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0 Chapter List 51 Warm Father-daughter Love
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The three of them all fell off the back wall of the manor, especially Xiao Leng. Her body was stiff, and her face was crooked when she was thrown like this. 』

     Liu Youyou hurriedly rubbed her face and straightened her neck, which restored her indifferent expression.

     The noise in the manor kept coming. The police had arrived and were searching the entire manor.

     The three of them didn't dare to stay longer, and quickly turned over the mountains and plains behind them, and went around to the road.

     It was already past midnight, about 3 or 4 am, and there was no ghost on the road.

     Ye Shu walked towards the city with Xiao Leng on his back, and Liu Youyou began to complain again: "What can I do? The dog demon broke into the house, and Boss Su was half dead. The Monster Alliance will definitely pursue it."

     Liu Youyou was very worried, and Ye Shu also smiled bitterly. They have been playing a lot this time, and they must be unable to escape censure.

     "Go home first, anyway, you are getting into trouble, and you are also useless to worry, you can only see the opportunity and act."

     Ye Shu calmly said, the three of them walked all the way to the city. After walking for most of the noise, they arrived at a crowded place and hurriedly called a taxi home.

     Nothing happened all the way, and it was getting late when I got home. Ye Shu was very tired. He was an ordinary person and couldn't stand the fatigue.

     Aiqier waited happily at home, and only felt relieved when Ye Shu came back.

     "Big brother, wash your body quickly, I will help you rub the medicine."

     Little Lori is attentive, always thinking about Ye Shu's injury. Ye Shu just remembered that he was injured. He was tossed by evil spirits for a long time, and there were many skin injuries on his body.

     As soon as I noticed, I felt pain all over my body, and I couldn't stand still.Liu Youyou also said: "You go take a bath, your body can't hold it, I'll... take care of Xiao Leng."

     Liu Youyou said in a weird tone that she was taking care of her, but in fact she didn't know how to "handle" Xiao Leng's body.

     Xiao Chuang ignored them, walked straight to the balcony, and sat down peacefully without moving.

     Ye Shu curiously asked: "Xiao Leng, you that's all? Your body......"

     "Don't pay attention to me."

     Xiao Leng's voice came, a ghost appeared in the air, Xiao Leng escaped from his body.

     Ye Shu was taken aback, this cute girl is too amazing, right? The body is Master Yang's vehicle for raising ghosts, so Xiao Leng should be imprisoned. As a result, Xiao Leng can not only act, but also Soul Separation, which is too strong.

     Seeing Xiao Leng leave his body to speak, Ye Shu didn't say much, he was really tired.

     He hurried to take a bath, soaked all the stains, and soaked comfortably, the bathroom door was unscrewed, and Ai Qier grabbed a bath ball and ran in.

     "Big brother, I'll help you wash, don't move if you are hurt."

     Little Lolita ran in abruptly, shocking Ye Shu. He drew back into the foam of the bathtub and coughed dryly, "Qi'er, I am not badly injured. I can wash myself. You can go out."

     Aiqier stood by the bathtub, her clear eyes blinked a few times, and she lowered her head a little helplessly.

     Ye Shu couldn't help but dumbfounded, why did little Lori lose her?

     He hurriedly said: "My brother doesn't despise you, don't think about it, just that... You are six years old and you are no longer a four or five year old child. You must know how to make a distinction between the sexes. ."He didn't believe it for this reason, and Aiqier raised her face and wrinkled her nose and said: "Then you are sleeping with a vixen again? Isn't she a woman?"

     I go!

     Ye Shu was unable to respond, and his remarks were simply untenable. He laughed for a while, then he thought about it and figured it out again, Aiqier is his own daughter, what's the point of life, isn't it just taking a bath, this is a warm relationship between father and daughter in the bathroom.

     He nodded immediately: "Well, you can help me wash it, my arm hurts, it's really not easy to wash."

