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0 Chapter List 68 Corpse Control
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The big black bear was very scary, but instead of tearing himself in half as Ye Shu thought, he asked Ye Shu a question instead.

     Ye Shu was taken aback, the black bear problem was also something he cared about.

     "This big brother, your mother-in-law is right, dare to ask has any advice?"

     Ye Shu relaxed when he saw that the black bear was good at talking. He was not afraid of monsters, but was afraid of monsters who would kill if they didn't agree with him. This black bear was obviously a civilized monster.

     "Then you come with me, my mother-in-law is very interested in you, I can smell you a mile away."

     The black bear shook the bear's paw, and led the way with a grin. When he saw which tree was blocking the way, he kicked it off, very rough.

     Ye Shu was unsure, he didn't know the origins of the black bear and his wife, he was not absolutely safe.

     At this time, you have to figure out the situation first. Ye Shu's mind turned, and he followed the black bear and said: "Big Brother Xiong, as far as I know, most monsters have gone to the human world, won't you and your wife go? ?"

     When Ye Shu asked, the black bear immediately slapped the tree next to him and yelled angrily: "Don't mention it, you humans eat bear paws and get bear liver. I met it the first time I entered the city. I was so angry that I slapped it to death on the spot. Two people were fucked, but they were arrested by the Monster League and spent ten years in jail, but it was annoying!"

     Ye Shu expression was strange, cautious and solemn said: "Big Brother Xiong is not angry, only a few people will do it furtively when eating bear paws and liver liver. Human legislation prohibits harming bears. Black bears are National Second-Class protected animal."

     "I know that after I got out of prison, I didn't take revenge. I followed my inmates into the mountains and practiced, happy and happy. Now she has become my wife."what?

     Inmate turned into a wife? Ye Shu looked even stranger: "Your cellmate is a female, right? Can men and women be kept together?"

     The black bear smiled inexplicably, and laughed very badly: "It just happened that the male prison was full, and I was packed into the female prison. Since then, I opened the door to New World's and found my significant other."

     It sounds very happy, but the sky prison of the monster alliance is too messy, is it any matter to put a bear in the women's prison?

     The two let's talk while we walk, Ye Shu probably got to know the situation of the black bear and his wife.

     The big black bear was originally from Xing'an Mountains and turned into a Traveler when he was young. As a result, he went to jail. His wife is a spider spirit, but she doesn't like to practice sorcery. Instead, she likes to study strange and weird techniques, such as raising ghosts and controlling corpses. These violated the laws of the Yokai League, leading her to get shackled and thrown in jail.

     Ye Shu knew it, no wonder the black bear's wife would be interested in him. This wife had been studying strange things.

     At this time, the two also walked a mile and entered a small canyon. The location of this canyon is excellent, with ventilation on both sides, and the flowing mountain springs converge into a lake, which is Feng Shui treasured land.

     There are a few wooden huts in the valley, besides there's some left sheds, there are some clothes and dried meat hanging to dry, and those clothes are actually dried with spider webs.

     And one or two spiders appeared from time to time around, which was really scary. But the canyon is clean and fresh and still makes people feel very good.

     As soon as the black bear took Ye Shu into the canyon, he roared, "My wife, I've brought it!"After he roared, the door of a wooden house opened, and an aunt with a spider web and a coarse cloth ran out.

     She really has the style of an aunt. Although she looks very good, she is already old and she doesn't dress up, just like a peasant woman.

     Ye Shu felt a chill on her body, it was Yin Qi, and he had been entangled in Yin Qi.

     When Ye Shu was looking at the spider spirit, the spider spirit had already ran in front of him, eyes narrowing kept looking up and down, and then sniffing hard, making Ye Shu uncomfortable.

     The black bear next to him was not very happy either, and complained: "My wife, what are you doing? Give me some face and don't smell other men."

     Spider spirit glared at him: "Go away, being a hindrance."

     The black bear twitched his head and murmured and left. Ye Shu couldn't help being stunned, so formidable a rough black bear is still a strict wife.

     "Little brother, don't bother about that bear. He doesn't go to bed for three days. He wants to touch my bed every night. It's so annoying that he can't be scolded."

     Aunt Spiderman explained with a smile, and Ye Shugan smiled and said, "Oh, dare you ask my sister has any advice?"

     He got the point when he asked what he said. The spider spirit clapped his palms and opened the spider web in his ears and said excitedly: "Brother, are there ghosts in your house? There are living corpses? They are the same person?"

     Ye Shu still understands the meaning of spider spirit, ghosts and living corpses are indeed Xiao Leng.

     But he didn't say it right away. After all, he didn't trust this aunt. Some things were better kept secret.

     "Sister what do you want to do? Is it convenient to talk about it?"Ye Shu asked, the spider spirit brow raised, showing a bold smile: "You little brother doesn't trust me, in fact, I have already confirmed it by smelling. With the vampire breath in your blood, if I expected it to be good , You are infected. You are in a weird situation, I suggest you say it obediently, otherwise no one knows about the sudden death."

     The spider spirit's words had a slight impact on Ye Shu's heart. She seemed to be an experienced and seasoned person.

     Ye Shu frowned and meditated for a moment and said, "Frankly, it's exactly as you said, I don't know at all what's the situation with me now."

     Ye Shu still chose to believe, because he has been brought here. If the other party wants to harm him, he can't escape whatever the case. It's better to be honest, maybe the other party is a good person.

     "Quickly talk about it carefully. I want to listen. I have never met someone like you."

     When the spider spirit saw that he was willing to talk, he couldn't help being so excited that he was face blushed, rubbing his hands and looked like a slut, like a mad scientist.

     Ye Shu didn't hide it anymore, and simply spoke out. The spider spirit became more excited as he listened, and at last he laughed wildly: "It's great, if you raise your evil self, you will be eaten back sooner or later, and you raise living corpses, the Yang Qi will definitely be sucked away, plus a royal vampire, someday Even the blood will be sucked up, hahaha, I have never seen such a dead person. How do you feel?"

     The spider spirit panting heavily stared at Ye Shu as if he had seen the prey.

     Ye Shu took two steps back and said cautiously: "Sister, calm down, you make me panic."

     The spider spirit is busy moisturizing the throat and takes a deep breath forcibly to calm down."Don't panic, I have done research for a lifetime. I am so excited today. I must witness your miracle with my own eyes. Then, you worship me as a teacher and I will teach you how to control the corpse. You can't die so early. The ghosts and corpses must be firmly in the palm of your hand."

     The spider spirit reveals the master demeanor, and pulls the spider silk away from the head, really a bit of a master.

     Ye Shu was a little dazed, this spider spirit aunt is really a strange thing, she wants to accept herself as a disciple? This is... luck?

     Unlucky for so long, finally lucky?

     He came with interest and quickly asked: "What is corpse control? Can I become better?"

     "As the name implies, corpse control is a technique to control corpses, corpse control and ghost raising are traceable to the same stock, you learn corpse control with me, I will buy one get one, and then teach you how to raise ghosts In the future, you will have protection. When you encounter an enemy, you will call out the evil self to protect you. It is proper."

     The spider spirit explained patiently, Ye Shu's heart moved. What this meant was that he could take Xiao Leng with him as a bodyguard?

     Although Sister Bai Simeng has made herself perfectly contented as a cook, she still has to save her life. If Xiao Leng can be her bodyguard, it will be even better, and she won't be so unlucky in the future.

     "It sounds great, but why are you teaching me?"

     "We are doing research. Our whole life's wish is to witness the moment of miracle. You are the miracle you want. I want to see how miserable you can die in the future...Ah no, how to escape?
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