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0 Chapter List 24 Cute Little Sister
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Lu and Baldmao agreed with Ye Shu's suggestion. They are the weakest solitary soul, unbound ghost. They suffer from starvation all the year round. Now they can find someone who can provide blood rice paper money. 』

     Ye Shu and Liu Youyou were also anxious, but there was a demon in the house, and they had to act quickly.

     "Then it's settled, you take us there now, if the evil spirit you know is willing to accept my breeding, I will not treat you badly."

     Ye Shu hugged the urn and said, green and bald also without rubbish, floating towards the alley in the distance.

     "Here, she is also in the south of the city. She likes to be alone and doesn't like to talk. Just don't anger her. Everything is up to me."

     The green ghost reminded intimately that there seemed to be a few uncertainties in his tone, and he might not be very familiar with the evil ghost.

     Ye Shu and the two followed them all the way, circling Nine Streets and Eighteen Alleys in the dark, and finally reached a dilapidated residential area. Although there were street lights inside, it was still dark in general.

     This community is much more upscale than Yeshu, and naturally there are more residents, but it is also very dilapidated. It is estimated that the rich have moved out.

     The two ghosts entered the community and went to the park of the community.

     Said it is a park, but it is actually a sports square in the community. Plant some trees, build some equipment, and build a small pond to make a park.

     When the green arrived in the park, he looked around, sniffed his nose, and floated towards the small pond.

     There was only one street lamp over there, gray and silent, and there were no insects. It was scary to look at.Ye Shu didn't see any other ghosts, and there was no one near the small pond. However, Green and Bald ran to the small pond and talked to the bench on the bank of the pond. There seemed to be something sitting on the bench.

     "Xiao Leng, we found a good club for you. Would you like to think about mixing with humans?"

     Green spoke cautiously. It seemed to be in awe of this evil spirit named Xiao Leng.

     Bald Mao also persuaded: "Miss Sister, you are the only one who does not bully us. We respect you very much, but if you sit like this all day long without speaking, your yin will slowly disappear, and finally Thanks to becoming a solitary soul, unbound ghost."

     The two ghosts talked to the empty chair. Ye Shu and Liu Youyou looked at each other, and they became nervous. At this time, Lu waved to Ye Shu and said, "Brother, bring the ashes over and give Xiao Leng a try. ."

     Ye Shudang was about to take the urn, Lu took it and handed it to the empty chair, and once again persuaded him: "Xiao Leng, let me tell you, this human blood rice is really superb. You'll be full after a single mouthful. Good to heaven, you try."

     The urn was handed to the front, and Xiao Leng finally took it. However, Ye Shu couldn't see the evil spirits, only saw the urn in midair floating, and then stopped. After the lid was opened, the blood rice "floated" out.

      Without a doubt, Xiao Leng is eating blood rice. If an unsuspecting person sees this scene and is sure to be scared to death, Ye Shu is also secretly frightened, this evil spirit actually eats blood rice directly, green and bald hair are sucked.

     "You see how refreshing she eats, let me just say it, she is very powerful, only a powerful ghost can eat like humans, we all suck."Lu explained in a low voice, complimenting the "products" he promoted.

     "Why can't I see her? Can people not see evil spirits?"

     Ye Shu wondered, he was very curious about Xiao Leng, since he wanted to raise her, he had to know her in advance.

     "No, as long as we ghosts are willing to make people see, Xiao Leng hasn't agreed to let you keep it, and wait until she finishes eating."

     Lu explained, motioning Ye Shu to don't be impatient. Ye Shu stopped asking and waited quietly.

     Both the two ghosts watched the blood rice in the urn slowly decrease, and there was no more grain left, and Xiao Leng ate very cleanly.

     After she finished eating, she immediately asked: "Xiao Leng, would you like it? Just help this person absorb the yin, and how much you want to eat in the future."

     Ye Shu also raised his mind, fearing that the evil spirit would not agree. However, the power of the blood rice is still very powerful, Xiao Leng agreed, and appeared.

     Ye Shu and Liu Youyou also saw this now. This is a young female ghost, but 15-16 years old, with double ponytails, head hanging slightly, sitting on a chair with legs close together, motionless like a statue.

     She is wearing a beautiful black uniform, her short skirt is neat and tidy, her calf is still wrapped in stockings, and her shoes are small Japanese leather shoes. She looks like a neon high school student.

     This kind of Japanese style dress is rare in China. Xiao Leng may have been a student of Aristocratic School during his lifetime, and he uniformly customized this uniform.

     Her face is also extremely beautiful, with big eyes and small lips, her face is a bit round, pretty cute, plus double ponytails and Qi Liuhai, this is a typical cute girl.

     Ye Shu and Liu Youyou were both very surprised. Is this an evil spirit?"Xiao Leng, now that you agree, you will follow this old man from now on, and we will also be touched."

     Lu rejoiced and said, the bald hair was also quite happy, there will be rice blood and paper money in the future.

     Xiao Leng is silent, but nodded, without a trace of expression on his face, so cold.

     Ye Shu felt a little weird, and he pulled Green aside and whispered: "Is this girl reliable? I think she is still a high school student, and she is so cute, not like a ghost."

     Green vowed to respond: "Brother, you don't understand this. You think she is cute only because of her dress. She is dressed to death in this picture, and she is carrying a small red schoolbag. If she is also lost in Maokeng. Dead, just like us, sloppy and disgusting."

     There is such a statement?

     Okay, Ye Shu doesn't care, but he doubts Xiao Leng's combat effectiveness.

     "How powerful is she? You all said that the ghost in my house is terrifying, if this little cold can't beat him, wouldn't it be cheating?"

     "Xiao Leng is the most powerful ghost I have ever seen. Six months ago, she had Sudden Appearance in the south of the city. Since then, no big ghosts have come to the south. Those big ghosts can feel the horror of Xiao Leng and dare not come. The little ghost ran away too. Thoroughly, only we accidentally met Xiao Leng in an alley. We all thought it was going to be miserable, but Xiao Leng did not bully us and gave way to us. It should be noted, the big ghost always likes to eat the little ghosts ."

     Lu spoke carefully and seriously, and he obviously respected Xiao Leng.

     Ye Shu nodded after listening, "Well, I believe it, but what is her background? I feel like she was a high school student before her death."Lu shook her head in response: "We don't know, Xiao Leng is not talking, I helped her name Xiao Leng, she may have forgotten everything before her lifetime."

     A cute girl demon of unknown origin.

     Ye Shu didn't ask too much. Now that the problem is without other choice, the ghost at home must be cleaned up, so let Xiao Leng try.

     Ye Shu and Lu walked back, this time it was Ye Shu's turn to speak.

     He smiled and said to Xiao Leng: "Xiao Leng, I will feed you in the future. One day is half a bowl of blood rice. You help me absorb the yin and drive away evil spirits. I will not treat you badly."

     Xiao Leng is still silent, that is nodded, without a trace of color on his white face, but it is not shocking.

     Seeing her nodding, Ye Shu pointed to the urn: "Then you go in, I will take you home."

     Xiao Leng shook his head again, and Lu hurriedly said, "Xiao Leng may not like living in the urn, she will follow you, don't worry."

     In that case, it can't be forced.

     Ye Shu picked up the urn and brought Liu Youyou home, Xiao Leng slowly stood up and followed him. Ye Shu glanced at the corner of his eyes and saw that she was carrying a red schoolbag. She was so cute that she was less than one meter tall with a uniform and a small schoolbag.
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