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0 Chapter Directory 460 Baojun
    Author: 凤轻(Fèng qīng, Phoenix Soft)
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"Mo Yuchen, you Come out here!" Mo Suiyun, dressed in a dragon robe, rushed over murderously with a sword.

Lord Mo Xiao got upset and jumped on the pavilion to avoid the long sword cut by Mo Suiyun without the slightest hesitation. Angrily said: "Mo Suiyun, do you have endless? A little thing, it seems like this king killed your father and mother!" It's too unreasonable to make trouble, too incompetent.

Mo Suiyun almost spurted blood: Even if Mo Yuchen really killed his father and mother, he would not be so angry. Now as soon as I think of what good things Mo Xiaobao has done, Mo Suiyun is angry and wants to smash him to pieces.

"Mo Yuchen, you come down to me. I'm going to kill you!" The sword pointed to the boy in black squatting on the pavilion, Mo Suiyun roared.

"Are you a king of fools?" Mo Xiaobao scoffed, so he didn't jump down and chop him. In case Mo Suiyun couldn't cut him, he killed himself, and the people in Nan Chu didn't even think that He stabbed in the palace.

Anyway, it’s been a great time today. Looking at Mo Suiyun, who was breathing straight below, Mo Xiaobao finally decided to resign his soldiers and stop playing.

Standing up and clapping hands, leisurely said: "It's getting late, my little Lin'er is still waiting for me to go back to dinner. See you tomorrow." Then everyone's attention, Lord Mo Xiao walked away like a Several black goshawks disappeared outside the high palace wall.

Watching Mo Xiaobao leave, Mo Suiyun sighed in frustration. He is really not as good as Mo Xiaobao. He works so hard, so painstaking, but still not as good as the fifteen or sixteen-year-old who seems to be at ease. Is it true that the people of Dingwang Mansion are so unique? I don't believe it!Mo Xiaobao dangled out of the palace, disturbing Mo Suiyun's posthumous ceremony. Mo Xiaobao felt a little bit guilty in his heart. But there is no way, who would choose the queen of Mo Suiyun too well, if let the Miss Qian family become the queen, Mo Suiyun may really completely control the entire Nanchu court, this is not his happy opinion of. He also wants to have a stable life for a few years, and does not want to put Mo Suiyun and Lei Tengfeng's calculations all day. Therefore, the money family can only be wronged.

"Your lord, something is wrong!" The positive and negative hands stood outside the palace gate and hurt Spring and Autumn, Qin Xun flew quickly to the front, holding Mo Yufeng in one hand, and said in a deep voice.

"What happened?"

"Leng Junhan was chased and killed." Qin Lie said.

"how come?"

"It's not a disaster you caused, do you think Mo Suiyun is really vegetarian?!" Qin Lie said angrily. Leng Junhan was instigated to seduce Mo Suiyun's fiancee, but he could come up with it. Mo Suiyun is useless and still a monarch of a country. Being provoked by this is tantamount to putting his face underfoot. Even if Mo Suiyun doesn't treat Mo Yuchen, it's perfectly fine to kill Leng Junhan.

Mo Xiaobao's face is slightly heavy, "What about the cold and stupid?"

"Out of the city! Mo Suiyun sent a lot of masters to chase him." Here is Mo Suiyun's territory. If they are tough, they really can't fight.

Mo Xiaobao whispered a low curse and commanded: "You protect Lin'er, I'll go to Leng Xiaoduo." After finishing, without waiting for Qin Lie's promise, jumps up suddenly to the direction of the city gate.Outside Nanjing City, Leng Junhan had a lot of blood stained in white clothes, some of them were others, and he was not seriously injured. Some helpless looked down at the injury on his body, turned back and looked back, the Ouchi bodyguard who had been chasing in his behind hadn't caught up yet. He was slightly relieved and leaned on the hillside to prepare for a moment of rest.

"It's really big play this time, Mo Yuchen, you are going to die!" Leng Junhan said angrily.

"Fire... Huozi..." Leng Junhan's side, Miss Qian's look pale looked at the bloody look of the teenager in front of her, guiltfully tears, "How are you doing?"

