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0 Chapter Directory 1572 Never Had 3
    Chinese Name: 圣墟  Author: 辰东(Chén dōng, Morning East)
    Original: | Translator:

"It's all evil spirits, with blood all over his face, wandering outside..." Jiu Daoyi's voice was very erratic, as if it was far away, but it sounded like a thunder in many people's ears.

     Chu Feng's body was stiff. At this time, he couldn't help thinking of a past. It was a special night. He once met a man who laughed at himself and came out of hell.

     The man is very heroic, has a unique temperament, looks beyond the human world, and even in emotion and sorrow, he said to himself that he used to be the crown above the Heavens and Under the Earth X.

     At that time, the man had said that that night, the dead people were everywhere in the sun, wandering, blood on his face, and now Jiu Dao Yi was like the god he said.

     Did the old man's skin notice anything? Actually say something similar!

     If he said it true, how could it not make people collapse? The whole world is false and fake, and they are all in the picture, and they are all dead.

     Now it is natural to understand why Jiu Daoyi suddenly went crazy, the world view collapsed, subverted all previous cognitions, and even denied himself!

     Who can face it calmly?

     Jiudai stretched out his hands and stood on Reincarnation Road, facing the shimmering golden halo, he suddenly ushered forward, as if he was going to the end of this long-lasting scroll!

     "Everything is imaginary, and I gradually understand why I can't find it...that, all of us are attached to his dreams, so there is no him in the whole history."

     Nine paths and one dream, more and more confused, and endless sadness.

     Those people who used to remember the past in the deepest memory are all mortal. In fact, they have long since passed away and died out long ago.Even him himself!

     Are all these things now only attached to that person's memory?

     "The world is gone, the heavens are already dead, nothing is true." Jiu Dao shuddered, his body ricketed, a lot older, he faltered and walked forward slowly.

     He stretched take action to touch the golden waves in the depths of samsara, and finally lost his voice: "Perhaps, the whole world is the one, we are all attached to his faint... traces!"

     Now, the battlefields of the two realms have long been unable to be quiet, people are panicked, and there is a lot of noise. Especially when they hear the voice of Jiu Daoyi, people are more and more afraid, and they feel more and more frightened.

     They are all denied, not even real creatures? !

     "Old man skin, you are really crazy, maybe you are already dead, but, look at the emperor, I have always been the real body!" At this time, shouting loudly broke the original fear.

     Beyond the sun, in the endless void, a big black dog's paws protruded from the sky, majestic and terrifying. After entering the sun, he did not stop and quickly plunged into the golden light in the depths of Reincarnation Road.

     Then, there was... a cry of screaming!

     It was quite horrifying, it made people feel terrified, and it was very scary, which made all Evolver hairy and all shuddered.

     Because, the dog barking is too terrible, extremely terrifying.

     "Why?" The dog emperor howled.

     The testimony of its tingling scalp showed that he did his best to approach the sun and penetrated into the deep claws of Reincarnation Road to reveal the true content in the golden light, which was actually rotten, black, stench, with blood!The scene made it impossible for the dog's mouth to tremble, and the incomplete canine teeth were trembling.

     "Am I dead? It was a royal body, immortal and immortal, but now the hair is gone and the meat is almost rotten!?"

     Dead? Dog King's big black dog's paws are not like living creatures at all. They are reflected in the sparkling golden light, and they have already rotted!

     Is this the truth? It is already dead, no longer in this world? !

     "Unexpectedly, you went there. It really became a dead dog. It was sad and sad." The corpse sighed, sitting on the bronze coffin board in the void outside the sun, and touching the dog's head.

     After passing Fuck, the black dog came back, and then became angry and said, "Go away, you are dead!"

     Then, it pawed towards the carrion fan, and wanted to shoot him into the sun and shoot it into Reincarnation Road, and also wanted to see his current state and truth.

     The corpse blocked it, but in the end he couldn't help himself, and took the initiative to stretch out an arm, trembling and protruding into the sun, straight into Reincarnation Road.

