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《The Best Emperor's Son-in-Law in History》brief introduction

The Best Emperor's Son-in-Law in History

author: 黑椒炒三国

Chen Yuan traveled to the Song Dynasty and was attached to Chen Shimei. His first thought was not to change the destiny of Da Song(Great Song), but to change his own destiny. He didn't want to be the Zhuang Yuan(top scorer in the palace examination), let alone the emperor's son-in-law. He just wanted to avoid Bao Zheng from afar and do some eady business, so that he could live happily to death. But God is just a nonsense sometimes. He doesn’t give you what you want, but just stuffs things you don't want into your arms. Outlaws, business circles, and officialdom, like a vortex, sucking Chen Yuan to places he didn't want to go. The  Zhuang Yuan title still fell on Chen Yuan's head, and the princess fell in love with him hopelessly... (Chinese Name: 史上最牛驸马爷)

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