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Chapter Directory 770 Blooming Flowers
    Author: 黑椒炒三国(Hēi jiāo chǎo sānguó, Fried 3 Kingdoms with Black Pepper)
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    Finale A Brocade of Blossoms

    After Chen Yuan walked out of the cell, he took a breath for a long time and spit out the depression in his chest: "Check, I still have some things to do. You turn around and ask me to ask them, if they are willing to follow me, you let them wait here Last time, I will come back soon."

    Yan Chasan nodded: "Well, you are there anything else? Do you want me to help?"

    Chen Yuan smiled: "No, I'm going to Yelvhongi. This time, I will take them to Qiongzhou."

    Yelu Hongji and Xiao Tili are in Bianjing. Although they eat and drink a lot in the Song Dynasty, they will not kill them. At that time, the life of this class of prisoners was really bitter.

    When Renzong is alive, Chen Yuan dares not to bring these two people, and he does not have to ask this question, because Renzong is a good person, he will take care of Yeluhongji’s already pitiful self-esteem to the greatest extent, and may not do better than himself difference.

    At that time, Renzong was gone, and the new emperor Chen Yuan was not at ease, so let's take them away.

    Xiao Tingli's spirit state is much better now. Yelu Hongji said that she only thinks of those things occasionally. At that time, Xiao Tingli's most thoughts were Yelu Nianchen and Yelu Lingling. Xiao Tingli was very happy to hear Chen Yuan say that she would be taken to see them.

    Just when Chen Yuan helped them to pack things, Shen Rui also came out of Dali Temple Prison. When Shen Rui spirit walked to his house in a trance, there was a feeling of being like another world.Really, all of the sudden changes made her unprepared, especially the departure of Commander Yang, and even Shen Rui didn't know where his future was.

Yan Chasan just told her that when Chen Yuan asked her to go to Qiongzhou, she refused without thinking. Chen Shimei? This person brings himself a wonderful one of shaking one to the core, but that wonderful is like a rainbow in the sky. It may look very pleasing to the eye, and may make you miss it again in the future, but it is too ethereal for Shen Rui, What she pursues is a man, a man belonging to her, which Chen Shimei obviously cannot do.

After standing for a long time at the door of Shen Rui’s house, she finally decided to go in. Even if all she was waiting for in the future was loneliness, she had to face that kind of loneliness.

Gently pushed it, the door opened. Shen Rui was stunned for a while, and suddenly a figure jumped out of the kitchen. Commander Yang was wearing an apron, a spatula in his hand, and a face of oily dust.

"Ma'am, you're back? I wanted to make a delicious meal to give you a little surprise, but, but," Commander Yang had been there for a long time. Shen Rui knew what he looked like, but he didn't have this skill.

Shen Rui burst into tears, but this time she laughed when she cried.

Commander Yang spoke up and said: "It's quite easy to see you cooking on weekdays. I made two plays myself, but I made this one look!"

Shen Rui flew into his arms and hugged his shoulders tightly: "Why don't you pick me up? I thought you were gone!"Commander Yang sighed: "Is this not without confidence! I heard that Chen Shimei is back again. I'm afraid you will go with him again. If I go, it will embarrass everyone, so I'm waiting here. Actually, I am also afraid that you will not come back."

    Shen Rui punched him fiercely, and Commander Yang hurriedly took off his apron: "All right, just come back. There is still a working lady in the cooking. I went to buy some wine and come back. Today we drink well." Last meal!"

    After the carriage was set up, news had been heard outside. Just today, Zhao Shu announced his abdication, and Zhao Yan, the third son of Li Wang, succeeded him as the new emperor.

    Zhao Yan is seventeen years old this year, and he is really unprepared for the sudden happiness. He was surprised to be in this position, even Li Wang himself was surprised.

    Several other princes were fighting too hard. Finally, Empress Cao had no way of deciding who to use. They simply didn’t use it, and pulled out Zhao Yan, who never leaked from the prince during the weekdays.

    Chen Yuan looked at the busy crowd on the street. This thing was spreading rapidly. People who walked by him were talking about this shocking change, but no one interrupted his life for this matter.

    Nothing has changed. This result was what Chen Yuan wanted to see, and also what the princes and ministers wanted to see.

    Chen Yuan put the last box on the carriage: "Let's go."

    Yelu Hongji helped Xiao Tari sit in the car and looked at Chen Yuan: "Are you really willing?"Chen Yuan did not answer this question, because he doesn't know at all is not belong to oneself. I am really willing, the faint lonely feeling in my heart may not be noticed by others, but it was very difficult to cheat myself.

Yelu Hongji already got the answer, smiled and patted Chen Yuan's shoulder: "Let's go."