     After hearing this, Ai Qier showed a sweet smile and went over to give Ye Shu a bath. The bath ball was rubbed and rubbed on Ye Shu, and Ai Qier's little hand moved and moved, making Ye Shu feel comfortable.

     My daughter is really Dad’s intimate little padded jacket.

     He became happy in his heart, his whole person relaxed, and he fell asleep unconsciously.

     When I woke up, it was already broad daylight, and I was lying on the bed with a pair of pants.

     Ye Shu was dumbfounded for a moment before remembering that he was in the bath last night, and fell asleep unconsciously.

     Who put himself on the bed?

     He vaguely feels bad, isn't his body...

     He sat up all of a sudden, turn the head and looks to the cardboard box, and Aiqier was sleeping in the cardboard box with a lovely sleeping look.

     Ye Shu grabbed his clothes and put them on, (to move or do sth) slipped out softly and quietly, with a feel guilty as a thief.

     It turned out that Liu Youyou, who was lying on the sand and playing with her mobile phone, was coldly snorted: "Enough sleep?"

     Ye Shu Leng was so scared that he hurriedly calmly smiled and said: "Morning, faint, the weather is really good today, moderate wind, beautiful sun."Liu Youyou squinted at him: "Stuff it, don't you want to know what happened last night? You beast actually asked Ai Qier to bathe for you, she is still a child!"

     Digging for something, Ye Shu looked miserable: "I just asked her to rub my back, who knows I'm asleep, she didn't mess around?"

     "What do you think? A child doesn't understand anything. If it weren't for me, she will rub you from head to toe all over."

     It's so dangerous, Ye Shuchang heave a sigh of relief: "Then there is nothing wrong? Amitabha, I didn't commit a crime."

     Liu Youyou's eyes fluttered, and she said uncomfortably, "I was driven out when she rubbed your chest."

      So far so good, Ye Shu smiled, but immediately felt something wrong again, and Ai Qier was driven away. What happened after that? Why did you run out of bed?

     He stared directly at Liu Youyou, Liu Youyou weird expression, rolled over and ignored him: "What a disgusting thing, it's ugly."

     Ye Shu squirted, damn it, was really seen by Liu Youyou! He couldn't help but say a word with his old face.

     The scene was embarrassing for a long time, but Liu Youyou took the lead to speak: "What about Xiao Leng's body? Put it on the balcony?"

     Speaking of the body, Ye Shu was also serious, and hurried over to check.

     I saw Xiao Leng's body leaning softly in the corner, the frost on his body completely disappeared, and the water vapor dried up.

     In this way, she is still a cute girl in a Japanese uniform with a double ponytail.

     Ye Shu was secretly surprised. The body before it looked like a lump of rotten pork, but now it has a luster, and even his feet are white and smooth, which is amazing.And real people feel more cute than ghosts. After all, they have a three-dimensional sense. The facial features and torso are real. If it is not a corpse, it will definitely fascinate men.

     Liu Youyou lay on the sand and watched: "Xiao Leng is really cute, do you like this cute girl best?"

     What kind of trouble is this jealousy?

     Ye Shu not to know whether to laugh or cry and said: "Don't make trouble, things are very troublesome, not to mention Xiao Leng's body, it is difficult to deal with the investigation of the monster alliance alone, is there any movement today?"

     The movement he said was naturally related to the monster alliance, and Liu Youyou became nervous when he heard it.

     "For the time being, there's nothing about it. Maybe they haven't found anything. We can cross the sea by a trick."

     you sure?

     Ye Shu expressed extreme suspicion and was about to speak when Liu Youyou's cell phone shook and a text message came.

     She was frightened and her face turned black when she opened the text message.

     Ye Shu took a look, and his expression changed.

     "Two-Tailed Demon Fox Liu Youyou, please go to the Chengxi Monster Office for investigation. If not, the Monster Office will dispatch a law enforcement officer to arrest you."

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