     In an instant, he seemed to have been stung by the most poisonous worm in thirty-three days, his arm trembling violently, and quickly retracted, because in a flash, he saw a rotten arm with even catastrophic maggots in and out , This is thorough... Is it rotten and dead?

     Although he now looks like a carrion, he is still alive.

     However, once he dived into the golden light deep in Reincarnation Road, the truth revealed was a hundred times more serious, and he was no longer angry."We are all dead? How could I be alive!" The corpse whispered, looking at the arm in front of him, a little lost.

     Everyone is dead, it is conceived by people. The whole mountains and rivers, the endless universe of void, are just a picture?

     Dog King said: "Impossible, how arrogant the Three Heavenly Emperor has now climbed to the highest point, extremely powerful. How could they be imagined?"

     The corpse nodded quickly, as if to find a reason to live for himself, saying: "Yes, if the world is imaginary, but my body is indeed still there, even in the golden light deep in the Reincarnation Road, it is a state of decay, after all, it proves It’s not illusion, maybe it’s just the old man’s skin and other monsters that are imagined.”

      Deep in Reincarnation Road, Nine Dao turned around and looked out of the world, saying: "Not only you, but many people also have decaying corpses with blood on their faces, but they are only attached to that energy, After all, he died."

     "You old man's skin, why do we have to say that we are all dead?!" The dog king was furious, and he could not accept this statement anyway.

     "I just uncovered the bloody reality and uncovered the essence and truth of this world!" Jiu Dao sighed.

     Even the founder of the light scriptures and the short old man were fascinated. He hadn't spoken for a long time. He recovered from the famous mountain. Isn't he just the obsession of the dead body and the last look back?

     There is also the shadow of the suspected Fallen Immortal King, who is also silent, staring at the deepest part of Reincarnation Road, deducing, suspecting, and incomparable contradictions in his heart.Nine Daoyi murmured: "Perhaps, that person has not surpassed the ancient history, never left, because this ancient history is him, and the ancient history where he is has been destroyed, his wounds and sorrows, his thoughts , His embarrassment and the eternal martyrdom have constructed us."

     My goodness!

     People feel that their scalp is about to crack, and it hurts so much, and then they feel like cold lightning. They are cold and uncomfortable. Can they think so? !

     Suddenly, the dog emperor's eyes became sharper, more and more bright, and said: "You are stunned, let's see if this person is a living creature!"

     Then he waved his paws and fanned Chu Feng into the depths of Reincarnation Road, reflected in the vast and holy golden light.

     "I'm still...I!" Chu Feng reached out his hand, he saw his flesh and blood, full of vigor and vitality, not a void.

     While watching the lively Long Dayu who was afraid and trembling with fear at the same time, he was also grabbed by a furry dog's paw at the neck, scared him screaming, and was quickly thrown into Reincarnation Deep in Road.

     In an instant, his body was glorious and confusing, and he was transformed several times. He is a real flesh and blood body, not only so manifested, but also real, and it seems that there is some kind of mysterious energy deep in Reincarnation Road and traces his previous life. .

     In the earliest time, a long time ago, he turned out to be a golden silkworm? !

     Then, in a certain life, he became a dragon, and in the process it swallowed Thirty Three Layer Heaven grass, enough for him to live for three lives!

      Ah,Sacred Ruins,? Me too... Ouyang Feng? ! "The strange dragon shouted.Then, he was thrown out of Reincarnation Road, stumbled, and fell beside Old Gu, completely lost his mind.

     When he was a dragon, he devoured Thirty Three Layer Heaven grass. For a certain period of time, his flesh was dull and dead for a long time.

     This is not as simple as living the third life. Thirty Three Layer Heaven grass is so amazing and mysterious. At that time, not only did he get Nirvana, but also half of his spiritual knowledge had been reincarnated, and eventually reached the earth, becoming the god beast Ouyang Feng.

     It turned out that he had known Chu Feng for a long time, and had been living with the trafficker in Little World of the Dead, and made a lot of noise, making one vote after another!

