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0 Chapter List 67 Bear People Are Fearless
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

has to say, Ye Shu is really unlucky. In previous years, the alliance had closed one eye for the secret demon crystal trade, but this year it sent a red robe lawman to arrest people. 』』

     He and Liu Youyou are both rookies who are here for the first time, and they have no strength. At the moment, they are scared enough for fear of being caught and sent to jail.

     "Hurry up, keep up with the vendors, they know how to run."

     The catfish monster screamed in front, and had already used its demon power. In that dark narrow passage, light flashed from time to time, and it was obvious that the escape monster was urging the demon power.

     Ye Shu had heard the rustle behind, the lawman rushed in. However, the two of them are falling behind, unable to catch up with the big monster in front.

     In a hurry, Liu You picked up Ye Shu, stretched out his tails, and the demon spirit rolled up a violent wind, carrying Ye Shu and rushed.

     Although she is not strong, her aura is very peculiar, containing the charm of a vixen. When this demon spirit charged, it immediately attracted the attention of many law enforcement officers, and a group of law enforcement officers came to chase Liu Youyou.

     Fortunately, it had reached the end, but it was a big hole in the ceiling. Many vendors and guests jumped up suddenly, rushed out of the big hole in the head, and ran outside.

     Liu Youyou rallied and rushed out with Ye Shu on his back.

     Outside is the primitive dense forest, all around is the same, it is impossible to tell the direction. The monster that rushed out was also separated and ran away, Liu Youyou doesn't know at all who to follow.

     "From the north to the north, I saw the catfish weird."Ye Shu pointed to the north and shouted, the catfish monster had already run away. Liu Youyou hurried to the north, where there are higher mountains and denser jungles. If you look down from the sky, you can see the northern mountains in clusters, extending for hundreds of kilometers, dense forests, no end in sight.

     The two ran for a while, only to find that there was no one around, and the catfish monster didn't know where it went.

     There was a loud rustle behind her, Liu Youyou's enchanting aura turned into a natural tracer, and the marshal completely locked her.

     I'm afraid I can't escape this time, Liu Youyou is too weak to escape.

     She gritted her teeth and threw Ye Shu forward, throwing it tens of meters away, and fell on a pile of thick leaves.

     "You run, humans can't hold the monster's jail, when you go back, find Mr. Tree to save me."

     Liu Youyou urged anxiously, Ye Shu fell faint with blurred vision, not very clear, but he heard Liu Youyou let him run quickly.

     He turned his head and glanced at, but Liu Youyou flew away in a different direction. The demonic air filled the fields and led the law enforcement officer away.

     Ye Shu was helpless, he had nothing to do with the monster, so he had to run away first.

     He got up and continued to run north, running gasping for air sweat profusely. When he could no longer run, he sat down on the ground, leaning against a big tree, almost exhausted.

     I'm really unlucky. I haven't had a smooth life in this small day. I was either thrown into the pot or chased in the forest.

     Liu Youyou was also miserable, and he would definitely be caught. He couldn't escape from the prison, and he didn't know what torture he would suffer.Ye Shu panted, rested for a while before standing up on the tree. As a result, he swept across the tree trunk from the corner of his eye, and there were several sharp claw marks on it.

     He was taken aback, frowned and looked at it. The paw print was huge, as big as a bear's paw, and it looked like a black bear slapped a tree trunk.

     Are there bears in the mountains here?

     Ye Shu looked around nervously, the wild jungles were dense, and the branches completely blocked the sunlight, making the forest dark and gloomy.

     Ye Shu was completely lost, and was afraid of bears in the forest. He quickly grabbed a stick on the ground as a self-defense weapon, and then (to move or do sth) softly and quietly fumbled for the road.

     Getting lost in the forest is very dangerous. Ye Shu didn't dare to run around anymore. Now the only way was to go back. Even if he was caught by a law enforcement officer, it was better than being caught by a bear.

     He yelled at the blood mold while walking back, but after walking for half an hour, except for the trees around him, he was already walking crookedly.

     What's more frightening is that there is a tuft of fresh Xiang on a big rock, so big, 80% of it was pulled by a bear.

     Ye Shu cautious and solemn stepped back, felt the gloomy atmosphere around him, he had an illusion that he seemed to be stared at by what thing.

