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0 Chapter List 61 Snake Girl
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the inn area to the east, almost every inn is full of monsters, and more than half of them are female elves. Looking around, there are pretty waists and beautiful legs everywhere, which is dazzling.

     It was the first time Ye Shu saw so many goblins, all of them were so beautiful and well-built, which was amazing.

     Ye Shu looked at the fairy while looking for the inn, admiring the beauty to his heart's content. Of course, he had to deal with the hand on his waist. Liu Youyou was merciless and pinched him wants to live, wants to die.

     The two of them searched for four or five inns in a row, but they didn't find one with a vacancy. There were too many guests.

     "Let's go to the small inn, the big inn is famous, and the monsters rushed to the big inn as soon as they came.

     Ye Shu groaned, scanning the street and looking at a dilapidated and small wooden inn.

     Liu Youyou is not particular about accommodation, so naturally he agreed. The two immediately went to the small inn and took a look in front of the house. There were also a few people scattered inside, completely without the noise of the big inn.

     Ye Shu was quite satisfied, and walked in. Liu Youyou followed her with a backpack. When the two entered the inn, several monsters drinking and eating meat couldn't help but looked towards this side, their expressions were very unfriendly, and they were probably violent monsters.

     Ye Shu has adapted to the atmosphere of the monster market, and it is not worth it. He took out the license and shook it, then walked to the front desk.

     The front desk is also biased towards the ancient style, with an abacus on it, but the large cabinet at the rear is full of modern wine, which is expensive.

     Ye Shu and Liu Youyou didn't see the boss. After looking around for a while, the curtains of the inner room opened, and a woman with an oval face was all smiles came out.As soon as she came out, she was accompanied by Yinling's laughter, making her bones numb. Several customers in the shop also looked at her obsessively and smiled ambiguously.

     Ye Shu was also stunned, because this proprietress... is so beautiful.

     Fairies are extremely beautiful people, and this boss lady is even more of a leader. She is so beautiful that even Liu Youyou has been compared.

     You must know that the fox is a stunner among the fairies. Don't look at Ye Shu's usual preference for Mai Tai Liu Youyou, but he also believes that Liu Youyou is the most beautiful fairy he has ever seen.

     But at this moment, when I saw the lady boss, Liu Youyou was compared, showing the beauty of the lady boss.

     Ye Shu couldn't help but marvel, there was such a short sway, but after the reaction came, he felt something was wrong.

     Upon closer inspection, the Boss lady's face seems abnormal. The standard Korean-style oval face is impeccably delicate in every inch, and the size of the nose and lips make people feel flawless.

     But because it's so perfect, it looks a little weird. There is probably not such a woman in the world, except for beauty.

     "Two guests, should you stay in a restaurant or eat?"

     When Ye Shu looked around, the lady boss had already spoken, her voice was so crisp that Ye Shu was shuddered.

     He quickly reacted and said: "Are there any rooms? We are staying in the store."

     The female boss smiled softly: "There is another room, 2o1 on the second floor, 500 a day, how many days do you want to live?"

     "Three days."

     Ye Shu responded and turned to look at Liu Youyou: "Give it money."

     Liu Youyou was also stunned. Ye Shu only realized it when he said, and quickly took out the money.The boss's eyes moved around, and she inadvertently looked at Liu Youyou, in the eye flickers.

     "Okay, two thousand and five for two. This is the key. Just call me what you need."

     The proprietress gave the key to Don't talk too much, and returned to the back room with a smile, which caused several monsters in the store to look through.

     The atmosphere in the inn seemed a bit weird, Ye Shu felt very uncomfortable, but since they were all living, there was no need to choose another store.

     He pulled Liu Youyou upstairs, but Liu Youyou started shaking again, unable to lift his energy.

     Ye Shu couldn't help but wonder, and asked her what's wrong, she whispered: "The lady boss is very scary, definitely a big monster, I seem to be charmed by her."


     The corner of Ye Shu's eyes twitched: "The lady boss charms you? Is she a fox?"

     Liu Youyou shook his head: "It's not a fox, I don't know either what kind of fairy, it's so beautiful, it makes my heart beat faster."