Leng Junhan rolled the eyes, "Am I not suitable to tell you, I am not surnamed fire, my surname is cold."

Miss Qian said with tears: "Whether your surname is fire or cold, I will follow you."

"Fool," Leng Junhan muttered in a low voice. The soft-hearted self is even a big fool, and she will worry that she will be killed by the people sent by Mo Suiyun, and it doesn’t belong to oneself. Now with a woman who can't do anything, the master of the inner palace of Nan Chu Palace is going around. Leng Junhan felt that if he died, he must have been stupid.

"Here!" The voice of Ouchi's bodyguard came again not far behind. Leng Junhan rolled the eyes, grabbed Miss Qian and hurried forward.

"Where do you want to escape? Don't hurry up and catch!" A pair of horses in front blocked Leng Junhan's way. Leng Junhan sighed and secretly greeted the eighteenth generation of Mo Xiaobao's ancestors. He raised a kind smile and said, "What do you mean, everyone?"Mo Suiyun can be sent out to hunt down the queen who has escaped marriage, naturally he is Mo Suiyun's confidant. How could Leng Junhan easily cheat him? The head of the bodyguard sneered: "Why should the son know for some reason, the obedient handcuffs will catch us, or we can explain to His Majesty. If you start with it, what damage is not worth the money."

Miss Qian's stepped forward to block behind Leng Junhan, and said loudly: "I will not go back! I do not want to make anything Queen!"

The guard led the corner of his mouth, and really thought that the queen's position was yours? Now you just want to be a queen.

"Your Majesty has a life, and the Qian Clan has a negative grace, and she will die to death."

Miss Qian's face turn white, she is nothing more than a naive and innocent girl. Although I also learned the ritual spear method, of course, when the head was stunned by emotions, I left them behind. At this time, I was reminded by someone, and I suddenly remembered what is called the king's prestige.

"Lenggong, look at Dingwang's face. As long as you follow us back, I will wait to make sure that Lenggong will not move at all."

Leng Junhan sneered, they really wouldn't touch him a bit, but they would use him to negotiate with Mo Xiaobao so as to get a little cheaper.

"Cold... Cold Boy..."

Seeing Miss Qian looking at Leng Junhan indifferently, the bodyguard commanded with a sneer: "Miss Qian, do you think that Leng Gongzi really likes you? He just ordered the king to deliberately tease you."Hearing the words, Miss Qian felt a shock in her heart and turned back to Leng Junhan. The blood-stained teenager's rare expression of guilt on her face told her that this time it was not that the emperor sent someone wanting sowing dissension, but it was probably the case.

    "For... why?"

    Leng Junhan sighed, insulting Mo Xiaobao in his heart as a sin. It’s okay to tease those who have malicious intentions. This kind of ignorant girl who knows nothing about it is really uneasy to cheat. However, Leng Junhan also understands that Mo Xiaobao's true intentions are not really boring enough to tease ignorant girls, and this Miss Qian is nothing more than a cannon fodder that Mo Xiaobao sacrificed when he attacked Mo Suiyun.

    "Why...I'm so obsessed with you, why do you treat me like this?" Miss Qian asked desolately, pulling Leng Junhan's clothes.

    Leng Junhan rolled the eyes, "Boring."

    "You... I'm going to kill you!" Miss Qian rushed to Leng Junhan angrily, and she stabbed with a dagger she didn't know where to get it. Leng Junhan frowned, and waved the knife in her hand with a wave of hand, "Stupid woman! Don't cause trouble to your son if you want to live!"

    "Go together!"

    The Ouchi guards next to him would naturally not approach them. When the headed leader waved his hand, a group of people rushed over.

    Although Leng Junhan's martial arts are not weak, Ouchi's bodyguards are not all rice bins. After a while, Leng Junhan began to struggle left and right. Seeing that he was about to become a prisoner under the ranks, a clear laugh came from not far away, "Hehe... Brother Junhan, why are you here to fight with others?"After hearing this, Leng Junhan was very happy, and quickly yelled, "Help!"

A white shadow passed by, and the people besieging Leng Junhan only felt as if they had been swept by a gang wind, and they all fell to the surroundings. For a time, except for Leng Junhan and Miss Qian who was guarded by him, all others were swept away by five or six feet.

