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0 Chapter List 57 Monster Market
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The annual autumn monster market is a feast for monsters. It will be open for about half a month continuously, covering dozens of cities. Tian Lai Novels

     To put it plainly, as soon as the local monster market opens, monsters from more than a dozen nearby cities will come to the market to buy the best spirit pill or various Heaven and Earth Treasure, or even monster crystals.

     Because of the great interests involved, the monster market has always been controlled by the top. Maybe there will be leaders from the Southern Alliance to mingling with people in secret, and some powerful monsters will also show up.

     Liu Youyou carried a big backpack with 500,000 RMB in it. She planned to wash the monster market in blood.

     Ye Shu was relaxed, he just wanted to avoid Xiao Leng's hot strip attack, go out for a walk, relieve boredom, and improve his survival index.

     "Where is the Yokai Market? Can I go there by bus?"

     After Ye Shu went out and asked, Liu Youyou flipped a supercillious look towards him: "The monster market is our secret, how can the bus go? I only know that the location is deep in the mountains and wilds of Chengnan. I don't know how to get there. First go to Mr. Tree. I said hello to him before, and he said to give us some extra care."

      so far so good, two rookies need to hug their thighs, it is not appropriate to mess around.

     The two immediately drove the newly bought high-horsepower motorcycle straight to Tianleifeng.

     The distance is quite far, but the motorcycle is not slow, the sun is just right when it reaches the Tianlei Peak.

     The two went straight to the foot of the mountain and went to the side of the small pond. They heard messy voices as soon as they got closer. Many people gathered in front of them. They were all monsters in the group of monsters. There were more than fifty people. Going to the monster market for the market.As soon as Liu Youyou appeared, the monsters immediately amazed, and they enthusiastically gathered around.

     "Miss Liu, long time no see, you are beautiful again."

     "Ms. Liu still remember me? I am a frog in Dongting Lake, you laughed at me."

     "Only a few days before the next day, I succeeded in getting through the tribulation, and I was promoted to one of the ten great experts. Miss Liu can ask me what's the problem.

     Most of the monsters in this gang are men, all of them are immortal, eager to get the favor of the foxes.

     Ye Shu squinted at the side, don't go too far with you monsters, I'm not very happy.

     He was a wide grin and stood in front of Liu Youyou with everyone arms around each other's shoulders: "Hey, I remember you, Dongting Lake Toad Jing, a kind of talent. And you, when I found someone to help you carry the Tribulation Yes or no? How many days have passed the catastrophe? It's amazing, my brother..."

     He interrupted for a while, and the monsters knew that he was familiar with Mr. Tree, so they had to give face, and it was hard to pester Liu Youyou.

     Liu Youyou chuckled and did not speak, just like a quiet wife.

     At this time, there was a sound of birdsong, the branches in the forest separated, and a tall old treeman came out with some birds on his shoulders.

     The monsters were quiet, and they greeted the old tree man respectfully.

     The old tree said with a kind smile: "Don't make trouble, everyone is here, it's time to get out. You head south, and you will see a canyon after crossing the ten mountains. Just go in. Those who have been led the way and quickened their feet. Cheng, otherwise the good things will be bought by others."

     As soon as the old tree man said this, several powerful monsters soars toward sky in a Leap went straight to the south."Let's go ahead, see you in the canyon."

     Those monsters are very powerful, stepping on the branches and jumping, one hundred meters away, like flying.

     Ye Shu couldn't help being shocked. Liu Youyou said with envy: "They successfully crossed the calamity, and the magic has undergone a qualitative change, and they can almost fly. I need three tails to cross the calamity. It depends on whether I can buy the best demon crystal this time."

     When Liu Youyou spoke, the other monsters also rushed into the dense forest Each Revealing Their Full Abilities, most of them ran, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

     There are also some bird monsters, which directly become flying birds soaring in the sky, making people jealous.

     After a while, the area around Xiaotan was empty, leaving only the old Shuren and Ye Shu.

     The old tree man wants to take extra care of the two. At this time, he smiled and said to Ye Shu: "You are a human, and the monster market does not accept humans. Don't stir up trouble if you go, in case the big monster eats you in one bite. also can't do anything about it."

     Not accepting humans?

     Ye Shu was startled, and said vacantly: "Then I still won't go, I'm afraid of death."

     Liu Youyou pinched him: "Why are you so timid? Mr. Tree is so formidable. There must be a way."

