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    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"There are... ghosts..."

     The little lover was so frightened, she was shaking all over, her face pale. Originally, Zhu Changfen felt that something was wrong in the alley when he went upstairs. At this time, seeing the appearance of his lover, he inevitably panicked.

     "Xiaoling, don't be afraid, what exactly is going on? Don't scare me."

     Zhu Changfen hugged this Xiao Ling and kept looking into the bathroom. Xiaoling trembled: "Look at the washing machine... She moved, and the nozzle... There are grimace in the mirror..."

     Xiaoling explained, not daring to open her eyes. Zhu Changfen calmed her in a panic, and walked cautious and solemn to the bathroom.

     He turned off the washing machine first, then went to look in the mirror, but nothing at all saw.

     "No, did you read it wrong? You also opened the washing machine yourself?"

     Zhu Changfen looked back and asked, Xiaoling looked up at him tremblingly, and on the spot saw a bald ghost with a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl in the mirror.


     She screamed, turned and ran away. Zhu Changfen turned his head and took a look. He overturned in terror on the spot, crawling out piss in one's pants in terror, screaming in panic.

     The two rushed out of the house one after the other, Xiaoling only wore a bathrobe, and Zhu Changfen only wore a pair of pants.

     The funny green and bald hair in the bathroom laughing heartily, and hurrying back to the alley after laughing.

     Ye Shu and Liu Youyou were waiting. Seeing them come down, they quickly asked about the situation.

     Green pointed outside: "Listen."

     Hearing only a panic of footsteps and panting, Xiao Ling and Zhu Changfen rushed down in horror and ran straight to the car.Ye Shu snapped a finger and pointed to the car and said, "You go to the car again to scare, don't let them run."

     Lu and Bald Maojian floated over with a smile, and followed Zhu Changfen and Xiaoling in the car.

     About ten seconds later, without the car moving, Zhu Changfen took the lead and rolled out howling, and then Xiaoling also ran down, frightened to the ground, unable to climb.

     Zhu Changfen is a man after all, a bit more courageous, he ran away from a distance, completely ignoring Xiaoling's cry for help.

     This frightens almost there, and it will kill people if it goes on, and it will be easily spotted by outsiders.

     "I'm going to chase Zhu Changfen, Youyou still don't show up, everything is under my control."

     Ye Shu said with a smile, Liu Youyou flipped a supercillious look towards him: "I see, go now."

     Ye Shu didn't say much. He studied the layout of Osmanthus Street before, and then bypassed the back of the alley and directly pursued Zhu Changfen.

     Zhu Changfen was dazed, his legs were weak in fright, and naturally he couldn't run fast. Ye Shu caught up with him in a while and went straight out of the dark alley.

     "This uncle, why are you so alarmed?"

     Ye Shu smiled at the entrance of the alley, Zhu Changfen was half-dead in fright, scream retreated wildly: "You... who are you?"

     Ye Shu walked closer, and said in a soft tone: "I am a disciple of Fortune Teller in the Chenghuang Temple. I just passed by here, and it feels a bit wrong."

     He is naturally nonsense, and under normal circumstances, others will only regard him as a brain-dead and will not believe it at all.But Zhu Changfen had already terrified his son at this time. He personally saw a grimace. When he heard of Chenghuang Temple, he couldn't help but feel calm. How could he not believe it?

     He shook his lips and screamed, "Chenghuang Temple? Master...There are ghosts here."

     Ye Shu sighed: "Be quiet, you are not afraid of ghosts finding you."

     Zhu Changfen kept shaking, covering his mouth and dared not say anything. He sweat all over the face, his wrinkled skin looked like a large pile of bad pork in the night, and he looked a little nauseous.

     "You have a noble appearance between your eyebrows, and you also have a wealth of wealth on your body. I'm afraid you are not an ordinary person. Dare to ask Aber's name?"

     Zhu Changfen was already shocked by Ye Shu's stance, and he naturally answered respectfully at this time.

     "My name is...Zhu Changfen...Master, I really hit a ghost, ask Master to help me."