Xiao Taoli suddenly seemed to see something. He pointed to a street corner in front of him: "That person!"

Yelu Hongji was stunned and looked down Xiao Xiao's hand, but saw nothing.

"Mother, who did you see?"

Xiao Taoli shook his head in confusion: "I don't know, I saw a person just as if I knew each other."

Yelu Hongji didn't go to her heart and helped her to sit in the carriage: "You must be wrong! Let's rest in the carriage. Let's go find our sister and Nian Chen immediately. They are waiting for us in Qiongzhou."

But Chen Yuan frowned. "Wait a moment, I'll take a look."

He ran a few steps to the intersection just now, looked for a moment on both sides, there was no one on the left, and a beggar with a broken leg crawling on the ground on the right.

Chen Yuan looked at the figure of the beggar. The beggar came back a little bit, and when he saw Chen Yuan looking at him, he was even more terrified, his hands harder.

The moment when the beggar turned back, it really surprised Chen Yuan. Although his face was all dirty, Chen Yuan recognized him at a glance: "Master Zhang! Zhang Li!"

Zhang Li didn't stay at all. The frequency of his hands was faster. He couldn't keep up with him. He didn't support one hand, and he lay on the ground.

Chen Yuan rushed up a few steps and held him in one hand."I am not Zhang Li! I am not Zhang Li!"

    Zhang Li covered his face with his ragged sleeves, and when he himself found it was futile, he immediately gave up. Mouth muttered: "I, I, I just want to see her again..."

    Chen Yuan sighed: "Why are you so bitter? Go, I'll lead you there to see her!"

    Zhang Li struggled hard: "I don't want to go! I don't want her to see me as I am now!" It was at this time that Xiao Tari's face emerged from behind Chen Yuan, and Zhang Li stayed suddenly Living.

    Xiao Tingli smiled and said to Yelu Hongji: "Look at the emperor, I said we must know this person?"

    Yelu Hongji also looked at Zhang Li and shook his head slightly, and then said to Chen Yuan: "Shimei, can our carriage ride another person?"

    Zhang Li hadn't spoken yet, Xiao Xiaoli said aside: "If it can't, just change to a bigger one."

    Zhang Li didn't say anything. When Xiao Tingli saw him now, he was really ashamed. He lowered his head and wanted to find a crack in the ground. Chen Yuan looked at Yelu Hongji, and the two reached out to lift Zhang Li from the ground: "Let's go!"

    Just after putting on the carriage, there was a rushing horseshoe in front of him, and Yelvhungi's brows were frowned: "Here's a man, did you come to kill you? Maybe your new emperor has repented, and he will also take you."

    Chen Yuan smiled slightly: "He dare! No matter what they are, let's go!"

    The carriage slowly walked away like a city gate, and a knight rushed over quickly: "Brother walk slowly! Younger brother will give you a ride!"Chen Yuan turned around and saw that Yang Wenguang was getting closer and closer, as well as the generals who were training in Bianjing Military Academy, they followed behind Yang Wenguang, everyone seemed to have a trace of sadness Shed.

Chen Yuan smiled a little: "No more! Let me help you first. You don’t agree. Now let me do what?"

Yang Wenguang answered simply: "Our Yang family has been favored by the emperor for generations. Rebellion is not done, but the eldest brother is going to leave. If I don't send it, it is really a shame!"

The carriage was certainly not as fast as a healthy horse, so Yang Wenguang and others chased him during the conversation. Yang Wenguang said, "Isn't the elder brother angry with his brother? Well, the brother will send you out of Bianjing and give you a drink outside How to make a guilt?"

Chen Yuan laughed: "I'm not so stingy! We will fight well in the future, let's fight those big cannibals! I'm gone, everything will be yours!"

Yang Wenguang nodded: "Brother rest assured."

Gao Yingxi at the back also caught up: "General, I have learned the words of those big cannibals. Do you want me to say a few words to you?"

Chen Yuan smiled and said, "I can't understand what you said, as long as those people understand it!" Yan Zhan said: "You dare not say it if you don't understand it!"

Chen Yuan laughed, the speed of the carriage was not reduced at all, Wu Ming and Dong Kui and others next to him led their team to the front to open the way for him. They didn't go far, and only saw a team of merchants already standing on the roadside At the sight of Chen Yuan’s carriage, Chen Shizhong immediately greeted him on horseback: "Brother, stop for a while, everyone will give you a ride!"Chen Yuan frowned: "Don't you let others not be disturbed?"

Chen Shizhong was extremely wronged: "I was not alarmed, everyone came by themselves! They said they would send you something to commemorate!"