"Who..." The guard commander was about to get angry, but he saw that the person standing in front of him was sucked in a cold breath. The person comes with white clothes and white hair, and her face is beautiful and beautiful, but just staring at him lightly has made him feel endless pressure. what is more important...this is... "Ding Wang?"

With white hair and white hair and martial arts, who is this sudden man who is not the resigned King Mo Xiuyao?

"Junhan, what are you doing?" In Tsing Yi, a beautiful girl with a black hair and a cloud-white dress, a little girl in pink and jade, walked over and looked at Leng Junhan's bloody frowns. Road.

"Princess..." Seeing Ye Li Leng Junhan feel more ashamed, but fortunately met the prince and the princess, otherwise today the trouble will be big.

Mo Xiuyao snorted: "What the hell did that boy Mo Yuchen do?" At the age of fifteen, Mo Xiaobao finally obtained the right to use his name for himself. The previous generation Ding Wang also consciencely found that if his son who would inherit Ding Wang's position would use the name Xiaobao again, it would damage the majesty of Ding Wang's palace.

Leng Junhan grinned but didn't speak. Instead, he rushed to Ye Li and looked at the curious staring at oneself baby girl with a silly smile. "Sister Xin'er, do you remember Brother Junhan? ?"The little girl hid behind Ye Li and rolled the eyes towards someone who giggled, "I don't remember how I still called Brother Junhan, brother Junhan is dirty."

"Uh..." Leng Junhan was annoyed to find his own blood stains. Apparently she loved clean Yuya girl and refused to hug herself.

"His Royal Highness, I'm waiting..." The guard commanding from the ground said carefully.

Mo Xiuyao waved his hand and said indifferently: "I am no longer a king."

The bodyguard leader suddenly choked, looking awkwardly at the great god in front of him, and he never knew how to call it. Do you want to be king? Although this white-haired like snow, but this young look is really unspeakable.

Ye Li smiled and shook his head: "Don't be embarrassed, this adult is just as casual as you want."

The head guard gave Ye Li a grateful look, "Thank you, Princess."

Mo Xiuyao raised his eyebrows and asked, "How did this kid offend Mo Suiyun? Want the labor guard to chase him down?"

The head of the bodyguard hesitated for a moment, but he explained the matter aside. Although Ding Wang has broken with Nan Chu, Yu Wei is still there. If there is no one who hunts down Licheng in front of Ding Wang, he is afraid that their troubles will be greater.

After listening to the causes and consequences, Mo Xiuyao and Ye Li could not help but black their faces. But the reasons for changing face are different.

"If you have the ability to make trouble, but you don't have the ability to clean up the mess, this kid owes it." This is Mo Xiuyao's idea.

"The bigger the more you play with nonsense, who is it?" This is Ye Li's idea."You go back and tell Mo Suiyun that the two men have taken away the king. If you want someone, let him find the king." Mo Xiuyao said indifferently. His son was in trouble, and he always had to clean up when he met him. Even looking at Leng Haoyu's face, one cannot let Leng Junhan be taken away.

"This..." The bodyguard hesitated. This time Your Majesty is angry, if not a trace of reason, I'm just afraid that even Xiaoding Wang will be cut. If they can't take it home alone, it's not easy to explain to your majesty.

Mo Xiuyao narrowed his eyes, "Why? Want Ben Wang to explain to Mo Suiyun himself?"

"This... don't dare to go down."

"Junhan!" In the distance, Mo Xiaobao flew by like a big black bird, but when he saw the people standing there, he almost fell down and hit the tree.

"Brother!" Only the little princess of the Mo family, Mo Yuya, was really happy.

"Xin'er Baby" Mo Xiaobao immediately forgot his concern about Leng Junhan and cheered towards his sister. Kissing my sister Runrun’s little face while still not forgetting to hug her own mother, "Mother, baby miss you so much."

Ye Li sighed helplessly, "You, look at what you did in Jiangnan? Jun Han was almost seriously injured."

In front of Ye Li, Mo Xiaobao was always a good and lovely good son. "My mother, the baby was wrong. Did the baby think about it for a while. You and the father suddenly left. The baby is so hard..."

