the show?!"

     Oriental Jingxi gently said: "violence, not good."

     Ling Qing risked being so angry that he would spit out blood. God's violence is not good!

     Just as he was about to open his mouth to spray someone on the water, he heard Dongfang Jingxi solemnly say: "Here."

     What's coming?

     There was a sound with a peculiar rhythm outside, which was not neat but made people feel strange and harmonious. Ling Qingfeng might not be able to hear it, but Leng Huan did. It was the sound of many soldiers in armor advancing quickly.

     "Brother Xi!" A pretty girl's voice came from outside.

     Dongfang Jingxi's figure flashed in front of the few people who were protecting Jinyang's chief ambassador. A few people are already, and they slashed with a knife. But he didn't want to see the man who just beat the beautiful woman out, shouting, "Ari, come and save me!"

     "..." The knife in Leng Huan's hand almost fell to the ground, embarrassingly avoiding the knife cut by the multifaceted one-eyed old man. Cursed in my heart: shameless!

     "..." Ling Qingfeng felt, what should I do if I want to vomit blood more than before? He painstakingly planned to take revenge and wipe out a grudge for several years. In the eyes of this bastard, it was just to have a chance to be saved by the little beauty, and then devote my life to to others, right? Although this guy helped him get revenge, what should he do if he is not grateful at all?Under the moonlight, a beautiful red clothed lady swept into the melee holding a simple and elegant scimitar. People in black all around saw Bad Premonition waving their swords at her. The scimitar in the girl's hand bloomed with a terrifying cold light, and after every elegant arc drawn by the knife, it was bound to bring a dark red blood. The blade that was originally clear was also dyed a somewhat beautiful crimson.

     Not far away, a guest who was trying to escape dragged his weak body and fled to the yard. The man in black slashed away with a knife showing no mercy. The red clothed lady had a pretty face with frost, and the scimitar in her hand shot out, drew a sharp arc in the air, noiselessly cut the man in black's neck, and then returned to the girl's hands.

     The guest who thought he was going to die was sprayed with blood, and screamed pitifully rolling and crawling to the side.

     "Spinning knife?! Are you Yuwence's apprentice?!" someone suddenly shouted.

     The smile that just appeared on the girl's face was slightly stiff, "Stupid!" Although more than ten years have passed, the reputation of the regent of Yin'an clearly makes many people remain fresh in one's memory. In fact, it is not completely unreasonable to say that Ari is Uwence’s apprentice. After all, the sword is indeed Uwence’s sword. Although martial arts is taught by Dongfang Minglie, the sword technique is indeed the Uwence gift from Yuwenjing to the Royal Palace. The whirling knife method. It's just that Ari is still young, and although he is talented and intelligent, he is far from Yuwence's level.

     "Brother Xi! Come out!" Ari shouted."Ari..." Dongfang Jingxi's somewhat anxious voice came from inside again. Although he didn't really believe that Dongfang Jingxi would not be able to beat a group of rivers and lakes, Ah Li still rushed in with the whirling knife. As soon as I walked in, I saw Dongfang Jingxi being surrounded by a group of people, so the call for help just now was not a fake.

     In fact, the people who besieged him are also very depressed. This adult who is continuously going to the left rushes forward. They can't even stop them.

     Ari stepped a little, the blade sharply cut a path for himself, and landed gently beside Dongfang Jingxi.

     "Ari, you are finally here." Dongfang Jingxi waved the folding fan in his hand to answer the enemy, while still having time to talk to Ari.

     Ari slightly purses the lips, and he slapped a man in black with a sharp knife, "Sister Xier, do you want it?"

     Leng Huan ill-humoredly said: "You quickly take him away, I will everything is fine."

     I have seen shameless people, and I have never seen shameless people in this situation. Poorly, she was worried that she would really kill herself after playing this stuff. If he wasn't the emperor, she would let him die!

     "Brother Xi, have you not practiced for too long? I want to tell my uncle and let him practice for you again." Ari said.

     Dongfang Jingxi said: "No need ba, Ari is good, Ari can protect me."

