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Chapter Directory 769 The Glass Of Wine Releases The Imperial Power 7 Times
    Author: 黑椒炒三国(Hēi jiāo chǎo sānguó, Fried 3 Kingdoms with Black Pepper)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Chen Yuan smiled, and the deal was over.

    Whether it is a parliament or a royal cabinet, the power of the emperor will be limited in the future, and he does not know whether his approach is right or wrong.

    Life is like buying and selling. Sometimes investment does not necessarily pay off, but sometimes it can make a big profit unintentionally.

    Really, even if Chen Yuan became emperor, he could not guarantee that he would be stronger than Zhao Shu as emperor. What's more, he is unwilling to develop things until the sword soldiers meet. If Da Song's current situation is ruined, the most distressed is Chen Yuan, because that is his hard work.

    All he thinks now is that this method can restrain the new king and give him time to build the island chain from Dongying to Qiongzhou. After this island chain is created, if the new emperor goes to the road, he will give him the island chain, and then Haiphong of the Song Dynasty will have a basic guarantee. If the new emperor is not on the road, this island chain is the bargaining chip for Chen Yuan to guarantee himself and his family in the future.

    It is right or wrong, let the future history judge.

    Chen Yuan knows that now they are waiting for their answers, and they want to leave quickly. Sighing softly, as if somewhat lost, Chen Yuan finally said what they wanted to hear: "Since that is the case, I will leave tomorrow as soon as possible. But there is one more thing, this is not a condition for me to leave now The businessman went out of business. This problem was picked out by me. I think I must solve it."

    Everyone was relieved after listening to it, and they all smiled unconsciously. Chen Yuan looked at Chen Shizhong aside: "Shi Zhong, let this matter be done for you, help your elder brother to do a good job, and clean up this mess, how? "Chen Shizhong nodded: "Brother rest assured, I can do well."

Chen Yuan smiled, and then took a look at Xia Kun: "Xiang Guo, I have a presumptuous request."

Xia Kun immediately said: "You say it."

Chen Yuan glanced around, then said: "I thought that this time the merchants could be agitated next. Apart from some mistakes made by Zhao Shu, the main reason is that those merchants do not have proper channels to communicate with the court. Is it possible for the chairman of the chamber of commerce to have the right to speak to the church?"

Ouyang Xiu's brow furrowed, letting the military commander Shang Chaotang there's another reason, that is, these years the military commander did a lot of things for the Song Dynasty, they went to the battlefield, open up territory and develop the land, which everyone saw of.

Although the merchants have made a lot of money, they are all doing a behind-the-scenes work, which does not seem as direct as the generals.

Moreover, the identity of the businessman really makes Ouyang Xiu very resistant.

"Semi, what kind of official position is the president of the chamber of commerce?"

Chen Yuan shook his head: "I just mean that the chairman of the chamber of commerce has direct reporting to the court, and channels for direct communication with the ministers and the emperor. As long as there is this, the official position is not important. As for how to do it, I think it should be the decision made after the new emperor ascended the throne."

Ouyang Xiu wanted to ask more, but Xia Yan stopped him with his eyes. As long as Chen Shimeiken left, as long as the request was not too excessive, he can now agree. What's more, Xia Kun also knew that Chen Yuan was right. Not only did the merchants need to know what the court wanted to do, the court also had to understand what the merchants were doing.Xia Kun said to Chen Yuan: "Well, we will discuss this issue and make a decision soon."

Chen Yuan smiled, filled the wine glass in front of yourself, and then put it up: "So, there is nothing to say in the next, I will not go to the church tomorrow morning. I want to see a few people as soon as possible, if When I get things done, I can hear good news from you, and I will leave immediately."

This time, King Chu finally picked up a wine glass and met Chen Yuanyao: "That's the best! Chen Shimei, you can rest assured that we will let you see when we say early in the morning, and we have faith in words."

What the king of Chu meant was that tomorrow morning Zhao Zhao was the last time Zhao Shu went up. He didn’t even have the chance to go down. It is easy to say that this matter is easy. They already have this strength, but it is not that simple to get things done.

Zhao Shu is still the emperor, he must not be willing to come down from that position, he will resist. Once Zhao Shu resisted, Bianjing was bound to be injured, at least the face of the royal family would be damaged, and the prestige of the Zhao family would be hit.

Therefore, in addition to Wen Yanbo's complicated mood, everyone else hopes that Zhao Shu will not have the opportunity to resist, and obediently get down from the throne.

That's why they came to get rich today.

"General Ren Fu, are everything ready?" Xia Yan's eyes narrowed, but it was difficult to hide the tension in his heart, Huo Guang's move, this is a good statement. It's Huo Guang's move to get Zhao Shu down. If there is no success, huh, huh, it's a rebellion.The generals like Ren Fu are much simpler by comparison. The situation is already doomed. The contest between Zhao Shu and Chen Shimei can only be best if it is ended in this way. Hearing Xia Kun asking him, Ren Fu stood up: "Back to the Prime Minister, 20,000 soldiers under his command have been on standby. He will take over the North Army's forbidden military barracks tonight. He will go to the palace tomorrow morning and no one will make trouble."

