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0 Chapter List 23 Reincarnation Is Impossible
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The two ghosts competed badly with each other, and the quarrel was fierce. 』

     Ye Shu and Liu Youyou stared dumbstruck, look at each other in dismay. Seeing that they were still noisy, Ye Shu approached Liu Youyou and said in a low voice, "Is this a ghost? Could it be something else?"

     "It must be a ghost, they are all sucking blood. And they are very weak, now I can rest assured."

     Liu Youyou smiled and said, she was not afraid anymore, these two ghosts were funny and weak, they were not a threat to her at all, and she had a good idea in her heart, and hurriedly whispered to Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu frowned and said, "Not so good? What if they are not afraid of you?"

     "You must be afraid of me, just look at it, I will let you lightly and easily raise ghosts, lest you are exhausted."

     Liu Youyou chuckled and took a bold step forward. The two ghosts were still arguing and didn't notice her at all.

     She coughed, and two gleaming white tails suddenly stretched out from behind her ass, illuminating everything nearby.

     The fox's enchantment suddenly dispersed, Ye Shu was dizzy, unable to bear Liu Youyou's enchantment.

     The two ghosts were so scared that they screamed, hugged each other and shivered, and dared not quarrel again.

     Liu Youyou turned his head and glanced at Ye Shu triumphantly, Ye Shu shook his head gives a thumbs up: great.

     The two ghosts looked at Liu Youyou in horror. They were very weak and were the lowest level solitary soul, unbound ghost, and Liu Youyou was Two-Tailed Demon Fox, enough to destroy them.

     "Beauty sister is forgiving, we are just passing by, please forgive me if you have any fault."The green ghost is more clever, with a sweet mouth begging for mercy, and the bald ghost quickly said: "beautiful elder sister, don't be angry. If you have something to say, my family can apologize to you."

     Liu Youyou, coldly snorted in a similar pattern and similar manner, proudly said: "We are recruiting ghosts here, what are you doing? Just without other ghosts?"

     The green ghost hurriedly replied respectfully and respectfully: "beautiful elder sister, there is no cemetery or crematorium in the south of the city, so there are few ghosts staying. They all go to the north and east of the city to compete for yin. Our two brothers can't beat others, so we can only stay in these places. Wandering and eating."

      so that's how it is, the ghosts have all gone to the crematorium and cemetery. Ye Shu was already relaxed in his heart, motioning Liu Youyou to retract his tail.

     As soon as Liu Youyou collected his tail, the enchantment around him immediately dissipated. The two ghosts panted with fear.

     Ye Shu was completely relieved by seeing them like this. Ordinary people feared ghosts because they had never seen or understood them, but Ye Shu saw two shivering little ghosts at this time. How could he be afraid, he went over and said:" Don't be afraid, I have something to ask you."

     The two ghosts were not afraid to see that he was a human being, but the Two-Tailed Demon Fox was behind him, so they didn't dare to make a mistake.

     "Brother, if you want to ask, just ask, brother not hiding anything I know."

     The green ghost said Zheng'er eight classics, very peacefully.

     Ye Shu is very curious about ghosts, and he has to raise ghosts, so naturally he has to take the opportunity to want to know more.

     He immediately asked: "Are all ghosts like you? Are they different from Sadako?"

     Sadako was well known. The two ghosts had also watched "Sadako" before they were alive. At this time, they shook their heads and nodded when they heard it. Ye Shu didn't understand."What does it mean? Green, for you."

     Ye Shu asked the green ghost to speak, and the green ghost sorted out his words and began to speak.

     "Brother, you don’t know, there are many kinds of ghosts, like us, who kill ourselves stupidly, and even if we have grievances, we will spread to ourselves. The fundamental evil does not raise. And those ghosts who died unjustly, such as those who were killed. , That's terrible, grievances, fiends, we are all afraid. Sadako is one of them, she can be said to be a ghost king."

     As soon as the green ghost finished speaking, the bald ghost immediately retorted: "I can spread grievances to the whole family."

     "Shut up, my brother is asking questions!"

     The green ghost scolded and looked at Ye Shu with a flattering smile. Ye Shu was looking thoughtful, and Liu Youyou came over and whispered in a low voice: "We are lucky. When we meet two weak ghosts, we can try to raise them. They won't turn the sky."

     Ye Shu thought the same way. Raising a weak ghost is safer than raising a strong ghost.