     There are countless Chinese land and Kyushu mountains, and countless strange creatures are hidden in them. Ye Shu feels like he has entered the magic cave.

     He continued to back up, but stepped on a dead branch between to be very scared and on edge, only to hear a click, the harsh sound broke the dead silence of the air.

     Ye Shu's head trembled, and he heard a weird rustle in his ears, as if countless poisonous snakes were approaching all around.He grabbed the stick and swallowed his saliva, staring nearby with sweat on his face.

     The rustling became denser and closer and closer, but for a moment, the fallen leaves two or three meters near Ye Shu were squeezed out one after another, and venomous snakes of different sizes and colors sprang out.

     The smallest of them has a big thumb, and the arm of the largest already passed person, and this many, makes Ye Shu's scalp numb.

     He didn't dare to confront the poisonous snake and ran as soon as he turned around. However, he was also blocked by the poisonous snake behind him. There were poisonous snakes in all four directions, and the forehead breathed.

     Ye Shu raised the head to look, and saw a giant python hanging on the tree trunk above, all red, spitting out a letter at him.

     This is this excessively miserable?

     Ye Shu cursed in his heart, and the red python above moved his body and hung down, opening his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl.

     Ye Shu was scared to urinate, but his survival instinct was still there, so he just raised the stick and just twitched.

     The red python was drawn with a stick, immediately furious, turned into lightning and fell, and in the blink of an eye, Ye Shu was entangled firmly.

     Ye Shu felt it was difficult to breathe on the spot, and all the internal organs would be squeezed, and within ten seconds, he was bound to die.

     But at this time, the nearby venomous snakes suddenly became restless, some little snakes even got into the fallen leaves and hid.

     The red python also raised his head and looked towards one direction, Ye Shu faintly heard the trembling running sound, as if a Great Desolate Giant Beast was rushing over.

     The next moment, a big tree was broken and a big black bear with a height of two meters appeared in Ye Shu's eyes.

     The eyes of the big black bear are as big as copper bells, a pair of iron palms make people intimidate at the first glance, plus the huge body, just like a giant.Many venomous snakes were terrified, the red python entangled Ye Shu spit out the letter, and stared at the big black bear closely.

     The big black bear walks like a human, striding over, mouth opening wide and shouting: "You stinky snakes, I said earlier that this is my site. Didn't you see the shit I pulled on the stone? Is that a sign, understand? "

     He was in a thundering rage, the jungle was shaking, and many venomous snakes hid in the fallen leaves, but some large snakes did not escape, instead staring at the big black bear full of gunpowder.

     The red python sneered even more: "I didn't admit that this is your territory. Whoever comes first is the prey. You have to be reasonable."

     Both sides are monsters, not primitive animals. Ye Shu didn't know whether he should be happy or worried, as if he was going to die.

     Seeing that the red python was so arrogant, the black bear suddenly rushed over on all fours: "Then stop talking nonsense, come to Battle With Happiness, bear people no place to fear!"

     The black bear had a bad temper, so he rushed over, and a group of poisonous snakes were persuaded. The red python sneered, strangled Ye Shu and left: "Okay, if you have a species, I won't fight you this time."

     The red python left with many venomous snakes, and brought Ye Shu with him. However, the black bear is for Ye Shu, how can he let him take it away?

     "If you persuaded, just leave people behind. Believe it or not, I slapped you and made you a snake soup?"

     The black bear jumped in front of the group of snakes and blocked the way. The red python was startled and angry, as if he wanted to attack. However, his subordinates are very scared, obviously not wanting to do it.

     "You are cruel!"

     The red python in the end still is compromised, and threw Ye Shu on the ground, and quickly left with the group of snakes.Ye Shu was relaxed, but still couldn't run away, because the black bear came over, staring at oneself with his big eyes.

     "My mother-in-law said that you have a corpse, a ghost, a monster, and a Westerner blood. Have you raised a corpse, a ghost, a demon, and a Westerner?"

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     (The reason for the lack of roles in my daughter is actually very simple. Because my daughter is so young, she can only be raised at home. I can’t take her around, and I can’t write about it with Loli at home, right? This book will write a lot of things, raising loli is just a hidden thread, don’t worry, wait for an eighteen year old)
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