     Until Taiwu Tianzun came and killed them, they were sent to Reincarnation Road by Chu Feng, and his part of Ouyang Feng's spiritual knowledge returned to the dragon's flesh again, which was regarded as an alternative reincarnation to return to the sun.

     It's just that after returning, he didn't awaken his memory of the Earth in Little World of the Dead. Until now, he really recovered.

     In the distance, Chu Feng was also surprised. The strange dragon was Ouyang Feng? No wonder he always feels that his temperament is unique and that he has known him for a long time.

      Long Dayu also murmured: "no wonder, when I saw the demon sister fighting with people, I felt familiar, I am also a member of the heroes of the earth!"

      Ouyang Feng was shocked and inexplicable.

     Then, when he looked at Chu Feng's, his eyes changed, and he was quite bad. He was tossed and bullied by this trafficker for two generations. It was really miserable.

     Old Gu was stunned, looking at the strange dragon mad, he couldn't help but touch his shoulder and said, "What are you doing?"

     "I, ah, until today I know that I am me, and the true self returns." Ouyang Feng replied, spitting at the same time.In just such a moment, Lao Gu almost became a soup chicken, his face completely black, what style and temperament of Nima, are you talking? You thunder and rain! He wants to strangle Ouyang Feng alive.

      Ouyang Feng only restored the memory of the earth, and some habits were violated. It was reflected that he spontaneously slobbered when he spoke.


     Old Gu was not polite, slapped the back of the dragon's head, slapped him out hundreds of feet away, and said, "I care whether you are Long Dayu or Ouyang Feng, quiet in front of me!"

     At this time, Chu Feng also fell out.

     Zhou Xi was also sent into the depths of Reincarnation Road, and the result was still a real person, a flesh and blood in the divine light, not a bloody ghost.

     Then, the demon took the initiative to enter, reflecting the vibrant real body.

     "Old man skin, what do you think? Is it true that I said, you may be dead, but this world is not false, there are a large number of living creatures!" The dog king shouted.

     With a daze and a stiff body, he always feels that there are still some problems. Many people in this world are really dead bodies.

     He Huo raised his head, stared out of sight, and responded to the dog emperor, saying: "However, you are indeed dead, it is already rotten!"

     Dog Emperor seemed to have been stomped on his tail, and it seemed to have been choked. He groaned for a while, but said nothing. The dog's paws just reflected let him chill from his back.Jiu Daoyi suddenly shouted: "No, there must be something wrong. Someone has blinded the truth and the world I see is not comprehensive. Who? Is it the power behind Reincarnation Hunter? Which force do you belong to and dare to be in that backyard?" Acting, want to die without a burial place?! Or, you were originally related to that person, what he left behind, but now they are used by outsiders and dominate here!?"

     After a long silence, the dog emperor spoke, very low, but very powerful, his voice lingered in the ears of Jiu Dao, and his whispering shocked people.

     "You said that we are all dead, we are all illusions, and we are just people in the painting, but did you ever think that maybe the truth is just the opposite?!"

     The dog king's voice is full of magic, there is a kind of mysterious power, and then said: "Have you ever thought about a very terrible possibility, in fact, that person never exists, he is nothingness, never had this person! "

     "You...what are you talking about!" Nine Dao was angry. In any case, he was full of affection for that person, admiring and admiring to the point of irreplaceable.

     The dog emperor's eyes are deep and his voice is low, saying: "Perhaps, everything is just because our world, the days of that year, suffered an irretrievable catastrophe, blood and chaos destroyed everything, we are unable to resist, no one can resist , And that is just the hope in all of us, we are the visions of the hearts of all ethnic groups, who are completely fantasized, hoping that he can cut the world, calm the blood disorder, annihilate the ominous, cut all enemies, sweeping through the ages Long days, subvert the past, rewrite all the battles, rewrite the whole piece of ancient history!"This kind of discourse is like chaotic thunder and lightning. The above is above the Heavens and Under the Earth, which is amazing.

     Dog King whispered: "Actually, this person has never been!"