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0 Chapter List 6 Dirty Deal
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Raising ghosts is so successful, and Ai Qier doesn't have to suck herself in the future.

     Ye Shu was happy, as a result, wouldn't it be safe and stable to wait for Daphne to send over 100 million euros?

     But why did it succeed? His own blood is indeed too weird. He was overjoyed and pondered for a while, and it didn't take long before someone patted the door.

     Ye Shu glanced over, and it was indeed Liu Youyou who came. The fox spirit rushed to pat the door, his face was pleasantly surprised, he was about to demolish his home in this posture.

     Ye Shu opened the door and squinted: "Sister, you are the demolition office."

     Liu Youyou ignored his ridicule, and rushed in, nose-sniffing, "What about blood? The blood of success."

     What she said was naturally the bowl of chicken blood. Ye Shu pointed to Ai Qier. Ai Qier was a little afraid of Liu Youyou, and handed the bowl to Liu Youyou graciously: "Here, do you want to drink?"

     The little guy looked dumbfounded with a look of dismay. Liu Youyou took it, unable to take one's eyes off, staring at the last bit of blood. The blood had solidified into a "blood cake", and Ai Qier was licking it for fun.

     Liu Youyou clicked with a finger, observed it carefully for a while, and then sniffed it hard, as if he was taking in some breath.

     Then she exhaled comfortably, exclaiming: "It turned out to be a real success. The low-level spirits of chicken blood were dispelled. This is the effect of raising ghosts."

     She said that she would return the bowl to Ai Qier, then turned her eyes to Ye Shu, and a charming smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

     Ye Shu corner of the eye twitched, quickly became vigilant: "What are you doing? Want to charm me again?"Liu Youyou giggle, approaching Ye Shu with graceful steps, the two white rabbits on his chest are already tall and upright as he walks, his red lips are slightly open, and his eyes are very sultry.

     "Look at what you said, we are good friends, why am I fascinating you? I just want to congratulate you on your great success. In a short time, you can raise little vampires without injury."

     She deliberately emphasized the "short time", and Ye Shu's heart jumped and said bluntly: "It's OK, you just say what you want, don't waste your tongue."

     This vixen must have asked him, and was thinking about how to get the most benefit.

     Ye Shu just clicked it, and Liu Youyou stopped going round the curves and skirting the corners. He took Ye Shu's arm with both hands and forced him to act like a baby: "Oba, you are so nice, then I will say, people want to... talk to you Let’s live together, they will take care of you."

     Oh my mother, it's so numb.

     Ye Shu's goosebumps stood up, and Ai Qier pouted next to him, looking at Liu Youyou who was coquettish.

     "What are your plans, just say it, and I'll see you off without telling me."

     Ye Shu pushed away Liu Youyou's hands, Liu Youyou blinked and changed into a well-behaved appearance.

     "In fact, people want to absorb the essence of your blood. You have to feed her every day. That bowl of blood cannot be wasted. Let someone live with you. I will absorb the essence first, and then give her a drink when I finish sucking it, one move, two gains."

     It turned out that it was this plan. The monsters of China wanted to absorb spirits, while the vampires of the West drank blood directly. The two can indeed be matched, one move, two gains."It's there’s no problem for you to absorb your soul, but it’s a bit wrong to live together, I’m not very used to it."

     Ye Shu hesitated, this vixen is a good monster, but too coquettish and sultry. If you live with her, I am afraid that you will have to face the temptation every day. As a normal man, how can he survive? It's embarrassing.

     "What's not used to it? Are you shy?"

     Liu Youyou sweetly and cutely said, she straightened her chest again, and smiled habitually: "Don't be shy, in fact, people are even shy. I am such a pure girl, who has never held a boy's hand. It's like a flower bone in the pond."

     She acted a full set, and she lowered her head to pinch the corners of her clothes, like a flower bone flower waiting to be embarrassed.

     Ye Shu bah'ed: "Enough, enough, stop acting, I can let you live in, but I also have the conditions."

     Liu Youyou couldn't help but be overjoyed, and hurriedly asked what conditions.

     Ye Shu sternly said: "I need to figure out the ghost raising technique first, didn't you ask an old monster? Tell me about it."