"With your uncle, what are you working hard for?" Mo Xiuyao faintly said. Asshole boy, also want to cheat A Li's sympathy! Really owed to clean up!

"My mother..." No matter, continue to be coquettish.Ye Li patted his shoulder with some emotion, "All right go to deal with the matter first. I will not play with you later, I will not spare you!" The son has grown up so badly that he no longer rubs his head. Sixteen-year-old Mo Xiaobao is already much higher than Ye Li.

"Yes, mother-in-law!" Mo Xiaobao replied loudly. Holding the heart in one hand, he walked up to the head of the bodyguard and raised an eyebrow: "You go back first, and the king will go to talk with Mo Suiyun."

"I'm here, how do you want to talk to me!" Mo Suiyun's angry voice came from not far away, apparently Mo Xiaobao walked out of the city with Mo Suiyun's hind feet. However, Mo Xiaobao needed to find a lot of time wasted, but the time for the two arrived was almost the same.

Mo Xiaobao raised his eyebrows, "Yo, Brother Suiyun, why did you come out?"

Mo Suiyun snorted softly, and glanced coldly at Miss Qian when she passed by, and immediately made Miss Qian lower her head in fright.

"My nephew has seen Uncle Ding and Aunt Wang."

Ye Li smiled faintly: "Your Majesty is already a prince of a country, but we can't afford this aunt and uncle. Your Majesty does not have to be polite."

"Ceremony is not wasteful, it is true that seniority should be called Uncle Wang." Mo Suiyun said.

Ye Li sighed slightly, looked at Mo Xiaobao's hippie smiley face, and then looked at Mo Suiyun's solemn look, and shook his head.

Mo Suiyun glanced at Mo Xiaobao angrily, but the faces of Ding Wang and Princess Ding had to be sold. They had to say: "The princess made a heavy speech, and I also feel that... Xiao Ding Wang is still young, and I will not care about him. "

"Then thank your majesty." Ye Li nodded and smiled.Finally Mo Suiyun took Ouchi guards back to the city empty-handed. Not only did Leng Junhan miss it, even Miss Qian ignored it. It was only a warning that Miss Qian would not appear in Nanchu again.

"It's still a good mother, all the things are solved once the horse is out." Holding his little girl, Mo Xiaobao patted the horse wildly.

Ye Li faintly glanced at him and asked, "What are you going to do with this girl?"

Mo Xiaobao's eyes didn't blink, he smiled and said, "Isn't this Leng Junhan's thing? How can I ask the child? The child didn't know her, and she didn't look at the child."

"Mo, Yu, Chen!" Leng Junhan gritted his teeth, how could there be such a shameless person in this world? Who hurt him like this? But under Ye Li's eyes, Leng Junhan could only obediently walk towards Miss Qian, "That... money girl..." I don't spear your room, all this is the despicable villain of Mo Xiaobao. Yes, hate him if you want to hate.

"Slap!" Miss Qian a slap in the face slammed on Leng Junhan's face, "Shameless villain! You are going to die!" After that, Miss Qian went away with tears.

Mo Xiaobao raised an eyebrow and said, "Don't go chase yet?"

Leng Junhan was very angry, "Why should I chase?"

Mo Xiaobao babbles, "You heard of Mo Suiyun's words, she can't stay in Nan Chu anymore. Everyone misses you, now alone, there is nowhere to contain..."

"Mo Xiaobao, one day you will be retaliated!" Leng Junhan swept in the direction of Miss Qian's running, and his vicious curse came from afar.

Mo Xiaobao smiled in his heart, and what he retaliated with was the self-consolation of the fool and the weak."Mo Xiaobao..." behind him, Mo Xiuyao's voice came quietly, "It seems that you really are leisurely, even if you are a king, you won't be able to become stable. Since then...After returning to Licheng Copy all the history books in the study room. Reminiscing the ancients can make you have a little more in your head. I will let Xu Qingchen supervise you."

Mo Xiaobao's smiling smile slowly collapsed. No need to wait one day, his retribution has come.

So to say...Mo Xiaoshizi, good and evil are always reported, if the reward is not forthcoming time has not arrived. Everyone who hangs is always pitted.