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0 Chapter List 34 Sudden Development
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

As the so-called body is slanted, Zhu Changfen usually does evil things on weekdays, naturally he is afraid of retribution. Once he encounters a ghost, he will become a dog. He has no rich experience of old fritters, and he is played around by Ye Shu. 』』

     Ye Shu quit while one is ahead, 500,000 is already a lot, enough to cope with the monster market in autumn.

     Zhu Changfen, with his straight face and heart alarmed, trembling in fear, returned to the car. The Miss Xiaoling was curling up and shivering on the ground, she was so scared that she was unable to move a single step.

     The neighborhood was very silent, and there was no sound, and the residents had fallen asleep.

     Zhu Changfen also encountered a ghost in the car, and now he returned here with horror. He hid behind Ye Shu and looked around, for fear that the ghost would come out suddenly.

     "Mr. Zhu, don't panic, who is yours lover, right? Go and comfort her, don't let her be terrified, in vain."

     Ye Shu said, he saw that Xiaoling was very scared, so he had to comfort her first to avoid major incidents.

     Zhu Changfen didn't care about Xiaoling, but since the master asked him to put a bold face on it and agreed, he moved to Xiaoling tremblingly to comfort him.

     Seeing him coming back, Xiaoling hugged him and cried and yelled, "You who have suffered a thousand swords... leave me alone, and blame you... for doing so many offend Heaven and reason things... having suffered retribution. I."

     Zhu Changfen was embarrassed and guilty, and quickly told Xiao Ling to stop talking. No matter how willing to listen, Xiaoling kept yelling, venting her fear and dissatisfaction.

     Ye Shu didn't bother to care about them, approached the car and stared inside for a while, with a solemn expression on his face.

     "The ghost is raging in this car. I'm afraid the evil spirit got into the car just now."As soon as these words came out, both Zhu Changfen and Xiao Ling were repeatedly nodded. Xiao Ling thought that she had met a noble person and cried out loudly: "Big Brother...Do you know how to get rid of ghosts? Lao Zhu came to you?"

     Zhu Changfen slapped her: "Don't yell, this is the master of the Chenghuang Temple, there is absolutely no problem with him."

     Xiaoling stopped screaming, and Zhu Changfen also looked at Ye Shu nervously, praying that he could drive away ghosts.

     Ye Shu touched his chin and pretended to be contemplative, then stretched out his hand in the air, pinched a trace of air and sniffed, then looked at the void with his hand held down.

     "Come out, make it clear in person if you have any resentment, don't do anything harmful."

     He called Green and Bald to himself, Zhu Changfen and Xiao Ling hugged each other with pale faces and looked at Ye Shu without blinking.

     Soon, a little ghost fire appeared in the air. After a gust of wind passed, Green and Bald's bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl popped up grimly.


     Zhu Changfen and Xiao Ling screamed at the same time, shrinking backwards in fright, both of them pissed out.

     Lu and Bald hadn't played enough yet. At this time, the two screamed at Zhu Changfen, almost fainting them.

     "Presumptuous, you two harming evil spirits, do not reincarnate but come to harm mortals, reckless!"

     Ye Shu devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence yelled, Lu and Bald had already been ordered to act, and they scolded back at this time: "Good, you humanoid boy, we dare to take care of our affairs? Even you ate!"

     The two ghosts roared and rushed, and there was a strong wind nearby, which made Zhu Changfen and Xiaoling scream again and again.

     Ye Shu was coldly snorted, raising his hands in deadly earnest and blinding a few knots."The Celestial soldiers are arrayed in front, the front does not turn, the rear turns, Amitabha..."

     He muttered for a while, then loudly shouted: "Broken!"

     Lu and Bald Mao glanced at each other, clutching their chests and backing away: "Ah, damn, I didn't expect how amazing human beings are, I'm going to die..."

     They screamed for a while, and gradually disappeared in the sky. The calm here quickly recovered, and there was no one else except Ye Shu under the dim street lamp.

     Zhu Changfen and Xiao Ling were dumbfounded, Ye Shu shook his hand and pretended to be weak and said: "These two evil spirits refuse to reason. I can only eliminate them. I don't know why they entangle you. I should let them explain. "

     "Don't, don't have to, it's good, thank you Master, Master is really my lucky star."

     Zhu Changfen pushed Xiaoling away and ran to Ye Shu in surprise to thank him. Ye Shu breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the "cold sweat" on his forehead and said: "They are really not simple. I am afraid they are a ghost king. I almost couldn't. Deal with them, it's a risk."

     Ye Shu exaggeratedly linked to the ghost king, and Zhu Changfen became more afraid and grateful.

     "Thank you so much, Master, please go upstairs, I will treat you well."

     He didn't actually want to entertain Ye Shu, he was just afraid that the evil spirit hadn't been cleaned up yet, and wanted to keep Ye Shu behind.

     Ye Shu didn't understand his thoughts, so naturally he agreed. It's no good if you don't agree. This old boy is not at ease yet, and he is definitely not willing to pay.

     He followed Zhu Changfen and Xiao Ling upstairs and became VIPs.