     Ari moved his hand slightly and turned his head to glanced at him and said: "No, dad, he likes to see others protect me, he doesn't like me to protect others, he will be angry."

     "It's ok."

     Ari awkwardly said: "Actually...I also like a great hero like my uncle.""Oh." It turned out to be a mistake. Dongfang Jingxi, who had been paddling, had a sharp look, and the folding fan in her hand cut a person's neck without the slightest hesitation. Ah Li likes the hero. He thought that Ah Li likes his father's cultured and refined man like his mother.

     "Ari, take a rest, these clown brothers will come to solve it!"

     "..." It's a fight, you guys are talking about a ghost. Can you give your opponent a little respect?

     Facing the opposite, more and more murderous-looking people in black, Dongfang Jingxi to go up to welcome without the slightest hesitation. The moves are sharp and deadly. Let Leng Huan next to me then understood that Dongfang Jingxi's paddling was stronger than she thought. Looking at his performance at the moment, I am afraid that no one will believe that this person has never been on the battlefield.

     Ah Li turned around to help Leng Huan without the slightest hesitation. Dongfang Jingxi, who was left behind, became more and more melancholy, and his subordinates became more murderous-looking.

     When the sky was light, the other courtyard was completely quiet. But the other courtyard that was originally decorated with lanterns and colored banners now smells of blood. The soldiers of Xuanzhou Daying Camp are tying up those gangsters who were injured but were lucky enough to survive. The soldiers of Zhaowuying had retreated one hour before. The Xuanzhou garrison, who originally thought that they had become elite in the past six months, learned after seeing the combat effectiveness of Zhaowuying. What does it mean that his general said they are still far behind. So at this time, let them do some yamen's work, and no one said much.

     The injured guest has been placed on the other side and someone helped to bandage the wound. Fortunately, Zhaowuying came in time and there's nothing about it. The guest died. As for mental damage, the government stated that they are not responsible.Ling Qingfeng carried Jinyang's chief ambassador with one hand, and led Jinyang's richest man away with the other. Leng Huan, frowned, still chased after him. Ari wanted to follow, but was stopped by Dongfang Jingxi.

     After half a night of fighting, Dongfang Jingxi couldn't remember how many people he had killed. Even people who are gentle and easygoing in ordinary times are unavoidably infected with evil spirits after such an encounter. Under the faint morning light, Dongfang Jingxi's young face became more stable.

     "Don't go, let him solve it by himself." Dongfang Jingxi said solemnly.

     Ali raised her eyebrows, "Why don't you stop sister Xier?"

     Dongfang Jingxi faintly smiled and said: "She is none of my business." If Xi'er can't recognize Ling Qingfeng's identity, it would be bad luck to be scammed by him.

     Ah Li glared at him with his cheeks puffed up, "Then you just care about me?"

     Dongfang Jingxi reached out and poked her cheek and smiled: "No matter who you care about?"

     "I haven't asked you to settle the account yet." Ali lifted his chin and said, squinting at him.

     Dongfang Jingxi smiled and said, "Respectfully listen to Princess Zhaowu's instructions."

     Ah Li was speechless, "You did it on purpose, you deliberately made this wedding and auction with Ling Qingfeng. Obviously it can be different, I want to tell my mother! Dongfang Jingxi, you are over!"

     "Ari, my lord will not complain." Dongfang Jingxi said helplessly.

     Ah raccoon laughing said: "I haven't had time to cheat, I'm still a kid."

     "Children cannot go to the battlefield."

     "I there is still one in a few months, I will go back and file a complaint tomorrow."

     Dongfang Jingxi held her forehead helplessly, "Ari..."Ari lightly snorted, looking at the gentle man in front of him and said: "The gentleman doesn't stand under the dangerous wall, Brother Xi, have you forgotten your identity? In case of any accident..."

     Dongfang Jingxiqing sighed saying looked at her, "Ari is worried about me. Is it because of my identity or because I am your elder brother?"

     "When... of course it's all."