Chen Yuan never stopped: "Thank them for me! Wu Ming, keep going!"

Wu Ming leads the order: "Get orders!"

Seeing Chen Yuan's carriage gallop away from his side, the merchants were a little surprised, and Xiao Wang's shopkeeper stomped: "I said that the carriage was first used to block the road! You just don't listen, how is it good now?"

Someone responded quickly: "Quick! Quickly catch up! Always catch up!"

Hundreds of merchants set up cars at the same time, and the whole street suddenly panicked.

Chen Yuan galloped on the horse, and suddenly a light came from the chariot, "Doo!", a flying knife wiped Chen Yuan's hair on the carriage behind him, and really scared Chen Yuan out of cold sweat.

The generals around were also shocked. While waiting to capture the assassin, Yang Wenguang only said: "Don't chase, there is no malicious coming!"

Chen Yuan recovered, turned to look at the flying knife, there was actually a letter on it, and it was all admiration for him when he opened it.

The thought is that the knights on the rivers and lakes also gave themselves a ride in their unique way, which really made Chen Yuan cry and laugh. This is not fun! In case they missed, wouldn’t they be wronged?

There are still people waiting in front of Chen Yuan. Chen Yuan now knows that his popularity is so good. Some people who have heard the news have already put the incense case at the gate of the city, and they still hold some good things of their own. I hope that the concubine can also take it as a souvenir.But Chen Yuan didn't get off the cart at all, he didn't want to say goodbye to them, because saying goodbye didn't mean anything but sadness.

Running all the way out of the city gate, Chen Yuan turned to Yang Wenguang and said, "All right, go back!"

Yang Wenguang shook his head: "Brother, I'm giving you a ride."

"To send Jun Qianli must be a part, fight your battles well, I will watch you in Qiongzhou! Don’t be knocked down by those big eaters, let me take care of you a few inches long Stuff."

Yang Wenguang chuckled: "Big brother, rest assured, the brother's stuff is on himself, it's strong!"

Chen Yuan looked back for a moment. The merchants behind him had already caught up. Some people with horses also joined in the fun. Also some officials of the court were also mixed in. Chen Yuan knew that if they were caught up by these people, it would be a problem. I can't leave today!

"All soldiers listen to orders!"

Chen Yuan shouted, and all the generals responded in unison: "The end will be there!"

Chen Yuan said: "Help the general to stop the rear chasing soldiers, the general will take a step first!"

Everyone was stunned for a while, then Gao Yingxi first strangled the horse's head: "Yes!"

The generals stopped immediately, forming a line to block the crowd behind them. Yang Wenguang also stopped. He sighed and stared in the direction of Chen Yuan's disappearance. He whispered, "Brother, take care."

At the time when everyone was lost, the sound of Chen Shimei's round tone in the carriage sang Beijing Opera:"My grandmother looked closely. Qin Xianglian was thirty-two years old and sued Dangmao Lang. He bullied the king and hid the emperor, and regretted marrying the boy to the east bed. He killed his wife and killed his conscience, and he killed Han Qi in the temple. . Press the shape paper to a certain lobby, clenched the teeth to decide which pile you are for!"


Chen Yuan left like this, without even giving someone who missed him a chance to say goodbye. But things still have to come.

Let’s start with the royal cabinet. At the beginning, the royal cabinet was composed of eight princes and a minister. Nine people can vote to decide on some things.

The future development of the matter really proves one thing, that is, Jiangshan belongs to the old Zhao family, and they cannot be indifferent. This time the conflict between Zhao Shu and Chen Shimei made these princes of the old Zhao family realize that neither the minister of power nor the faint monarch should appear in the Song Dynasty.

In order to prevent the emergence of a faint monarch again, the royal cabinet they formed stipulated that the prince would set up a prince in the future, and they must refer to their opinions. If they think that the prince he likes is not enough to stabilize the Song Dynasty, they can ask the prince to replace other princes. .

Of course, if the emperor has only one son, then this article is invalid.

Zhao Yan does not have much reputation. He can only listen to these princes and surrender some imperial power, which is something he must do.

In addition, in order to stifle the soil where the ministers like Chen Yuan once again breed, the first orders issued by these princes after the formation of the royal cabinet were: "The county magistrate, the commander-in-chief or commander-in-chief above, shall not do business!"They believe that the rise of Chen Yuan is a process where power and money meet. When a rich man has power, or a powerful person suddenly Richest Under Heaven, then he will become a minister of power. This system of royal cabinets continued for more than a hundred years, until the Song Dynasty launched the conquest of the European war. At that time, the emperor Zhao Goong was incompetent and issued continuous wrong orders, and the royal cabinet did not respond to that period. Played a supervisory role.