Xia Kun nodded, and the old body slowly rose up. He picked up the glass himself: "Come on, everyone, I wish us all the best tomorrow, and also for the better tomorrow of Song Dynasty, let's drink this cup together!"

More than thirty people stood up at the same time and raised their glasses.

Ren Fu began to act that night, accompanied by Xia Kun, King Chu and others to visit the generals who might affect them.

While Ouyang Xiu and Song Qi took the edict of the Queen Mother, the seal of the country, and the joint letters of the princes, they visited the palaces of the ministers at night.

The princes gathered by the princes also quietly came to Pu Wang's mansion, everything was ready, only to wait for the dawn.

The next day, it was just dawning, and Fan Chunyou opened his eyes in the haze.

He didn't even know what was happening outside in the cell, and he began to wash with a look that was almost dull. Now Fan Chunyou's fighting spirit and confidence have all been defeated. Really, he is proud of his talents, but he never thought that he was actually called by others as spear!Fan Chunyou is very strange to think about it. Why did you trust Teng Kun that way? Why didn't he investigate his origin? No matter what the reason, he was used to deal with Da Song. He couldn't forgive himself. A person who can be stupid to himself is useless alive.

Therefore, he is waiting for death.

The prison door was opened, and Fan Chunyou put down the towel and saw Yan Chasan and Chen Shimei walking towards him.

"Chen Shimei? Are you back?" Fan Chunyou asked.

Chen Yuan stared at him for a while. His eyes were very complicated. Really, Fan Chunyou touched Chen Yuan’s bottom line this time. If not because of he is Fan Zhongyan’s son, Chen Yuan must have killed him!

After watching him for a while, Chen Yuan's footsteps walked past Fan Chunyou's prison door. In the next cell, Su Yan was shut.

"turn on."

Yan Chasan rushed to his head and said that he took the key, opened Su Yan's cell door, and Su Yan stared blankly at Chen Yuan coming in from outside.

Chen Yuan looked at Su Yan's touch, and there was a sadness in his heart, but he didn't know what to say to comfort him. Su Xiaoyou is greedy for wealth and wealth, by fair means or foul, but this is just a matter of her attitude to life.

To a certain extent, in order to rescue Su Yan, Su Xiaoyou was willing to be used by Lu Yijian and herself. It was also a filial daughter. So many years, their father and daughter were only attached to wealth and did not do anything to annihilate evil. Su Xiaoyou shouldn’t be damned, at least Chen Yuan didn’t think she should.

But she did die. The person who executed her was the Queen Mother Cao, and Chen Yuan could not help her avenge her.She died, Su Yan's world collapsed.

    Chen Yuan patted Su Yan on the shoulder: "Come on, shall I go to Qiongzhou with me?"

    Su Yan burst into tears suddenly. The sadness of his crying, Chen Yuan does not know how to comfort him. The most painful thing in this world is the separation of life and death. When comforting others, we always say a sentence restrain your grief and accept fate.

    But how many people can really restrain your grief and accept fate?

    Chen Yuan looked back at Yan Chasan. Yan Chasan handed over a package with a new set of clothes. Chen Yuan put the clothes on Su Yan's bedside and said nothing more.

    He also wants to see Shen Rui.

    Shen Rui's cell is far away because she is a woman. There is a single room in the corner of the cell, which is exclusively for female prisoners. Shen Rui was locked in for the second time. Chen Yuan took her out the last time she came in. This time it was herself.

    "are you OK?"

    "How are you going to see him? I heard him yelling a few days ago, but there has been no sound these days. I yelled at him and he didn't reply. Will you help me to see him first?"

    Shen Rui saw Chen Yuan's first sentence saying this, he was the commander of Yang.

    Shen Rui still does not know. Zhao Shu had released Commander Yang and Chen Shizhong two days ago. The reason why she was still locked was because Zhao Shu felt that Shen Rui was directly involved in that matter.

    Chen Yuan looked at Shen Rui, he had a trace of inexplicable loss. The last time she saved her time of departure she went with herself, this time, she will not go with herself again.It turns out that there are no slutty women in this world, and women are slutty because her men are not worthy of her perseverance, like Pangji, like herself. The prison head opened the prison door, and Shen Rui swept out of the cell, and ran to the direction where the sound came from. There was not even a little stop when passing by Chen Yuan.

    The place was empty and no people were seen. Shen Rui's expression was constantly changing. Yan Chasan said beside him, "He has gone."

    Shen Rui suddenly collapsed in the prison.

    She has been afraid that Commander Yang will leave her after knowing her past, but he still knows it now. He left, even stingy to say hello to himself before leaving. In recent days, Shen Rui's hope that she had insisted on was shattered in an instant, and her face suddenly smiled, crying with a smile, as if crazy.

    Su Yan was crying in the house and Shen Rui was crying outside. Chen Yuan couldn’t comfort any of them. Eventually he slowly walked to Fan Chunyou’s cell and stared at Fan Chunyou: “Go home and see your father.”