     Dongfang Jingxi shook his head, "Ari think carefully."

     Ari's beautiful brows couldn't help but frowned, and Dongfang Jingxi sighed a little deeper as she looked at her tangled little look. Reached out and smoothed her brows and said, "Cannot figure out, forget it. Since Ari is worried about me, I must be careful when going to the battlefield because I will also worry about you."

     Ari's eyes lit up, "Brother Xi, do you agree to me on the battlefield?"

     Dongfang Jingxi smiled and said, "Why did you agree to let General Leng call you General Zhaowu?"

     "Brother Xi, you are so kind!" Ari hugged Dongfang Jingxi happily. Dongfang Jingxi looked down at him and said with a smile: "Oh? I think Brother Xi is good now?"

     A raccoon was stunned, a red glow flew up on her little face. Brother Xi looks good when he smiles.

     "Ling Qingfeng, you are looking for death!" Not far away, Leng Huan's angry voice suddenly broke the somewhat skeptical atmosphere. Ari quickly let go of Dongfang Jingxi, "I'm going to see Sister Xier!" He quickly turned around and ran towards the outside with light work.

     Dongfang Jingxi looked at her back, and the smile on her face deepened. No matter, he's still a little girl, at least in Ari's heart, he is the closest man besides her father, right?What's the future, the future is long. "Tanglin, Zhao Great General Wu Biography"

     The general, the eldest daughter of King Ruimu and the princess, named Ning Xi. The general was born early and wise, under the tutelage of Grand Tutor to the Crown Prince Liu Mu and Ruicheng Wang Dongfang Minglie. In his early years, he entered Linfeng Academy and Anlan Academy to study. In the fourteenth year of the year, Fang had repeatedly made military exploits and named Zhaowu general. In the eighteenth year of Jianning, he went to Xirong from the general Leng Rong and entered the second grade General Zhaowu. In the nineteenth year of Jianning, he was named the Queen of the Palace. In the 22nd year of Jianning, he gave birth to the eldest son and daughter of the emperor. In the twenty-fourth year of Jianning, Xi Rong was put down, the Northwest Army was in charge, and Great General Wu was promoted. In the 31st year of Jianning, the Eastern Tombs of Shanxi, Country Protecting Great General... In the 25th year of Yuanxian, the general died on the same day as the emperor. He was 75 years old. Posthumous title "Zhao Great General Wu", "Zhaoming Shengzhuang Shenwu Queen".

     The general and the emperor have been with him for his whole life, and the husband and wife have a long relationship. The emperor personally compiles the royal decrees for the queen: the children of the royal family can only take concubines when they are over 30 and have no children. The aunt's wife can't force her to stay and return twice the dowry as compensation, and she is unwilling and can't force it.

     The empress gave birth to three sons and three daughters. The eldest son of the emperor Yuan Xian, Dongfang Changhuan, the eldest daughter of Dongfang Changhuan, the princess of Yasukuni, the first female Shangshu of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The second son Dongfang Changjin, Feng Yingwang. Marry Su Yili, the daughter of King Moro. The three sons of Dongfang Changji, Fengling King, 1st talent of Dongling, under the tutelage of Liu Mu, the two teachers and students worked together to perfect and write the "New Laws of Dongling" that influenced the future generations of Dongling. The founder and perfector of the laws of the Tanglin Dynasty. The second daughter of Dongfang Changle, the princess of Feng Anguo, was weak since childhood and married Mu Clan, the richest man in Dongling. The little girl Dongfang Changjun, the princess Feng Yiguo, is the author of "Travel Notes on Countries" and "Pictures of Sea Countries". The first fleet of Tanglin was formed, and it was famous overseas. The world is known as the "Tsing Yi Dragon King".------Off-topic ------

     Oh, here, the extra episode is over. There may be some things that I don't think are quite satisfactory, but it's only sauce. It’s easy for something new to come up as I write it. When I wrote the last paragraph, I almost wanted to write...o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o just Jiangzi. Thank you dears for your company, tolerance and support, and love you~

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