     Liu Youyou gave a flattering, the old tree man hearty smiled, and took out two rough wooden tokens from his waist covered with lumps of trees, with the word "privileged" engraved on them.

     "This is a franchise order for the monster market to give the little monsters the back door, otherwise the vendors won't take care of the little monsters."

     These words made Ye Shu two overjoyed, and Mr. Shu really helped a lot this time.

     Ye Shu hurriedly thanked: "Thank you very much. From now on, Mr. Tree what's the matter, I will do my best.""Don’t care, Two-Tailed Demon Fox has huge potential, and it’s almost the strongest monster to evolve into Nine Tails. I should train her. As for you, raising ghosts and raising corpses, blood is also very strange, I really want to see you What will it become in the future."

     The old tree man smiled and gave the token to the two of them, and then continued: "In addition, there is one more thing to find you this time. I will not go to the monster market. Old bones are too lazy to move. You go to the monster market to find one human , Tell him that he can go home after another three years of work."

     These words made both of them stunned. Liu Youyou asked curiously: "Mr. Tree, is there a human being in the monster market?"

     The old tree man is nodded, not sure: "I don't know him either. His human superior asked me to help inform him. He is probably waiting for the notice. Just tell him."

     This sounds amazing, human, human boss. Ye Shu moved in his heart and couldn't help but said, "The Monster League is related to the country, right? The country is supporting it, right?"

     The old tree man smiled, tacitly agreeing.

     "Don't think too much about these things, everything has rules, otherwise the world will be messy, go."

     The old tree man said no more, Ye Shu and Liu Youyou were bothered, they walked quickly to the south and sank into the dense forest.

     Motorcycles are useless anymore. Next, they have to pass over mountains ridges. Ye Shu feels that he is useless either. It is so easy for an ordinary person to walk through the primitive jungle. He is very tired to death soon, and his body is still scratched.

     Liu Youyou looked unlucky and scolded him on his back.

     "I'm going to use my demon power, hold on, I'm starting to sprint."After she finished speaking, whoosh sound on the back of her buttocks, the two snow-white tails were raised high, and she stood straight.

     Liu Youyou used her Lingbo foxwalk, stepping ten meters, crossing countless jungles and mountains, leading Ye Shu to experience the feeling of flying.

     But after crossing the five hills, Liu Youyou was too tired to run, bend over with Ye Shu on his back.

     Ye Shu grabbed her shoulder and laughed and pushed: "Move, raccoon."

     His attitude to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster made Liu Youyou half to death. Liu Youyou slammed his shoulder and threw him to the ground: "You bastard, it's your turn to carry me!"

     The fiery Liu Youyou is not easy to provoke, Ye Shu had to carry her on his back and pass over mountains ridges. After only half an hour of walking, his legs became weak.

     "Move, Shu Shu move!"

     Barbell-like laughter echoed in the woods, a man and a woman bickering, taking turns carrying each other, dilly-dally for most of the day, finally overcame the tenth mountain when it was dark.

     There really is a canyon in the mountain, with few dense forests, most of which are open spaces, but a large grass canyon surrounded by mountains.

     At this moment, the torches were lit inside, and they gathered into densely packed torch rivers, intertwined in the canyon, reflecting the canyon in red.

     The clamor was loud, and I couldn't hear what the monsters were saying. Instead, I could hear singing and dancing. It seemed that a bonfire party was being held in the canyon.

     The entrance to the canyon is also crowded with monster vendors, such as herbs, ginseng, antlers, and various valuable supplements, but most of them are selling blood bags.It was an animal blood bag. The vendors held up a sign and screamed. Ye Shu saw an old rabbit hissing exhaustingly: "Tiger blood, superb, full of spirits, suck it for three days."

     And a resentful tiger monster next to him raised his palm and yelled: "Monster rabbit blood, the spirit of the old rabbit is more abundant, cheating neither old nor young, affordable price!"

     It's so lively!

     Ye Shu and Liu Youyou were both here for the first time. They were curious about everything. After wandering around the entrance for a long time, Liu Youyou bought a bag of tiger blood and tried the taste.

     Unfortunately, the effect is not good, it is a vast distance worse than Ye Shu's blood.

     Obviously, this entrance is all small vendors selling gadgets, and the good things are in the canyon.

     The two stopped watching, excitedly walked into the canyon.
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