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0 Chapter List 46 The Living Dead
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In fact, overwhelming majority ghosts cannot do anything to humans, but humans don’t know, and humans are born to fear ghosts. It is really rare for people like Ye Shu to be blind. Tianlai Novel

     Different colors flashed across the faces of both in the monitoring room. After Master Yang explained, Boss Su repeatedly nodded: "Yes, this person can be used. I can't wait any longer. You must call back my daughter's soul tonight. "

     Boss Su’s tone became hurried and stern, and Master Yang a little hesitant said: “It’s better to wait until next year’s Ghost Festival, which has the highest success rate.”

     "Wait until next year? What a joke? I didn't come here to wait. I'll do it tonight!"

     Boss Su severely shouted, Fiendish Qi Collides With The Heavens on him, Master Yang didn't dare to disobey, so he nodded in agreement.

     Boss Su relieved his hostility. Seeing that Master Yang's face was not very good, he squeezed out a smile and said, "Master, I'm too anxious. You just need to call on the soul. Money is not a system problem. Don't say a thousand. Ten thousand, 100 million I can afford."

     "I understand that I must spare no effort to bring back your daughter's soul for boss Su."

     The two of them were talking in the monitoring room, but Ye Shu was still in the basement negotiating with the ghosts.

     The ghost eater just refused to leave, and of course he didn't act on Ye Shu. In fact, it can still make Ye Shu if you can't eat it all, you'll have to take it home. For example, if you can't eat it all, you'll have to take it home. For example, if you can't eat it all, you'll have to take it home.

     "I don't care, you recruited me, you must take care of me, I just won't leave."The ghosts floating in the air live high and look down. Looking at Ye Shu, Ye Shu quipped twice and couldn't touch it. After a few breaths, he said, "I didn't invite you, but a ghost raiser, you know how to raise ghosts. Master? I don’t want to hurt you, so I keep advising you to go, but you don’t listen. It will be difficult for you to leave when the ghost teacher comes down."

     When it comes to raising ghosts, the ghost eater was obviously taken aback, and the complexion under his head changed.

     Ye Shu waved at it: "Don't be stubborn, we have fate then see you again, at most I will give you a few more hairs."

     The ghost eater became entangled. It observed the room, and it was indeed found that something was wrong. There might be a ghost raiser.

     "Well then, I will put your head away, and I can find you in the future. Don't be fooling around."

     The ghost eater compromised. Ye Shu didn't want to dare with it. He pulled off a few heads and gave it to him: "Okay, let's go."

     The ogre took it, and bashfully replied smelled for a moment, and finally disappeared.

     Ye Shu had a chill, and the dead ghost gave himself a wink.

     After the ghosts disappeared, Master Yang and Boss Su immediately came down. As soon as the iron gate opened, Boss Su immediately smiled heartily: "I thought you were a liar, but I didn't expect that you really have some skills. I drank away evil spirits without any effort. It's amazing."

     Master Yang also boasted: "Your Excellency doesn't have any props, but you dare to face evil spirits. This courage alone makes me to see only the other rider's dust and have no hope of catching up. I admire it."

     Both of them did not hesitate to praise themselves, and they obviously agreed with Ye Shu. Ye Shu indifferent smile: "Why do you need to do this little ghost? You don't know anything about it. The next person is called the master of persuasion, and the general ghost persuasion is gone."He did a good job of pushing, Boss Su didn't understand the situation in the exorcism world, nor did he want to. He stopped talking nonsense and said directly: "In that case, you and Master Yang will do it at midnight tonight. I will wait in the monitoring room and wait for your good news."

     Master Yang hurriedly explained, Ye Shu also nodded to express understanding.

     Boss Su looked anxious and became a little sick, and left after speaking, not knowing what to do.

     Ye Shu and Master Yang were left in the basement. Master Yang was also a capable person. Since the work was about to begin, he immediately introduced them to Ye Shu.

     "We are going to prepare now, you first come to familiarize yourself with the environment."

     Master Yang's words made Ye Shu a little confused, familiar with the environment? What kind of environment can this broken basement have?

     He was wondering, Master Yang suddenly walked to the corner and pressed what mechanism, only to hear a thud, the east wall suddenly cracked.

     A closer look reveals that there are two doors, which are now separated, revealing a transparent glass wall.

     The surrounding light increased sharply, and there was yet another basement behind the glass wall. The whole body was bright and made people's eyes narrow.

     "This is Miss Su's mourning hall. At midnight, I will call upon her coffin. If you have any preparations, you must do well in advance. I may invite ghosts."

