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0 Chapter Directory 779 Qingyu TV Year TV Series Aired Tonight
    Chinese Name: 庆余年  Author: 猫腻(Māonì, Fishy Cat)
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After a long wait, the Qing Yu Nian TV series is finally going on. I didn't go to watch the demo because I didn't want to increase my expectations, but one day late at night I still watched the final version of the long trailer-which is the one you will see at this time-no way, I got nervous. Why are you nervous? Because it really feels good, I have expectations.

     I don't know how the feature film is. According to industry feedback, it is very different from other films, so some people think it has no bottom.

     On the contrary, if truly different, that might be the source of power.

     Things like writing stories and filming TV are to stand out from the masses. Even if the details are insufficient, I like things more than everything steady and stable.

     The story of Qing Yunian that's it, even if it looks at it now, the previous writing is very rough, and I want to revise it now, but I must admit that it has a unique taste and gameplay. The same is true for the title of the book. The name Qing Yunian has been ridiculed by friends many times before, such as the old section and those who did not name, but now many people think it is particularly good-it has nothing to do with the hidden Easter egg in the name, the main reason This is the name stand out from the masses, just like Begonia Duo Duo, Zhan Doudou, Si Lili...

      Stand out from the masses is my pursuit, and on this point, in fact, I have great confidence in Teacher Wang Juan.

     Looking back, Qing Yunian is already a book from twelve years ago, and many memories have risen in the mind.

     Although there are a lot of BUGs in writing eternal romance, it is very cool. Writing about Fan Xian riding thousands of miles into the practice field, although the writing is almost crazy, but it is very good.I took the first three months of my monthly pass. I participated in the annual meeting of the starting point for the first time. I met so many colleagues who are still friends, cheering for Liu Xiang, quarreling with people, and likes with you.

     Actor Zhang sent a message that yesterday evening he dreamed that there were so many fish in the pool that he could not catch one by one. Then the TV series started today.

     I think the pool may be the pool on both sides of the Imperial Palace of the Northern Qi Dynasty. The fish are really beautiful.

     In short, today 8:00 P.M., Tencent Video and iQiyi Video, let’s take a look at the celebration of that year.

     Of course, read the original work right here, please come to the starting point to read and support the original reading.
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