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0 Chapter List 16 Chrysanthemum Bleeding
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The short-eared cat reviewer turned into a superb beauty, but she was even more fierce, with traces of murderous in her eyes.

     Liu Youyou pulled Ye Shu and ran wildly, frightened to death. Ye Shu calmed down a bit after turning the windmill. He couldn't smash with a monster, otherwise, she might be killed. She won't lose after a few rounds.

     "Run towards the road, go to a crowded place!"

     Ye Shu called, Liu Youyou also understood that the two of them rushed towards the road with enough energy.

     The reviewer was not in a hurry. Seeing Ye Shu and the two fled in embarrassment, she even showed a refreshing smile.

     "Run, keep running, have you ever heard of cat playing mouse?"

     She didn't seem to be angry, but her tone was numb, and she became a bloodthirsty hunter.

     Both of them were shocked. They ran away and looked back but found that the auditor was missing. Ye Shu suddenly became alert and raised his head to look at the roof next to him. As expected, a blue short-eared cat was standing on it and looking down with its tail wagging, and the inspector turned into a cat again.

     The cat is agile, let alone a monster, who can run past her?

     Ye Shu gritted his teeth and said: "Run separately!"

     He pushed Liu Youyou, turned his head and ran to another street, Liu Youyou couldn't help but ran away.

     Ye Shu had some cares in his heart. Although the short-eared cat is very cruel, she is an employee of the Monster League after all. It is 80% impossible to kill, and at most she will beat herself half to death.

     And to separate from Liu Youyou, the short-eared cat will definitely chase him, and Liu Youyou won't have to suffer.

     He was also willing to give up, just as he was unlucky today.After running around, he had already walked around into unfamiliar streets, these places were more quiet, and there were few people on the road.

     Looking back, the short-eared cat followed him, icily licking his paws at the corner of the wall.

     Ye Shu inwardly cursed, turning his head back and showing his middle finger: "Come on!"

     Anyway, she is going to suffer. I will scold her a few words to relieve her anger. After scolding him, he continued to run. When he ran through an alley, the short-eared cat seemed to be tired of playing. It jumped from the eaves above, and its sharp claws came straight to Ye Shu's face.

     Ye Shu's face had already been scratched just now, and it still hurts now. If he gets arrested again, I'm afraid he will be disfigured.

     He was busy blocking his cheeks and rolled forward. He didn't see the short-eared cat's movements clearly. He only felt a pain in his buttocks and bloody blood.

     His trousers were all scratched, and blood stains on his buttocks.

     Ye Shu jumped with pain, clutching his butt and went out of the alley. The short-eared cat sneered: "Go on, play slowly."

     She is purely broken for cats and mice, to play Ye Shu dead.

     Ye Shu cursed in his heart, and when he was running, he saw a pot of cactus by the window in front of him. He grabbed it and smashed it at the short-eared cat: "You shit!"

     How noble and graceful a short-eared cat is, doesn't dodge or evade, raising the claw is just a tap, and then she... miserably screamed, and one claw is full of cactus thorns.

     Ye Shu was startled, he just wanted to smash it, but he didn't expect that the short-eared cat would pat it with one paw and directly hit the cactus.

     "Haha, unhappy? Would you like your uncle to pull the thorn?"Ye Shu laughing heartily, and ran quickly after laughing. The short-eared cat had a cold face, she ignored the thorns of the cactus, and rushed to Ye Shu with reluctance: "I'm looking for death!"

     She stopped playing and wanted to kill Ye Shu directly.

     It must be impossible to run this time, and there is no chance to fight back. Ye Shu was cursed in his heart. Seeing the short-eared cat approaching, he strode out the alley.

     Outside the alley is a street, there are no people in sight, and it is even more deserted under the dim sunset.

     Ye Shu went straight to the other side of the street, without seeing if there were any vehicles passing by.

     As a result, a large truck was speeding up, and Ye Shu was taken aback and rushed forward with the greatest energy.

     It's a risk, if you take a few more seconds, you'll be hit.

     He had lingering fears, and the big truck rushed past with howling and ran away all at once.

     Ye Shu was about to continue to flee, but at the corner of his eyes there was a pool of blood on the road, which was still fresh, just where the truck had passed.

     He couldn't help but froze, and looked up at the opposite side. The short-eared cat was gone. He looked around and the eaves, but still did not see the short-eared cat.

     Could it be...