     "I also Don't talk too much, I plan to raise a ghost, if you will just one, two will do, I will feed you with blood rice every day, and you will help me to suck away the yin qi."

     Ye Shu said, pointing to the urn: "Can you two squeeze an urn?"

     The two ghosts looked at each other and were pleasantly surprised. The bald ghost agreed on the spot, almost kowtow.

     But the green ghost rolled the eyes and seemed to think of something. He looked at Ye Shu and then at Liu Youyou. Cautious and solemn asked, "Excuse me, what do you do? If the yin anger is too heavy, we are impotent, and we can't eat it. It will be worn away by the Yin Qi, which is very dangerous."There is such a thing? Ye Shu was surprised, approached the green ghost and said, "Can you see if my yin is heavy?"

     The green ghost nodded, circled Ye Shu, and then said in doubt: "Brother, you don't have yin in your body. You are more masculine than the vast majority of people."

     No Yin Qi?

     Ye Shu was startled, and Liu Youyou was also stunned, this isn't right ah.

     "I have a cold neck in the evening, and I feel that there are what things haunt me, and I kill and cause evil every day, it is impossible to be sullen."

     Ye Shu solemnly said, after hearing the complexion big change, the green ghost floated away.

     "Brother, if it's as you said, you might have been entangled by an evil spirit. It is very powerful. It will absorb all the yin qi you have, so that you will not attract other ghosts. But you The evil spirits will become more and more powerful, and they need to get bigger and bigger, and they will definitely eat your flesh and blood in the end."

     The green ghost said in fear, Ye Shu's heart condensed, there is an evil ghost in the house? At what time did it come from? This is to suck myself to death unconsciously.

     "What can we do? We have evil spirits in our house? I am afraid it is not afraid of me, otherwise it will not be possible to pester you.

     Liu Youyou said in shock, Ye Shu's face was very bad, and his daughter was still at home.

     "Green, there is without any means to get rid of it? I can raise you two, and you can find a way out."

     Ye Shu said in a deep voice, green heartbeat and fear, and the bald ghost volunteered and said: "I can find my family to fight it."

     "Shut up, you know what a fart."Lu yelled at the bald ghost again, thinking for a moment, and said: "According to the information I have obtained from wandering for three years, the only way to get rid of the evil spirit is to find a more evil spirit. You can raise a powerful evil spirit. I can introduce to you, I happen to know one, she is a sensible evil spirit. But you must also raise us, in other words you must raise three ghosts."

     Lv is really lion's big mouth. If Ye Shu raises three at the same time, isn't it killing him? Besides, it is necessary to raise evil spirits. That is a very dangerous thing, and accidents are terrible.

     "Are you too much? We can burn you paper money, give you incense, and you will be spared if you are raised. You go and reincarnate. What good is it for people to raise them?"

     Liu Youyou complained uncomfortably. The green ghost hadn't spoken yet, and the bald ghost interjected: "beautiful elder sister, reincarnation is impossible. It is impossible to reincarnate in this life. You can't be an evil ghost. It can only be sustained by finding someone to raise it. Living like this, entering the urn is like going home, much better than reincarnation."

     "Don't be crooked, let me do it!"

     Green was cursed and smiled flatly: "Brother and sister, frankly, reincarnation is really impossible. The vast majority of people are all sinful. If they die, they will be punished in hell, and the serious ones will have Eighteen Levels of Hell Forty-ninth day tour, who can stand it. For example, although we are weak and small, wandering around to avoid bad habits, and often bullied by big ghosts, we are free and easy. When we are lucky, we take three or five breaths. When you’re lucky, go and watch women take a shower. Isn’t that pretty?"

     You ghosts are also very interesting.Ye Shu was amused, and his tone was relaxed: "Let’s do it, you can introduce the evil spirits to me, you can often ask me for blood rice in the future, but raising you guys really can’t work, you don’t know the consequences, this is going against the sky Raising ghosts, you may lose control in the future."

     Ye Shu had already made the biggest concession, the green ghost and the bald ghost turned around and whispering for a while before they agreed.

     "Well, then make friends, and burn some paper money for us during the holidays. Bald Mao wants to go to the ghost market to buy a little yellow book."

     (Let's talk, what kind of ghost do you want to raise? Yu Jie or Loli or Tsundere or Poisonous Tongue or Mouthless or Cute Boy?)
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