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0 Chapter List 3 I Have Never Seen Such A Brazen Nurse
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Achille only has one set of clothes, and she didn't even have to change her underwear. Maybe the vampire won't sweat, but it's always good to have a few more sets. At least looking at different outfits is cute and comfortable. Tianlai Novel

     Ye Shu has not gone out for half a month, but he is not unfamiliar with the city. After all, he used to be a wolf in the city when he was away from home.

     At about seven o'clock in the evening, the sunlight has completely disappeared, and the vampire can go out.

     Ye Shu took Ai Qier out and took the bus, all the way to the city. This road is not peaceful, because... Ai Qier is really eye-catching. When the two of them sat on the bus, the passengers in the car all stared over. Aunts and grandpas both eyes shines, shouting cute and wanting to raise.

     Some young people were also dumbfounded and took out the cell phone secretly. Aiqier was afraid of life, and was so scared that she bowed her head and pinched the skirt, Ye Shu hurriedly hugged her on her lap and covered her face with his hands.

     Aiqier is a vampire. If someone secretly shoots it on the Internet, it will cause unnecessary trouble. It must be low-key.

     "Don't take pictures, keep your phone away."

     Ye Shu stopped, a group of people reluctantly refused to take pictures, but they always stared at Ai Qier, the eyebrows were full of affection, and some cheeky aunts even came to hold Ai Qier.

     Ye Shu was helpless. It didn't matter if other people liked Aiqier, he actually didn't care, but these people liked it too much and made him very passive. After all, Aiqier was not an ordinary person.

     So when the next stop came, Ye Shu hugged Ai Qier and got out of the car.

     It’s not far from the city and it’s only ten minutes to walk, so let’s walk.The nearby roads are not part of a commercial area, so there are few pedestrians. Ye Shu relaxed, and carried Ai Qier on her back.

     "You don't have shoes, so let me carry you on my back, and quickly will go."

     Ye Shu smiled and Ai Qier was also relaxed, her little hand wrapped around Ye Shu's neck and said: "Those people are so scary, and the blood smells so bad."

     Ye Shu moved his heart and asked, "Isn't my blood smelly?"

     Ai Qier happily said: "Big brother's blood is not smelly, very fragrant, completely different from theirs."

     Ye Shu frowned secretly, remembering the tooth marks on his neck after the night in the alley in England.

     She must have been bitten by Daphne, and the smell of blood has changed. For Aiqier, ordinary person's blood is smelly, but his own is fragrant, and he must have undergone some changes.

     "What did Daphne do to me? It always feels wrong."

     Ye Shu slowed down and kept thinking in his mind. At this time, Ai Qier suddenly took a deep breath, and then covered her nose: "A lot of smelly blood is everywhere."

     Ye Shu was surprised, what happened?

     He looked around and thought that there was a car accident and someone was sprayed with blood. As a result, he has not seen any blood spilling on the street. He just saw a blood donation vehicle parked on the side of the road ahead.

     Ai Qier also pointed to the blood donation lane: "There, smelly blood."

     Ye Shu dumbfounded, there must be blood bags in the blood donation cart, no wonder Ai Qier cares so much.

     He explained: "It's a human blood donation cart, and many people donate blood."In order to integrate Aiqier into the human society, Ye Shu specifically explained the matter of donating blood for blood transfusion. After hearing this, Ai Qier blinked her eyelashes and curiously asked, "Are humans so kind? Big brother, would you also donate blood?"

     He could donate blood naturally, but he made Achille a full drink. He was suffering from ischemia at the moment, and he couldn't donate anymore.

     "Next time, let's go shopping for clothes."

     He carried Aiqier on his back and walked straight by the blood donation cart. Unexpectedly, at this moment, the car door suddenly opened and a woman in a white nurse outfit and high heels popped up.

     "Hi, handsome boy, donate blood? A lot of benefits."

     As soon as this woman appeared, Ai Qier shrank instinctively and buried her head on Ye Shu's back, looking scared.

     Ye Shu glanced at this woman and couldn't help but glanced a few more times.

     Her face is a goose-egg face, white and beautiful, her eyes are sultry, her lips are rosy, coupled with the proud twin peaks and wonderful figure, she is simply a fascinating stunner.

     The most important thing is that she was wearing a low-cut nurse's outfit, and most of her thighs were exposed, all from head to toe exuding a sultry breath.

     Who believes such a beautiful nurse who is looking for someone to donate blood on the side of the road at night, and is dressed so revealingly?