     Ye Shu hurriedly went to see the blood stains. It was indeed fresh, still warm, and it was obviously coming out.

     The truck must have hit what thing, that moment it hit something and bleeds.

     There is no ghost here, except that he is a short-eared cat, and seeing such a small pool of blood, the short-eared cat must have been hit.

     Ye Shu was quite surprised. Walking forward along the street, there were still some sporadic blood stains in the middle of the road. About 20 meters ahead, there was also a large pool of blood stains under the trees on the roadside.Obviously, the short-eared cat was hit and flew 20 meters away, hitting it under a tree, and the blood on half of its body was probably drained.

     The blood stains here are very obvious, extending into the nearby alley. The short-eared cat must have not died yet and crawled into the alley.

     Ye Shu weird expression, to be honest, he was very happy, the damn short-eared cat was knocked into flight, is this God helping himself?

     He wondered, whether he walked into the alley cautious and solemn and had to confirm the condition of the short-eared cat, she was probably dying.

     After a dozen steps in, the blood stains disappeared, and there was a pile of rubbish in front of him, all kinds of plastic bags and waste paper gathered in a mess.

     Ye Shu grabbed a stone next to him, then squatted to separate the garbage pile, a cat that was badly mangled or mutilated greet the eye.

      has to say, the short-eared cat is really miserable. The blue hair is completely dyed red. I don’t know how many wounds on the body are bleeding. The tail is shrinking sickly, and the head can’t be lifted. A tuft of pork.

     If it were an ordinary cat, it would have been smashed into pieces, but the short-eared cat was not dead, and even crawled here to hide. This monster is really powerful.

     Ye Shu shook her head and looked at her face. The short-eared cat moved and his dim eyes blinked.

     She also knew that she had been spotted by Ye Shu, and she was furious and weak in her heart. She pulled her ears and couldn't even speak.

     "Tsk tsk, evil has its retribution, if you are not so arrogant, where would you get hit?"

     Ye Shu smiled, said, picking up the newspaper on the ground. The short-eared cat was too badly injured and could not speak at all, but stared at Ye Shu fiercely."Oh, it's so fierce? Your shit is going to be knocked out of my sister. Look for yourself, your chrysanthemum is bleeding."

     This time, Ye Shu was not joking. The short-eared cat Chrysanthemum was seriously injured, and his tail must have been fractured. The place was still bleeding.

     He deliberately grabbed the short-eared cat's tail and looked at Chrysanthemum. He was badly mangled or mutilated and couldn't see clearly.

     He stared at the short-eared cat, and couldn't help being furious, and wanted to slap him to death. She is not an ordinary cat, but a monster. She possesses the shame of a human being. How can Chrysanthemum be shown casually?

     Ye Shu didn't understand this. It was purely to observe the injury. It didn't appear that the short-eared cat was so angry that he was gritted his teeth and wanted to kill him.

     "Although you are bad, I can't watch the dying yet not rescuing them. Let's make a deal. I will send you back to the Yokai office. Next time, don't embarrass the vixen and let her receive the minimum allowance. If you agree, just blink. If I disagree, I can go."

     The short-eared cat listened to his ears, was angry in his heart, and opened his eyes fiercely without blinking.

     Ye Shu sighed, lifted her tail and looked at it again: "Sister, your chrysanthemum is really seriously injured, you should wink."

     Short-eared cat trembled with anger, tears came out all of a sudden, and then she blinked her eyes unable to control.

     "That's right, what's so stubborn?"

     Ye Shu curled his mouth, hugged the short-eared cat with the newspaper he picked up, and hurried to the monster office.

     He probably still remembered the road, and just ran to and fro. If he made a mistake, he asked where the local resident courtyard is, and he soon returned to the monster office.The monster office was still very deserted. Ye Shu couldn't get in and shouted at the door: "Is there anyone? Help!"

     After shouting for a while, an aunt-like monster came out, and when he saw the short-eared cat in Ye Shu's arms, he immediately panicked.

     "What's going on? Witch Meow What happened?"

     The aunt took the short-eared cat, her heart ached. Ye Shu explained: "She was hit by a large truck. It was very serious."

     The aunt didn't care to say anything, and hurried back to the monster office holding the short-eared cat. The short-eared cat poked his head at this time and gave Ye Shu a vicious look.

     Ye Shu shrank his neck and looked innocent: What's the matter with this cat, Lao Tzu is your benefactor, why are you like being asleep by me? Why are you angry?
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