     Zhu Changfen still had some heart alarmed, trembling in fear. They had been sitting next to Ye Shu and talking to him, asking all sorts of questions to seek peace of mind.Ye Shu had a sudden headache, but luckily it was late at night, and the two of them were in the end still sleepy and no longer pestered Ye Shu.

     When they fell asleep, Ye Shu found a pen and paper in the room and wrote a message.

     "Mr. Zhu, remember what I said, don't violate it, otherwise the gods won't be able to save you, and my card number is 622848...8723. Playing more and less is fate, please feel free."

     Ye Shu left after writing the message. He was not happy to spend the night with Zhu Changfen and Xiaoling.

     After going downstairs, he hurried to find Liu Youyou in the alley. Liu Youyou was dozing off against the wall and was already drowsy.

     Ye Shu (to move or do sth) softly and quietly hugged her in the past: "Hey, little lady, come and play."

     Liu Youyou immediately became sober, almost slapped Ye Shu's face.

     "You bastard, my legs are almost numb, why is it so long?"

     "Zhu Changfen doesn't worry, he drags me upstairs. I left secretly, now I can go home."

     He was also extremely tired. It was already midnight, and normal people should be sleepy.

     Liu Youyou also wanted to go home, she didn't want to stand stupidly. Ye Shu took her to look around, calling for green and bald hair.

     The two ghosts immediately pop up and both become exhilarated. The ghost can't sleep, they want to play.

     Ye Shu smiled and said: "Zhu Changfen promised to give us half a million, but I'm afraid he will regret it. You two will stay and stare at him. If he regrets it, you will scare him again. If he goes to make money, ignore him. "

     The two ghosts nodded as soon as they heard it, and then floated upstairs again with a smirk, presumably they were going to peek at Xiaoling.Liu Youyou was very excited and took Ye Shu's arm and said, "He is willing to give half a million?"

     Ye Shu nodded, Liu Youyou looked excited, and drooled: "Five hundred thousand, only 300,000 demon crystals... Let's scare others and cheat more money. I want to buy a bunch of demon crystals!"

     She was over-excited and began to elatedly consider long-term plans.

     Ye Shu knocked her head and said, "No, I feel that this kind of thing is not good for green hair and bald hair. Just do it once, and I can't do it anymore."

     "It's bad for them? What's the bad?"

     Liu Youyou asked in doubt, Ye Shu was not sure: "I also suddenly realized that, you think about it, there are thousands of ghosts in the world, such as green and bald hairs are innumerable. They can scare people and peek at women. Taking a bath, doing pranks, presumably many ghosts can do this, but why these things rarely happen? It means that ghosts are not careless. Doesn't green mean that there are evils that will catch ghosts? Contacting too many humans may disturb the order of the sun , Don't do more."

     Although Ye Shu's consideration has little basis, it makes sense anyway. Liu Youyou groaned after hearing this, "It may be the case. The two guys Green and Bald can't be too messy. They have to be low-key. Next time we ask them, I don't know if they are not clear."

     The two talked and left Guihua Street. There were no buses in the middle of the night, so they had to find a taxi back to the south of the city.

     The southern part of the city is even more deserted, and the taxi drivers are panicked, making people funny.When they arrived at the small apartment, the two of them gave money to go home, and finally they could rest. But the two of them were surprised when they went upstairs, because a big black dog wandered around the door, trying to poke the keyhole with what thing in his mouth, and on the next staircase, Aiqier was lying with pain on his face.

     "Hidden handle? What happened?"

     Seeing that the situation was not right, Ye Shu rushed over to pick up Ai Qier. Ai Qier's expression was painful. Her body was actually hot and the temperature was extremely high.

     You know that vampire's body temperature is cold, why is it so hot?

     "She came to play with us at night, and suddenly... fainted, I came back to her... You are not at home... I can't use her keys, I don't have any hands."

     The Tibetan Mastiff said anxiously and stuttered again, what he was holding in his mouth was the key of Aiqier.

     Ye Shu couldn't help but said, hurriedly opened the door to enter the room, and put Aiqier on the bed. Liu Youyou came over and touched Ai Qier's forehead and said in surprise: "It's hot, she burned?"

     This is definitely not burning, Aiqier is a vampire, and the temperature is much higher than burning, it is simply... the blood is boiling.

     The Tibetan Mastiff was turning around at the foot of the bed, trying to remember: "She should have fainted at midnight. At that time, she was watching the moon on the roof. The situation was very strange. She also told me that she was six years old today. It doesn't matter."

     Six years old?

     Achille is only six years old today?

     Ye Shu calculated it carefully, and it seemed that it was true that he and Daphne pā pā pā's in the late summer and early autumn six years ago were probably the most recent, could it be today?Liu Youyou, who was thinking about the problem, heard that the Tibetan Mastiff couldn't help but complexion slightly changed, and quickly climbed onto the bed and opened Ai Qier's eyes. Ye Shu also curiously leaned over to check, this look revealed that there was a faint trace of blood red in Ai Qier's black eyes.

     "Black Eyed Intermediate Vampire, my God, she is bred, and she has evolved when she was only six years old. Is this still possible?"
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