     Ye Shu is a cautious and smart person. He frowned, ignored him, and walked away with Aiqier on his back.

     Unexpectedly, the nurse ran and chased him, acting like a baby: "Yeah, don't leave, little handsome guy, Serve the People, just give it to me."The nurse's tone was numb and unbelievable, and the fragrance of her body also drifted over. Ye Shu only felt dizzy in his head and his legs softened, making him unable to walk.

     The nurse has already taken his arm and rubbed Ye Shu's arm lightly, smile such as a flower: "Come on, it's not a matter of importance, just give it to me."

     Ye Shu can't help just follow her, and Ai Qier on her back is afraid and anxious, and the nurse gritted her teeth.

      The beautiful nurse smiled at her and said softly: "Don't be afraid, little sister, it's really just asking him to donate blood."

     Ai Qier hugged Ye Shu tightly and suddenly took a bite on his neck. she by no means uses her fangs, just bit Ye Shu with her teeth, Ye Shu's mind was shocked, and she woke up immediately.

      beautiful nurse giggled: "It's stingy."

     She still didn't let go of Ye Shu, clinging to Ye Shu, bewildered: "Don't be afraid, come here."

     The numb tone and the strange body fragrance made Ye Shu start stunned again, but he had experienced it once. This time he was alert and raised his hand as a punch: "Who are you?"

     This punch passed, he didn't look at the position, just smashed it casually, and it hit the proud white rabbit of the beautiful nurse.

      The beautiful nurse ?Ah”'ed finally let go. Ye Shu took the opportunity to retreat away from her.

     "Oh, you hurt someone, it's really shameless, you just hit someone here..."

      The beautiful nurse covered her mouth and chuckled, and her chest was deliberately raised, full of charm.

     Ye Shu cautious and solemn stared at the nurse, and Ai Qier leaned close to his ear and said, "Be careful, big brother, she is not a human."Ye Shu was startled, and suddenly remembered Daphne's letter. Daphne said in the letter that Huaxia also has many strange creatures, so be careful. It seems that this is Huaxia's strange creature, and it charms a man to donate blood on the side of the road at night?

     His face was solemn, then... sharply turned around, and Sa Yazi ran away: "Help, kill!"

     He roared loudly to attract nearby pedestrians. Unexpectedly, there was no pedestrian nearby. The nurse was still giggling. The laughter was getting closer and closer. Ye Shu looked back and found that the nurse was already touching his ass.

     "Little handsome guy, don't bark, I'll just eat a meal, why don't we talk about love?"

      The beautiful nurse laughed constantly, but his tone became more serious. Ye Shu ignored it and continued to run, beautiful nurse rolled the eyes, Lianbu moved lightly and stood in front of Ye Shu.

     Had it not been for Ye Shu to brake in time, he would have ran into it.

     "Are you still running? Don't you know that you are at risk of death? This little vampire will suck you to death."

      The beautiful nurse stopped smiling, her tone was serious. Ye Shu felt shocked and stepped back two steps: "What kind of creature are you? Why do you charm me?"

     Ye Shu is just an ordinary person, and he is still very afraid of encountering inhuman creatures, but since he can't run away, the other party also said something that he is very interested in, so let's go out and have a chat.

     When he asked, the nurse didn’t hide it, smiled, said: “The little girl is a white fox in Dabie Mountain, pure and like water, unmarried maiden, she doesn’t understand anything and doesn’t charm you. Out of control."

     I bother!Ye Shu thought to himself, although this guy is indeed very beautiful and charming, and a man killer, he shouldn't be out of control.

     He was still vigilant: "Sister, I am very timid, and be more sincere, otherwise I will panic."

     The nurse sighed lamented: "I'm already very sincere, I told you too, you give me a tube of blood, I will help you deal with this vampire."

     She glanced at Ai Qier, and Ai Qier trembled with fright, almost crying.

     Ye Shu hurriedly said: "This vampire is me...sister, I know her identity, and you don't need to deal with her."

     The nurse in the eye flickers surprised look, and after a while, she smiled inexplicably: "So, are you going to raise a vampire? It's amazing my brother, within three days, you must be sucked to death by her."

     "Don't bluff me, I don't believe it."

     Ye Shu deliberately sneered, in fact, it was a idiom. The nurse rolled her eyes, and then giggled up again: "Don't try to confuse me. You don't even know that you will be sucked to death. You just ran when you saw me. I can be sure that you don't know anything at all about Monster World. , I don’t know my own blood, little guy, let me, a pure, kind and gentle big sister, lead you to the beginning."
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