     Master Yang was talking and pressing another switch, a small door opened in the corner of the glass wall, and he went straight in.

     Ye Shu also followed in. As soon as he entered, he sensed a chill, and the hall was a bit cold.

     When I fixed my eyes, it was Xiao Leng's spiritual position photo on the mourning hall, which was placed on a black wood spiritual platform, smile such as a flower.There is an incense burner on the platform, and a few incense sticks are still burning spontaneously. in addition there's some left Fruits are the layout of ordinary mourning halls, nothing to pay attention to.

     However, Xiao Leng's coffin was very strange. It was not placed horizontally next to the spiritual platform, but placed upright. It was not a wooden coffin. It looked like a black metal coffin. Ye Shu had never seen it.

     What is even more surprising is that there is a faint cold air around the coffin, like a refrigerator.

     Ye Shu couldn't help wondering: "This is Miss Su's coffin?"

     Master Yang nodded and said, "Yes, Miss Su's body is still inside, freezing, would you like to take a look?"

     Ye Shu was secretly surprised. Xiao Leng had been dead for half a year. He didn't expect the body to be frozen in this place. Boss Su was so sick that he made an underground hall to freeze his daughter.

     He frowned and approached, but the lid of the ice coffin was a transparent glass structure. Ye Shu could see Xiao Leng lying inside at a glance.

     Xiao Leng had been frozen for half a year, and his body was already covered with frost, and his facial features were not clear. Luo's exposed calves had turned into two popsicles.

     Ye Shu couldn't look directly at him, the whole body was frozen to pieces, right? A good cute girl turned into frozen pork!

     He couldn't bear to look away, and Master Yang said, "Although freezing can keep her body from decay, it just doesn't decay. She has become a piece of frozen meat, spectacle too horrible to endure. I also told Boss Su. Having said that, even if Miss Su's soul returns, she can only lie in the ice coffin in the future, and she can't do anything except blink her eyes, but Boss Su doesn't mind, she only needs Miss Su to survive."Master Yang could not sympathize with Xiao Leng, he just made Ye Shu want to know more.

     Ye Shu secretly cursed after hearing that Boss Su was really fucking perverted, wouldn't this be equivalent to amputating Xiao Leng's limbs and raising them as a toy?

     His face is not good, and he thinks that he must never let the soul call succeed.

     Master Yang had already did not speak and began to take out various props from his black leather bag and put them in front of the ice coffin.

     Seeing him busy, Ye Shu asked casually: "Master Yang should be a great and famous ghost raising master in the industry, right? It's amazing to make people rise from the dead."

     His compliment made Master Yang smile and said calmly: "It's not a rise from the dead. I just made Miss Su's body into a ghost-raising vehicle. After her return, she was imprisoned in the vehicle. In fact, it is alive. dead."

     Ye Shu's heart sank, this sounds very evil.

     "Although I don't understand it very well, I feel very powerful. But I want to ask, if Miss Su's soul is imprisoned, can she escape?"

     Master Yang laughed after hearing this, with a hint of sorrow on his face: "As long as she enters the vehicle, she is my ghost. Unless I die or she is strong enough to eat me back, it is absolutely impossible to escape."

     He was very confident. Ye Shu thought badly. This situation is a bit out of control. If Xiao Leng is really enchanted, he will have to lie in the refrigerator as a toy.

     At this time, the sky outside began to darken, Ye Shu had been in the basement for a long time.

     In the Chengnan apartment, Liu Youyou had also gone home. As soon as she came home, Ai Qier just woke up. Both of them were wrong and ignored each other.Liu Youyou has something urgent in her heart, put a bold face on it to the balcony and look: "Miss Su... is there?"

     As soon as the words were over, Xiao Leng's figure appeared, deadpan staring at Liu Youyou.

     Liu Youyou said hurriedly: "Ye Shu was taken away by your father, and I don't know what to do. I'm afraid he will be in trouble if he reveals his stuff."

     Liu Youyou told the hospital, Xiao Leng disappeared without saying a word.

     Liu Youyou became even more anxious, but there was no response after shouting for a long time. Instead, Ai Qier ran up holding the blood cake and shouted, "Who has taken the big brother?"

     "Lick your blood cake well, don't care about your adults."

     Liu Youyou ignored her, and went downstairs after a moment of thought, pushed Ye Shu's motorcycle out, and rode to the Garden of Eden.

     Ai Qier lost the blood cake and went downstairs to chase her, her expression also worried.

     It happened that a big black dog sprang up in the alley, and Ai Qier ran over and jumped on the back of the dog: "Mastiff, call the dog, my elder brother has an accident."

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