     He almost knelt down and kowtowed, Ye Shu hurriedly went to support him, neither fast nor slow said: "Mr. Zhu, don't panic, I still need to know more, please follow me."

     He took Zhu Changfen to the street light at the corner of the street, which was very bright, and Zhu Changfen calmed down a bit, but he was still sweating constantly, staring around in panic.

     Ye Shu pretended to look at him, rolled his eyelids, and calculated with my fingers, "Mr. Zhu, if I was right, are you a doctor?"

     Zhu Changfen was stunned for a moment, and was stunned: "Master... how do you know?"

     Ye Shu faintly smiled: "Mr. Zhu, although you are old, your fingers are slender and full, and lifeless. Of course, this is not your lifelessness, but the patient's lifelessness. Look at your eyes again, there is a dark inside of the upper eyelid. Line, this is a manifestation of Yin Qi, you must be in the hospital often."Ye Shu talked in a mess, but Zhu Changfen admired prostrate oneself in admiration. Where did he question him leisurely. At this time, he repeatedly nodded: "Yes, Master, you are too good, can you save me?"

     "Hey, you often live in the hospital. You have provoke a yin qi, and it’s not surprising that you hit a ghost, and I think your Yin Tang is gloomy, and I feel that your yang qi is leaking seriously, and your kidneys are weak. Grass, it's too bad."

     Naturally, he "got it right" again. Zhu Changfen completely believed him and begged: "I was wrong, Master, I shouldn't be too bad. Raising a lover outside, knowing that the body is not allowed and still indulging in beauty, Master, this What can I do?"

     Zhu Changfen’s tears came out, Ye Shu put out his palm and touched his forehead and shoulders, and said in a deep voice, “Mr. Zhu, there are three fires on the human body. You have put out two of them, and only the forehead is left. ."

     Zhu Changfen is old and has heard about this. Hearing Ye Shuyi's words at this moment, he was so scared that he fell on his knees: "Master, am I going to die?"

     Ye Shufeng was high and calm, standing with his hand holding his hand: "Mr. Zhu, frankly, you know that I am not doing well when I look at this picture. Now everyone does not believe in Buddhas or ghosts, my master and I are almost starving to death. I was forced to go out and wander around to see if I could find a business. You and I are destined."

     Zhu Changfen is such an old fritters, listen to Ye Shu such a saying and immediately understand him The words mean more than they say.

     "I understand, Master, you are wronged. I am willing to give you any money. I only ask you to help me get rid of ghosts, and I will light the three fires."

     He was too scared, and being fooled by Ye Shu, he felt that his time limit was approaching, so he quickly asked for his life.Ye Shu was not in a hurry to talk about money, he had to build his own glorious image first.

     "Mr. Zhu, I have a few suggestions. You must agree to follow me to help you."

     Zhu Changfen nodded vigorously and asked Ye Shu to say that he must abide by it.

     "First, you must do your best to be a good doctor in the future, and don’t abuse your power to seek personal gain, otherwise you will be surrounded by evil spirits and you will not die. Second, you must give up your outside lover and cherish your good wife at home. If not, Your lover’s bad luck will also be passed on to you. Third, you have to do more good deeds and don’t be stingy with your wealth. Money is not a good thing. If you make money from evil deeds, you need to spend more money."

     After finishing the three conditions, Zhu Changfen hesitated for a moment still nodded and agreed: "Okay, I listen to the master of everything."

     Ye Shu un'ed: "student that can be taught, then I will help you. As for the cost, you can give it to you. We only ask for feeding, not wealth."

     He just asked Zhu Changfen to make more money from his family. At this time, he has a masterful tone. Zhu Changfen admires it very much. He kowtows and said: "Master, I would like to donate 500,000 yuan, just for peace of mind."

     He has completely entered Ye Shu's trap, Ye Shu laughed in his heart, but his face was extremely calm.

     "You don't need to say much about money, you come with me first, whoever hung the bell on the tiger's neck must untie it, you are targeted by evil spirits, and the evil spirits need to forgive you."

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