     What the hell, you Lily?

     Ye Shu made a cry and pulled her into room 2o1. The room is very small and the bed is small, but the two of them are relatively thin and can be squeezed.

     "Let's sleep together tonight. After all, it's the monster market. It's not safe secretly. I'm afraid of death, so I can stay with you."

     Ye Shu casually said, Liu Youyou rolled his eyes: "Whatever, but if you dare to mess around, I will castrate you."

     Who are we with whom, how can I mess around?

     Ye Shu curled his lips and smiled: "All right, I found the inn. It's so dark, don't you want to go out for a wave?"Although the night is dark, the outside is still noisy, especially the central bonfire square, which has become a sea of joy, sing and dance barbecue field battle, not to mention more lively.

     "I'm not going anymore. I'm still a little uncomfortable. I always think about the lady boss, and my body throbs."

     Liu Youyou shook his head and said, Ye Shu was startled, didn't he, haven't healed yet?

     "She is indeed too beautiful, but I can resist it. Are you a female fairy infatuated with her?"

     Ye Shuqi said, ridicule. Liu Youyou turned on the bed and lay down and said: "What do you know, it's not a question of beauty, I can't tell. I have to sleep, I'm very tired."

     Liu Youyou just fell asleep, as if suddenly overworked.

     Ye Shu, frowned, didn't go to waves anymore, he had to guard Liu Youyou.

     He also intends to sleep, but he is a human being. After a tiring day, he was covered with stinky sweats. He couldn't sleep at all, and he couldn't use black magic to clean his body. If he squeezed into bed, Liu Youyou would definitely be kicked off.

     "I have to take a shower and be back soon."

     Ye Shu said, but Liu Youyou was already asleep. Ye Shu reluctantly hid the backpack under the bed before going out.

     The more deserted the downstairs, the few customers don't know where to go, and there is no life in the store.

     Ye Shu didn't know where to take a bath, so naturally he went downstairs to find the boss.

     He yelled twice at the front desk, and the charming lady boss came out with a smile: "This guest has any instructions?"

     Ye Shu looked at her secretly, and the more she looked, the more she felt that she was beautiful and unreal."I want to take a shower. Do you have a bathroom and clothes?"

     "Of course, please come with me. We have our own bathhouse in the store, which is very convenient."

     There is also a bathhouse? This isn't bad. Ye Shu lifted her heels into the back room, and after walking through the kitchen, she actually entered a bathhouse.

     This bathhouse is neither too big nor too small. The water pipe is actually a bamboo tube. It looks very stylish, and the water is also mountain spring water.

     At this moment, there were a few monsters taking a bath inside. When the lady boss came in, they all looked over, with a face of idiot and indecent things under the crotch.

     Ye Shu was taken aback. These few guns were pointed straight at him, and the owner of the guns looked foolish, too weird.

     "You are free, I will bring you a change of clothes later."

     The lady boss walked out with a smile, and the monsters in the bathhouse suddenly sighed, turned and removed the short gun.

     Ye Shu hesitated for a moment, found a remote corner and started taking a shower, staring at the monsters from the corner of his eyes.

     As soon as the lady boss left, they seemed to be normal again and started talking.

     "Snake Ji is so beautiful, I really want to fuck her."

     "I also think it will be midnight soon, I don't know who she will choose."

     "Definitely is me, I am the strongest, Snake Ji has been peeking at me just now."

     Several monsters were talking, and they started arguing. After arguing for a while, they became angry, and they fought with each other.

     Ye Shu looked stunned, thinking that he had finished washing the flash, but unexpectedly, the man who hit the most fiercely was kicked by the two of them and rolled directly at his feet.As soon as he hid, the big man slammed his head on the wall, smashing the blood out.

     The other monsters looked doesn't look at him, and continued to fight with each other, like young and Dangerous.

     This big guy who hits head broken, blood flowing can't get up for a long time, where is there a trace of a monster?

     Ye Shu touched him with his foot: "Man, are you okay?"

     The big man covered his head and shook it vigorously, and the water in the bamboo pipe continued to flow onto his head, washing his blood, making him sober.

     "Where am I...? What happened?"
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