     Liu Youyou stopped joking, one strong beat and one weak beats said: "The ghost raising technique is incredible. That is the secret method of the ghost raising master. Only the ghost raising master knows how to do it, but the effect is the same as yours. Use the secret method to disperse the low-level blood qi in the blood, leaving only your own blood qi. This secret method and the ghost are closely bound up. To be more serious, this is acting against the sky. Many ghost raisers are not allowed to die, and they are beaten after death. The Eighteen Levels of Hell."

     so serious? Ye Shu was taken aback, and hurriedly asked, "I didn't use a secret method, shouldn't it be considered ghost raising?"Liu Youyou shook his head: "I don't know, blood is a very strange thing, especially in the underworld. Maybe your bowl of blood contains the grievances of chickens. They could have been reborn smoothly, but you were dispelled by you. You are committing evil. ."

     If I go, this is a crime?

     Ye Shu sudden headache, Liu Youyou looked at Ai Qier and whispered: "In addition, chicken blood is not a long-term solution. You can perhaps satisfy your sister in a short time. She is young after all, but what will happen to her when she grows up? What about high-level vampires? Even red-eyed vampires? All these have to be considered, not that a bowl of chicken blood is done."

      In other words, not only may he commit evil, but he may also face a more difficult situation.

     Ye Shu smiled bitterly, and 100 million euros was not easy to get.

     Liu Youyou couldn't help but laugh when he saw him stubbornly, and once again pulled his arm to act like a baby: "So, you really need someone, I can also evolve, and when I get better, I can come into contact with big monsters. Help you ask for a solution, and you can also protect you."

     She switched seamlessly between being serious and acting like a baby, Ye Shu was speechless, but she was still very moved by her words.

     "You can also evolve? Are you good now?"

     Ye Shu curiously said, Liu Youyou proud smile, Yushou slapped her buttocks, and only heard a tearing sound. A white tail appeared behind her butt, which was very cute and fluffy.

     Ye Shu and Ai Qi'er were both taken aback, Liu Youyou chuckled and said, "You see, my tail. As a scary fox, but I can evolve nine tails, I will be Unmatched Under the Heaven. Up."Ye Shu didn't listen to her bragging, he was more curious about the tail. He unable to take one's eyes off looked at it for a while, then reached out and touched it.

     With this touch, Liu Youyou exclaimed immediately, the entire tail stood up, and his face began to flush, and he looked a bit shy.

     Ye Shu was dumbfounded, and asked in confusion, "What is this reaction? Don't be scary."

     Liu Youyou glared at her: "What do you know, our fox's tail is very sensitive. This is equivalent to the inverse scale of a dragon. If you touch it, my heart beats faster."

     It seems...a bit weird, the atmosphere seems to be wrong.

     Ye Shu coughed, and apologized: "I'm sorry, you shouldn't touch it, let's continue to talk about business."

     Liu Youyou also stabilized her mind and retracted her tail.

     "After the talk, I will live with you in the future, absorb the soul, protect you by the way, and I will help you find more information."

     Liu Youyou waved again as she spoke, and the corner of her mouth was close to Ye Shu with a smile, charming eyes were like silk, with a full smile.

     "This is a serious deal, you can't go back, or I will eat you."

     Ye Shu rolled the eyes: "I know, I won't regret it, don't always smile, be normal."

     Liu Youyou looked at his impatient and was rather dissatisfied. As soon as his eyes turned, he smiled more happily: "Speaking of which, I am living with a man for the first time, and I don't know what to expect. You have to remember that this is serious The deal is not a dirty deal, don’t mess around."Ye Shu still squinted, Liu Youyou Yinling smiled, and leaned close to his ear to blow in air: "However, if you bid high, I can still consider a dirty deal with you."

     She used a trace of enchantment, Ye Shu felt head tingling instinctively, her heartbeat suddenly increased, and her cheeks flushed.

     "Haha, let you pretend to be serious, I don't believe you are indifferent to me."

     Liu Youyou laughing heartily, perfectly contented and walked out. Ye Shu took a few deep breaths, his heart throbbing difficult to suppress.

      has to say, this vixen is really sultry and can't stand the charm of people.

     Ye Shu couldn't stand it either, she was dry mouth and tongue.

     Looking at Liu Youyou again, he has already gone out, as if he was self-conscious. Ye Shu glanced, and immediately stopped throbbing because he saw a spectacle.

     "Hey, the pants are rotten, showing half of your ass, remember to wear underwear next time."

     He smiled, said, Liu Youyou was startled, lowered his head and pulled his pants, his face blushed with shame.

     Just now she used a demon method, stretched out a tail, and directly punctured her pants, and she didn't like wearing underwear, this was a big embarrassment.

     "Why are you laughing? We monsters don't like to wear it, rarely seen, very strange!"

     She was cursed in shame, pinched the corners of her pants to block her butt, and ran away, leaving no face.
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