At the same time, it was also because at that time, the bureaucrats, military commanders, and businessmen had found a good balance between them, and the development of society had made them quite dissatisfied with the royal cabinet. He was forced to accept the entry of 24 ministers of culture and martial arts.

In addition to Chen Shizhong, Xia Kun let him enter the Chaotang, no grade, Chen Shizhong later went to Qiongzhou many times, his ocean trade has done a lot, became the second richest man in the Song Dynasty after Chen Yuan.

Zhang Kuangzheng spent all his life on the ocean. He went to sea five times before and after, trying to find the end of Haitian. But whether it was going east or west, he could not find it. Later, when he was sixty, he made a decision to go south. It was his last trip to the ocean, and he took more than three thousand ships out to sea, and never returned.

It wasn't until three hundred years later that with the application of the steam engine, human navigation became more convenient. Some people followed the footsteps of this legendary navigator before they found the frozen Song Dynasty fleet in Antarctica. Zhang Kuangzheng received eternal life, his body was vivid and lifelike, and his facial expression was firm and firm. A sculptor carved his appearance into a statue for the admirers of all future adventurers.The thing that surprised Chen Yuan most was Sima Guang.

Sima Guang has been crippled, no one will take care of him, but he is not willing to sink, his legs and his hands are gone! Sima Guang stayed in his house for twenty years, waiting for him at time of departure, holding a thick "Zi Zhi Tong Jian", which recorded many major events in history, even more than that recorded in "Shi Ji" It needs to be complete.

With this book, Sima Guang won the Chen Shimei Literature Award, the biggest award in the literary world.

Unfortunately, Sima Guang did not receive the award. Sima Guang became a realistic version of the inspiration for the disabled. He left a plain statement: "If there are no legs, I will walk with my hands!"

Fan Chunyou's life in the future was quite plain. Fan Zhongyan was clean all his life, leaving no assets for him. After Fan Zhongyan passed away, Fan Chunyou lived on the streets to help people metabolize letters. Later, Ouyang Xiu once proposed to arrange another casual job for him, but Fan Chunyou refused himself. He ended his life in such a bland way. When he died, he said: "I have worked hard in this life, which is enough."

And Liu Yong, he did not follow Chen Yuan to Qiongzhou, but took a few of his women to live a life of swimming and playing with water, which greatly inspired his inspiration, so he took "Reborn Qilang" as Pen name, wrote many well-known masterpieces.Brother Chen Dong and Ning Ge performed very well in the ensuing war. The two became leaders of the new generation of Song after Di Qing and Liu Ping. They spent the rest of their lives fighting in the Middle East until the Song Dynasty completely eliminated Arab Empire is broken down into more than 20 small countries, and there is no power around to challenge Song.

    Later, Wang Lun and Li Tie spear settled in Mongolia. He became a new generation of Mongolians and created the pro-Da Song Song empire. Wang Lun’s empire used the transaction with Song as the main source of economic resources, and provided Song with mercenaries for their survival.

    This made Da Song have few adversaries in the military.

    More than a hundred years later, the Song Dynasty waved God’s whip to Europe for economic reasons, and included the entire Eurasian continent in the sphere of influence of the Great Song. In addition to the newly discovered American continent, the Song Dynasty’s influence spread all over the world, and the war immediately reduced .

    This made the Mongols temporarily unable to adapt. More than 500 Mongolian mercenary soldiers who were unwilling to lay down their weapons crossed the white-collar strait under the leadership of their capital Tiemuzhen and began a 500-year American nightmare career.

    As for Chen Yuan, he became a very controversial figure in the future. On the one hand, his achievements could not be obliterated. On the other hand, the Song Dynasty people really disagreed with his methods. What is surprising is that some scholars from Yingzhou and Gaozhou are the strongest supporters of Chen Shimei. They sing praises and write biographies for Chen Shimei. They think that without Chen Shimei, there would be no happy life today.On this point, Chen Yuan already knew the ending. Engaging in some countries is just like engaging in women. If you do it without pain or itch, she will sue you for sexual harassment. At that time, if you tried to make her comfortable, she would be your woman.

Also one thing that cannot be traced is how many women Chen Shimei has in his life. Fortunately, the official of the Song Dynasty can provide statistical data, including the Zangshi, which can be counted as one. When he arrived at Qiongzhou, There is simply no way to count.

It is said that when Chen Shimei died later, the number of women who appeared as his wife and concubine reached more than 200, and Chen Shimei also learned the way of health from Xu Huaide. At the age of 83, she gave birth to a son until ninety-eight. Only died at the age of.

(End of the book)

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